Game of Thrones filming round-up: Feet, Hand, and Ghost!

There’s only a few weeks left of Game of Thrones filming! With the teaser poster revving up everyone’s engines, we’re readier than ever for season 6.

It seems there was filming for Brother Lancel this week. Eugene Simon shared this image on Instagram yesterday, of his very dirty post-filming feet.

Filming continues over in Moneyglass, Northern Ireland, this week as well, based on local sightings. The town that plays home to the Winterfell set saw more action late at night yesterday.

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White Walkers and Riverrun rumors out of Northern Ireland

Riverrun header

Riverrun set in Corbet, Northern Ireland. Photo: WotW reader submission

It’s a lazy Saturday here, and time for a quick Game of Thrones filming update!

This month, shooting has been focused on Northern Ireland, with rumors flying all the time about what we can expect to see in season 6. Recent reports point toward filming revving back up in Corbet and out at Magheramorne Quarry.

Spoilers beyond this point:

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Stephen Colbert gives Obama a scolding for his Game of Thrones failure


Stephen Colbert, host of The Late Show on CBS, had a few choice words for President Barack Obama after the U.S. president admitted this week he has difficulty remembering Game of Thrones character names.

Colbert sounded off in his usual comedic fashion in his opening monologue about the president’s failure to properly prioritize Westerosi troubles.

Check it out:

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Game of Thrones nominated at the ASC Awards


With the end of the year nearing, we can expect to see Game of Thrones turn up on some Best of 2015 lists, and awards season is already beginning.

Yesterday, the American Society of Cinematographers announced their nominations for the ASC Awards, recognizing outstanding cinematography on television. Once again, Game of Thrones made the cut!

The complete nominee list for the category of “Episode of a Regular Series:”

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Game of Thrones returns to Winterfell for this week’s filming


Photo: @SGuckin/Twitter

Busy days have come to Moneyglass, Northern Ireland once again, as the Winterfell set in the village has sprung to life. Trucks and trailers have filled up the lots around the set, and it appears production is well under way.

We broke the news exclusively on Monday of an exciting scene being rehearsed and then shot sometime this week involving Winterfell and a few leading cast members. (Visit our earlier post for complete details and seriously huge spoilers!)

Actor spoilers beyond this point:

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Your Choices Matter: Telltale’s Game of Thrones Season Finale “The Ice Dragon” Review


Telltale’s sixth and final episode “The Ice Dragon” was released today on platforms wide, wrapping up the first season of their Game of Thrones series. House Forrester was truly pushed to their limits against the Whitehills while Mira and Gared furthered their plans to bring aid to their family.

Full spoilers for the episode beneath the cut:

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