Con of Thrones exclusive: Hannah Murray chats about Gilly’s growth and deserving credit for that “Prince Raggar” discovery

Screenshot 2018-06-06 19.49.51

It’s quite possible that Gilly has had the most unexpected, most un-Game of Thrones-y character arc of any Game of Thrones character.

It’s something Hannah Murray pointed out when we spoke to her at Con of Thrones. By the end of season 7, we’ve witnessed so many characters fall from grace and grow hardened as the things they love are taken away from them. Yet, “with Gilly, it’s the opposite,” Murray observed.

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Con of Thrones exclusive: Esme Bianco makes her picks for ruler of Westeros, praises Theon’s arc, and more


Esme Bianco as Ros in Season 1 of ‘Game of Thrones.’

It’s not too often you get to make a celebrity’s day, but when Watchers on the Wall sat down for an exclusive interview with Game of Thrones star Esme Bianco at this year’s Con of Thrones, that’s exactly what happened. She began to answer the question of who should sit on the Iron Throne versus who probably will when things took a turn.

“I pray it won’t be Littlefinger — ” she started, before being reminded that Petyr Baelish (Aiden Gillen) met a grisly end at the hands of Arya and Sansa Stark in Season 7.

“I completely forgot!” Bianco laughed, clapping her hands. “That’s lovely! You just made my day.”

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Con of Thrones exclusive: Paula Fairfield on the importance of expanding mythology and the real voices behind zombie Viserion


At Con of Thrones we had the pleasure to speak with Paul Fairfield, the sound designer for Game of Thrones since season 3. Listening to Fairfield discuss her creative process, one truly develops a greater appreciation for detail in the show’s sound design and for the passion that informs every creative decision.

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Check out the latest CultureFly Game of Thrones Subscription Box, featuring the North and Beyond the Wall

culture fly II

The first one was a hit, and now CultureFly is back for round two, with another Game of Thrones Subscription Box packed with premium Thrones collectibles. In case you missed the premiere subscription box: CultureFly is putting out an assortment of officially licensed limited edition Game of Thrones items in a special subscription box for fans every quarter, and there are only 5000 boxes in each batch. Does the second collection, focusing on the North and Beyond the Wall, live up to the first? Luckily we’ve received the newest box from CultureFly to preview, and we’re diving in to have a look!

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Game of Thrones cast gathers for wrap party—but will season 8 filming continue?

Historically, Game of Thrones parties can get pretty wild

Historically, Game of Thrones parties can get pretty wild (Photo: showrunner David Benioff reacts to wife Amanda Peet kissing former cast member Pedro Pascal at 2015 Emmy Awards)

Game of Thrones production is winding down in Belfast, as June is likely when it all ends. Indeed: the end is nigh! But don’t worry: it’s good news; it means we’re closer to season eight… the last season of Game of Thrones ever. Okay, maybe it’s a bit bittersweet.

I’m sure that will be the general feeling tonight—lots of laughter and tears— as the cast joins in Belfast for a party before, soon enough, everyone has to go their separate ways. Some cast members have already been sighted in the city, and more are on the way!

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Con of Thrones exclusive: Joe Dempsie on his hoped-for Season 8 duo, Gendry’s marriage prospects, and more


Photo: HBO

Actors: they’re just like us. They have favorite movies, they ride the subway — and they really want the long-hyped Cleganebowl to happen.

“Definitely the Hound and the Mountain,” Joe Dempsie said in an exclusive interview with Watchers on the Wall during last weekend’s Con of Thrones, when asked which duos he’d like to see meet up in Game of Thrones Season 8. “They’re either saving it for something epic, or it will be one of those things they won’t be able to fit in, but I’d really love to see it.”

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Game of Thrones Season 8 News Roundup: Set Visits, Charred Sets & Set-Sized Dragons

Wall - Beyond Frozen Lake 7x06 Dragons Drogon Viserion Rhaegal Wights

Con of Thrones 2018 has come and gone in what must have felt like an uneventful week for those in the Watchers on the Wall community who couldn’t attend the convention. For those of us who were there, however, or at least for me, it feels like a lifetime since I last brought you the latest filming news. Yet here we are, back into the swing of things! Con of Thrones content, in particular interviews with the cast, will be coming in the days to come, but meanwhile let’s see what we missed on this last week we were all busy going from panel to panel and meeting so many wonderful people, shall we?

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