“Very exciting scene” being filmed at Magheramorne Quarry today

Game of Thrones filming is picking up again at Magheramorne Quarry, home to the Wall and the Night’s Watch.

According to a tweet from a local, the show is filming a “very exciting” scene today, one that requires extras for filming out at the quarry.

There’s no information yet as to what specifically GoT is shooting there at the moment.

In sightings news: our Euron Greyjoy, Season 6 new addition Pilou Asbæk, was spotted in Belfast yesterday.

Also seen, in a photo posted online two days ago, were David Bradley, Isaac Hempstead Wright, and Maisie Williams. The actors posed with fans at Stix and Stones restaurant in Belfast.

Game of Thrones baby #aryastark #brandonstark #belfast #walderfrey #got #gameofthrones #ironthrone #stixandstones

A photo posted by Miriam Kerbache (@mimskerb) on

Quick location update: The snow-covered forest we saw last week, we now know is located in Crossgar. The Northern Irish village is located closely to Saintfield.

Real fake snow. Crossgar, Northern Ireland. 2015. #setlife #snow #hashtags #fake #blizzard #trees #production #tv A photo posted by Peter Marley | @petermarley_ (@petermarley_) on

The same person posted a photo today from a filming location at – you guessed it- Magheramorne Quarry.

We work in the best places. Magheramorne, Northern Ireland, 2015.

A photo posted by Peter Marley | @petermarley_ (@petermarley_) on

You’d think filming would be slowing down with December coming, but typical for Game of Thrones, things are only getting more hectic with the winter.

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    1. According to “Jack” in the previous thread, this is a scene with a lot of greenscreen work for a Sapochnik episode. Is this confirmable?

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    2. maybe the filming will be until december end , they have time as Got next year will have the premiere late.

      And i hope this scene is not the wall falling, its way too soon.

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    3. Yaga,

      Not really. That’s a tremendously vague comment.

      And considering what episodes Sapochnik is doing (episodes (9 & 10), I think it’s safe to assume there would be a lot of greenscreen involved in it.

      He has the battle episode. There’s naturally going to be a ton of greenscreen to increase the legions of men. And of course there could be other scenes requiring greenscreen.

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    4. Angelique,

      For me, it would be quite a bit anticlimactic if we did NOT see any WWs at all at the end of Season 6. Especially after seeing them in such spectacular fashion in Season 5. I am hoping for some WW action in Episode 9 or 10.

      Sue, The N.I. Dothraki filming must be over by now. Did you get any news of that? Any hint of a battle?

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    5. All this news is great, Thanks again to Watchers on the wall/Sue
      Also is it possible for Kit to have already filmed all his scenes ?

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    6. Here we go again.
      “Perhaps we can fly. All of us. How will we ever know unless we leap from some tall tower? No man ever truly knows what he can do unless he dares to leap.”

      #iamthehype #whatishypemayneverdie #thefirsthype#andthelast

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    7. Sue the Fury,

      Uh, I don’t want to irritate you, but I’m not sure I understand. In *this* report, you reported that there is an exciting scene, but *not* who directed it. *Jack* said that it was for a Sapochnik episode. So I asked if you can confirm his statement that this scene is directed by Sapochnik. In response, you wrote that

      Sapochnik has the battle episode, and it requires greenscreen

      . In doing so, you appear to implicitly agree that the scene currently being filmed is for a Sapochnik episode – but this is the statement I asked whether you could potentially confirm (or refute)…

      Sorry for the lawyering.

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    8. I respect Sue’s right to be cagey.

      That forest looks amazing and I love all photos of Walder hanging out with the Stark kids. Maybe we can get them all going to a rave or something? David Bradley looks like fun.

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    9. I think the photo of Maisie, Isaac and David is from last week (4th November). They are wearing the same clothes of that picture with fans at the Hotel.

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    10. Clearly, some information needs to be managed in order to protect some people’s jobs, and this website’s future existence. I imagine Sue knows more than what gets posted here, however, in order to keep communication lines open, some things have to be kept in confidence.

      So, be careful what you wish for, and use spoiler tags 😉

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    11. Sue, do you know if Isaac still filming in Belfast? I saw a guy on Twitter commenting that met him yesterday in NI. I’m curious because Kristian (Hodor) is not there, he was in Mexico City last night.

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    12. Due to the erroneous use of quotation marks, it’s impossible for me to decide whether the scene is actually exciting or just plain boring. …ugh…people need to use them correctly. .

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    13. Yaga,

      I thought there had been an official announcement regarding which directors were being used for S6 and which two episodes they would each be directing.

