WotW Awards: Funniest Scene Preliminary Round

WotW Awards

If Game of Thrones had any living jesters, this would no doubt be their favorite category. Today we’ll be voting for the preliminary round of Funniest Scene of season 4.

Our readers were loaded with ideas for this category, coming up with 31 nominees for the award. Your task now is to narrow it down to only the very best and most hilarious.

As with the other categories, we’re asking that you choose up to FIVE candidates for Funniest Scene in this preliminary round. You can choose fewer than five, if you want to, but no more.

At the end of 72 hours (Sunday 8/24/14 at 5:00PM Eastern Time), whichever five Funniest Scenes have the most votes will continue on to the finals. (Note: in the final rounds, you will only have one vote to cast in each category!)

Once again, thanks to Greatjon of Slumber for gathering the nominations!

The results of the poll will be revealed when it’s time to choose the final winner of Funniest Scene, in a few weeks. In the meantime, laugh it up, rewatch the scenes if need be, and take a moment to appreciate that if there weren’t funny moments in GoT, we might never stop crying.

Happy voting!

Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of WatchersOnTheWall.com


  1. The Hound and his chicken(I can’t see how this doesn’t win in a landslide)
    The Hound and Arya discussing the naming of swords
    Jaime waving too Qyburn with his golden hand
    Tyrion shaking his head no and Bronn yes, when Oberyn asks them if they’d like to partake
    Salladhor Saan’s brown pants

  2. Also, a few of these I wouldn’t describe as “funny”…awesome maybe but not funny:
    Cersei and Brienne talk about Jaime
    Mance challenges Stannis, and reminds him he isn’t dressed for the North

    And Lysa and Littlefinger’s wedding night is disturbing.

    Regardless, it is a great list. Lost of memorable moments.

  3. The fact that a lot of these are funny moments and not “comedic scenes” is why the category is named what it is. Humor is subjective. Something can be funny without being a specifically comedic scene. So, let’s go with “funny.”


    Yep, that’s a quote, not a scene. And it’s included in the naming of swords conversation.

  4. This was the hardest one so far. My favorite this season has to be Oberyn offering whores then Tyrion shaking his head while Bronn nods. That was hilarious.

    Arya laughing was also amazingly funny, but in a tragic kind of way.

    Chickens are third place.

  5. And for what it’s worth, there is no “you forgot” here. These nominations come from the site readers. So if there isn’t a nomination up there you would have liked, that’s on you for not nominating it.

  6. Wow, surprised that Olenna’s ironical quote at the Purple Wedding didn’t make it. It was the best.
    “War is war, but killing a man at a wedding? Horrid. What sort of monster would do such a thing?”

    Golden 😀

  7. With a list this long people people who just stumble upon this post who haven’t seen the show will think it’s a comedy.

  8. I can’t do just five. I even tried to JUST pick one Jaime’s hand bit and one Pod scene, and I’m still making changes.

    This is way harder than picking my kid’s name, guys

  9. Way harder than I thought it would be… but I will take The Hounds humor over anyone else… with Bronn and RV coming in a close tie for 2nd… Too bad 2/3 of them didn’t make it through the season.

  10. Some of my favorites were there…

    But come on, where is “What the fuck’s a Lommy?”, the best of them all?

    EDIT: Found it. It’s part of the naming of swords thing. Maybe it should be pointed out specifically. It’s like the actually funny part.

  11. (Speaking of funny moments, has anyone seen some of the cast’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos? Sophie did it and nominated Pedro who then nominated Lena, and I know Maisie was nominated… They’re pretty funny! Pedro and Sophie’s videos are up on their instagrams! I hope more of the cast does them, they have a large following and raising awareness with levity is a pretty smart way to go!)

  12. Sue the Fury:
    The fact that a lot of these are funny moments and not “comedic scenes” is why the category is named what it is. Humor is subjective. Something can be funny without being a specifically comedic scene. So, let’s go with “funny.”


    Yep, that’s a quote, not a scene. And it’s included in the naming of swords conversation.

    My mistake. Apologies everyone. That’s why I mostly just lurk. 🙂

  13. Tyrion Pimpslap:

    That is during the naming of swords discussion.

    I think that should be clarified, because What the fuck’s a lomy is the funniest line this season by far. It’s going to miss a lot of votes this way 🙂

  14. Veltigar,

    The problem with that is that “Funniest Line” is a category in and of itself. People should be recognizing and voting for an entire scene in this instance, not just one funny line. And we really can’t modify the poll at this point, when so many have voted.

