A Message From the Creators of Watchers on the Wall

Raven LogoWelcome to WatchersOnTheWall.com, your new go-to source for Game of Thrones news!

The founders of the site have begun with simple goals: to enjoy Game of Thrones together with other enthusiastic fans and to implement a few new ideas that we’ve always wanted to try.

What will WatchersOnTheWall offer fans? Here you’ll find Axechucker’s colorful interviews and Twitter recaps, HmR’s passion for analysis and ratings, Bex’s humor and love for building the community, and Oz’s Unsullied episode recaps and speculative pieces with his fresh perspective. As always, we’ll be reporting the latest filming news and casting scoops of Game of Thrones, providing commentary and offering editorial posts for your enjoyment.

The center of WotW is the blog section but we also have a Forum, as fans have been requesting, and we’re looking into adding Chat as well. The site is opening a week ahead of schedule, so we’re still fiddling with a few things, like the forum design and some blog commenting options. But we’re dying to talk about Comic-Con and the Game of Thrones panel today with everyone, so we’re throwing open the doors.

We will need your help in this new endeavor. Right now, as we’re working out the kinks, please let us know if you encounter a bug and we’ll resolve it as quickly as possible. Your feedback is hugely valuable to us. You can let us know by replying to a post, or by using our Contact email on the tab above. You can also shoot your thoughts to us on Twitter @WatchersOTWall or at any of our individual accounts listed in our bios.

*A specific technical issue readers should be aware of at the moment is that spoiler coding is working when using short code, but that the button in the tool bar is not functioning yet.  The code for spoilers is [ spoiler ] spoiler message goes here [ / spoiler]. This should be entered without the extra spaces between the word spoiler and the brackets, and the front slash and brackets. This is at the top of our list of issues to remedy as obviously it’s a key function in our discussions.*

Another way you can help WatchersOnTheWall.com is by signing on. We’re going to need a couple more writers to join the site over the next few months, to assist with reporting the news. We also love the idea of guest contributors so if you have a piece about Game of Thrones you’d like to share, whether it’s a character-based essay or a detailed report from a convention, let us know. Our Contact email is always open.

On the subject of ads at WotW, there will be no pop-up ads and no clickbait posts. There will be no more ads than what you see here now. If any specific ads cause problems for your computer, please tell us and we’ll take care of it.

In the coming days, some of the WotW writers will publish individual posts on their reasons for creating a new site, and on their own goals.

As for the website management, WatchersOnTheWall.com is owned by all the creators. Sue the Fury will be editor-in-chief, but the major decisions of the site are decided as a collective.

Here is what you can do:   Join the community and share your thoughts and opinions. Bookmark this page. Follow us on Twitter.  Like the Facebook page.  Join us on Tumblr. And share us with everyone!  WotW will be the premiere site for Game of Thrones news, casting, and commentary.  Several of you have already helped over the last few days with testing and more, and we are incredibly grateful. We created WotW for you all, and we cannot exist without you.  The more support we have, the stronger we’ll be and the better experience we can provide.  This is your site.

Take the Black.

Thank you!

Sue, Marko, Axechucker,and Oz


  1. Hi everyone! Thank you for coming by! We really mean it when we say we want you to tell us what you want in a site.

    And extra special thanks to the people who found us early and didn’t post the link everywhere. 😀

  2. Best of luck with the site. I’ve always been a silent reader of WiC, but I have to express my support!

  3. Good luck to you guys :). Can’t wait to see what the GoT sdcc panel has in store for us. Hopefully a deleted scene from season 4 and some casting news

  4. Congratulations on the launch of the new site! With the Comic-Con panel starting in about an hour, this was already an exciting day for fans of Game of Thrones, and it just got even better! The format looks great, and I love your choice for the title as well.

    I look forward to having many thoughtful and productive discussions about this series and this world with you all in the days, weeks, and years to come. Hopefully those conversations can start later this afternoon – with some casting news! 🙂

  5. I’ve been so fixated on casting news from SDCC that I didn’t even think about possibly seeing a deleted scene.

    Now I need it like burning.

  6. Guys! Such a perfect url name for you. So this is where you go! To take a black and serve the realm!

  7. I’m impressed at how quickly you guys got this up and running. Congratulations on the new site, I look forward to avidly reading GoT news.

  8. Happy to see the site up, couldn’t imagine Game of Thrones anymore without the news and commentary you guys provide. Fingers crossed for some casting announcements today!

  9. Hurray! Congrats! I’m glad you decided to create this site. 🙂 And getting it up and running before the CC panel is great! Looking forward to spending A LOT of time here. 😀

  10. Winter:
    I feel like a proud papa.

    Great work, guys! Looking forward to being a regular reader.

