1. How do I get an avatar to appear by my name when I post?

Sign up for a Gravatar, a globally recognized avatar. Once you sign up with them, the picture you choose will automatically appear every time you post somewhere with that email address.

2. What is the moderation policy when commenting on Watchers On the Wall ?

WatchersOnTheWall.com has an open commenting policy for the most part, but personal attacks on other commenters are not permitted. Spamming and trolling are also not allowed, and comments of this nature may be deleted without warning. If your post contains language that is racist, extremely vulgar, or otherwise abusive, it may also warrant deletion.

Additionally, we ask that commenters choose one screenname and stay with it, as using multiple screennames often is connected to trolling activity.

Commenters are not allowed to impersonate other commenters, celebrities/members of the Game of Thrones cast & staff, either on the blog or in our forums. This behavior will be punished with banning.

The goal of the creators of WotW is to establish an enjoyable community for all fans, and it’s with this in mind that we created this policy. If you do not agree with actions taken in the course of moderation, please contact us to discuss the issue.

3. How do I cover spoilers when commenting on the blog?

Place the spoiler remarks inside this short code:

[ spoiler ] your spoiler comments [ / spoiler]

Remove the extra spaces between the word spoiler and the brackets, and the front slash and brackets before publishing and this will blur out spoilers. Other people will have to click on your comment to uncover the spoiler.  We are working on updating the toolbar in the blog comment section to make this function easier, as quickly as possible!

4. How far along is the production of season 8? When does Game of Thrones season 8 premiere?

The final season of Game of Thrones will begin shooting in October of 2017 and is expected to run through August of 2018.  The specific premiere date for season 8 has not yet been confirmed but reports place the premiere sometime in 2019.

5. Are you looking for any more writers for the website?

At the moment, we’re not seeking any regular contributors but we always welcome guest features and editorials. Please message us through our Contact page to discuss your idea.

6. I saw your casting article. How can I audition for Game of Thrones?

Sorry, we can’t help you get an audition! We’re a fan site and not officially connected to Game of Thrones or HBO. We post articles about casting notices for fan enjoyment only, and will not respond to queries about casting.

Auditions for speaking roles are not open calls, and you would need to have an acting agent to get an audition with the show. If you’re looking to be an extra, you can apply with the local extras agencies that support the show in each country.

7. Hey, do you have any news about _________?

Please use our Search function before contacting us with specific requests or questions. The website is updated very regularly and tagged thoroughly, so if you’re curious if a certain actor is returning or if filming has occurred somewhere for example, the information is most likely on the website. Search can be found on the home page of Watchersonthewall.com- click on the magnifying glass button, type in your search word there, and hit your enter key. You will see a list of articles that contains mentions of that person/topic.


8. I have a question about Con of Thrones! Can you help me?

For questions about Con of Thrones, please visit ConofThrones.net. The website’s FAQ covers a variety of commonly asked questions, and you can find Tickets and Hotel info on the website.