Final two Game of Thrones episodes of the season titles and synopses revealed!

HBO has officially released the information concerning the last two episodes of this season, confirming the title of episode nine and revealing the title of episode ten. We also now have the official synopses of both episodes as well!

Episode 9 of this season is titled, as previously reported, “The Dance of Dragons” and will air on Sunday, June 7th. It will  be written by David Benioff & D.B. Weiss and directed by David Nutter.

We’ll tuck the rest beneath a cut as the info does contain spoilers!

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Game of Thrones S5E7 “The Gift” Video Recap Roundup

Cersei screaming

It’s that time of week again, that wondrous day in which your favorite video critics, personalities, and people who sit in front of a camera weigh in on this week’s episode, “The Gift,” which one could say confidently was a less contentious episode than the previous week’s.

We will start this week with our friend Jonathan of Gay of Thrones, who may never use the actual names for anything, and whose ball slang confuses the lay person, but who cares.

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Enzo Cilenti featured in Hunger; plus new interviews with Eugene Simon & DeObia Oparei

Enzo Cilenti

Photo: Jack Buster/Hunger

This week’s new episode of Game of Thrones marked the debut of Yezzan, who purchased Tyrion and Jorah from slavers, and Hunger has an interview with the actor who plays him, Enzo Cilenti, as part of their Game of Thrones: Newbies are Coming series. (Check out their other interviews with Alexander Siddig, DeObia Oparei, Jessica Henwick and Toby Sebastian.)

Cilenti is something of a different take on Yezzan than the man in the books who was dubbed “The Yellow Whale.” He tells Hunger:

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Telltale’s Game of Thrones Episode 4: “Sons of Winter” Review

Telltale’s Game of Thrones series follows Stark bannermen “The Forresters” (briefly mentioned in ASOIAF) throughout various settings and stories that have been previously critiqued for mirroring The Starks to a fault. This leads to a sense of predictability of what’s to come that only gets stronger in episode 4 “Sons of Winter.”

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Game of Thrones ratings fall on Memorial Day weekend

Hmmm ...

Hmmm …

For the first time since Season 2 an episode of Game of Thrones aired on Memorial Day weekend, and the numbers say there is a good reason why HBO tried to avoid this holiday in the past. The numbers are in, and they have dropped significantly compared to previous weeks: 5.40 million people watched the first airing of episode 507. The drop in Season 2 was 12 per cent from the episode before, this time it’s 13 per cent.

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Game of Thrones season 6 casting has begun – and here’s the list!

ravenSeason 5 of Game of Thrones may not be over but preparations for season 6 are well under way, and casting season has begun! And the first casting breakdowns have found their way to our inbox, thanks to some great sources.

There’s a bit of a twist this year though. Since past role descriptions have leaked, the show has wised up and left the names off the write-ups this year.

But that’s not a problem for Game of Thrones fans, is it? We love a good casting puzzle. And some of these parts are obvious, even without the names.

Let the casting speculation begin!

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Gifts that kept on Giving

118058-matte-blue-and-white-square-icon-social-media-logos-twitter-bird2I didn’t have a Twitter pun this week. Next week though!

But this one gave us Gifts aplenty.

We’re on the back stretch, with another Benioff/Weiss-penned episode, and it was strong. As per the norm, I, your axeyfabulous @Axechucker did the usual thing, compiling, sorting, responding, and (as I am wont to do on occasion) pontificating whilst questioning various moralogical morasses. Your only task is to read. And to answer, if you will or may.

Come at me, bro.

Here, then are your weekly tweets!

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