Game of Thrones preparing the Klis Fortress, and one cast member heads to Croatia


Iain Glen and Emilia Clarke, in a scene at the Klis Fortress in season 4

Preparations for season five of Game of Thrones are once again under way at the Klis Fortress, in Croatia. The medieval structure, found near the city of Split, served as the exterior Meereenese location for Daenerys and company in season four. Construction has been in progress for the last few weeks in the area. Filming in the Split region is expected to begin within the next couple weeks.

Sebb on Twitter came across the set recently and shared a few photos of the Klis Fortress:




An Instagram user snapped this pic:


A Flickr user took a few close-ups in July before the beams were slid into place:

Klis Beams

Klis beams 2

And in cast news: there’s one actress heading off to Croatia. Nell Tiger Free, the new princess Myrcella, is going to Croatia, and so there will be some Dornish filming in the country.


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    1. Queenofthrones:
      Is that first photo from last year?If not, wtf are Jorah and Dany doing in the same place?

      Could they be taking a look at the scene wearing their Ian and Emilia hats rather than their Jorah and Dany hats (I know they are in costume but they could be on a break) – just surmising.

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    2. I love it when it starts getting to the point where we have a few new articles about locations etc every day! Hopefully the lean news months are now over. The next few months should be much more interesting!

      Keep up the good work WoW troops!

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    3. I’m glad to know Carice is back on set !

      Cant wait to see her winter costumes at the Wall ! Looking forward to her reds in the dark-white-blue atmosphere there !

      I really hope they keep the scene of her first encounter with Ghost ! It was awesome !

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    4. Wait…

      Myrcella might be in King’s Landing by the end of the season… I had a feeling Jaime would bring her back (with help from Doran).

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    5. The Wolves of Winter: Also great to have two fellow Dutchies on this show 🙂

      Oh get over yourselves, you Dutchmen! It’s a universally accepted fact that the new Daario Naharis should have been played by Matthias Schoenaerts instead of by Michiel Huisman. (nono, this Belgian isn’t jealous in the slightest)

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    6. jentario,

      Yeah I agree, that’s why I was wondering if Myrcella could return to KL near the end of season 5 rather than some of the Dornish storyline being filmed in Croatia.

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    7. Tar Kidho: Oh get over yourselves, you Dutchmen! It’s a universally accepted fact that the new Daario Naharis should have been played by Matthias Schoenaerts instead of by Michiel Huisman. (nono, this Belgian isn’t jealous in the slightest)

      Nah, Matthias would be wasted on a character like Daario (on top of the fact that no country should be proud to be associated with that character :p ). If they were to cast him, it should be a character where he can display his amazing physicality.

      Sadly, there aren’t many characters left that would fit that bill. Even if they cast Victarion (doubtful), he’d be to young. If they age him up and expand his role, the Red Lamb might be a good fit. Or they could change JonCon to fit him, but that’s not going to happen since JC will probably be in this season.

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    8. King DBC,

      I dont think the show will go that road (keeping Mel in her usual light robes at the Wall). She was kinda warm-clothed there in her brief appearance in the finale and if the pic she posted is of any indication, she has a new thick and warm black and red costume that I look forward to see in full.

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    9. I too am starting to wonder if Jaime and Bronn

      Kill Trystane, bring Myrcella home. This would speed up the Dorne goes to war with the crown arc that the books have been very slowly building to. It would also make Obara the heir which explains why they hired a well known Oscar nominated actress for the part.

      Just speculation but at this point it’s safe to assume they’re making a lot of changes in the path to the end game.

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    10. WeirwoodTreeHugger,

      No way they’ll have Jaime/Bronn kill Trystane! It’s more likely that the Queenmaker plot will go on like the books (ie. the Sand Snakea do it against Doran’s wishes and it fails when Hotah stops them) with Jaime and Bronn added as a third party (or maybe Hotah joins them on Doran’s command). Either way, at this point Doran will be ready and willing to hand off Myrcella to Jaime in order to prevent the war from starting (while secretly supporting the Targaryens). Trystane probably replaces Quentyn (but maybe he doesn’t fry), and the Sand Snakes are bound to wreck havoc in King’s Landing like they will in the books. If Aegon is cut they’ll probably just make Dorne Dany supporters so they’ll have to focus on that. If Aegon is included, Trystane fries as Meereen and Obara becomes heir like you said which allows her to take on the role of Arianne in the whole Aegon buisness.

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    11. Refresh my memory, did they cast a younger actress for the Dornish storyline? Say Sansa’s age or younger because

      Dorne needs a spare heir. That’s why Trystane is there in the books, because you know that Doran, Arianne and pretty much all the older Sand Snakes (possible exception Sarella/Alleras) will bite the bullet in tWoW

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    12. Veltigar,

      No they didn’t. Oh, and I don’t understand you assumptions that

      all the Martells will die next book, neither why it looks like you present them as facts. I know you love the greyjoys, I love them too (specially Aeron, wich is the one least likely to get cast 🙁 ) but saying dorne sucks, is useless and they are all gonna die (as you have also stated in some other threads) does nothing to improve Vic’s or Euron’s situation regarding the TV show.

      Don’t take this the wrong way, I just think that if you make a supposition you should present it as such, and not as the ultimate truth (since that’s something only GRMM knows).

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    13. It looks like they’re basically rebuilding the set where Jorah was studying his maps and Dany ordered the crucifixions.. Which is kinda lame, cause I really hoped to see new places in Meereen. I guess they only have so much money, so it’s unrealistic to see a new set every episode, but it’s more dull when they keep re-shooting scene after scene in the exact same places (King’s Landing suffers from this A LOT).

      I’m also STILL not over their omission of her pyramid balcony with the fish pool and the trees. That had the potential to be a freakin’ beautiful set.

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    14. What are they doing /changing in this set in the pictures ?

      And about Marcylla in the book she’s in her way

      back to KL so I think she will arrive there late in the season and I’m thinking maybe a sand snake or Elleria will go with her in same party to sit on the small councle ? “Like Nymeria in the book ” and maybe Tyene to the Sept !

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    15. jentario,

      The Killers is a band actually. I should’ve said concert too to make that more apparent.

      It is a strange combo of cast members though. I mean Michael and Alfie are working together but I wouldn’t expect such an intergenerational hangout. Then you throw Sophie into the mix and you’ve got a whole new dimension to the thing. Too bad Aidan Gillen wasn’t there with an ice cream bar to make things even better.

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    16. Greenjones:

      Too bad Aidan Gillen wasn’t there with an ice cream bar to make things even better.

      I think at this point that we can safely say that the addition of possibly-stoned Aidan Gillen and an ice cream bar would make almost anything better, be it Game of Thrones-related or not.

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