‘The Spoils of War’ director delves into Game of Thrones ‘summer camp approach’

Matt Shakman directing Peter Dinklage. Photo: HBO (via THR)

Matt Shakman directs Peter Dinklage in “The Spoils of War”. Photo: HBO (via THR)

In a new interview with a number of directors on the challenges of directing television, Matt Shakman, the man behind season seven’s “The Spoils of War”, explores the challenging yet fulfilling realities of working in such a grand, unconventional production, which involves a surprising amount of collaboration with the season’s other directors.

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Fandom-Wide Survey Ratings for Game of Thrones, Part 2: Good and Evil

Survey header

By Chris Wright, aka James Rivers, with Petra

Part 2 of our Game of Thrones fandom survey results finds three strong women — Daenerys, Cersei and Sansa — among respondents’ favorite AND least favorite characters. And a question gauging the morality of 40 characters reveals that a man normally associated with “black and white” comes closest to purely gray.

Yes, Part 2 (of 4) focuses on characters – heroes, villains and more – and their sometimes differing book/show iterations. We’ll also look at how various subgroups of respondents – based on age, gender identity and other factors – see specific characters.

Check out Part 1 for basics on the survey, as well as results regarding plotlines, season rankings and missing characters!

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George R. R. Martin opens up about the specific setting of the greenlit prequel, the other spin-offs & The Winds of Winter!

george rr martin photo

It took a few days, but George R. R. Martin has finally commented on the news of the greenlit prequel pilot based on his expansive world of A Song of Ice and Fire. Martin goes on to give us an update on his work on the next book in the series, The Winds of Winter. You probably learned not to get too excited about such updates a long time ago (let’s just say you will, yet again, not be disappointed in your disappointment), but he also reveals the fate of the other spin-offs in development. There are a few surprises there!

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Game of Thrones Spin-off Pilot Greenlit! First Details Emerge!

Night King Hardhome 508

HBO has officially greenlit its first pilot of a Game of Thrones spin-off! It’s news we have certainly been waiting for, but definitely has made my afternoon. Details are scarce, but through a press release via HBO, it looks like it will confirm what we’ve assumed for a long time: The spin-off will indeed be a prequel. While no title has been announced, HBO has released a few details, most importantly the setting and the showrunner!

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Con of Thrones Watchers on the Wall Live Podcast: Top 10 Game of Thrones Episodes!

Left to right: Oz of Thrones, Patrick Sponaugle, Bex, Vanessa Cole, Petra Halbur, Matt (JoeMagician), Sam Wallace, David Rosenblatt, Luka Nieto, Susan Miller (Sue the Fury).

Left to right: Oz of Thrones, Patrick Sponaugle, Bex, Vanessa Cole, Petra Halbur, Matt (JoeMagician), Sam Wallace, David Rosenblatt, Luka Nieto, Susan Miller (Sue the Fury).

All of us at Watchers on the Wall had a blast at this year’s Con of Thrones. Maybe we had too much fun. When we arrived to our Watchers podcast on the third and final day of the convention, during the first morning hours, it was after a night of partying with other attendees and guests. Hangovers and lack of sleep didn’t deter us, however, and our Watchers on the Wall live podcast moved ahead on the main stage, where we revealed our list of the ten greatest Game of Thrones episodes, as judged by ourselves. Enjoy!

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