  15. Somehow I found it difficult to qualify most of these scenes as “funny”. The purest comedy moment in my opinion is Jaime waving his golden hand, and on top of that I only selected the sword naming scene (mostly for the “what’s a Lommy” oneliner, but also for hearing the Hound say his favourite “c” word), and Tyrion and Bronn’s reactions to being offered whores*. It’s not that I don’t like dark comedy (I still miss Frankie Boyle as the dark heart of BBC’s Mock the Week), but to me the tone of many scenes just drives home how cruel life is in Westeros rather than making me laugh. Then again, as Sue said, humour is a very personal thing.

    *I actually forgot to vote for Salladhor Saan’s brown pants…

    Sue the Fury,

    Don’t forget that many of us are very new arrivals 😉 One of the scenes I would have suggested would have been the Hounds code of not stealing.

  16. Sue the Fury,

    Well, the scene had a lot of funny lines and with a character as funny as the Hound, it’s hard to know which lines were a part of which scenes 🙂 But I get that the pole can’t be changed anymore, people will just have to scroll to the comment section before voting 🙂

  17. Pod smile, hands down. This is the only category I’ve voted for one nominee only.
    Also, this is my first post, love the site, good to be here.

  18. Just to clarify even though Sue has done it already: there is a poll for Funniest Line that is separate from funniest scene.

  19. For me four of these were obvious:

    –Tormund’s Husband to Bears story cracked me up. Loved finally seeing that side of his personality.

    –Hot Pie and the gravy, naturally. Bonus unexpected appearances rule and this is one of the funniest.

    –The small council. This one isn’t as hysterically outrageous as the Season 3 chair-squealing one, but it’s plenty funny with Mace doing the “I was promised this” stuff and Oberyn’s bored take on all of it.

    –Podrick’s idiotic smile. “I’m going to be the best squire who ever squired!” (This was a tough call between this and the rabbit cooking, and Sam discussing the loopholes in the Oath.)

    But honestly? If Polliver and the Hound don’t win this, I’m going to eat every fucking chicken in this room.

  20. There’s no competition, it’s the scene where Yara tries to break out Theon, comedy gold!

  21. In no specific order
    – Pod and the rabbit
    – Sam and Pyp ‘it’s over then’ at the Wall.
    – Mance and Stannis’ wardrobe malfunction
    – Arya and the Hound sword naming
    – Tormund’s bear affair

  22. I didn’t think there was that many funny moments in GoT. Although, most of these are just dark humour in a very tense situation. Oh well, I know that at the end I’ll vote for the sword naming scene.

  23. Man, this was the hardest category yet. So many good choices! I won’t mind if none of the moments that I ultimately voted for end up making it through, because I expect that the final poll will still have five extremely funny and worthy nominees to choose from.

    That said, I voted for the following:

    The Hound and Polliver talk chicken
    Jaime waving at Qyburn with his golden hand
    Oberyn invites Tywin to sit on his pleasure bed
    Arya reacts to Lysa’s death with laughter
    Arya and the Hound talk about the naming of swords

    Maybe you can guess what I thought was the funniest storyline this year? 😉

    Jon attempting to describe love and sex to Sam was a very, very close sixth place for me. “I don’t know! I’m not a bleeding poet!”/”No, you’re really not.”


  24. Tar Kidho

    Don’t forget that many of us are very new arrivals

    It’s probably an “advantage,” for lack of a better word, for those who found the site in time to participate in the initial nominations, since we know what the various categories are. Here’s the post with the initial nominations…it includes a list of all the categories.


  25. Tar Kidho,

    MTE! Most of these scenes just make me feel anxious to remember! 🙂 not that I’m complaining – it’s just interesting (sad?) to see what qualifies as humor in a place like Westeros…

  26. Voted for:

    1. The Hound and Polliver chicken scene
    2. The Hound and Arya swords naming scene with “what the fuck’s a Lommy”
    3. The Oberyn invites Tywin to sit on his pleasure bed scene.

    Al Swearengen,

    Shush you! That made me cry inside.

  27. Personal pick so far:

    1.Arya and the Hound talk about the naming of swords. (And what a Lommy is.)
    2.Pod “cooks” a rabbit. (Never thought I’d laugh so much at a dead rabbit on fire but here we are. )
    3.Loras sasses Jaime at the Purple Wedding. (OH BURN.)
    4.Podrick introduced to Brienne with the biggest smile.
    5.Hot Pie refuses to give up on the gravy. (His love of cooking gives me life.)

