Game of Thrones In Talks to Head to San Diego Comic Con One More Time!

Jon Snow Northmen The Bells

Deadline brings fans an exclusive report today- we can look forward to one last big splash at San Diego Comic Con with the cast of Game of Thrones. The outlet reports that GoT “looks certain to be returning to Comic-Con’s Hall H next month,” and that “talks between HBO and confab organizers are in the final stages.” It’s not clear exactly which cast members will be taking to the massive stage at the San Diego Convention Center. They hint that the line-up is still to be determined.

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George R.R. Martin collaborates with Dark Souls creators for new game Elden Ring

Elden Ring Logo

It’s been rumored for months that A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin was in some way involved in the creation of Dark Souls developer FromSoftware’s new project, and Martin himself lent credence to the rumor last month when he mentioned on his Not A Blog that he’d “consulted on a video game out of Japan.” Yesterday, this was confirmed when Elden Ring was announced at the Microsoft E3 2019 press conference!

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Miltos Yerolemou Joins the Con of Thrones 2019 Special Guest Lineup!

Con of Thrones Miltos 2019

What do we say to the god of death? Not today! Will July do?

Con of Thrones announced today that Game of Thrones actor Miltos Yerolemou (Syrio Forel) will appear at Con of Thrones 2019 on Saturday, July 13, and Sunday, July 14. This year’s con returns to Nashville, Tennessee, heading to the Music City Center July 12–14, 2019. Tickets are available for purchase at

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Take a Bow: Maisie Williams

Arya Season 1

It has often been stated that Game of Thrones would not have worked if the child actors had not been spot on, given the many major plotlines that focused on children. Among the many child actors throughout eight seasons of television, you would be hard pressed to find an actor who made a stronger impression on the fanbase than Maisie Williams.

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Jamie Campbell Bower and more prequel cast members head to Northern Ireland!

Jamie Campbell Bower

Jamie Campbell Bower in TNT’s “Will”

Game of Thrones may be over but with the prequel-spinoff filming starting, a new adventure has begun. It’s been quiet of late, but news has started to trickle out of Northern Ireland. So it’s time to shed those post-season glums and dive back into filming-season glee!

Rumors are still flying about the title of the new show- it’s unconfirmed whether the title will really be Bloodmoon, or if that’s a production code name, or if that’s entirely a fan fabrication.

News that’s more firm: Local sources tell us that people have been coming and going to Titanic Studios, but production activity is light overall in the area. The large cliff/wall set that’s been in progress for months on the lot is still being worked on, we’re told.

Actors cast in the spinoff have also been spotted in the country, and have been helpfully sharing it on social media!

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On the Fandom Road: A FaB Farewell


So this is it, the last post in a long journey of posts.

Let me start with the end before I end with the beginning: I am leaving you all, gentle readers. This is my Watchers farewell.

It’s been real, it’s been fun; sometimes it’s even been real fun! But all good things must end. Valar Dohaeris, yes, but ultimately Valar Morghulis. I regret nothing.

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The Writing on the Wall: Has the Wheel Been Broken?

(9) Courtesy of HBO

The ending of any story is equally steeped in the ending itself and a contemplation of everything that came before it. It is why such a heavy weight is imparted upon the conclusion of a story. Not only does it have to carry itself as an episode of television but it also has to sufficiently honor the narrative foundations that led to its creation in the first place. It is a tricky balancing act and few series, if any, have ever achieved that perfect ending. Whether or not the ending to Game of Thrones accomplishes both critical beats is going to be debated for quite some time, in part a consequence of its legacy as a true pop culture phenomenon.

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Bran’s fate in Season 8 comes directly from Martin, reveals Isaac Hempstead Wright

Bran Stark King Red Keep King's Landing Season 8 806 Iron Throne

Author George R.R. Martin himself said recently that, given the days-long conversations about the ending he had with showrunners Benioff and Weiss years ago, the end of Game of Thrones wouldn’t be “that different” from what he has planned for future books in A Song of Ice and Fire. However, some who disliked the controversial ending held out hope for a different endpoint altogether, not just a different execution. One of these contentious points was Bran becoming king of the now Six Kingdoms; a twist that, according to Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran Stark), comes straight from Martin!

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