Game of Thrones filming continues in Spain on Roman Bridge of Córdoba


Game of Thrones filming has shut down access to the Roman Bridge of Córdoba, as shooting continues in Spain.

In what is described as a quick shoot, Thrones crew members have set up shop along the bridge, a busy point of transit for both locals and visitors to Córdoba. As with the rest of the Spanish filming, this location is assumed to be a Dornish locale, specifically the Greenblood, a river located just south of Sunspear in Westerosi geography. Edited to add: This speculation came from the original reporting agency, so while it could very well be the Greenblood, it could also be any other number of places, Volantis included.

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Spanish sources have not reported seeing any of the cast in the area, though a drone was in use earlier today- seeming to point toward Córdoba being used primarily for exterior shots.

This short shoot will wrap tonight or, possibly, tomorrow as the crew heads back to Osuna and Seville to continue their busy filming schedule at the Alcázar gardens.

Update: Benioff & Weiss confirmed today at a Spanish event that Cordoba is standing in for Volantis.

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  1. As with the rest of the Spanish filming, this location is assumed to be a Dornish locale, specifically the Greenblood, a river located just south of Sunspear in Westerosi geography.

    Interesting. Cami mentioned in the previous thread it was for exterior shots set in Volantis.

    October 14, 2014 at 11:47 am
    D&D just confirmed in the Q&A they are doing right now with fans in Sevilla that what they were shooting today in Cordoba were Volantis exteriors.

    Unless Volantis is located in Dorne? I’m not familiar enough with Westerosi geography. If I’m wrong about this for whatever reason I apologize. 🙂

  2. Flora Linden,

    Volantis is across the narrow sea, one of the nine free cities; but that doesn’t mean that this isn’t being used as an exterior for that city. The report of it being the Greenblood came from the Spanish news site covering the bridge closing, so that could have just been speculation on their part!

    I edited the post to make that clearer- we definitely don’t know that it’s the Greenblood and not Volantis (or any other Westerosi locale).

  3. Shylah,

    Apparently D&D said today at the Sevilla event that Cordoba would be used for Volantis. Confirmation is needed but, if true, that’s very interesting.

  4. It’s pretty much confirmed that D&D said the shooting in Cordoba was for Volantis. Some tweets from people who were there (in spanish):

    I also would like to add the photo I posted in the previous thread because I think it is interesting, this are exactly the views they were shooting today according to someone who was there:

  5. ups my previous post is awaiting for moderation, that has never happened to me before. Could it be because of the links?

  6. one of the tweets #gotsevilla:
    D&D ask if we want to see Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones with less clothing and women in the audience shouted : hell , yeah .

  7. Cami,

    If I remember correctly, at least some (well, probably all) of the Volantis-related scenes were from episode 3, weren’t they? Or was it 4? The supposed brothel guard, the whore with whom Tyrion talks but doesn’t have sex, etc.

    That would mean we would see Tyrion and Varys arriving at Volantis and be taken by Jorah in the same episode, which makes sense. Kind of a pity that we won’t have more of Varys and Tyrion together, though. First episode we’ll see them arriving at Ilyrio’s manse, then hopefully an episode of them together on the road, and finally they get separated. I hope a lot of sass is interchanged between the two characters in that short amount of time.

  8. King Tommen,

    I linked some random tweets from people who were today in the Sevilla event that confirmed that D&D said that was the Volantis bridge, the post is awaiting for moderating though.

  9. LukaNieto,

    Yeah, at first it was reported here that the scene with the brothel guard was in episode 5, but the actor who played it said in an interview that it was actually for episode 3 if I remember correctly.

  10. Wait, so the entire Rhoyne trip is done by E3?

    I really want to see Volantis, but isn’t that a bit soon?

    I suppose more time could be spent showing Tyrion

    being a slave near Mereen…
  11. Cami,

    Maybe it’s the links, or maybe it was done on purpose so that they are able to update this article with that information before it is snatched up by… “other sites”. But it’s probably an automatic thing because of the links.