    I like these polls.

  28. Voted for:

    Olenna meeting Brienne–cuz I nominated it and if no one else votes for it so be it. I was yelling “Absolutely Singular!” for a week.

    Hot Pie.

    The Hound and every fucking chicken in the room.

    Loras sassing Jamie. If not the funniest, it’s the BURNiest.

    Arya laughing at at the Bloody Gate…Dark Arts!

    This was hard. I really wanted to add Pod smiling, Sam’s is it over then, Jamie’s hand waving, Pod cooking a rabbit…

    Brienne and Cersei is one of my favorite over all scenes, not just for the funniness.

  29. The Dragon Demands: throw shade

    If you are asking what “throw shade” means, I believe it is like “talking shit.”

    In that scene Oberyn kept calling Cersei the “former Queen Regent.”

  30. If the Hound doesn’t win with either of the episode 1 scenes in the eventual poll, I riot. All by myself, if necessary.

  31. Damn this was a difficult category to whittle down to just 5!

    Anything between Pod and Brienne, or the Hound and anyone was just golden. And the Meereenese Champ.
    But as a Northern boy, you just can’t give up on the gravy!

  32. Hot Pie!!!! Never give up on the Gravy has become just a life quote that we should all hold ourselves to.

  33. The Dragon Demands,

    The shade of it all!

    If Lady Olenna were a person in the present, she would be known as Queen of Shade. It’s the art of cutting an individual with backhanded insults thinly veiled by seemingly nice words.

    For example, it doesn’t suprise me I have to explain what shade is to a wiki author. That job can be Demanding, like Demanding you have no sunlight or face to face social interaction.<–SHADE! (I'm not very good at it.)

  34. I read the Arya laughing at Lysa’s death scene as a far more disturbing one, than comedic.

    I know this voting is likely moot, because I’m sure the chicken scene will win (not my choice, Pod’s smile all the way), but the more I look over these options, the more I realized that the Purple Wedding episode was basically a sitcom.

  35. Chebyshov: I read the Arya laughing at Lysa’s death scene as a far more disturbing one, than comedic.

    I agree. I was surprised so many people took it as funny. I felt like it was Arya in sort of despair, reacting to how utterly fucked up it all was. It’s grim, despite her laughing.

  36. Chebyshov:
    I read the Arya laughing at Lysa’s death scene as a far more disturbing one, than comedic.

    Sue the Fury: I agree. I was surprised so many people took it as funny. I felt like it was Arya in sort of despair, reacting to how utterly fucked up it all was. It’s grim, despite her laughing.

    In addition to Maisie’s laughter simply being infectious, I found the scene to be funny precisely because of the bleakness of Arya’s situation. Some have interpreted it as Arya laughing at the Hound for pinning all his hopes on getting a reward from Lysa and suddenly realizing that he will receive no such compensation – which is a bit malicious of her, but certainly not implausible given the screwed-up nature of their relationship. Others have focused more on that moment being a final straw for Arya, her way of saying “Are you kidding me?” in response to this latest tragedy. I tend to take the latter view. Arya has never met her aunt, so all that Lysa represents to her is the idea of yet another family member dying in such close proximity to her. We’ve seen that Arya is slowly losing any regard that she once had for the inherent value of human life, so it makes sense that she would view this latest death through a purely selfish lens. Everything has gone wrong for her, and after so many indignities, the only human responses left for her to deal with this latest loss are laughter or tears. She chooses the former. When viewed from a detached perspective, her situation is completely absurd, and a natural response when confronted with absurdity is to laugh.

    To use a rather trite analogy, a similar (if far less morbid) principle would be if someone was walking alongside a bookshelf when it suddenly gets jostled and a massive avalanche of books falls right on top on him or her. That could be funny to certain people, but it’s pure schadenfreude, because obviously having an avalanche of books fall on you would hurt like hell. But say that person survives without a major injury, and after a considerable amount of effort he or she digs themselves out of the pile … just in time for one final book to fall right on their head. At this point, we know that the person is more-or-less OK, so it’s easier to laugh at the absurdity of the situation as he or she looks upwards and says “Really?”

    That there is a very strong element of tragedy to that moment as well was certainly not lost on me, but that doesn’t preclude it from being funny when you look at it in a certain context. It’s extremely dark comedy, yes, but it is still comedy.

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