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Petra is a writer with a fondness for cold weather and hot beverages. She discovered the tumultuous joys of fandom, fantasy and science fiction in college but didn’t properly fall in love with the world of Westeros until she read Reek’s chapters in A Dance With Dragons.

She appreciates character arcs and ethical ambiguity in her fiction and has a love for House Greyjoy that is, admittedly, based more on wish fulfillment than on any sense of morality. 

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  1. Petra, I wanted to tell you how much your video essay on the fall of Daenerys helped me to finally put into words how I was feeling since the end of GoT. I have had a sadness in me since episode 5 that I could not explain. The very end of the essay made me cry. (Finally putting closure on my feelings). Unlike you I did root for her from the very beginning. But I saw she did try her best and was even willing to admit when she was wrong. She was human and a survivor! And to sum it all up as madness was cynical and it broke my heart! So thank you for your wise words and knowing I am not alone in my feelings!

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