Watchers on the Wall Features of 2014: Theories, Murders and Spoilers


Greetings and Happy New Year! For our first post of 2015, we’d like to celebrate the work of our readers and friends who have contributed to WotW and our Features.

2014 was an excellent year for WotW, though we were only around for the back half of it. WatchersontheWall was born at the end of July, and by December we had a quality array of work by readers and guest writers that provided a respite from the hiatus news freeze.

Here are the highlights of what we have done in 2014 and a message for the new year.

WotW went to fun places and tried new things:

Shylah and Blaqfyre attended NYCC (props to Blaqfyre for her hard work on our tumblr)

Eric Scull of Game of Owns tried the new Ommegang Game of Thrones brew

We had some opinion pieces written by readers which sparked great discussions:

Why the tv show passing the books shouldn’t be a bad thing

Why it could be a bad thing

A case against [SPOILER unless you’re EW] making it onto the show

And our theories expert Locke produced several outstanding posts for us in past months:

Jojen’s death and Bran’s future

Cersei’s Prophecy and the Valonqar

And finally, living under the umbrella of Features is the work of delightful Marc Kleinhenz, a class act and joy to work with.

Marc’s Murders:

A (Mini) Murder of Crows: The year in review

Casting the recastings in a new light

Westerosi immersion

The best – and worst – season of Game of Thrones

Thank you all for your patience as we got the site up and running and for giving our readers- and community-focused features a chance. We truly could not produce this component of our site without your participation and support. I am proud of what we have done in the span of five months.

That being said, we have some exciting things in the mix for 2015. Marc has some ideas cooking and we hope to have more theories for you. We are looking forward to posting guest insight on the world of Game of Thrones in season 5. Of course, we would like to continue posting guest editorials.

Thus if you will allow me to close out this post with a shameless plug: if you would like to pitch an idea or have something you’d like to see us explore, please email us. We are always looking for possible feature series and thought pieces. We want to hear from you.

Cheers and here’s to 2015!

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    1. Happy New Year WotW!

      I was wondering, I dont know how sites work, but is there a way to see which was the most popular article on WotW in 2014?

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    2. Definitely a good year for debate and speculation. Looking forward to the coming twists and turns this season and the before and after reactions and reverberations.

      Happy New Year all!

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    3. Balerion The Cat,

      You mean in terms of comments or post views?

      Because I know the number one in views would easily be the post about J.J. Murphy’s death. No one loves anything as much as they love reading about death apparently.

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    4. Balerion The Cat,

      The news about Murphy’s death was picked up by mainstream news outlets so a lot of people went googling for more info about him. And honestly people love news about death. It’s like the way people slow down to check out a car wreck.

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    5. Happy New Year’s everybody. Here’s to another great year for GoT filled with a great season, fun speculation, more castings, more bitching about the show surpassing the books, and of course, all of your hardwork from the folks here at Watchers on the Wall. Thank you for everything.

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    6. Happy New Year!

      Looking forward to an exciting 2015 here. I will be interested in this community’s reactions as the show slowly passes the books and we all become the Unsullied.

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    7. HNY! Thanks to everyone at WotW for creating this community and for feeding the dragon (read: my obsession with aSoIaF/GoT)!

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    8. Not sure where to put this but Wilko Johnson (Ilyn Payne) played live on Jool’s Holland’s Hootenanny last night (it’s kind of a traditional live music show that airs on TV every year over here in the UK to see the New Year in). Was genuinely over the moon to see him there AND performing when at one point it didn’t look like he would make it through this year. Would be fantastic if he got to feature as Ilyn again (even if as a cameo) as he nailed it when he did before!

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    9. Lots of love for this new year to our amazing community !

      In another note, I’ve done my phD research last year on GoT (I’m a cinema student), and I was thinking about translating some parts of it in English (it’s originally in French) and propose it over to you guys, if it ever interests you. 🙂

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    10. Happy New Year and peace to all!! I love the intelligence, humor, and tolerance of this community. Thanks for making the leap, WotW gang!