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    14. Laura,

      Right! They seem to be hanging out a lot, lol.

      Am I the only one that hopes Arya doesn’t kill Old Walder? I think it would be so much more satisfying for him to live to see his house fall and all of his sons die before him, much more devastating. Mirrors Catelyn too, at the end she thought she lost her entire family and was helpless to do anything to stop it. I feel that is where we will next see the Freys – paranoid at the disappearing members of the family (ala LSH and Nymeria) and reaping the consequences of dishonoring guest rights 🙂

      Same with Tywin. As much as I understand why Tyrion needed to kill Tywin and how it will color the rest of his journey, a part of me wishes he didn’t – just to see Tywin’s reaction when Tyrion returns with dragons! Ah well…

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    15. CrazyHorse:
      Due to the erroneous use of quotation marks,it’s impossible for me to decide whether the scene is actually exciting or just plain boring. …ugh…people need to use them correctly. .

      Hahaha. I know what you mean. I was at a farmer’s market over summer and there was a sign that said “Fresh” Eggs. I backed right away from that batch.

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    16. Stirring things:

      I’m feeling like the Walkers will show up AT the Wall for one of the season 6 cliffhangers.

      Yes, I’ve thought a few times perhaps one of the last things we’ll see in season 6 is the White Walkers at the Wall…not on the other side of it, but at it.


      I keep staring at that picture of the forest. It looks like a place I’d love to frolic. 🙂

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    17. CrazyHorse,

      Because that’s how quotes work. If you want to play a game where anything can mean anything then sure if it floats your boat. There are bad and wrong ways to use quotes but the tweet gives no reason to think the quotes aren’t used correctly.

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    18. hodor,

      I didn’t argue that the tweet is not using them correctly, but rather that we can’t know one way or the other (hence, I can’t decide how to take it)…simply because there are people who don’t use it correctly..so, until I have a reason to think the guy used it correctly, I can’t decide how to interpret the tweet…but anyway, this is off topic, and I really don’t feel like discussing this more.

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    19. I wouldn’t mind somebody spotting an ominous crack growing in the Wall this season, but I do hope that it doesn’t come down just yet. Two whole seasons of WW wandering around Westeros like the Walking Dead seem an unappealing, dull and dreary prospect to me.

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    20. Hodor,
      For some reason, my previous response is not posting…so I’ll just summarize it.
      I did no argue that the tweet is not using quotes correctly..i argued that we can’t know one way or another.. if you prefer to think you can, that’s fine with me..but the fact is that both interpretations are possible (1- is used correctly, 2- is not used correctly). Until there is more information, I won’t assume one interpretation over another.

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    21. CrazyHorse,

      There is no erroneous use of quote marks. That is what he was told. It’s a quote. He quoted it. Not sure why you’re having a hard time with this.


      If I know something and it’s post-able, it’s posted. Please use the Search function.

      Isaac was in Belfast very recently- you see this post. You can assume he was filming. Hodor doesn’t have to be with him for Bran to have a scene.

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    22. Sullied by Knight:

      Just like I’d like to see aWhite Walker take out Thorne and Ollie.

      Aemon: “Kill the boy, Jon Snow!”

      Jon: “Yes, wise, old maester, I understand. I need to kill the ‘boy’ inside of me to let the ‘man’ be born. So I can be the leader that we all need when the long night comes again.”

      Aemon: “NO! Ollie! Have you seen the way that kid looks at you? Come on! I’m blind and I even I can see. That little pr*ck f*@king hates you. Do something about it before he kills you in your sleep, or whatever!”

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    23. Stirring things,

      Nymeria Warrior Queen,

      Yes. Hopefully. They have to take it up a notch after hardhome. Im just worried for some of my fav characters at the wall. I hope we at least get to see them (the others) communicating or learn more about them.

      As for that forest, its a nice shot. Wondering if we’ll see all of westroes covered in snow.

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    24. I think you all actually agree about the quotes and just don’t realize it. That or it’s the WotW version of the red Starbucks cup.

      I’ll guess that, regardless the actual level of excitement surrounding the scene, the casting call was for Wildlings?

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    25. Sullied by Knight: I thought there had been an official announcement regarding which directors were being used for S6 and which two episodes they would each be directing.

