(Some) Greenseeing Fans Get Another Message From the Three Eyed Raven

The Sight

In what continues to be a puzzling (and somewhat frustrating) ad campaign for season five of Game of Thrones, another video has been sent to select subscribers to threeeyedraven.com.

Much like the first time around, readers who were lucky enough to receive a text or direct twitter message from the site are reporting only being able to view the video once before is disappears back into the ether.

Descriptions, screengrabs, and video of the latest promo after the jump.

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First Look at Arya’s Season Five Costume Change


Game of Thrones has some of the best costume work on television right now. Between the exotic silks Daenerys wears in Meereen to Margaery’s courtly clothes to Sansa Stark’s new raven-inspired frock, the fashion scene in Westeros has never been hotter.

However, one character in particular has missed out on the fashion train. For the last three seasons, Arya has lived the rough and tumble life of a war-orphan, and in between bouncing from the Night’s Watch’s scouting company to the Tywin Lannister’s cupbearer to the Hound’s hostage/BFF, there hasn’t been a whole lot of opportunity for some new duds. But all that is about to change…

Arya’s new look after the jump.

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No more Game of Thrones overnight ratings … sort of

Giant numbers are coming

Giant numbers are coming

HBO has decided not to release their “live plus same day” ratings anymore. Quoth the three-eyed raven:

HBO subscribers have available to them an array of entry points to watch our programming – HBO linear feeds, DVR, HBO On Demand and HBO GO –and a single airing is no longer representative of an HBO show’s true audience size. Today, it is common for final gross-audience figures to grow anywhere from five to ten times viewership after an initial airing. With this in mind, starting in 2015, HBO viewership figures will first be made available by us approximately two weeks after a program’s premiere, compiling [seven days of DVR playback ratings from] Nielsen and preliminary HBO On Demand and HBO GO data.

Not a surprising move, since daily numbers mean very little – both concerning the overall popularity of the show (though there is a correlation) and the impact on HBO’s success (non-existent, since they do not run ads), as a certain someone likes to remind us. We will keep an eye on the grand total number of viewers who have seen an episode, then. Last season’s tally stands at the average of 19 million per episode.

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HBO creating Game of Thrones mixtape for season 5 with Killswitch Engage

mixtapeLast year’s most surprising promotional effort from HBO for the fourth season of Game of Thrones was a mixtape titled “Catch The Throne.” The mixtape featured hip hop music and was made available for free on Soundcloud.

Though the Thrones-inspired rap was received with mixed reactions from fans, it appears HBO is going ahead and creating a second edition of “Catch The Throne” for season 5.

According to the Facebook of American metalcore band Killswitch Engage and the Instagram of the band’s vocalist Jesse Leach, the band is currently recording a song for this year’s “Catch The Throne” mixtape. Leach posted an assortment of photos from the recording session.

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The visions of Game of Thrones Season 5 debut

The SightHBO’s promotional tie-in website, ThreeEyedRaven.com, began its teasing campaign tonight, sending out messages via raven (well, text message), to give viewers their first real taste of Game of Thrones season 5 footage.

The campaign is off to a bit of a bumpy start, with not all fans able to access the website and many not receiving their notification yet, but the Game of Thrones official Twitter has confirmed they are working on the issue.

Luckily several viewers have summarized the teaser footage contained in the promos.

But they had to do it quickly, because it seems that, like Bran’s visions, these visions only happen once and then they cannot be viewed again.

UPDATE: One of the teasers was captured on video, and is available below.

The comments below are gathered from WatchersOnTheWall readers, in this post:

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Game of Thrones is best of the year for IMDB, E!Online, and more

Oberyn and Ellaria

Continuing in our coverage of Game of Thrones‘s appearances on year-end lists, here are some of the latest additions:

E!Online sums season 4 up nicely in their Top 10 TV Dramas list:

“We know we are probably overreacting and being a tiny bit dramatic when we say this, but holy s–t, sometimes GOT makes us want to punch ourselves in the faces over how freakin’ awesome it is.”

IMDB has released their Top 10 Shows list, and Game of Thrones ended the year in the number one spot! The list tracks the programs that were “consistently the most popular with IMDb’s users throughout the year (and were in production in 2014) as determined by page views.” The show finished just ahead of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

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Maisie Williams on the end of Arya and how Game of Thrones changed her life

Maisie Williams

Photographs: Perou/The Guardian

Maisie Williams looks ahead at Game of Thrones season 5 and looks back at the recent years of her rise to fame, in The Guardian.

The 17-year-old actress will be starring in the drama Cyber Bully for Channel 4 in the UK, and has plenty of inspiration to draw from, in her own life.

Maisie tells The Guardian of how jealousy from her classmates brought about bullying and rough times for her as her fame and that of the show’s grew. She received messages calling her “stuckup”, and saying that she thought was “too good for everyone else.”

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Game of Thrones wraps filming for season 5!

It looks like that’s a wrap for the filming of Game of Thrones season 5!

As expected, the Belfast-based Wolf and Dragon units of the show have finished shooting in December, based on some tweets from production members.

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The Dark Horse Giveaway Grand Finale: Great Houses of Westeros


Throughout the week, we’ve been celebrating the Great Houses of Game of Thrones with a bounty of amazing swag provided by Dark Horse. However, there aren’t enough weekdays to properly cover each of the houses. The Starks, the Targaryens, and the Lannisters seem to get the lions’ share of the love (and the dragons’ and the wolves’ shares, as well), but there are more families in Westeros, and there are those who don’t fit into any House. There are those outcast by their noble kin and those who are something else entirely.

Today, for our finale, we’re sharing a huge amount of prizes with you, our readers, so check it out beneath the cut!

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