Aegon the Conqueror spinoff reportedly being “actively discussed” at HBO

Art by Jordi Gonzalez Escamilla

What can I say? HBO’s Game of Thrones spinoff cup runneth over.

According to Variety, a Game of Thrones prequel about Aegon, Visenya and Rhaenys Targaryen’s legendary conquest of Westeros is being “actively discussed” at HBO. Variety‘s sources claim that these plans may include a feature component, meaning that HBO and Warner Bros might produce a feature film about the OG Targaryen king that would then lead into a series.

As intriguing as this all sounds, please keep my use of “may” and “might” in mind, along with the fact that HBO has declined to comment. So, all we actually have to go on right now are Variety‘s anonymous sources.

There are also, as I alluded to earlier, quite a few Game of Thrones spinoffs in various stages of development already. At last count the list included: Ten Thousand Ships, Nine Voyages, the Dunk & Egg adaptation, and the Jon Snow sequel. Add Aegon & Co to the roster and I think it’s clear HBO is genuinely interested in further exploring the world of George R.R Martin’s creation but gods only know which story we’re actually going to get next.

That said, Variety‘s source claims the folks at HBO are particularly “keen” to get this project going. So, it well may be that the next show we get about Westeros will be about its very formation.


  1. Dragons on the big screen and a look at old Valeria? Would mos def haul my toa out to the cinema for this. Fingers crossed.

  2. 3eyes:
    Dragons on the big screen and a look at old Valeria? Would mos def haul my toa out to the cinema for this. Fingers crossed.


    For a look at Valyria you would have to go further back in time I am afraid. Aegon’s conquest was 100 years after the Doom, so by the time Aegon I was born Valyria was long gone.

  3. Although we know how it ends I do think this and Snow could be the two best spin offs to come out. Really hope it happens.

    On a different note, when does HotD season 2 air, is it this autumn?

  4. mau:
    Ten Thousand Ships and Nine Voyages are cancelled

    You can’t cancel something that never went past the development phase.

  5. When HoD was announced there were some people who were disappointed that Aegon’s Conquest wasn’t covered so there is potentially an audience for this show.

    Haven’t seen Ten Bears for a while. I know he is an Eva Green fan whereas I am not so much. One of the senior citizen activities I belong to is a French conversation group. During the pandemic we started meeting via Zoom so the leader of the group (and another lady) had the bright idea of asking a couple of French acquaintances/friends (living in France) who join in the Zoom meeting so that we could listen to some (well two) “real” French voices. A French lady provided a French text for discussion which was about the court case in which she is involved (a film she was supposed to do collapsed but she wants to be paid her money anyway). Apparently some of her Whatsapp messages were released and she made reference to “Hampshire peasants” – there are actually a number of posh people living in Hampshire. If Ten Bears had been here I would have told him I decided to go with tact rather than truth – the French lady who provided the text said she was a fan of Eva Green so I just said that she had the looks and I preferred it when she played a French character than an English one. I didn’t wax lyrical.

    Getting back to Aegon’s Conquest dare I put on my fancasting hat? Of course it depends how far in the future the project (if it gets off the ground?) will be filmed. Still, a lot of the stars of HoD I didn’t know before – well Paddy Considine and Matt Smith I knew of course but Emma D’Arcy was new to me. I’d seen young Alicent’s actress in Wonder Woman but wouldn’t have thought of her as Young Alicent but she did suit the part very well.

  6. Lol:
    Mr Derp,

    Ever the negativity with this one. Lol.

    Not me. I’m full of sunshine and flower farts! Sorry you see things so negatively, Lol.

  7. Thanks Mau, I had no idea it was so far away and was expecting a trailer or confirmation that all filming was complete soon.

  8. I have been thinking about this some more.

    Does anyone else think this series would be more interesting if the Targaryens are treated truly as foreign conquerors, and the show is filmed from the perspective of the people they are conquering? Lords Blackwood, Bracken and Tully, the last Storm King, Tyrell stewards at Highgarden, leaders of the Faith of the Seven at Oldtown.

    It just seems that we might need a break from close-ups of Targaryens after House of the Dragon, and it would be really interesting to me if they were basically an alien invasion, weird customs, weird clothes, etc.

  9. Red Aly,

    I doubt that would work. You’d have the predictable bitching and moaning from the twitter brigade about the Targaryens being treated as “foreign” with the equally predictable claims of racism, etc.

  10. Mr Derp:
    Red Aly,

    I doubt that would work.You’d have the predictable bitching and moaning from the twitter brigade about the Targaryens being treated as “foreign” with the equally predictable claims of racism, etc.

    I am confused by that, but even if true, griping on Twitter has little to do with success of a show. They can gripe all they want over there. GRRM made a bunch of really interesting characters for the time of the conquest, and the most interesting ones were certainly not Aegon and his sisters (except maybe Visenya, but not in a rooting for her kind of way). Harren the Black was an Ironborn leader whose family allied with Andals and the Faith of the Seven to come to power. It is a dynamic that weaves in the conflict between Old Gods and New Gods in the form of rivalry between houses Hoare and Durrendon, Bracken and Blackwood. It is much richer really as a story than three young brutes with dragons who decide to take over a continent just because they can.

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