    Lion of Night,

    I don’t think it’s that they care that much about the slavery part of their plot; I’m sure it’s about character development. They’ll want to milk the Jorah/Tyrion scenes as much as possible, in a way that did not happen in the books. Just as the Hound and Arya grew much closer together in the show despite the former being the captor of the latter (mostly because they spent a lot more time together), I imagine that Jorah and Tyrion will have a lot of Jaime/Brienne-type conversations and I’d also bet that, by the end of Season 5, they will have come to more of an understanding than in ADWD.
  12. the imp,

    lmao oh god Jaime is totally going to get it on with a Sand Snake isn’t he?

    lol jk
    I bet he’ll just swim in the Water Gardens or something

  13. We know the Tyrion-Varys brothel scene happens in episode 3. This new info seems to confirm the scene is in Volantis.

  14. Definitely Volantis. And as I recall, we already heard of the production shooting in a river in Northern Ireland without any actors present way back in the first few weeks of shooting.

    And do we know which episode this is for? It would be very telling

  15. Cami,

    What the hell? Alright, this confirms that the brothel Tyrion and Varys visit is indeed the same Volantis brothel- and this means two things!

    1. Volantis is in for a relocation in the show. Tyrion and Varys were filming river scenes and one of them was all but confirmed to be the Sorrows. But if Tyrion only meets him in Volantis, how will they travel through the river? That would be going in the opposite direction! So, Volantis will be placed somewhere high up in the river, or a new river will be created for show purposes in the stretch between Volantis and Meereen. In any case, this is the first major alteration of book geography done by the show.

    2. The Griffs are now technically possible again. Not that I believe they’re in, but before this news I was SURE they were out. There is room.

  16. Wow, now that’s a bridge under which a man can proudly stash his daughters! Take that Walder Frey!

    It’s obviously Volantis imo. IIRC one of the nine manmade wonders of the world according to Lomas Longstrider was the great bridge of Volantis. This bridge looks impressive and with some CGI and camera tricks it must look worldwonder worthy.

  17. jentario,

    But.. the only two actors we know were shooting the river scenes in Ireland back then were

    Iain Glen and Peter Dinklage. No Conleth Hill

    I think… and for all the info we had about that shooting it was probably The Sorrows.

  18. jentario,

    Love your geographical analysis. Keep the hope alive! I can’t wait to see the Volantis diorama in the GoT opening credits!

  19. Hodor’s Bastard,

    I just realized I forgot spoiler tags… :/

    I’m guessing it’ll be just south of Pentos and at the mouth of the show-Rhoyne. And I still don’t think we’ll see the Griffs, but as I said it’s now officially a possibility 🙂

    EDIT: now for a very interesting question: Varys is in Volantis. Tyrion gets abducted. What next??? Does he continue to Dany? Does he purchase the Golden Company? Does he walk back to Pentos with his head down?

  20. jentario,

    If there are no humongous turtles in the Rhoyne near the Sorrows, we riot!

    Regarding your question, I think “V & I” have a lot of catching up to do. 🙂

  21. jentario,

    Ah! ok I think in the first point of your post you wrote


    when you wanted to say


    , that’s why I was confused by your post hahaha

  22. jentario,

    Room for the Griffs? Why would you assume this? It could just be Varys and Tyrion before encountering Jorah, and then Tyrion and Jorah. What changed? Maybe that wasn’t the Sorrows after all. Isn’t that more likely? Or that we have some wrong information? I doubt they’ll change the geography, anyway. But I can see that before this being evidence of the Griffs.

  23. jentario,

    I suspect more likely it means they’ve relocated the Sorrows setpiece to replace the sea voyage, nothing more. The geography will be different.

  24. LukaNieto,

    I didn’t assume shit. I said that there is now room for the Griffs, because there is. Varys and Tyrion travel to Volantis, and it’s technically possible that the Griffs will be coming with them (which of course HBO will be trying to hide). The only reason the Griffs were ruled out before was that Tyrion and Jorah sailed the Rhoyne alone (meaning that the Griffs wouldn’t be sailing the Rhoyne) but it’s now confirmed that the Rhoyne comes after Volantis.