      Yep, there was a list, in several different places. This is directly from an Entertainment Weekly article posted in June 2015:

      “Posted June 25 2015 — 6:18 PM EDT

      If there wasn’t enough mystery surrounding the next season of Game of Thrones, now there’s a veteran of ABC’s Lost joining the show too. Below is the list of directors for the sixth season of HBO’s acclaimed fantasy hit. Three of the names are Thrones veterans, and two are newcomers to the series. Once again, each will helm two episodes. Here is the Thrones shooting plan:

      — Jeremy Podeswa (Episodes 1 & 2): A veteran of Showtime’s Tudors and HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, Podeswa is returning to Thrones for the second year in a row. In season 5, he directed two episodes from the middle of the season, “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” and “Kill the Boy.”

      — Daniel Sackheim (3 & 4): Sackheim is new to Thrones with a long list of credits going back to being an associate producer on 1980s classic Miami Vice. He’s directed episodes of several Fox shows (The X-Files, Lie to Me, House) and most recently directed six episodes of FX’s The Americans.

      — Jack Bender (5 & 6): An intriguing new name, Bender is familiar to fans of ABC’s Lost, having directed a whopping 38 episodes of the series, including many of the show’s premieres and finales. He’s also helmed epiosdes of CBS’ Under the Dome, TNT’s The Last Ship and Fox’s Alcatraz.

      — Mark Mylod (7 & 8): Mylod is a premium cable veteran of shows like Showtime’s Shameless and HBO’s Entourage. He directed the third and fourth episode of season 5, “High Sparrow” and “Sons of the Harpy.”

      — Miguel Sapochnik (9 &10): This name will likely cause some speculation. Sapochnik really earned his GoT stripes by helming the stunning “Hardhome” episode last season, featuring a half-hour battle sequence with Jon Snow, the Wildlings and the White Walkers’ undead army. He also directed the seventh episode of the season, “The Gift.” That Sapochnik is helming the penultimate episode and the season 6 finale might suggest we’re in for another epic battle climax given his “Hardhome” acclaim.

      All the directors will surely be sworn to secrecy on the upcoming season, which is expected to be the first year that Thrones largely extends beyond the storyline in George R.R. Martin’s published novels.

      If you’re wondering why each director films two back-to-back episodes, it’s due to the uniquely complex nature of the show that makes Thrones an extremely time-intensive directing gig. Various scenes from each episode could shoot weeks or even months apart, and in different countries too—so filming just one episode covers a large block of time that is most efficiently used for a second, and largely concurrent, Thrones assignment.

      “When my agent called and said, ‘These are the dates,’ I said ‘No, you are wrong. It’s not possible,’” Bender recently told THR after his season 6 participation was leaked. “But that’s how long it takes. You’re overlapping with another director. There are two full units. You are there for a long time.”

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    26. Sullied by Knight: Just like I’d like to see a White Walker take out Thorne and Ollie

      I’m willing to cut Ollie a little slack, at least he tried to hash out the situation in his mind; Alliser Thorne however … oh yes, the last thing he should feel is the Walker throwing him against the Wall and the last things he should see are the Traitor sign and icy blue eyes.

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    27. Fancy word for a sellsword: Aemon: “NO! Ollie! Have you seen the way that kid looks at you? Come on! I’m blind and I even I can see. That little pr*ck f*@king hates you. Do something about it before he kills you in your sleep, or whatever!”

      I posted my thing cutting Ollie some slack, before I saw this. This is hilarious.

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    28. Completely off-topic, but if anyone here is from Paris, in Paris, or has friends and/or family there, my thoughts and I dare say the thoughts of countless others are with you.

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    29. We don’t actually know that these scenes are based at the Wall… They’ve built a brand new set at the quarry so it could easily be for this purpose.

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    30. royz,

      Nothing in this report says that Euron’s actor is anywhere near the Wall set, so I really don’t know where you’re drawing that conclusion from. Other than the leaked script summary that wasn’t true.

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    31. caliopesnow,

      Thank YOU so much for posting that, I asked earlier if anyone thought kit was still filing and no one answered, so I was so relived to have seen this 🙂 Thanks again mate 🙂

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    32. Horrible what happened tonight! Our thoughts to Paris and France but also to all those who are struggling to run away from the hell of extremism and war…

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    33. Hodor’s Bastard,

      I’m not a facebook person, but I read where something has been set up, much like they did in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake, for people in Paris to go on facebook and “check-in” to let their friends and family elsewhere in the world know they are ok. I’m sorry, I don’t know any more about it than what I just posted, but maybe you can check there. I hope you learn they’re safe very, very soon!

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    34. Anyone else hearing John Mellencamp in their head?

      When the walls come tumblin’ down
      When the walls come crumblin’ crumblin’
      When the walls come tumblin’ tumblin’ down

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