About Us

Founded in July of 2014, Watchers On The Wall is home to a group of experienced writers and fandom contributors who have combined their efforts to create a community for fans of Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire to come together.

Watchers On The Wall is:

Editor-in-chief: Susan Miller

Deputy Editor: Luka Nieto

Staff Writers: Oz of Thrones, Petra, Vanessa Kennedy, David Rosenblatt, Samantha

Feature Writers: Hogan McLaughlin, Patrick Sponaugle, Morgoth, Akash of the Andals, JoeMagician

Technical Staff:  Dame Pasty

Founded in 2014 by Oz, Axechucker, Marko, and Sue

Watchers on the Wall is owned by D. “Oz” Osborn and Susan Miller.


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