Looking Forward, Game of Thrones Season 8 Part 1: My Theory is Better Than Yours


Actually, it’s not. I just wanted to piss somebody off with the title.

Ohhhhh yeah… the Watchers have allowed Oz, the Court Jester (a.k.a. the Village Idiot, the Royal Fool, the Wall Nut,) back onto your technologically enhanced screen for maximum reading pleasure. Girlfriend… this is your lucky day.

Rumor has it that we have almost (subjective) come to the end of this glorious game. For those reasons, the management has released a man to once again burden you with inferior Unsullied speculation due to the lack of relevant news, coupled with excitement accelerated by a three-second Jonsa embrace. Thanks HBO!

Regardless, theories abound! And I haven’t read a one of them. But I am quite positive that the unrealistic ones featured below the cut are considerably worse than yours. Fear not, for there is a point to the lunacy. Shall we begin? Yes, Lisa…

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Peter Dinklage Reflects on a Decade of Tyrion Lannister, George R. R. Martin Leaves An Inimitable Fantasy Footprint

I woke up this morning, assuming I’d have a standard case of the Mondays, refreshing my news feed in the hopes of anything Game of Thrones related – Boy was I lucky to find two juicy articles fresh for the reading. The first, an in-depth overview of George R. R. Martin’s (author and architect of book series A Song of Ice and Fire) life and his lasting impact on the fantasy genre is not particularly revelatory, but is still a lovely read. The other, an in-depth retrospective on the life and times of Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) is one of the best interviews I’ve read in a long time.

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Kit Harington ditches part of Jon Snow’s signature look!

Farewell to a great supporting cast member: Jon Snow’s beard.

Farewell to a great supporting cast member: Jon Snow’s beard.

We’ve reported for months now on production for the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones coming to an end, from filming winding down to Emilia Clarke’s farewell Instagram post and the last-ever wrap party. But no one was considering Season 8 truly finished until Kit Harington rid himself of his signature Jon Snow hair and beard, which he’s been contractually obliged to keep until HBO says otherwise — and that time is now, my friends.

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The Night’s Cast Episode 3: Night gathers, and now our rewatch begins!


Emilia Clarke waaaay back in the premiere episode of Season 1, which we cover in this week’s season recap.

Third time’s a charm — The Night’s Cast, the official podcast of Watchers on the Wall, releases Episode 3 today!

Join Samantha, Bex, JoeMagician and Petra as we talk about recent news, review the latest Game of Thrones beer from Ommegang, Mother of Dragons (spoiler: it’s delicious), and start our season recaps with the one that started it all: Season 1. There’s lots of laughter going on, and you may or may not hear the phrase “bougie asshole” used. Clearly, we enjoy ourselves when we record this podcast, and we hope you enjoy listening.

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The Fall of Viserion


In Westeros, dragons are the end all and be all of power. Aegon the Conqueror only is known as “the conqueror” because he and his sisters landed in the Blackwater Rush with three dragons. Aegon’s ground forces were puny in comparison to kings like Harren Hoare, Torrhen Stark, Mern Gardener and Loren Lannister. But Aegon and his sisters’ dragons Balerion, Meraxes, and Vhagar burned away armies and fortifications and forced kings to surrender their crowns. At the end of Game of Thrones season 7 the White Walkers and the army of the dead have acquired that same overwhelming power through the fallen dragon Viserion. But Viserion is not a normal dragon, he’s been raised into the ranks of the White Walkers and gained their own inherent strengths. How can the living ever hope to stop this fantasy Voltron of ultimate power?

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Con of Thrones Tickets On Sale Now!


Get your cosplay ready and your panel ideas lined up, because tickets for Con of Thrones 2019 are now on sale! This’ll be year three for the premier convention for fans of Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire, and the epic worlds of George R. R. Martin. Con of Thrones is returning to Nashville, with the Music City Center playing host to the con from July 12–14, 2019. Tickets are available for purchase now at

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Michiel Huisman weighs in on Game of Thrones finale and teases Daario’s return


Many of us assumed that we’d seen the last of Daario Naharis at the end of season 6. Then, some of us speculated that he might sail back onto the screen with the Golden Company in season 8. Actor Michiel Huisman recently spoke about Game of Thrones and offered some clues as whether or not we can expect a Daario return next season.

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Game of Thrones to “end beautifully” for Tyrion Lannister, claims Peter Dinklage; Sansa to face new threats in Season 8

Tyrion Sansa 3x08 Second Sons Wedding

A few days ago, at the premiere of his new HBO movie, My Dinner with Hervè, Peter Dinklage was asked—believe it or not—about the final season of this other little known HBO project of his you probably haven’t heard of, Game of something or other.

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The Winner of the Beyond the Wall Giveaway!

Beyond the Wall Giveaway banner

It’s time to announce the winner of our Beyond the Wall Giveaway, which we threw these past couple weeks, because well, we felt like it! (Hey it’s the off-season, what else is there to do.)

Up for grabs is a pair of Game of Thrones Funko Pop! Vinyl figures featuring Northern bros Jon Snow (Funko #61) and Tormund Giantsbane (Funko #53), both decked out in winter gear and ready to kick ass, you guessed it, beyond the wall, as seen in season seven. After gathering all your entries, we’ve chosen one lucky winner who will receive both of these cool toys.

The latest Watchers winner is….

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