Iron Islands plot to be omitted from Game of Thrones season 5


Filming of various locations for Game of Thrones season 5 has been well-documented so far, giving us insight into King’s Landing, Meereen, Dorne and beyond. However, we now have clarification on the exclusion of one particular area/plotline: the Iron Islands.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the Iron Islands subplot as realised in A Feast for Crows will be omitted from season 5.

While the Dorne-based subplot will be in season five, producers have previously indicated the Iron Islands subplot has been omitted.

Future plot spoilers below the cut.

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Watchers on the Wall Awards: Best Visual Effects Scene


Here we are, at the last category for the Watchers on the Wall Awards: Best Visual Effects Scene. It’s been a long road of voting, through preliminaries and final rounds, but the end is in sight.

The Watchers on the Wall Awards ceremony will take place on Sunday, November 2nd, beginning at 8PM Eastern Time. Stop by and see if your favorites take home the big prizes!

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Doubles in Osuna: New images from Daznak’s Pit

EXCLUSIVE: 'Game of Thrones' Filming

The photos for Daznak’s Pit being shot in Osuna are coming in hot and fast.  We posted some images on  Sunday, Oct 19th in “New photos of Game of Thrones filming in Osuna’s bullring but without clear facial shots it was hard to determine if they were actually Emilia Clarke as Dany and her retinue.  However, WotW can now confirm that they were indeed doubles. The slideshow after the cut shows their faces so it is finally clear.  This is in contrast to our post from yesterday, which showed the real actors on a review stand watching fighting below.

Clearly the Daznak Pit scene will be important and large in scope as they are taking the time to make some long shots with doubles and crowds, medium shots and close-up reaction shots with the real actors, multi-person fight scenes and, as noted before, a massive green screen.  It has all the right ingredients to become an iconic scene for the show.

MAJOR SPOILERS after the cut!

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Inside Daznak’s Pit: The newest photos featuring Emilia Clarke and more!


Game of Thrones filming in Osuna, Spain is in full swing, with the town’s bull ring playing the role of a fighting pit in the show’s fifth season. The Daily Mail has the latest pics of filming, offering up definite spoilers and confirmation of the show diverging from the books once again.

SPOILERS below the cut!

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New photos of Game of Thrones filming in Osuna’s bullring


Game of Thrones season five filming has moved to Osuna, Spain, now with production largely centered about the town’s bull ring. It is generally accepted that the ring will stand in for Daznak’s Pit, the setting for a major scene in A Dance with Dragons.

France’s MetroNews has several new photos of the location shooting occurring over the last couple days, which we’ll tuck beneath a cut for spoiler reasons!

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