    But as I said twice now, I sincerely doubt the Griffs are in. It’s technically possible that they’ll appear in episodes 1-3 and hire the Golden Company off screen, but I don’t see that happening. There isn’t enough evidence to support the Griffs being included, and besides, I don’t see how the show can handle that storyline.

  25. jentario,

    Of they could just simply cut Rhoyne and go from Pentos where Magister Illyrio’s house is located and where we suppose they plot, directly to Volantis by sea and not by river, where Tyrion hooks up with Jorah.

    Granted, the bridge looked like the Sorrows, with only Peter and Iain in the boat but maybe is just a random river since it is small (yes, I know they can enlarge that to make it Mother Rhoyne but sometimes a cigar is just a cigar). Also that boat was pretty small for Rhoyne with only 2 passengers in it for a long travel. What do I know, just speculating here! LOL

    I do like your geographical change. That won’t go down easy with some of us. Yet people who watch the show only don’t even know how the Free Cities map looks like. Technically they can do whatever with it.

    EDIT: Never mind my ramblings, Jent. I see others already jumped on the idea. Just put me down on the cut the Rhoyne probability column.

  26. Actually, I wouldnt be surprised if the show skips Pentos entirely and have T, V and I meet directly in Volantis.

    The river journey would then be further down the season and wont be the Rhoyne. It fucks up geography but I wouldnt mind it that much in the end.

    Edit : this was just said above so I’m late to the party ! ^^

  27. Wow, that would be a big deviation and do god knows what to Jaime’s redemption arc if he gets it on with a Sand Snake… I can see Bronn hitting that, definitely, and I can see the snakes trying their powers on Jaime, who knows! I really don’t want him to look like a jerk on a rebound from his sister (wtf..) but if it gets us some more exciting Nikolaj scenes and it’s character-consistent I am not opposed 😉

  28. Strider,

    But they spend a lot of time filming that river scene, If I recall correctly it was more than a week, there were green screens involved in the river sides and stunt men … I mean, of course it could be other thing and not The Sorrows but I will be really surprised… well.. who knows.

  29. Jaime’s girl,

    He won’t sleep with anyone. Don’t worry.


    It very well could. I guess this info also confirms that the big red-bearded Dutch fellow is the Volantene Sellsword from the casting call.

  30. Wasn’t there a small stretch of river from Volantis to the open sea? Perhaps this will be the stone men’s “abode” on the show. It could explain why the scene happens after Volantis, say, in episode 4 or 5.

  31. Jaime’s girl,

    They were joking and I hope it stays that way! JAime, getting it on with anyone other than Cersei destroys his character. Unless D&D have gone mental and aare trying to turn Jaime into Arys and a Sandsnake into Arianne. Kingsguard Jaime then gets decapitated by Hotah whilst trying to take Myrcella back to be queen… and I stop watching the show!

  32. Strider,

    It’s possible what Tyrion and Jorah sail through is just a random river, but I highly doubt it. The show has already set up the Rhoyne as the defining element of Volantis way back in season 2 in Talissa’s monologue, and it would be too much of a missed opportunity to do a random river rather than do the Rhoyne itself. And since T & J will be leaving FROM Volantis- how many rivers could they possibly run into aside from the Rhoyne itself? I just can’t see them taking a small boat and rowing it along the shore for more than a little while. We’ll see.

    Sean C.,

    That’s definitely happening, but the question is if the river T&J sail through is the Rhoyne or not, and if it isn’t- how do they get there in the first place? In my opinion, it makes a lot more sense that it’s the Rhoyne, and that the show is rearranging some geography (either moving Volantis or changing the Rhoyne’s direction towards the Slaver’s Bay).

    I wouldn’t mind this change at all, but I’m sure some people would.

  33. King Tommen,

    I dont recall any confirmation of Pentos.

