New York Comic Con Game of Thrones Cosplay Round-up!

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Image via Christine Geness

New York Comic Con has come and gone- filled with exclusives, sneak peeks, and, of course, people in costume.

Watchers On The Wall staffers, Blaqfyre and Shylah, were on scene for the full four days, on the look out for any and all Game of Thrones characters fighting their way through the crowds at the Javits Center. Our photo round up is below, but beware…

The con was packed and full of cosplay.

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Special thanks to Cat Smith, who organized the cosplay meetup on Saturday, and, of course, a big round of applause to all the cosplayers who worked to bring a little bit of Westeros into the middle of Manhattan this weekend!

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    1. Wow, that Sandor with Chicken is huge, he could actually play the Hound (or perhaps he IS the Hound). Not to mention his armor is exquisite.

      Overall some pretty good costumes for pretty much every character. Nice.

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    2. Omg the “golden crowned” Viserys was great and made me laugh! XD Of course The Hound with his chicken and all the Oberyns are fantastic too. I’d love to attend one of these some day!

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    3. The volume of Dany cosplay far outweighs the quality of her post-book 1 story. That said, I love cosplay in general and want to do it myself someday if I can work up the motivation. ASoIaF wouldn’t be my first choice for cosplay (that would be Kafei from Zelda: Majora’s Mask), but I’d probably go for Book Loras if I did. “The pommel a rose in alabaster,” baby.

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    4. ahaha Littlefinger in the middle , I like the hound and Sam looks quite convincing from that angle xD Female Jon Snow is nice though xD

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    5. Yaay! My friends and I had so much fun!! Shout out to one of the Oberyns for telling us about it. Definitely one of my favorite memories from the weekend <3

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    6. History of Westeros:
      Love the photos of the Fire and Lunch gals, hell yeah Wylla Manderly and Val cosplay!!

      Ah the joy of doing the obscure book characters that no one recognizes. Haha. I had a lot of fun doing my Val cosplay, despite the fact that fur is hot. Much respect to all of Jon and Sam cosplayers for wearing those fur cloaks.

      Thanks for including us!

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    7. Everyone looked amazing! The costumes were gorgeous and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Thanks for including the Ladies of Fire and Lunch. We had a lot of fun.

      I was the Brienne in blue and got to see the Hound’s armor up close. It was gorgeous! The chicken was the icing on the cake. He was nice and very funny. He kept asking the Briennes to pretend that we were punching him in the face for photo ops.

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    8. Everyone at the con was fantastic! Seeing everyone dress up had me itching to do it myself. Thanks to all who allowed me to take pictures of them! Especially the ones who I admittedly hunted down to do so >.>

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    9. all of these costumes are so fantastic! My boyfriend and I were the Dany and Jorah in the pictures. We were so bummed to miss the meet up, everyone looks so perfect.

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