Watchers on the Wall Awards: Best Episode of Season 7

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Winter has come, and it’s time to wrap up voting for the Season 7 Watchers on the Wall Awards, with our final category today!  Game of Thrones fans have nominated their favorites over the past couple months, reminiscing and celebrating the very best of the best of the latest season. With a thorough process of open nominations, preliminary polls and this final round of voting, we’ve uncovered what makes fans laugh, cry and stand up and cheer. The complete award results will be announced in ten days’ time, on January 15th at 7PM EST in a live ceremony broadcast here via YouTube streaming. Cast your last vote for season 7, and be sure to join us on the 15th for a night of awards fun, discussion and giveaways!

It’s time to choose the Best Episode of Game of Thrones season 7. Every episode is up for vote, and we’ve helpfully provided a summary of the highlights for each one, in case you haven’t had time for a rewatch lately and need some refreshing!

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Game of Thrones returns to Croatia one final time for Season 8 filming!

6x10 Cersei Sept Explosion

Before Game of Thrones comes to an end in 2019, there is still about half a year of filming to be done for its final season, even though production started back in October of 2017. Indeed, the last season may just be composed of six episodes, and yet, whether it’s measured in their scale or their runtime or a little bit of both, they promise to be big.

How big? So big that King’s Landing has never been depicted by so many locations at once: they’re not only likely returning to Spain to recreate the dragonpit and building a big chunk of the capital from scratch on a Belfast parking lot, but also going back to the city which gave King’s Landing its signature look: Dubrovnik, Croatia.

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Ben Crompton on drone paranoia and the different atmosphere on the set of Season 8


Ben Crompton, who plays Night’s Watch member Edd Tollet, says that filming the final season of ‘Game of Thrones’ feels different than previous seasons.

We’ve had to bid farewell to many a character — those both beloved and hardly noticed — over seven seasons of Game of Thrones. While it’s probably difficult for an actor to learn his or her character will meet an untimely end on the series, they can walk away knowing that they were a part of a ground-breaking, record-shattering, enormously entertaining and successful franchise. However, that’s not a feeling that every Thrones actor has had to deal with yet, and with filming underway on the eighth and final season, actor Ben Crompton (Edd Tollett of the Night’s Watch) said that’s now what the remaining cast members are having to come to terms with.

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Britain’s Royal Mail to release ‘Game of Thrones’ stamp series

The British Royal Mail service will introduce 15 "Game of Thrones" stamps, including this one of Daenerys Targaryen, on January 23.

The British Royal Mail service will introduce 15 “Game of Thrones” stamps, including this one of Daenerys Targaryen, on January 23.

Sure, you could send your mail by raven, but these days it’s much quicker to use the post office. If you still want a bit of a Westerosi feel to paying a gas bill or sending a birthday card, however, then the series of Game of Thrones stamps to be released by the British Royal Mail service should suffice.

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Watchers on the Wall Awards: The Best Quotes of Season 7

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We’re winding down the final round of the Watchers on the Wall Awards, with just one category to go, after today. For our penultimate voting session, we’ll be celebrating the best Game of Thrones has to offer in the way of words.

We divide our Quotes categories into two, for convenience and fun’s sake. In addition to awarding the prize for the All-Around Best Quote of the year, we also present the season’s Funniest Quote with an award of its own. The top choices have been selected by our readers in the preliminary round, narrowing it down to just five in each category.

Now, to reveal our finalists!

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Join us January 15th for the Watchers on the Wall Awards!

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After months of nominations, debate and voting, we’ve finally reached the end point- the Watchers on the Wall Awards are coming! Join us Monday night, January 15th at 7PM EST for our live ceremony, broadcast live via Youtube. We’ll be announcing the results of all your voting in a fun-packed evening. As we announce the Watchers on the Wall Award winners, we’ll be sharing our thoughts on season 7 and tossing in a few worldwide giveaways of amazing Game of Thrones merch at our party.

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