    Yeah, we know the Villa Scherazade will be Illyrio’s mansion and it looks like the Malta villa they used for season 1, but they could always have Illyrio own another very similar mansion in Volantis.

  34. Also late to the party on the geography lesson. Really, anything can happen, I’m just looking forward to the Varys and Tyrion scenes, Illyrio’s comeback (hopefully no re-cast!), and Jorah and Tyrion to hash some things out. Griffs or no Griffs, perfect geography or no, I hope that material will be great.

  35. aurane waters:
    Nymeria Warrior Queen,

    would you likey if he banged Ellaria,a Sandsnake or just a random hooker?

    I was just having a moment of silliness talking about Jamie skinny-dipping in the Water Gardens.

    Regarding Jorah on the Rhoyne: Did we ever have any sort of confirmation it was, in fact, Jorah, or was that all based upon it looking like his costume and stance in that one picture we saw of Tyrion and what looked like Jorah on the boat? That was a very, very distant shot, if I recall correctly.

  36. Cami,

    There were also smoke machines for a creepy effect and someone from the set was quoted to say something along the lines of: “The scene will be unforgettable. If you thought Giant’s riding Mamoths was awesome, wait till you see this.”

    Definitely looks like the Sorrows. We can’t confirm it, but it looks pretty solid.

  37. TheTouchOfFrost,

    I agree if that insanity happens I would stop watching the show as well 😉 No I don’t think they would do that but it could be possible that Bronn takes that role? But he’s too unmotivated to risk it, he’d be too busy watching out for himself to get killed on a “noble” mission!

  38. Nymeria Warrior Queen,

    People on twitter said they spotted Jorah while they were shooting there. Also they were using the same boat that Tyrion and Jorah were seen on in another clump of filming. And yeah, that looked exactly like Jorah’s costume in the picture.
  39. jentario,

    I don’t remember that, neither the fog machine not that comment by someone in the production. But if you’re right, that’s exciting news… well, not so new anymore, but they are news for me.

  40. It seems that someone did not give ALL of his books to Dany at her wedding. The exiled knight clearly kept copies of “A Dance with Dragons” and “The Lands of Ice and Fire” and wisely chose to travel his prisoner up Volaena and around the Painted Mountains rather than foolishly attempting to sail around The Doom. I was hoping to see a glimpse of the Doom, but due to this possible re-route, it doesn’t look too good. I sure hope this new route works out for him.
  41. Jaime’s girl:
    I know he won’t (well I hope) but there could be some tempting going on. Bronn definitely could!

    I wouldn’t put it past Qyburn if he actually cast a maester’s spell on that golden hand so that it also served as a vibrator when touched by any female. Jaime would be sought by many throughout Westeros to experience this glorious device. That is why the Sand Snakes are drawn to him. It is known.

    Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Bzzzz! Bzzzzz! Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  42. Considering that Jaime and Cersei are going to break up, I don’t see how Jaime sleeping with a Sand Snake would “destroy” his characters. Unless you think he needs to sleep with Brienne first I guess.

  43. Of course in the book,

    Jorah actually kidnaps Tyrion in Selhorys, which is on the Rhoyne, but significantly further inland than Volantis. Then they travel down to Volantis to find a ship to Meereen. Perhaps, even though it’s being referred to as a Volantene brothel in casting leaks, they are actually sticking with this distinction, but moving the Sorrows to between Selhorys and Volantis.
  44. jentario,

    I don’t recall the twitter stuff, although that doesn’t mean anything, but you jogged my memory of it being the same boat we’d seen earlier. Thanks.

  45. Vedris,

    Awesome. That’s a spear-ax hybrid, which is interesting. I like how Trystane and Myrcella look. Makes me intrigued to see Doran.

    And my last post is awaiting moderation.

  46. Vedris,

    Ha, funny to see Trystane in the same kind of clothes as Oberyn. Easy visual way to represent all the Martells, but it does diminish the unique extravagance of the Viper. I thought the other Martells would be more sober.

