Maisie Williams Gets into Arya’s Mindset & Teases Female Characters “Ruling”, “Back on Top” in Game of Thrones Season 8

Although she'll miss it, Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) is looking forward to the day when she can say goodbye to 'Game of Thrones' and focus on other work.

In a new interview, Maisie Williams gives unexpected insight into the final season… in a way. She divulges no spoilers, but she does discuss how the ever-growing importance of female characters will continue in the final season. We are also told what Maisie does to prepare when she adorns the mantle of Game of Thrones‘s resident “serial killer everyone’s rooting for” (her words), among other interesting soundbites. We’ll take it!

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Game of Thrones Fan Faves Joining the Funko Pop! Lineup in Time for NYCC!

Beric dondarrion

There are great Game of Thrones merch reveals every year for New York Comic Con, and this fall, we’re getting a sneak peek of a host of amazing new Funko products coming soon. Funko unveiled their latest batch of GoT Pop! figures on their blog today, along with a few more goodies. The other new toys include Pop! keychains featuring Jon’s faithful direwolf Ghost, Tyrion Lannister and the Night King, and a pair of Rock Candy sisters.

The new additions “coming soon” to the mega popular Pop! toy line include (in addition to the oh-my-god-gotta-have-it Beric Dondarrion figure above):

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Iain Glen drops a possible Season 8 spoiler and Emilia Clarke has new dragon ink!


Iain Glen as Jorah Mormont.

We’re in a lull, people — filming news on Season 8 has slowed to a crawl as post-production is underway (although we’ve gotten some intriguing tidbits about the prequels), and we’re no closer to a release date than we were months ago. And aside from the Emmys on Monday night that resulted in some fun sound bites, cast and crew have been tight-lipped in interviews, lest they give away anything crucial about the final season. But was a recent interview with Iain Glen (Jorah Mormont) different?

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The latest and the greatest Game of Thrones merch in the HBOShop!


I’ve been on a Game of Thrones merch spree of late, and just received a sweet piece I pre-ordered some time ago, so now seems like the perfect time for another post full of GoT goodies! Just after Back to School madness and in advance of the scarily earlier-every-year holiday shopping, here’s a list of my favorite things.

Pre-ordered back in May, this week I finally received the Weirwood Tree Goblet (shown above left), actually ahead of the announced October shipping date. Vivid and beautifully detailed, it’s worth every penny. I can’t wait to drink buckets of wine out of this thing while making stupid Jojen-paste jokes for the next fifty years. ($44.95)

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Game of Thrones Interviews Round-Up: The 2018 Emmys


Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Peter Dinklage, Conleth Hill, Emilia Clarke, Gwendoline Christie and Isaac Hempstead-Wright at the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards on Monday night, proudly displaying some of the awards ‘Game of Thrones’ took home.

The annual Emmy Awards, honoring the best in television, have come and gone and left Game of Thrones with even more gold hardware to add to its display case — nine awards in all, including Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for Peter Dinklage and the coveted Outstanding Drama Series prize (the fact that I can’t add Lena Heady to this list fills me with low-grade rage, but that’s just me). As with any awards show, a bevy of interviews took place before, during and after, and we’ve rounded up some of the best and most intriguing for your reading pleasure.

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#HairWatch2 is underway, and Kit Harington says the ending of ‘Thrones’ won’t make everyone happy


Hard to imagine Kit Harington (Jon Snow) without his signature locks and beard.

Remember the frenzy that was #HairWatch, when we were all scouring the internet daily to see if Kit Harington had cut his hair after Season 5 because it would have meant Jon Snow was no more? Well, welcome to #HairWatch2, because although a haircut wouldn’t mean anything this time around, Harington still hasn’t lost his signature look — and Season 8 filming wrapped two months ago. So what gives?

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Ramin Djawadi talks composing ‘big new themes’ for Season 7


The Dany and Jon ship sets sail in Season 7.

Season 7 of Game of Thrones didn’t lack for moments of shock and drama (as the penultimate season of the world’s most popular TV series, it would have been a letdown if it had) but the genius behind the show’s musical score, recent Emmy winner Ramin Djawadi, once again took those moments to new heights with his compositions.

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Con of Thrones Returns to Nashville in 2019!

Cot 2019 Banner

We’ve been dying to share the news with you, and now it can be told: Con of Thrones will return in 2019, from July 12-14! Join your fellow Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire fans at the incredible Music City Center in the heart of Nashville, TN. We’ll be gathering for the third annual celebration of the story, stars and fandom we all love, and I hope we see you there.

Tickets will go on sale to the public on October 10, 2018, with more details in the weeks to come!

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