Long queue of hopefuls as Game of Thrones season 6 extras casting starts in Girona

Credit: Iconna/Jordi Ribot

As reported earlier, the extras casting in Girona is taking place today and tomorrow at the Devesa park conference centre. Dozens of people camped there overnight to be the first in line, and it appears to have been a good call, as local news sites report the queue of more than 5,000 people stretching for several kilometers (and they can only process 1,200 men and 1,200 women in total).

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Game of Thrones Nabs Two Saturn Awards and Sets Records for Sky Atlantic; Alan Taylor Wants to Return to Directing Westeros


Game of Thrones picked up two awards at the 41st annual Saturn Awards Thursday night including Best Limited Run Television Series. Their second award of the night went to Maisie Williams (congratulations!) for Best Performance for a Younger Actor in a Television Series. Emilia Clarke was also nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Television Series. A hearty congratulations to all the cast and crew! Follow the link for the full lineup of winners and nominees! Continue reading →

Shooting dates and extras casting in Girona, Spain for Game of Thrones confirmed

GironaToday’s Game of Thrones season 6 news: a notice posted on Twitter by Modexpor Casting provides a great deal of information about the hunt for extras in Girona. Modexpor, who handles GoT‘s extras throughout Spain, will be looking for people in the city on June 29th and 30th, from 9AM to 8PM both days.

As we discovered last year, thousands will sign up to be extras on Game of Thrones, but the company can only screen 1200 men and 1200 women from the applicants in Girona. The precise final number of extras sought in the city is not known.

Rehearsal and filming in Girona will take place with extras from September 3rd through the 18th of this year, according to the casting notice.

What location info can be gleaned from the Girona casting call? Well, it’s different than the Spanish casting calls last year, when applicants all had to be dark-haired. That suggests Girona will not be Dorne or Meereen but may stand in for other locations. With the city’s old quarter streets, it could easily be a part of existing GoT places like King’s Landing or Braavos, or stand in for a new location such as Oldtown.

We have heard from multiple sources of ours that Game of Thrones isn’t using Dubrovnik and Croatia in general quite as much this year, so it would make sense to have some of that location shooting shifting to Spain, as the show needs fresh places to film.

The casting call itself from Modexpor Casting, with more information:

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Season 6 Director Jack Bender talks Game of Thrones in Reddit AMA


After recently being announced as a director for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, director Jack Bender (Lost, The Sopranos) confirmed he read an advanced copy of The Winds of Winter in his recent AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit.

UPDATE: A very reliable WotW source has confirmed to us that Bender hasn’t seen an advanced copy/draft of The Winds of Winter, and must have confused it with the season 6 outline when answering the question.

Having directed a whopping 38 episodes of Lost, naturally that came up quite a bit, but Bender also took the time to answer questions relating to the upcoming season 6.

When asked if there was ANYTHING (emphasis on the caps) that he could tell us about season 6 he said:
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Almería in Spain (unofficially) confirmed for Game of Thrones Season 6, extras casting on July 9-10

We reported earlier this month that Almería in the south of Spain (some 150 miles as the raven flies from Seville and its ‘Water Gardens’) was being scouted as a potential location and an almost certain pick (even before that, Girona and Peñíscola were confirmed as the first two new locations for Season 6).

Now Almería has been unofficially confirmed as a shooting location by the sources at Los Siete Reinos, via Ideal.es. Everything is supposed to be moving along smoothly, and the casting of extras is scheduled for July 9th and 10th.

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Emilia Clarke and Carice van Houten hint at Jon Snow’s future in Game of Thrones season 6

GOT509_120314_HS__DSC2800[1]More than a week past the Game of Thrones season finale and people are still buzzing about the shocking apparent death of Jon Snow in the episode’s last scene. In two new interviews, cast members Emilia Clarke and Carice van Houten offer their thoughts on the show-stopping finish to season 5 and what could happen next year.

Van Houten opens up about Jon Snow and season 6 while talking with the New Daily.

Of her turn in the finale, she says, “You’ve seen her clock Jon Snow, which is a great ending because you think, ‘Uh oh, what’s going to happen there?’

“You feel that she is concentrating more and more towards Jon Snow … there are slight hints that something’s going to happen,” she also tells the New Daily.

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Diana Rigg on her Game of Thrones life; Kit Harington finds a new gig


Dame Diana Rigg has a delightfully frank new interview with the AV Club, looking back at her legendary and lengthy career. She talks about Game of Thrones a good bit, of course. Rigg declines to confirm whether or not she’ll be back for season 6, and admits she hadn’t seen any scripts at the time of the interview.

A few of her GoT co-stars were familiar faces:

It’s wonderful working with them, because quite a lot of them I’ve worked with before. Charles Dance I’ve worked with before, Julian Glover I’ve worked with before. In the theatre. You pick up the threads with them again after many years. And it’s lovely that, for the most part, there are a lot of English actors. Mind you, I think we pitch up. We know our lines. We don’t demand sixty-foot Winnebagos. And we’re grateful.

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Curtain Call: Kit Harington


Kit Harington has been with us as part of Game of Thrones since day one. In July 2009 – a whole six years ago – he announced his excitement at being in an upcoming HBO show. Little did we, or he know, that just over two years later, he and the show would be a staple of both pop and mainstream culture. Both are now a worldwide phenomenon.

Six years… that’s a hell of a long time to both win the audience’s hearts and run the risk of losing them. In Kit’s case, he won them, and he held them. Many fans had their doubts about his casting over the years, but in truth, Kit dominated the last two seasons as Jon Snow.

And now Jon Snow is gone.

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