The Best Game of Thrones Season Finale, According to the Fans

Who blew the competition away?

Who blew the competition away?

The results are in. The people have spoken. After last week’s poll, I have gathered your results and pulled some of my favorite quotes from you, the very readers and commenters we love. One of my promises was that I would “scaveng[e] the comments like a raccoon in the night, selecting my favorite defenses and sharing them in a soon-to-be follow up to this post.” And I’m nothing if not a man of my word. As mentioned, if you followed my cold, hard directions on how to post, this gave you your likeliest chance of being showcased in this, here post. Most of you followed directions pretty well, so thank you! The rest of you? Well, let’s just say it’s been a while since Ser Ilyn has seen any action, and his blade is getting rusty…So! What did the people have to say about their favorite GoT season finales? Who won the coveted Iron Throne? Read on and find out!

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Winterfell Under Major Reconstruction for Game of Thrones Season 8 Pre-Production!

707 - Winterfell - Sansa, Arya 1

Game of Thrones season seven might be over, but pre-production for the eighth season has been underway for over a month now, as filming is slated begin next month. We previously reported on the mysterious construction work going on at the Winterfell set, and today we bring you an update — it’s fair to say the remodeling is extensive.

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Review: Montegrappa’s Game of Thrones Pens are Fit for a Queen

House Lannister Montegrappa Pen

This has been a banner year for beautiful merchandise for Thrones fans, and the merch doesn’t get any finer than Montegrappa‘s new line of Game of Thrones pens, unveiled earlier this year. In February, the Italian company announced the debut of luxurious pens celebrating the four greatest families of Westeros – Stark, Targaryen, Lannister and Baratheon- with each Great House’s pen individualized in their own unique style. These items were joined in July by the Iron Throne itself, in limited-edition rollerball and fountain pen versions.

So, how do the new Game of Thrones pens from Montegrappa measure up? We’re here to tell you!

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Jon and Daenerys: When Villain Archetypes Become Heroes


If you’ve read any of the Glass Candle Dialogues, or indeed, have listened to me talk about Game of Thrones for any length of time, then you know that Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are not my favorite characters. However, as I look ahead into the Long Night that stretches forth until season 8, I have to accept that, yes, Jon and Daenerys are now the frontrunners of the show and will feature heavily in its conclusion. In coming to terms with this, I realized that I’d given into some of the small-minded, hyperbolic thinking that’s so common in fandom. I had exaggerated my qualms with Jon and Daenerys until they had become The Dullest Characters Ever Written, which … they aren’t. Not by a long shot.

Examining some Western European legends and hallmarks of the fantasy genre, Jon and Daenerys’ relatively straightforward heroism is remarkably subversive. Though they are protagonists in Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire, their superficial traits, tendencies and backstories are typically the trademarks of villains.

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Win the Game of Thrones Violence is a Disease Puzzle!

Beautiful Death The Broken Man puzzle

One of the most exciting Game of Thrones announcements from HBO this summer was the arrival of the Beautiful Death puzzles, based on the popular pieces of art created for the show by artist Robert M. Ball and displayed at Every week, the show’s iconic death scenes are recreated through Ball’s art and now some of his most gorgeous pieces have been transformed into 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles. We’re thrilled to announce that this week, we’re giving away one of our favorites from the new line- Violence is a Disease, with art inspired by season 6’s “The Broken Man,” featuring the return of the Hound!

As for the prize, the Beautiful Death puzzles measure 19 by 27 inches. This particular puzzle pays tribute to the Hound’s return to the story, after the death of Brother Ray, who spoke to Sandor Clegane about embracing a more peaceful life. That didn’t work out, but he’s on a new path nonetheless.

The Violence is a Disease puzzle is available now! This giveaway is worldwide, so WatchersOnTheWall readers around the world are welcome to join in and enter to win.

How do you enter? It’s as easy as leaving a comment- complete rules and bonus ways to enter are below!

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Game of Thrones Worldwide Exhibition Begins in Barcelona, Spain Next Month

Game of Thrones The Touring Exhibition

HBO has just announced the global debut of Game of Thrones: The Touring Exhibition, which will give fans an “up-close and personal look at the authentic props, costumes and set decorations” from the show. Just for a start, the exhibition will kick off in Barcelona, Spain, on October 28, so it’s right around the corner. Read on for the details!

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Glass Candle Dialogue: Early Predictions for Game of Thrones Season Eight!

706 - Night King Frozen Lake

Season seven is just behind us and the eighth … well, it’s very far away ahead of us, but it will arrive someday. Now, before there are any production spoilers to ruin our baseless speculation, we bring you our early predictions for the last season of Game of Thrones.

Who will live and who will die? Is that a fair metric we should use to judge the show? How conventional or subversive should we expect the conclusion to be? Will our craziest theories come true? We try to answer all of that and more — below the cut.

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