Game of Thrones prequel rumors: greenlit pilot may be filming sooner than expected; a Valyria-set prequel could be coming too!

King's Landing Dragonpit 7x07 (2) Drogon Dragon Daenerys

Today’s news would be enormous… if we could verify any of it were true. It can’t be emphasized enough that the following are just exciting rumors: the recently greenlit Long Night-set spin-off could enter production sooner than any of us expected; and another prequel is reportedly in pre-production, all about the Doom of Old Valyria.

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Game of Thrones Filming Ends—Forever!

Game Of Thrones on Sky Atlantic

Though the Game of Thrones wrap party took place last Sunday, production didn’t stop. Only a few cast members remained this week, but that’s not to say it was a private affair: appropriately enough, when season eight filming actually ended, it was at the gigantic King’s Landing set where much of the climactic action will apparently take place.

According to our sources, the last day of filming was yesterday. It’s really over—for good. Before bidding the show a final farewell, let’s catch up with the last week of filming, as well as Maisie Williams‘s heartbreaking (and a bit ominous) goodbye on social media.

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Game of Thrones 2018 Emmy Nomination Hopes, Dreams, and Predictions!


Can you smell that? It’s my favorite time of year! The Emmy nominations are almost upon us and I already smell the sweet scent of all those hopeful candidates for nominee having their hopes and dreams crushed as their names are not called on nomination day. Such is the case when we have approximately four billion, seven hundred, and two shows debuting every day in the Golden Age of TV. But hope is not lost for all shows! It just so happens that Game of Thrones is the biggest show on the planet, and love it or hate it (if you hate it, why are you reading this?), but it has a pretttttty good track record when it comes to nominees. For seasons 1-6, it has amassed a whopping 106 Emmy nominations and 38 wins, but due to the season 7 delay, it has now been two years since anyone GOT-related has heard their name read as an Emmy nominee! For a show with a 35.849% win record (yes, I did the math), that is a loooong time to wait to see if you can do it again.

How will the Emmy nominations shake out this year, come nomination day on July 12th? As one of the resident TV-watchers here at Watchers on the Wall, I thought it would be fun to take a look!

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Sophie Turner teases Game of Thrones Season 8’s “big battle scenes”, doing justice to the characters & “unpredictable” ending

706 - Winterfell - Sansa

After throwing that big wrap party, most Game of Thrones cast members have left the show behind, and must now be fondly looking back at what the rest of us haven’t even experienced yet. One such cast member was Sophie Turner, who had, as usual, much to tease and hype up about the next season. And she clarifies her new Stark tattoo, as well!

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Enter to Win the Daenerys Targaryen Mother of Dragons Giveaway!

Daenerys figure header

Game of Thrones has reached the end of the final season of filming and had its last wrap party ever, but we’re still truckin’ here at Watchers on the Wall! To celebrate the end of shooting and hold off the unfortunate slow stretch ahead of us until the 8th season premieres, we’re throwing a giveaway.  What’s up for grabs? The Mother of Dragons herself!

Dark Horse has revamped its line of official Game of Thrones merch, with refreshed packaging design and detailed new sculptures. The new Daenerys Targaryen figure is launching the line, and she’ll be won by one of our lucky readers in the giveaway!

For the next seven days, we’re accepting entries in this worldwide giveaway. To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment here! (See below for more entry methods.)

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Royal Mail and HBO to auction off stamps signed by cast members for charity


Lena Heady gives this print her stamp of approval. Get it? Stamp?

Grab your checkbooks, if you’re so inclined: The British Royal Mail service and HBO are auctioning off several signed versions of the Mail’s Game of Thrones stamps it released earlier this year — not actual size, fortunately, but rather enlarged prints — to raise money for the Mail’s charity partner, Action for Children.

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Fandom-Wide Survey Ratings for Game of Thrones, Part 3: Justifiable Homicide?

survey 3 header

By Chris Wright, aka James Rivers, with Petra

We’re onto Part 3 of our Game of Thrones survey results, in which we learn that of two formerly Essos-dwelling female characters, only one’s lethal acts are consistently seen as justified.

We’ll review nearly four dozen events on the show – various beheadings, imprisonments and mass killings – to see which got a nod of moral approval from respondents. On a different topic entirely, we’ll see which houses are most favored.

For Part 1 of the survey results, which includes survey basics and ratings of plot elements and seasons (and were presented at Con of Thrones last month), click here. Part 2, which has ratings regarding characters, is available here. Part 4 is yet to come!

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