    Well, this begs the question, who did you impregnate?

    (Thanks, Phil!)

  11. Congratulations, folks! Site looks great. Sleek and clear, just as it should be. Can’t wait to get all my GoT news from you.

  12. Congrats on the new site! And thank you for linking to our podcast!!
    Also…I’m sure the Jon Snow Fangirl Brigade will love the new name.

  13. Nice… It looks like when you try to link to here from the old site your comment gets deleted… Can anybody confirm that?

  14. Congratulations on the new site. Im glad that you managed to get it running before the big news roll in.

    Related question: Is there a place where I can watch a livestream of the GoT panel?

  15. So glad that you all have created this new site (and thankfully before the SDCC panel to boot)!! It was all your posts that kept me coming back for years and it would have been a tremendous loss had that gone away fully. Looking forward to this new website!

  16. Congrats on the new site! Looking forward to the articles. Hopefully I’ll be less lurky on here.

  17. So glad to have you all back online! Gotta get on my social networking sites and start following you now. 😉

  18. It took me a bit to notice that you linked our podcast because I was just so excited that you guys had put up the new site so quickly! Thank you for linking us!

  19. Accidentally sent my initial congrats as a message (too many tabs open in my browser).

    But, I will say it here again!

    Congratulations on the new site- it looks great!

  20. So happy to see you already have the new site up and running! Looking forward to dissecting the next crumbs of info we get with ye all. Congrats on the new home and best of luck! We should plan for a house warming party 🙂

  21. Way to get it together so quickly, ladies and lords! Looks good, smells fresh and tastes like daily visits. I appreciate your dedication, all.

  22. Great to see you guys have branched out in to the endeavours ASOIAF demands. Good luck here everyone, looking forward to everything to come!

  23. I know I said it on twitter but I’m SUPER excited for this new site! You guys (and Winter Phil) were always the best part of that other place and I’m glad I have a place to read your musings without crazy ads, or ads that look like posts, and other stupid crap that began after the FanSided deal.

    Best wishes to you all!
    ~Helen (formerly posted on WiC as Anguissette1979)

  24. Congrats!!!
    So glad you were able to build a new home to call your own.

    This is AWESOME!

  25. Sue the Fury: Well, this begs the question, who did you impregnate?

    (Thanks, Phil!)

    LOL Fury! Are there other female editors here, hmmm? 😉 just kidding.
    I’m glad to see Winterphil post nicely here, it means something to me that the impregnator approves of kids leaving the nest. Will this be enough to take him out of retirement? at least part time?

    I congratulate the whole gang for your courage and devotion. Count me in.

    Can anyone shed light on what we can expect from Game of Owns regarding WIC and WOTW? I hope they can and do choose here.

  26. Wow!!! The wait is over (though it hasn’t been long) and it has all been worth it! Can’t believe what you guys have managed to pull together in such a short time, the new site looks brilliant so far!

  27. Congratulations! That was so fast! Your shortcut icon stands out and looks cool. We have a bellydance show tonite and lots of people at the restaurant know and love GoT, so we’ll dedicate our dance to you.
    Our song for tonite: “Salasel Fadda” (“Silver Chains”) Enjoy!

  28. Excited to see where this site goes! With you four behind it, I’ve no doubt it’ll be successful. Congrats.

  29. Two suggestions for improvement of the site

    (1) Ability to edit your comment
    (2) A back to top link. Especially if the number of comments are quite a lot already.

  30. Ahhh… kinda feels like I just got of the Kingsroad and made it back home again where the family was waiting.

    Welcome to the site everyone! We honestly and sincerely hope you like it. We will most definitely be tweaking some things and fixing some bugs.

    But wow.. it is really good to hear from you again. Please share with everyone that is a fan of the books and/or the show and help us build The Wall. This is yours.


  31. Congrats to you all (and us!) for getting the site up so quickly.

    Can we please get links to open up in a new tab instead of in the active window?

  32. Said it on Twitter but it’s worth repeating here…thanks for getting this new site up and running so quickly. So happy to have it. Feels like old times.

  33. Johan Sporre:
    Congrats to you all (and us!) for getting the site up so quickly.

    Can we please get links to open up in a new tab instead of in the active window?

    All the links at the bottom should be opening in new windows now. Thanks for making us aware of it. If you see anything else, let us know!

  34. Any chance you guys could please include the option to register here so we can set up our own profiles for the threads and forum?

  35. Glad to find the new digs! Looking forward to your continued newsings and musings 🙂

  36. Congratulations on getting the new site up and running so quickly. I look forward to getting back to getting both good information and entertaining posts and comments – something that had begun to be lacking and difficult to find.