    Or maybe they’ll play on Trystane being a huge fan of his uncle and trying to (stupidly) look like him. Thus drawing his sword in front of Jaime.

  47. Jaime’s girl,

    Would be completely out of character for him as one of if not the least naive character in the show. He does things for his own gain/survival so a pretty face isn’t going to make him abandon everything he’s gained. Do get the feeling he may die this season though.

    aurane waters,

    You make it sound like a soap opera! Jaime is without doubt a dick but one of the things he legitimately believes in and cares about in a twisted way is Cersei and his honour in being faithful and loyal to her. This is one of the reasons they ‘break up’ as he realises that she has betrayed him in that regard and that she now only sees him as another tool to get what she wants. Not sure why he has to sleep with anyone before he and Cersei go their seperate ways ( or after for that matter) unless you think trying to justify Cerseis unfaithfulness to him is a good idea?

  48. Sean C.,

    This was my thought as well. Using the basic set up of the Sorrows scene but replacing the Stone Men with a slaver ambush. That way you get to keep a pretty great scene from the book, but use it to push the plot forward, since you need to get Tyrion to Meereen quickly. Unless it’s really important to have a character provide a vector for Greyscale to get to Westeros, then the Stone Men seem like the sort of element the show would leave behind.

    Also, really liking Areo’s costuming in that shot with him and Ellaria.

  49. Arkash,

    Yes, i think Trystane wil be a huge fan of his uncle in the show and because of that he will be mad at doran’s “passivity”.

  50. H. Stark,

    Well, such a climactic event HAD to take place either in episode 9 or 10, did it not? So it’s not anything we didn’t expect, but I guess it’s good to have confirmation. The season is taking shape, especially for those that had some really weird ideas (such as those who believed we would get lots of TWOW material, with Daznak’s pit being a mid-season thing and the Battle of Meereen being in Season 5; or those who believed Daznak’s Pit wouldn’t even happen this season.) The Northern scenes are the only major storyline still in the air, and we’ll have a better idea of it when they start filming. The big question is whether the season will reach the Battle of Winterfell or not.


    Wow. Wooow. Great! Trystane looks like a proper Martell in costume, almost like a young Oberyn, and Nell Tiger Free could very well be a young Cersei. Costuming and acting does most of the work, people seem to forget that when someone is cast. The appearance and behavior of the actors’ out of costume and behind-the-scenes is pretty much irrelevant to the characters.

    It’s a nice detail that Ellaria still is in a mourning dress for Oberyn. Areo Hotah looks enormous and powerful.

  51. Ashara D:

    I think her hair just might be pinned up (hard to tell on my phone). Love the mourning garb as well!

    I had the same thought about her hair, and I’m on my laptop.


    I’ve been most curious about their costumes. I can’t wait to see them, either.

  52. Lion of Night:

    According to the map on HBO’s official GoT site, Volantis is where it is in book canon, no major geographical changes.

    Indeed. Not to mention, doesn’t Talisa mention her brother drowning in the ocean near Volantis in S2 or S3?

  53. Kyle: Indeed. Not to mention, doesn’t Talisa mention her brother drowning in the ocean near Volantis in S2 or S3?

    I think she said they were swimming in the Rhoyne, but I’m not positive.

  54. Kyle,

    She mentions her brother drowning in the river Rhoyne.

    Lion of Night,

    We’ll see if that doesn’t get changed, but let’s assume it won’t for now. I guess they can change the location of the Rhoyne itself rather than Volantis… or make it some random river, as was suggested above. I think it’ll be the Rhoyne, though.
  55. Ashara D:
    Hmmm…has someone been watching the new season of AHS?

    Oh, most definitely!

