Isaac Hempstead Wright revels in crackpot Bran theories & Ellie Kendrick questions Meera return in Game of Thrones Season 8

Bran and Meera The Queen's Justice

Bran and Meera have been in quite a journey. Since she became his protector, her brother Jojen kicked the bucket, followed by Summer, the three-eyed raven, Leaf, and Hodor. And yet, Bran lives — Meera did her job! But is it done? Will she return before the end? And what does “the end” mean for Bran? How weird will things get for the new three-eyed raven in the final season? Isaac Hempstead Wright and Ellie Kendrick have the answers … well, perhaps not the answers, but they do have some answers!

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Production team tests a trebuchet at Titanic Studios as cast sightings continue in Belfast

The trebuchet seen on set only a few days ago was given a recent test fire.

The trebuchet seen on set only a few days ago was given a recent test fire. Photo: Wiki of Thrones

Slowly but surely, news and cast sightings about Game of Thrones Season 8 are continuing to trickle out from Northern Ireland — and this round includes testing a rather sizable weapon, spotting some of the biggest Thrones names out for drinks and once again getting to revel in the cuteness that is Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa.

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Watchers on the Wall Awards Season 7: All-Around Best Quote – Preliminary Round

WotW season7-awardsThis weekend, we’re jumping to a fresh section of the Watchers on the Wall Awards – our Quotes awards! Today we’ll be opening up voting in the preliminaries for the All-Around Best Quote of the Year, celebrating the most brilliant and memorable quotes from Game of Thrones season 7! It’ll be no easy task to narrow it down to our top five, with so many worthy nominees, but a fan’s gotta go what a fan’s gotta do. Time to vote!
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The Winner of the Lyanna Mormont Funko Pop Giveaway!

Lyanna Mormont Funko Pop

For fun this week, Watchers on the Wall decided to throw a Game of Thrones giveaway featuring one of the newest Funko Pop! Vinyl toys: the New York Comic Con Exclusive Lyanna Mormont Figure! The figure shows the fan fave played by Bella Ramsey in her Bear Island costuming, first seen in her season 6 debut. Now, after seven days and hundreds of entries, it’s time to pull a winner of the worldwide contest!

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Maisie Williams is looking forward to Game of Thrones ending and Ben Crompton teases a “brilliant” final season


As much as we, the fans, are dreading the end of Game of Thrones, it’s understandable that some some of the cast members are rather looking forward to it.

Maisie Williams, who’s been playing Arya Stark since she was fourteen years old, admits that she’s “excited” for her tenure in Westeros to end. In other news, while campaigning for men’s mental and physical health, Ben Crompton hinted at the enormous scale and spectacle of the final season.

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Watchers on the Wall Awards Season 7: Funniest Scene – Preliminary Round

WotW season7-awards

For all its emotional, heartbreaking and gruesome moments, Game of Thrones can be as funny as any comedy on television. That’s why today we’re celebrating the funniest moments of season 7, as chosen by you, the readers! We’ve gathered up dozens of nominees from your suggestions, and it’s time to narrow down the lengthy list to just five. Which five scenes made you laugh the most? It’s time to vote!

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