Tickets for Con of Thrones 2018 are Now Available!

con of thrones 2018

After an incredible first year, this past summer in Nashville, Con of Thrones will return for a second year in 2018! The Hyatt Regency Dallas in Dallas, TX will host year two’s celebrations from May 25-27, and we hope you can join us. As announced in August, Watchers on the Wall is the official programming partner for the con next year, and we’re thrilled to be taking part in the fun once again.

Today is an exciting one for fans looking to join in! Tickets for the second annual Con of Thrones are now on sale. If you’re interested in attending the largest-ever convention for fans of Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire, here’s the scoop, with a discount for our readers!

From Con of Thrones 2017: Sam Coleman holds the door
From Con of Thrones 2017:
Sam Coleman holds the door

Con of Thrones offers three ticket types for 2018, so you can choose whichever works best for your needs. Options include:

Single day passes for $69 are available for all three days of the convention and are perfect for a smaller dose of Thrones. This includes Marketplace access for the day you are registered, access to programming for the day you are registered, access to nighttime special events for the day you are registered, and access to purchase autographs and photographs for the day you are registered.

Full-weekend General Pass for $159, which includes access to three full days of Con of Thrones programming, and access to the marketplace and nighttime events.

Valyrian Pass for $349, Con of Thrones’ limited-number Premium Pass which includes numerous exclusive perks such as guaranteed premium seating in MainStage programming and limited edition merchandise. This includes all Full-Weekend Pass perks plus a Small Council Q&A with guests, Advanced Marketplace access, upgraded registration swag bag, a Valyrian exclusive collectible pin, the Con of Thrones 2018 t-shirt, $30 Voucher for an autograph or photograph, priority lines for Great Hall programming, priority line to purchase autographs and photographs, and more!

*Plus, as a thank you to our readers, anyone using the code watchers when purchasing their ticket will receive a $5 discount!*

Get your tickets today

For more information and regular updates, please visit, and follow the convention on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And of course, check back in to Watchers on the Wall for news!



  1. Really looking forward to it. The first CoT was my first con experience, and it was wonderful. It means I get to visit the US again, too!

    It’ll be great to meet more of you guys this year 🙂

  2. As you can see from my confusing Avatar, I am definitely 100% Iain Glen*, no word of a lie so please keep an eye out for me this year! Looking forward to reconnecting with old friends I met last year and meeting new people as well. What are you looking forward to most this year?

    *not actually Iain Glen but hoping we secure him for this year, by some miracle!

  3. I can’t WAIT to go back to Con of Thrones — it was my first-ever con and it was the most amazing time I could’ve hoped for. Really looking forward to going again!

  4. I will be there again! This time, gods be good, Mr. Cat will not have to cancel at the airport gate due to a family emergency! When will proposals for panels be due? We are working on something I hope y’all will enjoy!

  5. I really wanted to go this year… But I hate Texas. I even wrote a song about how much I hate Texas. Last GoT Con was in the east US, this one should be west US. Whomever planned this event made a HUGE mistake picking Dallas, Texas. Dallas is on every list of the MOST UNFRIENDLY places. Does anyone check those things?

    I will attend Con of Thrones, when it is in a place, that is welcoming, nice, not over priced.

    But NEVER ever in Texas.

  6. She Bear of Mormont,

    Well I don’t know about internet lists, but I used to live in Texas, and Dallas was always very kind and gracious to my Yankee self. 🙂 It’s a shame you can’t make it. Maybe next year!

  7. Sue the Fury,

    “Well I don’t know about internet lists, but I used to live in Texas, and Dallas was always very kind and gracious to my Yankee self. 🙂 It’s a shame you can’t make it. Maybe next year!”

    It is known. Dallasites may have the reputation of Wildlings, but as a rule they are indeed kind and gracious. It’s an easy matter to avoid politics (except the Westerosi kind 🙂 ). Gods be good, I shall be at the Con (my first) and look forward to meeting the good and sagacious members of WotW. Sue, if you find yourself coming to town early, send a raven. I know where good oysters, clams & cockles and Arbor Gold are to be had.

  8. Luka Nieto: It means I get to visit the US again, too!

    Well, be sure to keep an eye on the constantly growing list of banned countries / religions / ethnicities / political philosophies, to make sure they’ll let you enter the country. As an American, I apologize for my government. I didn’t vote for him.

  9. Do not miss this opportunity to be able to poke your favorite community members to make sure they are real and not advanced Game of Thrones Markov chain bots. But really, don’t touch them. Unless they ask.

  10. Con of Thrones was outstanding this year, and we’ll all need some big mid-year Game of Thrones event next year to help us through the hiatus. I’m looking forward to meeting up with more of the Watchers on the Wall writers (I was too shy to approach them at the last Con of Thrones.)

  11. I’m going! And I’m very excited as it’s my first Con ever. So, hopefully it’ll be as good as this year’s. My friend went and loved it.

  12. I do wish they would find another name for this event.

    In the UK, “con” means a confidence trick – a scam or a swindle.

  13. Grandmaester Flash,

    It has always meant the same thing here, but the enormous success of Comic-Con has resulted in the word having two meanings. “Con man” is still used regularly, especially to describe the Oran…

    Stop, Wolfish. Stop right there. Quit your howling.

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