    Again – Congratulations!

  37. nice work guys, you’re my favorite got reporters 😉 now we only need goo to come over 😉

  38. We’re noting all your suggestions! Some are quick fixes, some less so, but can probably be done (or we’re already working on). Hopefully we’ll be able to do most if not all of them. The forum in particular will have a lot improved on it. Today was a bit of a whirlwind but we have a better idea of what we need to do now, so please keep the suggestions coming.

    And thank you for all the amazingly warm welcomes. 🙂

  39. I’m a lurker.

    And I’m so happy to have this new site to lurk on that I am now going to eat all the chickens in this room!

    Congratulations on going live so fast with this cool and very sleek new website.

    I am happy to take the Black. THANK YOU for making it possible!!!

  40. Hi!!!!!!! I’m so excited about this new site. Haha joining in the others with their warm welcomes. I’m quite curious about what will end up to the old site. It’s kinda sad that we all needed to migrate.

  41. Welcome back guys!! And THANKS FOR THE FORUM!!! I’ll be lurking over there the next couple of days 🙂

  42. So glad to have a place to go with the old gang – also no crazy pop ups in the middle of the page.

  43. My penis refuses to penetrate this site until you join the fleas. You know where we are.

    Who am I kidding? Sue had me at hello. Kenny had me at goodbye. Marko and Oz can have me anytime after I am done with Sue.

    Extremely proud of all of you for supporting the bottom and for kicking Bansided in the balls. I wish you all the best. Sincerely.

  44. WiC was getting unbearable, and I’m so happy you guys decided to branch out and run a site that gives you freedom and makes you happy! I’m very excited! 🙂

  45. Comment editing is now functional. There is a five minute limit on the edit function and is more visible.

  46. Bex,

    Well, good to know, I guess…

    Bug report: When you double click on one of the drop down menus you get an (almost) empty page with just the headline.

  47. Love the new site so far, it’s amazing you all got it up and running in time for the panel coverage today! I can’t wait for more great content as more news comes in over the next few months 🙂

    One small thing – when I hover over the “FAQ” link text on the top bar, it doesn’t link to anything, but it highlights in blue and goes to the link if I hover in the space to the left in between “FAQ” and the “Follow WotW” down arrow. Not sure if this is happening for anyone else, but I’m running Safari 5.1.10, if that makes a difference.

  48. Late to the party but just wanted to say congrats. I thought I was deluding myself thinking the new site would be up by comic con and I’m so happy it is. Great job

  49. Congratulations on the new site! Unsullied lurker on WiC with very few posts(under different name). Looking forward to your coverage on all things Thrones. Also looking forward to be more active.

  50. Congrats on setting everything up so fast.
    This site just took the exact spot of WiC on my bookmarks bar 😀

    Winterfell has fallen, but the Watchers on the Wall have arisen. Long may they live!

  51. Long time lurker on WiC & loving the new site. Congrats guys! 🙂

    Only issue so far is viewing spoilers on my iPhone/iPad if you could add it to your to do list. Can only see a blur & no way to make it clear. Saying that could be user error.

  52. Finally, I was starting to lose hope about WiC. This is where I’ll be visiting from now on

  53. Hi guys, I was just woke up and found the new web page and the casting news etc, but before diving into it I just wanted to wish you good luck in this new endeavour and also I wanted to thank you guys for all the work you did at the old page thanks to wich I had countless hours of information and entertaintment.
    And specially to Sue whom wich I had more than one strong disagreement.

    Thanks for everything

  54. Hey guys! Just wanted to comment that I don’t seem to find the forum on my Iphone at the moment! I was able to use it in my computer but I don’t seem to find it here

  55. Cary Storm,

    Dem fleas are here!
    This site is basically the old WIC so I love it, keep up the good work.
    One issue I’ve come across is that I can’t reveal spoilers on mobile, hopefully you’ll get on that soon 🙂

  56. Meraxes,

    On your iPhone, if you click the solid black bar, the menu will come up and you should be able to access the forums from there.

    Another bug we are working on. Thanks for your patience as we get everything fully functional!

  57. So glad you’ve started the new site – I was only ever a lurker, really, on the “old” WiC, but I certainly miss it.

    Anyway, congratulations – and best wishes, for this night and all the nights to come!

  58. Soooo glad to be here and see that the gang’s all here too. One request to file away for the future: I LOVED the episodic Twitter posts. I know that they are A LOT of work, but I’m hoping to see them here in the spring. 😉

  59. Well done, the new site is wonderful! I’ve never really commented on any fan sites despite enjoying the discussions, essays etc, but I thought this would be a great place to start!

