The Ultimate Breakdown of the Game of Thrones Trailer: Winter is Here!

The second Game of Thrones trailer debuted earlier today, blowing fans’ minds with its blending of action-packed season seven footage and the eerie “Light of the Seven” music that first made a big impression in last year’s explosive finale. Now that we’ve watched the trailer a second, third or twenty-fifth time, it’s time for us to break it down, shot by shot. Find out what you missed as we dig deep into “Winter is Here”!

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Character Posters for Game of Thrones Season 7 Revealed – Winter is Here!


Earlier today the second trailer arrived for Game of Thrones season seven, and with it the character posters have come as well, featuring Cersei, Jaime and Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, Arya, Bran and Sansa Stark, Theon Greyjoy, Brienne of Tarth, Petyr Baelish and Tormund, all of them tinted with White Walker eyes, a chilly winter coloring, and what appears to be the seventh season’s tagline: WINTER IS HERE.

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Game of Thrones seeks return to Southern Spanish locations for Season 8 — in 2018!

A month ago we learnt Game of Thrones may return to the sunny parts of Spain to film its last season, despite the arrival of winter in 2016’s “The Winds of Winter” finale. Now, it has been made official: HBO is in talks to return to certain key locations in Andalucía which we haven’t seen on-screen yet but will play a climactic role in season seven.

Perhaps even more crucially, the timetable for this possible shoot gives us a better idea of the season eight air-date. If you were hoping previous reports warning of an even longer wait than this year’s would turn out to be wrong, you may be disappointed!

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New Game of Thrones Photos Tease Season 7 and Take Us Behind the Scenes!

Tormund and Brienne

You’ve got to love this time of year in the Game of Thrones fandom- new promo pics pop up just about every day now! This morning brought us an extraordinary glimpse of Daenerys and her crew’s arrival. Now, a fresh batch of photos have been rounded up and shared by gravemaster7 on Reddit, featuring a wide variety of characters including Daenerys, Jon Snow, Brienne, Tormund, Pod, and some behind-the-scenes filming images.

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HBO Spain Shows Battles, Jon, Dany, and More in Game of Thrones Season 7 Clips!

Daenerys, season 7

HBO Spain has released a new video on Facebook to promote Game of Thrones. Yesterday, they went out to the streets of Madrid and showed off exclusive footage from the upcoming seventh season to passers-by. We may not be as lucky as they were, but through the promotional video of the event we get a glimpse of what they saw: characters old and new, new settings, and no less than three battle scenes too!

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Daenerys and her dragons arrive in Westeros in Game of Thrones season 7 pic!

The new picture below follows directly from this last moment in "The Winds of Winter"

The new picture below follows directly from this last moment in “The Winds of Winter”

The barrage of Game of Thrones season 7 promotional photographs lately has been a relief for our GOT-starved eyes, but, aside from the trailer, we have only seen a single frame of what we’ll actually get to see this coming season, with the intended special effects, lighting and all. That was the impressive sight of Daenerys mounted on Drogon, in the middle of a battlefield. Today, Daenerys, Drogon and the rest of her crew return for our first proper view of Dany’s arrival in the Seven Kingdoms in season seven.

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No Game of Thrones Screeners for Critics Once Again; Plus, Ed Sheeran Offers More Cameo Teases!

Bella Ramsey as Lyanna Mormont in Winterfell. Photo: HBO

Nerd reporters’ faces when we hear ‘no screeners.’ Photo: HBO

There’s a not-entirely-unexpected piece of news from Entertainment Weekly today: James Hibberd reports that this year, HBO will not be providing any episodes of season seven of Game of Thrones to critics for screening. Typically, networks provide multiple episodes of any given show to critics so they can prepare reviews in advance of the season airing, as part of the usual promotion process.

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Principal Game of Thrones Photographer Helen Sloan on Difficult & Nude Scenes


The last few months have graced us with an avalanche of Game of Thrones season seven promotional pictures — a first look back in April, a heroine-based release, and more, and more, and even more. We have rather quickly drifted away from being starved for season seven content to feeling —happily— overwhelmed by the sheer amount of it. And there is someone behind the camera we should thank for this. Many shows have photographers on staff, but there is absolutely no doubt the principal stills photographer for Game of Thrones is the most hard-working of them all — the incredible Helen Sloan.

Recently, Sloan was interviewed about her job on the HBO show, and it is a wonderful look at how crazy her day-to-day looks like, as well as the difficulties this strange job entails. She also touches on her lack of involvement in the many (in)famous nude scenes.

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