Game of Thrones seeking male extras only in Seville and Almodóvar del Río


Castillo de Almodovar del Rio

Now that Game of Thrones extras casting in Malpartida is wrapping up, attention is shifting over to other season 7 shooting locations in Spain: Almodóvar del Río, in Cordoba province, and Seville, also found in the Andalusian region. The announcement went up today on ModExpor’s Facebook page that the search for extras in that area will take place on September 16th, starting at 9:00am at the municipal sports center in Almodóvar del Río.

The casting call confirms that the GoT shooting period for Seville and Almodóvar del Río will approximately be between November 1st and 12th.

Another interesting item from the notice: there is no casting of women in this region. The extras screened in this city will be used in filming in both Almodóvar del Río and Seville, but only men are permitted to even apply for the parts.

Beyond the gender requirement, the rest of the notice is very similar to previous ones. They are searching for:

– Thin people
– People in good physical condition to play soldiers
– Applicants with military experience
– Men with short/medium/long hair
– Locals and people who will be living in Almodóvar del Río and Seville during filming.

Only 1500 men will make it past the initial screening to even be considered for an extra’s role on the show.

The announcement also notes, as ModExpor has said before, that we’ll learn more about the casting date for Zumaia and Bermeo in October 5th.

The complete announcement:


Based on previously released information, we know that Game of Thrones will be filming at the beautiful Castillo de Almodóvar del Río, and in town of Santiponce in Seville, where they’ll be shooting in the Roman ruins called Italica. It’s also been reported that GoT will be returning to the Real Alcazar of Seville, which has played the part of Dorne’s Water Gardens for the past two years.

Given that only men will be needed in these Andalusian locations, the most likely guess is that they’re casting for more of Dany’s men, her Unsullied and Dothraki warriors.

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    1. Looking then like there will be a lot of Dothraki and Unsullied in season seven – although a return to the Real Alcazar could indicate scenes between the Sand Snakes alone, I wonder if a return there and these other casting calls for men only might indicate that at least some of Daenerys’s forces land in Dorne? Not sure why that would be the case, given that the Sand Snakes have already allied Dorne with her – could be because of a storm?

      Does anyone know how long the Spanish shooting schedule is comparative to last year? Are the crew spending more time there, or less?

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    2. These locations are amazing, can’t wait to see what they’ll do with them. Seville is just stunning… it’s a pity they aren’t using Plaza d’Espagna in some way. The place is amazing and would be an excellent setting for a Dornish palace courtyard, or even part of the Red Keep.

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    3. I’m trying to figure out if Castillo de Almodovar del Rio could be used for Casterly Rock, or for HighGarden. Before I read Sue’s post, I thought both would fit. After reading the post, both could still fit.

      I don’t think it was confirmed that the castle would be used during filming, I am just speculating. But why let a perfectly amazing castle go to waste?

      Thank you Sue for all you do. And thank you to all the staff as well. This is the best source of information for the most popular show in the country. And considering all the other ways people can get information out, I think that is really saying something. The presentation is excellent, and readers know that your reporting is accurate – you won’t print bullshit rumors. But you will look into them to check their veracity. That is something you could teach many journalists. Thank you again – we are getting into the fun time of year and I can’t wait to see what you bring us!

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    4. Apollo,

      I just looked that up – and it is a pity! Such a beautiful place. I’ve traveled to a few countries, but have yet to go to the one place I’ve been dreaming of since I was a child – Spain. I think when I get there I will intentionally get lost, and never come back. 🙂

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    5. Spain is so beautiful… I was there in June to visit Córdoba and Seville and will be back in a few weeks in Malaga region, so will try and visit some of these new locations 🙂


      I just looked that up – and it is a pity!Such a beautiful place.I’ve traveled to a few countries, but have yet to go to the one place I’ve been dreaming of since I was a child – Spain.I think when I get there I will intentionally get lost, and never come back.?

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    6. Alba Stark,

      This won’t be Dany’s army landing in Dorne: this will be Cersey’s (Euron’s) army taking Dorne (Water Gardens/Sunspear). Check the In Production teaser map at 1:30: they clearly show the Lannister Lion in Dorne. And as I have expected the attack will be swift and devastating: 12 days filming is not enough to shoot a proper siege.

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    7. I’m tempted to say that these could also be Lannister and/or Tyrell soldiers since they don’t mention the usual requirements for Unsullied and Dothraki (shaved heads, tanned skin, PoC).

      The castle in the picture better be Highgarden. It’s just like I envisioned it.

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    8. Rhaenys Stark,

      Excellent! Jimmy Kimmel seems to have some Jon Snow/GoT related jokes ready based on his behind the scene video, so we’ll probably see some reactions from the cast 😛

      I hope Lena attends. Happy Beyonce is there too 😀

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    9. Flayed Potatoes,

      My guess would be something from the Variety or Limited Series category.
      I seriously can’t wait for Sunday! If my man crush Tom Hiddleston gives GoT the best drama series award I can die happy.

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    10. Rhaenys Stark:
      EMMYS 2016 full ceremony list of categories in order of presentation and seats! Maisie will be sitting behind Kit and Emilia in front of him

      I love that all 3 have aisle seats. It’s like the Emmy organizers don’t want the GOT cast to have to step over people as they make their way to the stage. 🙂 *fingers crossed* If nothing else, the cameras should get lots of clear shots of the cast during the ceremony.

      It’s too bad Lena may not attend. I’m still hoping she wins. It looks like Maggie Smith may not not attend either – which must be worrisome for the ceremony organizers that the 2 supporting actress front-runners might not be there.

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    11. If I was in charge of HBO I would pay Sean Bean and Michelle Fairly like 50 grand to go hang out in Ireland for a few days and make sure they were seen about just to troll everyone.

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    12. I wish there will be a single episode which focuses on the war in south and dany’s forces in the battle.
      Its time we do a battle in south and it might be the last time to do it.

      All this talk about casting and it will be a serious disappointment if they only appear in 5 mins .

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    13. Jenny:
      It will be good to watch a battle scene without wanting to claw your face of from the tension lol.

      Idk, if Jaime, Yara or Theon are involved, I will be pretty tensed 🙂 .


      Tormund! So Sophie, Kit and Kristofer are all in Belfast. I expect Liam would be there too. Surely, they must have started filming the northern scenes.

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    14. dragonbringer,

      I think it’s too late in the show to dedicate a full episode to a single battle there is too much ground to cover elsewhere.They have found the perfect balance in the last two year.Plus the characters people care most about won’t even be fighting in that battle so it will be like watching extras fight.

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    15. Sue and Crew you are amazing. The hype is beginning and we are all appreciative of the time and effort and hard work you put in to bring us this site. Thank you!

      As to what is happening, I’d love to see Highgarden this season, but don’t know if it will happen. I can’t wait to see what happens with Euron and Cersei and Dany’s army. As much as I LOVE the North, Dany’s storyline seems to FINALLY be taking off.

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    16. Brandon,

      And Sean Bean would surely respond as Ned Stark would:

      “You think that money is some precious thing to me? That I would trade my honour for a few weeks of trolling Game of Thrones fans?”

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