Watchers on the Wall Awards Season 7: Best Supporting Actress – Preliminary Round

WotW season7-awards

We kicked off Watchers on the Wall Awards voting this week, and we’re going to keep it rolling this weekend! Today we’re actually covering two categories – Best Leading Actress and Best Supporting Actress. With the first, however, we’re going to skip the preliminary voting, because there are just four candidates, therefore they’ll be going straight to the final round (taking place in a few weeks). The nominees for Best Leading Actress will be: Emilia Clarke, Lena Headey, Sophie Turner, and Maisie Williams. Congrats, ladies!

Onto the voting for Best Supporting Actress!

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The Writing On the Wall: Flames Of the Seven


Valar Morghulis,

The seats of power within the world of Game Of Thrones are thoroughly dominated by men. Six out of the seven kingdoms on the continent of Westeros operate under a strict male primogeniture system. In such a system, the eldest male child is the one who inherits the family’s seat of power. One can imagine that such a system portends far too much risk, and indeed, glances at just the medieval European era alone proves how such a system inherently eschews a consistency of sense and stability. Dorne is the only aberration from this patriarchal primogeniture, its uniqueness borne out of it being founded by the warrior queen Nymeria.

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Game of Thrones: Conquest Bridges the Gap Between Veteran and Casual Thrones Mobile Gamers


Game of Thrones: Conquest is now available on iOS and Android devices! Do you like MMO strategy games on mobile and find yourself constantly checking your castle’s defenses, city’s granaries, and soldiers’ upkeep? This game is for you! Do you not know what any of what I just said means but have an undying love of all things Game of Thrones in whatever form they may come? Then this is for you! For those whom mobile gaming is old hat, this is a new chance for you to welcome  GoT into your daily gaming. For those of you who are new to this, your favorite characters will walk you through the tutorial step by step so that you won’t feel overwhelmed.

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Kit Harington looking forward to the end & Winterfell set gets new defenses for an attack in Game of Thrones Season 8!

Sansa Jon Winterfell 6x10

About a month ago we reported on the goings-on at Moneyglass, where the Winterfell set stands. Though we did point out “construction work at Moneyglass is par for the course,” the remodeling for season eight appeared to be particularly extensive at the castle’s walls — as if they were getting the set ready for a defensive battle sequence… Now, we may have not seen a White Walker around yet, but a new photo gives us a clear view of the nearly finished set — and the set expansion is even greater than we thought!

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Watchers on the Wall Awards Season 7: Best Death Scene – Preliminary Round

WotW season7-awards

Welcome to the 2017 Watchers on the Wall Awards Preliminaries! Voting is now in session, Game of Thrones fans. Once again you the readers created the pool of nominees, and now it’s time to whittle ’em down, until we have the ultimate winners, the best of the best of season 7!

We’ll be starting off our voting with a category perfectly appropriate for this time of the year. Halloween is just around the corner; what better time to get ghoulish and discuss the best death scenes. So today, we want you to choose your five favorites from the preliminary poll!

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The Sellsword and the Squire


Game of Thrones features multiple characters who facilitate analysis when comparing them to someone else. Arya and Sansa, for example, are two sides of the same coin with complementary abilities and survival mechanisms. Jon Snow and Theon Greyjoy are another pair whose shared history and contrasting decision-making generates deep discussions.

I consider Podrick Payne and Ser Bronn of the Blackwater a similarly aspected dualistic couple. They have a shared history but are on opposite ends of fealty and other spectrums, but sometimes those antipodal positions might shift.

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From the Maester’s Desk: The Lone Wolf Dies, but the Pack Survives


The article contains spoilers from ASOIAF.

Bran: Where are the rest of you?

Leaf: Gone down into the earth…Into the stones, into the trees. Before the First Men came all this land that you call Westeros was home to us, yet even in those days we were few. The gods gave us long lives but not great numbers, lest we overrun the world as deer will overrun a wood where there are no wolves to hunt them. That was in the dawn of days, when our sun was rising. Now it sinks, and this is our long dwindling. The giants are almost gone as well, they who were our bane and our brothers. The great lions of the western hills have been slain, the unicorns are all but gone, the mammoths down to a few hundred. The direwolves will outlast us all, but their time will come as well. In the world that men have made, there is no room for them, or us.

– A Dance with Dragons, Bran III

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