House of the Dragon confirms seven more cast members, including House Strong!

HOTD cast

McTavish; Hall; Corr

The cast of the Game of Thrones spinoff expands once more, with House of the Dragon announcing several new additions today! Variety confirmed seven more actors for the show, including Graham McTavish, who has made his appearing on HOTD a public secret already. McTavish will be playing the part of Ser Harrold Westerling, a role many speculated for him. Variety was able to confirm his role on the show and make quite a few other exciting announcements.

In addition to McTavish, the new cast members include:

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‘House of the Dragon’ filming continues in England; Tony Woodhead joins cast!


Milly Alcock, far left, seen in dragonriding gear, and Olivia Cooke, stepping out of an ornate carriage during recent filming in Derbyshire, England.

The COVID-19-related pause on production of House of the Dragon, the Targaryen-centered spinoff of Game of Thrones, is long gone — hopefully for the first and only time — as some really intriguing filming was spotted in Derbyshire, England last week.

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HBO Max Continues Game of Thrones Streak with Two More Animated Shows on the Way

King's Landing Dragonpit 7x07 (2) Drogon Dragon Daenerys

In a pre-pandemic world, eons and eons ago, it was announced that a Game of Thrones animated show was in development. We never heard about this again, as the surely curated info HBO has permitted to eke out has thus far pertained to House of the Dragon, as well as occasional news regarding the other in-development live-action shows. But now, for the first time in what seems like an eternity, there’s been an announcement on the animated front. And you know what they say: When it rains, it pours two more GOT animated projects are now in the works, for a total of three.

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A new Red Keep set for House of the Dragon, with possible fiery dragon action; and more!

Daenerys Dany Targaryen King's Landing Red Keep Drogon Season 8 805 The Bells

When the news broke that HBO would return to several Game of Thrones locations in Spain to film the Targaryen-centric prequel House of the Dragon, we also learned that Portugal would be next, and now we have more concrete information about where that will be exactly. Meanwhile, a suspiciously red castle set is being erected in the UK…

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