Season 8 Dragonpit shoot will begin earlier than expected—and last for much longer!

King's Landing Dragonpit Dome 7x07 (1)

The Dragonpit was one of the most exciting settings in season seven, not least of all because it reunited many characters after a long absence and had many others meet for the first time. The tense climactic parley therein may also have something to do with it. That’s why it was so wonderful to learn that the Roman ruins of Itálica in Seville, Spain, would be revisited in season eight, and so soon, too. Today, the news get even better, as we just got word that filming will begin sooner than expected—and run for much longer!

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Season 8 Just Finished Filming the Longest Battle Shoot in Game of Thrones History!

Jon Snow Battle of the Bastards 609 Winterfell

Battles are infamously difficult to film. Actors have to learn and repeatedly execute insanely complex choreography; hundreds of extras have to be managed; and horses don’t care about your schedule. So, battles take a long time: the greatest ones yet, the Battle of the Bastards and the Loot Train ambush, each swallowed about a month of precious production time. If you understand that’s a lot, you’ll be properly impressed when you learn that the battle shoot we have been following since late January has now wrapped after 55 consecutive nights! Beware: known spoilers are discussed below!

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Joe Dempsie on Gendry’s Season 8 Journey and the End of Game of Thrones

Davos Gendry Eastwatch

Joe Dempsie (Gendry), as with all cast members, has been fairly tight-lipped on the future of Game of Thrones, while teasing bits of what’s to (or might) come. For a character whose role steadily increased for the first three seasons, only to disappear for the next three and a half, his popularity with the fandom has seemingly never waned. In an interview with Metro, Dempsie speaks pretty bluntly:

“It almost got to the point where I would define the success, or otherwise, of my year by what else I’d done work-wise outside Game Of Thrones. I’d almost forget that I’d done it…When I reflect on Gendry’s journey through the series I’m increasingly pleased with the way it’s gone on a personal level.”

He also teased some interesting tidbits about the show’s entire conclusion…

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Dragons to Face New Threat in Season 8!

Bronn ballista

In Game of Thrones, dragons have always been a threat to others, and not so much the other way around, but season seven proved to be the exception to the rule: first, Bronn almost managed to kill Drogon with Qyburn’s scorpion (the giant crossbow-like weapon pictured above), and then the Night King skewered Viserion like a pig. This trend may continue in the eighth season, with Qyburn’s latest innovation in anti-dragon warfare!

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Joe Dempsie Joins the Con of Thrones 2018 Special Guest Line-up! Welcome Gendry!

Joe Dempsie Con of Thrones Gendry

It was only yesterday that we announced James Cosmo, the Lord Commander Mormont himself, would grace us with his presence at this year’s Con of Thrones, and yet the amazing guest announcements just keep on coming: today, Watchers on the Wall has the honor of revealing Joe Dempsie is joining the ever-growing guest line-up! That’s right: in less than two months, if you swing by the Con of Thrones in Dallas, you’ll get to meet the man behind Gendry, who we just learned will have a big part in season eight.

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Siege Engines Deployed on Magheramorne Set for Game of Thrones Season 8 Filming

Daenerys' Unsullied last used siege engines in season four's "Breaker of Chains"

Daenerys’s army of Unsullied last used siege engines in season four’s “Breaker of Chains”

With the Game of Thrones production returning from Easter break, we can now be sure that the new Magheramorne set is still active, as certain siege engines take center stage. We first saw these trebuchets being tested at Titanic Studios, and then they turned up at Magheramorne, but we hadn’t seen them in action … yet. That changes today!

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