Exclusive Game of Thrones Casting News: Eight New Season Eight Characters!

raven wide (2)

We may be a few months from the end of production, but casting news are still coming in! Harry Strickland (commander of the Golden Company, the mercenary group Cersei now seeks to employ with the help of the Iron Bank’s loan and Euron’s fleet,) may be the only named book character cast for season eight, but there have been many other roles. A strange trend among them is that the casting department seems to be looking for improvisation skills, which is rare for a show as tightly scripted as Game of Thrones. Today’s roles keep this up—though there are well-trodden Thrones-type characters too.

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Win a Con of Thrones 2018 Poster Signed by Game of Thrones Special Guests!

Con of Thrones contest

We’re hoping to see you all there in Dallas at Con of Thrones, but whether you’re there or not, you still have a chance to snag some amazing merch from the con! For our latest giveaway, we’re offering up a poster from Con of Thrones 2018! And not just any poster, but one that will be signed by special guests at this year’s con. If you’re our winner and you’re attending Con of Thrones, you’ll have a fabulous souvenir to remember your experience. If you win and you’re not, well… you’ll have a piece of the experience thanks to this very cool prize!

How do I enter? To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment in the website comment section for this post! We’re accepting entries in this worldwide giveaway for the next four days. (See below for more entry methods.)

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The Winner of Two Full-Weekend Passes to Con of Thrones!

Jon Snow con of Thrones

We’re getting ready for Con of Thrones 2018 in the best way we know how here at Watchers on the Wall- with giveaways and contests! We want to see as many of you as possible in Dallas, TX from May 25-27, so we’re going to keep this party going by announcing our latest winner, of the Jon Snow White Caption Contest. (And then we have another giveaway of a different flavor kicking off tomorrow!)

The winner of 2 full-weekend tickets to Con of Thrones is…

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Nathalie Emmanuel Has “Bittersweet” Feelings About the End of Game of Thrones


It’s comforting to be periodically reminded that the fans aren’t the only ones preparing for the end of Game of Thrones with a mixture of excitement and sadness – the cast and crew are getting pretty emotional about it too. In a recent interview, Nathalie Emmanuel discussed her feelings about the prospect of facing life after Thrones and gave her opinion of people who leak spoilers *tugs nervously at collar*.

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Dragonpit set takes shape as Game of Thrones Season 8 Itálica shoot approaches

Will one of the last dragons return to this Targaryen ruin in season eight?

Will one of the last dragons return to this Targaryen ruin in season eight?

Game of Thrones is back in Spain for one last time! With season eight filming in Itálica reportedly scheduled to begin next week, the production crew has had much less time to prepare the location than they did last time, but they’re getting it done anyway: in a single week since construction began, the main work has been completed!

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The Winner of a Pair of Day Passes to Con of Thrones!


Con of Thrones is just a month and a half away and we’re all getting revved up! And what we want most is to see you all there with us. With that in mind, we’ve teamed up with Mischief Management for some contests. Our very first con-contest featured a photo from Con of Thrones 2017, a fan-favorite actor (Miltos Yerolemou, who will be returning to the con in 2018), a ripe opportunity for a fun caption- and the chance to win a pair of day passes!

After days of enjoying your submissions, it’s time to announce the winner!

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