Inside Daznak’s Pit: The newest photos featuring Emilia Clarke and more!


Game of Thrones filming in Osuna, Spain is in full swing, with the town’s bull ring playing the role of a fighting pit in the show’s fifth season. The Daily Mail has the latest pics of filming, offering up definite spoilers and confirmation of the show diverging from the books once again.

SPOILERS below the cut!

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New photos of Game of Thrones filming in Osuna’s bullring


Game of Thrones season five filming has moved to Osuna, Spain, now with production largely centered about the town’s bull ring. It is generally accepted that the ring will stand in for Daznak’s Pit, the setting for a major scene in A Dance with Dragons.

France’s MetroNews has several new photos of the location shooting occurring over the last couple days, which we’ll tuck beneath a cut for spoiler reasons!

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First Pictures of Doran Martell and Hints at Game of Thrones’ Dornish Plot


As filming continues in Spain, pictures are emerging (here and here) from the Dornish story line. Look closely as there might be some clues as to what will happen in Season 5. At the second link there are some videos but be warned there may be spoilers in them. The videos show just how perfect a choice Seville was–just a gorgeous setting.

Today’s round of images include our first look at Doran Martell in costume and new pictures of Jaime Lannister. Warning: Speculation below contains mild spoilery material.

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Flashbacks and Volantis filming confirmed, and Game of Thrones heads to Osuna

Benioff and WeissGame of Thrones news is pouring out of Spain these days, with cameras rolling at the Alcázar of Seville and sightings galore.

Additionally, at a special event at Teatro Central de Sevilla this week, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss spoke frankly on a number of topics, talking the woes of adapting the novels for the audience and confirming the presence of flashbacks.
Thanks to Los Siete Reinos for the program notes and translations.

The news and highlights include:
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Theories of Ice and Fire: Bran’s Future and the Fate of Jojen Reed


By Locke

Welcome to a new recurring feature exploring popular theories from A Song of Ice and Fire! Guest contributor Locke will walk us through their context and nuances, and how changes in Game of Thrones may have impacted them.

This post will focus on Bran’s future and the mysterious fate of Jojen Reed, looking at the implications of Jojen’s death in the Season 4 finale. With recent developments in the show and Bran finally reaching the mysterious Three-Eyed Raven, we’d like to discuss the potentially far-reaching consequences of this theory in detail.

As with all future posts, this discussion will rely on close analysis of the text and will naturally be filled with MAJOR BOOK AND SHOW SPOILERS. Let’s move ahead…

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