    I was wondering if there is a link to register? I tried to comment on a forum discussion but a message came up telling me I must log in. I already posted ain the same thread about an hour ago which worked fine.

    The log in message is gone now

  60. Good to find the new site. I’ve been (mostly) a silent reader of WiC from the start, but now I really want to support a site from the fans and for the fans. WiC wasn’t the site I loved to check everyday anymore. I feel a little sad, but have also a smile on my face. Congratulations.

  61. I only made a few posts under various names before, but it is great to be back to the one true site. I was beginning to hate the constant bombardment of repetitive interviews and uninteresting videos in Feedly each morning, so having a new old site back is absolutely fantastic. 🙂

  62. Annnnnnnnnnnd here it is! Congratulations!!

    Am so looking forward to exploring the new site–it looks great, and what perfect timing. Thank you so much for all of your dedication and hard work! *raises glass*

  63. Ladies and Gents;

    Thank you for starting this site as an alternative to WIC. For a few years, WIC was my go to site, but the last few months or so, it, well, changed. It wasn’t fun anymore. There were several commentators that were at the heart of WIC and I am glad to see a heart transplant has occurred and you are now here. It will take a while to get used to your new nomes de plumme. I also hope that GOO will jump ship, but I don’t need WIC for GOO. That is what iTunes is for.

    Again Congrats and a hearty Thank You!

  64. Good luck guys, I’m sure you’ll nail it!
    It’s one of those cases that a new beginning brings back the good ol’ days and I certainly like it.

  65. Feel like i am the last person to finally find the new site, i expected a personal invitation, axechucker! 😉

    But here we are and i already love it! Finally i can delete this other website from my bookmarks. Thanks to all of you guys, who made this happen and keep up the good work. 🙂

  66. Long may this site reign!!

    So glad that you all have taken this step. Thank you, thank you, thank you. A great alternative to another website that shall not be named. Hopefully GOO will join you before they have to start hawking products from Doritos, Gatorade, and Macy’s.

    And now my watch begins…

  67. You guys rock! Glad to be a part of this and I hope something can be done for Game of Owns 🙂

  68. I was a long time lurker at the other site and was saddened on how it was ruined over the last few months. Glad you guys started up a new place. I’m looking forward to coming here for my GOT news first.

  69. So happy to have found you guys! Best of luck with the new venture and this has now become by go-to site for GoT news.

    Thanks for braving the storm and starting up!

  70. I’ll be keeping on eye on this new site; it has replaced WiC on my Chrome bookmarks toolbar. Thanks for all you’ve done for the fan community up to this point and best wishes for the future.

  71. I’m very excited for the new site. It looks awesome: very modern and easy on the eyes. Most importantly, I know that the people running the site are going to make it special and a great place for fans of the show to gather and discuss all things GOT-related.

  72. I like this. Very clean.

    For a moment there I thought Tumblr was going to be your new home *shudders*

  73. Yay!!! Congratulations on the new site, guys.
    Finally, a place to go with content I can fully appreciate without all the bullshit.

    All the best!

  74. Hey, congrats guys! New site looks good. Looking forward to following, reading, and discussing GOT with y’all.

  75. A-ha! I found you guys, finally!

    So happy to see your return with this website. Congratulations to you all.


  76. Long time winter is coming stalker, nice to see the main contributors of the old site over here. Keep it going guys!

  77. Wish I’d found this … oh, a month sooner? No superficial ‘analysis’, no posts about cocktails, no re-posts from other sites, some contributors I’d missed dearly. All here. For a month already.

    And it seems comments are readable, even.

    Yay! 🙂

  78. Kyrenna:
    Wish I’d found this … oh, a month sooner? No superficial ‘analysis’, no posts about cocktails, no re-posts from other sites, some contributors I’d missed dearly. All here. For a month already.

    And it seems comments are readable, even.


    Also can’t believe how late I am to the party but so happy to finally replace my bookmarks and get back to basics! Rarely commented on the old site (under a different name) but hope to be a little more active here!

    Congrats again!

  79. Bless you all!!!

    After experiencing a steadily increasing lack of respect for WiC.com since the Fansided buyout, and noting (and mourning) a lack of articles with any of your names, I finally got wind (can’t believe it took me this long!) of this site you started. I will be henceforth visiting only this site daily instead for the best, timeliest GoT news and the excellent commentary I’ve missed so much!

    Long-time Bottom Supporter,

  80. I was just a reader on the old website and just found out that you have a new website.

    I am happy to find you again. A bit late maybe but it is better than not finding you, right?

    Congrats on the new website.

    I am going to read everything from the beginning.

    P.S. I love GOO!


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