    Enthusiasm for S5 is ramping up quickly with this news! Thanks Greenjones, J, H. Stark and others. I am on the edge of wetness! Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

    [My previous reply is still awaiting moderation, so I intentionally repeated this message]

  56. I’m updating Game of Thrones Wiki with this info: how did Benioff and Weiss confirm that it is Volantis?

  57. The Dragon Demands,

    Hm, in the wiki you say that “Benioff and Weiss have confirmed that Cordoba is being used as their stand-in for Volantis”, and that “Benioff and Weiss confirmed that Córdoba is being used as the location filming site for several scenes set in the Free City of Volantis.” Where did you get this from, exactly? As far as we know, including what D&D said at the Sevilla event, they are only using the Córdoba bridge (without the actors even being present), and the bridge will be part of Volantis, but that doesn’t mean that Córdoba will serve as a “stand-in for Volantis”, let alone “for several scenes.”

  58. Luka Nieto,

    According to people on twitter that attended the “Masterclass” that D and D gave to students in Sevilla today, Benioff said that Cordoba was Volantis.

  59. Greenjones,

    Yes, in relation to the bridge, right? Or am I missing something? Do we know if they said it was “for several scenes”? Isn’t that a big assumption? It may be true, but how do we know this?

  60. I’m pretty sure the only thing they said was that they are using Cordoba’s Roman bridge for Volantis exteriors, nothing more.

  61. Luka Nieto,

    You are right, our Dragon here is creating news from thin air. They only filmed some shots around the bridge, probably for Volantis establishing shots. Most of them are the crew filming from the bridge and out to the river, but there is a drone shot as well (so it’s possible the bridge will show up in the show, as part of Volantis, or that the river is the only thing being used and that Volantis will be CGIed around it).

  62. TheTouchOfFrost,

    I agree, I was partly being selfish, I would enjoy watching him navigate such a situation, we don’t get much eye candy from Nikolaj! But in all seriousness, I think it is critical for Jaime’s redemption arc that he distance himself from Cersei but I think a fling with a sand snake would cheapen that. It might be exciting to see them try though, he’s an enemy, in their territory, and he’s supposed to be the most handsome man in Westeros! 😉

    Let’s not get into Hodor’s Bastard territory however… you did make me laugh with that one!

    And yes yes, Dorne costumes look great! 🙂

  63. jentario,

    I’m sure we’ll get the bridge as well as the river though because the Long Bridge has already been name-dropped in the show and is one of the major landmarks of Volantis. It’s illustration in Jorah’s Free Cities piece from the Bluray’s History and Lore segment resembles this here bridge quite a bit too.

  64. Luka Nieto:
    The Dragon Demands,

    Hm, in the wiki you say that “Benioff and Weiss have confirmed that Cordoba is being used as their stand-in for Volantis”, and that “Benioff and Weiss confirmed that Córdoba is being used as the location filming site for several scenes set in the Free City of Volantis.” Where did you get this from, exactly? As far as we know, including what D&D said at the Sevilla event, they are only using the Córdoba bridge (without the actors even being present), and the bridge will be part of Volantis, but that doesn’t mean that Córdoba will serve as a “stand-in for Volantis”, let alone “for several scenes.”

    Well, I was speaking loosely – to be refined as more info comes in. I do hope they film more than just establishing shots of the bridge.

    Hard to tell given that I’m waiting on the links to people’s comments from the Master Class.

  65. I feel that we get too much information this year (besides casting news) I don’t think I will watch a single trailer because of that. All the trailers kinda ruined Season 2, 3 and 4 for me.

    I think we’ll all enjoy the season better without watching them. NOT A SINGLE ONE.
    And of course I’m including all of the episode previews.
    Yeah I know it’s almost impossible for us GoT nerds…..but we should try…..

  66. The Dragon Demands,

    Hm. “Stand-in for Volantis” is general enough, but “for several scenes” is pretty specific if you are basing it on hopes.


    “The filming this morning in Córdoba will be the Volantis bridge.” Nothing more, and nothing about filming other scenes in Córdoba.

  67. Can’t get a good look at Myrcella’s costume, but I really hope they play up the non-verbal contrast that she dresses in Dornish fashions at this point — to emphasize the point that she sort of “went native” and actually really likes staying with the Martells – because they’re not crazy people like the Lannisters and Joffrey – and surprisingly, actually gets along really well with her arranged-marriage betrothal, Trystane.

