Recognizing GoT Cinematography and a new “Making of” update

As Game of Thrones fans we often focus on a certain set of things.  The book readers often delve into discussions of the adaptation decisions from the ASOIAF books to the small screen. All the fans, book readers or not, debate character nuance and any potential plot developments endlessly.  As individuals we have favorite GoT locations and cultures that we compare and contrast.   But we’re also privileged to witness a level of quality cinematography that has been, arguably, heretofore unknown in television.  Hit Fix is reporting that professional cinematographers are taking notice as well.  The ASC, American Society of Cinematographers, has nominated Game of Thrones and other genre shows for their TV awards.


What are some of your favorite “natural” visual scenes from the first four seasons? Although we have often discussed our favorite Special Effects scenes, what about those scenes that did not involve animation or graphic manipulation (or at least not too much, the occasional green screen is probably unavoidable)?

And speaking of beautiful scenes, Dave Hill has a new update on Making Game of Thrones  (see photo at top of the gorgeous set). The blog entry really isn’t all that spoilery as they never give much detail but use your own judgement as to whether you want to read the entry or go below the cut.

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Thrones Round Up: GRRM Speaks, Margaery’s Future, and Dragon Leftovers


There are a bunch of Game of Thrones tidbits floating around the internet in the wake of the release of The World of Ice and Fire and some of the other projects the cast is involved in. Here’s some of our favorites this week around the web.

Minor spoilery things below, so if you want to stay completely unsullied for the next season, proceed with caution.

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First Screens from TellTale’s soon to be released GoT Game

Purported photos have surfaced from the new TellTale GoT based game series. Game Informer is reporting that they were posted in a Twitter feed but TellTale has not confirmed that they are official screen grabs from the game.  They do say, however, that they are similar in style to TellTale’s other games and probably are legit.  

There are a total of eight screen shots that show stills of not only Cersei, Tyrion and Margaery, and others that I presume are members of House of Forrester.  The article also says that the game should be released before the end of 2014.

Game of Thrones update: Season 5 cast and sets, and the newest Thrones book is released

Natalie DormerHere are some of the most notable highlights this week in Game of Thrones news:

  • According to the Narrow Road Company, their client James McKenzie Robinson is currently shooting the role of Joss for Game of Thrones. Back in October, we spotted a casting call for the part of Joss, who is the father of a terminally ill child. Based on the description in the casting writeup, he is most likely appearing in season 5’s Braavos storyline involving
    Arya and the House of Black and White.

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Liam Cunningham on Game of Thrones season 5: “There’s going to be a huge amount of drama.”

Liam Cunningham

No one is going to know what happens, says Liam Cunningham, on Game of Thrones because viewers can’t rely on the books for spoilers anymore.

In a new interview with RTÉ Ireland, the actor admits, “We’re about to overtake the books,” with Game of Thrones heading into its fifth year as George R.R. Martin continues to write the next book in the series. Cunningham notes that Martin is halfway through writing the sixth book.

In the interview , Cunningham talks about the upcoming season and hints at major happenings, possibly deaths.

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Telltale Games announces Game of Thrones first episode

Telltale Games has released information on what will be the first of six episodes in their new Game Of Thrones series.  Game details have been sparse so it’s exciting to finally see an official “big” announcement.  The first episode is entitled “Iron from Ice”.  IGN reported yesterday that the game series is centered on a single house which we now know is House Forrester.

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Why Game of Thrones passing the books could be a bad thing (A Rebuttal)

frost giant

This is a rebuttal to a recent opinion piece, Why Game of Thrones passing the books shouldn’t be a bad thing. As with all our opinion pieces, the following views express do not necessarily reflect those of WatchersontheWall or its staff. NOTE: the following alludes to material from the fourth and fifth books in ASOIAF, as well as events in season 5.

By Phyllis Ashley

Before you all throw me under the Book Purist bus, allow me to offer a perspective from a Sullied who otherwise considers herself a reasonable person with an open mind.

While most days I have to invest an exorbitant amount of energy into pacifying the Book Purist/Nerd Rage Hulkess version of myself, I have to budge ever so slightly to the fact that Game of Thrones will never be what A Song of Ice and Fire is, be it breadth or comprehensiveness, or a thorough compilation of character development/events, nor will it fulfill the grand imagery my mind created while immersing myself in the textual world GRRM has created.

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