The Spider spins his web at Itzurun beach & Learn How to Pet Your Dragon (SPOILERS!)

Screenshot 2016-10-27 16.35.152

Just as every other single day of filming in the picturesque Gipuzkoan town of Zumaia, the fourth day of the shoot has been photographed from the Santa Klara country house. Its privileged view of Itzurun beach has again been exploited by onlookers to give us a look at a few scenes —One with six of the starring cast, including one who just arrived; and another with two key main characters and perhaps a lesson on dragon-petting.

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Paul Kaye on Googling how to act like Thoros of Myr


In a new interview with the ExpressPaul Kaye discusses landing his part in Game of Thrones, the upcoming season seven and his latest comedy role.

The actor admitted that just hours before he was due on set as Thoros of Myr, he found himself Googling how to act in a state of desperate panic. Comparing the shoot to his first day at school, Paul claimed he still had to pinch himself that he had actually landed a role in the show, even after six auditions.

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The Winners of the HBO’s Game of Thrones Coloring Book Giveaway!

GOT_Coloring Book CVR_REV (1) (1)

HBO’s Game of Thrones Coloring Book hits shelves today!  The newest addition to the official line of Game of Thrones products is now available online and in stores. However three Watchers on the Wall readers will receive a copy for free, because it’s time to announce the winners of our giveaway!

Three winners will be taking home a coloring book packed with your favorite Game of Thrones scenes and characters. For those of you who don’t win today, you can purchase HBO’s Game of Thrones Coloring Book for $15.95 a pop- or only $10.42 at the moment on Amazon, if you feel like getting your holiday shopping started early.

Now, onto the winners! We’re happy to announce the three winners of the Game of Thrones Coloring Book are….

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Spoiler Report: Directors, an archmaester, and Game of Thrones in Seville


Back in June, just after the end of season 6, four directors were announced for the next season of Game of Thrones: returning directors Alan Taylor, Jeremy Podeswa and Mark Mylod, plus new guy Matt Shakman. What wasn’t included in the official announcement were specific details telling us which episodes the directors would be taking on. This week, however, we’ve been able to confirm with reliable sources which of the seven episodes match up with which director in a few cases.

Our sources report that director Jeremy Podeswa is handling the season premiere and the season finale of season 7. Podeswa directed two episodes each in seasons 5 and 6, directing major moments such as Melisandre’s aging unveiling and the resurrection of Jon Snow. With his strong track record, including an Emmy nomination for his work on the show, Podeswa has proven he’s up to the task of opening up the season and closing it out.

Furthermore we’ve learned that episode 2 will be directed by Mark Mylod, while episode 6 will be directed by Alan Taylor.

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HBO scouting Sweden as a possible Game of Thrones location

Visby, Sweden

Game of Thrones has visited Northern Ireland, Spain, Croatia, Iceland, Malta, and more countries during production in its long and well-traveled lifespan. And now HBO reportedly has turned its gaze toward another European country: Sweden.

According to SVT, the national Swedish television network, HBO has shown interest in filming future episodes of Game of Thrones on Gotland island in Sweden. Nothing is official yet, no contracts have been signed for shooting, but HBO has been in touch with Swedish production company The Line Gotland.

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Doomed character spotted in Zumaia & Four characters on new quest (SPOILERS!)


Production moved from Biscay to Gipuzkoa this weekend and it has not been idle since. Zumaia has been witness to friendly and tense reunions and a momentous convergence. Today, on the third day of filming at Itzurun beach, is no different, as a main character whose fate was perhaps thought of as doomed last season returns to the narrative, and joins three other main characters on a new quest to parts unknown.

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Updated! Cameras Roll At a New Set in Northern Ireland; A Season 6 Cast Member Returns

Mournes 1

Photo: Outlook Rathfriland/Facebook

Cameras keep on rolling in Zumaia this week, while back in Northern Ireland the new Game of Thrones set sees action with another filming unit.

The Outlooks ‘eye in the sky’ captured a few images of the newest N.I. shooting site in the Mournes for season 7, which fans first learned of a few days’ ago. The false-snowed fields are found in the area of Kinnahalla Rd., outside Hilltown, according to The Outlook. And while the location was still under construction on Monday, today the Mournes set is fully alive with actors on horseback and cameras.

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Two key characters in battlement scene & Another cast member arrives (UPDATED!)


This morning on the second day of filming in Zumaia, we witnessed the arrival of a Greyjoy fleet on shore and a tense reunion with characters who have not seen each other since the beginning of the show. This evening, the much theorized about battlement set built on top of the wall in Itzurun beach has been put to use for the first time, as two long-standing characters from the show shared a private conversation.

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The Greyjoy fleet lands on Basque shores & A tense reunion takes place (UPDATED!)


In Zumaia’s Itzurun beach, yesterday was a productive first day’s work for the Game of Thrones production and curious onlookers alike. Today promises to be no different. Yet again, the Santa Klara country house graces us with video footage of the second day of production, and with it spoilers galore. Abandon hope all ye who enter here!

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A Snowy Game of Thrones Set Under Construction in the Mournes


Photo: WatchersontheWall

While fans’ attention is focused on Basque Country and the exciting spoilers pouring from filming there, a new Game of Thrones set is quietly springing up in Northern Ireland.

Over the past few days, locals in the area near Newry have spotted action around the Mourne Mountains of County Down. The rolling hills of the Mournes are home to N. Ireland’s highest mountains and have played host to GoT filming several times over the years. The landscape of the Mourne Mountains has proven useful to Game of Thrones for a diverse range of locations, playing Vaes Dothrak in Essos in season 1, and the Riverlands of Westeros in season 4.

Now the show has returned, and are constructing a mysterious snowy base on top of the normally green, sprawling land.

Photos taken this weekend:

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