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    11. Happy New Year to you all! 🙂 I’m very happy with the way WotW turned out and I look forward for the years to come in this community. – Btw, I would be interested in a short post on how the site is doing in general, that means views, ad money, search ranking etc.


      What was your subject? I think posting stuff like that in shortened, more focus form could be interesting.

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    12. Thank you for your hard work, guys! Sure articles about news from the sets are always a pleasure to read but I loved all the theories articles I’ve seen so far. And happy new year everybody!

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    13. I love your guys theories pieces about Bran Jojen, LS-H, and Cersei Valonqar. Love your round table discussions about GOT/ASOIAF. Love the unsullied trying to figure out what happens next in GOT (I watched 2 seasons and couldn’t wait to find out what happens next and read all the books after that. Love how the show/books give you that sense that ANYTHING can happen by how unpredictable it is). I would love for you guys to do multiple reviews of the season 5 episodes, maybe one from each of you or have several of you make up reviews for each episode while others do a round table, the idea being the more the merry-er. Would love to get each of your opinions on the episodes. Love the fan pieces. Love the in memorial thing I know you guys will do when characters bite the dust. Love your guys taste in deciding which GOT related things to write about (please no alcohol mix drinks or other stupid stuff no one cares about). Just keep it up, keep up the great articles/debates. You guys are THE Game of Thrones site to go on.

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    14. One thing I have on my wish list before season 5 starts is for you guys to do a long prediction of what will happen next season. Obviously there would be spoilers so only book readers could read without being spoiled. Would be cool if maybe you guys got toegether and did a few long round table discussions, each featuring different storylines/locations? Obviously, love the unsullied prediction version by the OZ. I would just like to hear what you book reader experts on the site think will happen in a nice long, detailed post or 5. We book readers can’t get enough of that. Obviously it’d probably be best until after the first trailer to do it when we get more info or after the behind the scenes special on FEB 8. Or maybe you guys could blindly make a prediction? I’m game to read it all either way 🙂

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    15. Maybe you could do a character based series; Taking one character at the time and “reviewing” the personality and story arcs of that character. Tv-show version of that character or book doesn’t matter to me. Dany, Sansa and Sam would be my wishes…

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    16. Happy New Year to all Watchers! The past few months have been great, finding our new home on the internet again after it was raided by those-who-shan´t-be-named. 2015 can only get even better!

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    17. Abyss:


      What was your subject? I think posting stuff like that in shortened, more focus form could be interesting.

      It was about the tratment of Fantasy to screen.

      My problematic was along the lines of “Is the TV show format the best way to render a fantasy univese to screen ? How does GoT handles it and is it a revolution in the way fantasy will be handled on sceens in times to come ?”

      I have quite a lot on my mind right now so I dont know when I’ll have time to truly put my mind at a transaltion of some parts, but I will really try one of these days ! 🙂

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    18. I hope the folks at HBO know that is the first site they should be communicating with when sharing any exclusive news or features.

      Speaking of which, any news on a trailer next weekend?

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    19. Josh,

      Nothing announced for trailer but definitely will be watching Sunday night 1/11 during season premiers. Maybe we will still hear before then.

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    20. Happy New Year to all the Watchers On The Wall!!! All the best in 2015! Ahh that pic makes me hungry! Joff is still a douche, but man that pie looks good!!!!

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    21. It would be nice if we members could be more active in the forums. I’ve posted a few times trying to get a conversation started but as it seems not many people are using it, the topic usually falls a bit flat. It’s a shame because there are so many topics that could be discussed there. Perhaps if enough members start using the forum WOTW could do a weekly post on the main page highlighting topics being discussed there?

      Happy New year and a big congratulations on a brilliant job in 2014!

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    22. Ive been re-watching S4 and 2 things kinda bummed me as not making sense:

      -Qyburn was found almost dead in Harrenhall by Robb among others killed by Lannisters and that was most likely by order of the Mountain as they were leaving. So why the hell would he offer to save Mountain’s live after the trial combat?

      -How did Tywin (or Varys) re-produce King Robert’s pardon letter to send to Mereen? What, they had a scan of the original in their archives?

      Besides its confusing and sometimes contradictory in the show whether Varys is pro Dany or not?

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