    So I actually hope they play that up; something like Jaime and Bronn arrive and Jaime scoffs at how the Dornish women dress like harlots and make out with their lovers in public — only for him to realize that the couple he’s pointing out is his Myrcella and Trystane.

  68. Well, I’m not being precise, srry; I consider establishing shots of a horserider coming near a city to be “a scene”….though a long dialogue moment is also “a scene” so…yeahhh….

  69. Dutch maester,

    I only miss a big axe in his hands, but it was mentioned in the leaked casting call if I’m not mistaken, and he doesn’t have to always carry it around, so I’m not worried.

    And… damn, Oparei as Hotah looks impressive and massive as hell, so who cares if he only ends up with a spear. He could be armed with a spoon and would still look intimidating and cool.

  70. The Hound,

    You know, I kind of agree with this. I almost considered maybe I would even stop visiting this site because of all the set pictures and such. I want to be at least a little surprised by s5 when it’s aired. But this site is way too addicting. Haha!

    Also I don’t see Jaime hooking up with any of the Sand Snakes… they’re all pretty young still on the show, no?

  71. Jaime’s girl,

    I dunno. I think it would be a bit creepy him hitting on girls half his age. Gonna be weird enough Bronn doing it if that scene comes to pass. My hopes for Dorne are that Jaime comes out of it having handled himself well enough with a sword again. Anything beyond that is a bonus! As you may have noticed my expectations for Dorne are rock bottom based on my dislike for the book chapters and what they seem to be doing with it in the show. Still, if a Sand Snake or two dies then I can take some pleasure from that!

  72. Anyone get a sense that they may be having a security issue? This flood of news and pics and looky-loos is quite stimulating but I wonder if there has been some difficulty managing the crowds with zoom lenses who are determined to get a classic selfie?. Oh well, such is the price they must pay for an amazingly successful show. Can’t wait for more Osuna news.

  73. This guy on twitter tweet a lot during the Master class…If you can read spanish, i think he gave a good¨little resumé

    D and D did’nt tell anything new, except maybe their answer to a question related to the ending of the serie…

    «Ellos ya conocen el final de la serie y ocurrira dentro de algunos anos, no pueden decir cuantos

    that translate to:

    «they know the ending of the show, and that will happen in a couple of years, but they can’t say when (or in how many years)»

    Wich is new for me!! Mid-way through the filming of season 5, they don’t seem so strict or stuborn to wrap this in 7 seasons…)in comic-con they were still planning to finish this in 7 seasons…maybe they change their mind??

    But still i will wait before shouting «Yay! maybe we have 8 or 9 seasons of GOT

  74. Laurence,

    I think that’s because a BB style Season 7 part 1 and 2 are still very much on the table, and D&D haven’t made a firm decision yet. I don’t think this show will reach season 8, let alone 9, because of contract renegotiations.

  75. @ work so no time to read all the comments, but I wonder if it’s the sorrows and

    Jorah will get greyscale instead of Jon Con
  76. Marty,

    Not a bad assumption

    if they do run into the Stone Men and swim in the Rhoyne. I do believe it would be quite timely and interesting to explore the greyscale curse as magic and dragons return to the world….It would also spoil Jorah’s fate in the books, imho.

    Then again, I weep for the lack of Griffs. (tears welling up). Where is our dance with 3 dragons?

  77. Hodor’s Bastard,

    Well, that’s never been referenced in the show, so… from a hypothetical solely show-watcher perspective, I would have to ask, “what three dragons”? “A Song of Ice and Fire” is full of prophecies. “Game of Thrones” isn’t, which has been a very deliberate decision. D&D said so recently, although they also admitted prophecies will be introduced in some way in Season 5 —Maggy the Frog. Still, I can’t imagine GoT will ever have half the prophecies the source material does.

  78. mariamb,

    They never talked about it to the press, but they have pointed to Breaking Bad as a reference in terms of how to end the show multiple times, so I’m sure they’ve considered it.

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