From the Maester’s Desk – Endgame: The Royal Sidekicks


The night before the Battle of the Bastards, Davos Seaworth and Tormund Giantsbane had a conversation about the people they served, and how it didn’t really pay off. “Maybe that’s our mistake: believing in kings” said the Onion Knight. “Jon Snow is not a king” replied Tormund.

But things have changed since then, on Game of Thrones. Jon Snow is now very much a king, and not only that, but the actual heir to the Iron Throne. The consequences of him bending the knee to Daenerys still remain to be seen.

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Exclusive Interview with Game of Thrones’ Ramin Djawadi: the Music, the North American Tour and season 8!

Photo: Andres Jimenez

Photo: Andres Jimenez

Watchers on the Wall was lucky enough to score an exclusive interview with Ramin Djawadi, the composer of all seven (soon to be eight) seasons of Game of Thrones. During our chat, I asked Djawadi about his second and upcoming North American tour of the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience which launches in September (complete tour info here!). He describes his composing process, how the tour has changed from year to year, what it’s like to write for different characters, and oh yeah- what he knows about season 8!

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Game of Thrones to air in first half of 2019; Prequel to be filmed around the same time!


Game of Thrones news have been scarce since production wrapped for season eight. The incoming prequel is still a long ways off (longer than you may think!), and the last season isn’t going to air in some time. But how much? Some hoped for early into next year, while others were less optimistic, but the only official word was “2019”… until today!

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Game of Thrones Fandom-Wide Survey, Part 4: Episode Ratings!


By Chris Wright, aka James Rivers, with Petra

We’ve reached the thrilling conclusion of our survey results! In Part 4, we’ll learn how respondents rated each of Game of Thrones‘ 67 episodes. We’ll also take a final look at differences in how men and women (and other groups) see the show.

If you want to have some fun, the 15 top-rated episodes are represented above, emoji style. They may involve the episode’s name, an episode plot point, or both. Some require more interpretation than others. A couple may require too much interpretation entirely. (David Rosenblatt successfully vetoed the very confusing original image for No.1.)

As for earlier survey articles: You can find Part 1, which reviews survey basics, season rankings, plot ratings and more, here. Part 2, focused on the morality of characters, is here. And Part 3, focused on the morality of various murders, is here. Parts of each were presented at Con of Thrones back in May.


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Sophie Turner Discusses Sansa’s Emotional Game of Thrones Conclusion and Natalie Dormer ‘Knows’ the Ending

Margaery Sansa

Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) has had a long and arduous journey from season 1 of Game of Thrones through season 7. We can only imagine what season 8 will hold – No, seriously, every day we imagine what season 8 will hold! Sansa’s journey was never an easy one to watch as a viewer, pleasant to experience as a character, or a walk in the park to channel as an actor. And yet, if anyone has done her job right, it’s Sophie. Talking to Digital Spy, she offered many great soundbites about the lessons Sansa has picked up along the way and how she (Sophie) has grown as an actor. Additionally, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, while promoting her new movie, In DarknessNatalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell) very briefly touched on season 8 of GOT.

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Brewery Ommegang and HBO’s Royal Reserve Collection continues with ‘Mother of Dragons’

We know Daenerys prefers wine, but even she would appreciate this beer brewed in her honor

We know Daenerys prefers wine, but even she would appreciate this beer brewed in her honor

Daenerys Targaryen famously promised the Spice King of Qarth that she will take what is hers with fire and blood, and now you can too — in the form of knocking back a beer brewed with Dany in mind. Brewery Ommegang and HBO are continuing their Royal Reserve Collection of beers this year with Mother of Dragons, a smoked porter and Belgian kriek blend meant to represent “the smoke and fire that Daenerys has unleashed on her opponents.”

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Game of Thrones Season 8 casting news, the Mountain actor teases favorite scene & Scottish isle scouted for prequel pilot!


Season eight may have wrapped once and for all, but news keep trickling in: today we bring you the casting announcement for a new minor character, as well as Hafþór Björnsson‘s teasing us about a scene in the last season. Also, beyond Game of Thrones, the upcoming prequel pilot is looking for locations already, this time in Scotland!

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Announcing the Winner of the Daenerys Targaryen Mother of Dragons Giveaway!

Daenerys figure header

To celebrate the end of shooting and hold off the long stretch of boredom staring us in the face- at least until the final season of Game of Thrones premieres!- we’re throwing a giveaway. Up for grabs in our latest giveaway is the new Daenerys Targaryen figure from Dark Horse Comics. After a week of gathering entries, the time has finally come to announce the lucky winner!

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Game of Thrones Season 7 Scores 22 Emmy Nominations, Leads All Noms!

Emmy 2

We did it, folks! We survived a 2 year drought without Emmy nominations for Game of Thrones. It’s been so long since we’ve had a ceremony with a GOT presence, so you might be scratching your head as you struggle to remember for which season it is even being nominated. Fear not – that’s what we’re here for! Debuting in July 2017, Season 7 of GOT aired just after the nomination period for last year’s Emmy awards, clearing the way for a slew of new shows in many categories. As a matter of fact, it was a record year for the Emmys, when 5 new shows were nominated (Westworld, The Crown, The Handmaid’s Tale, Stranger Things, and This is Us). However, all new things must come to an end to make way for the old; out with the new, and in with the old they always say!

Returning to stake its claim among the categories returns the aging veteran Game of Thrones, back to reclaim its 2-time trophy, and go for a 3-peat in the Best Drama category (after taking a year off for hibernation). Last week, I played a little guessing/wishful thinking game. How did my guesses turn out? How did Game of Thrones fare in 2017? Let’s just say we’ve got a few things to celebrate today. Game of Thrones leads the awards once more with 22 nominations, followed by Westworld and Saturday Night Live with 21 each, but it’s the first year in 18 years that HBO does not lead the overall nominations; that honor goes to Netflix this year! Who was nominated? Read on and find out!

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Review: Brewery Ommegang’s “Queen of the Seven Kingdoms” Ale is tart and tasty

Queen of the Seven KingdomsFor the sour beer lover, it was thrilling news that Brewery Ommegang and HBO’s latest Game of Thrones collaboration, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, would be a sour. As sours are a delicious variety of beer under-represented in an average bar, one had to wonder prior to tasting: how would the rich yeast that characterizes Ommegang’s Belgian beers translate into a sour? Would it be mouth-puckering or a milder gose? Would it still taste like an Ommegang beer?

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