Acclaimed Director Miguel Sapochnik Could Return for Game of Thrones Season 8

Jon Snow in Battle of the Bastards

There are few Game of Thrones directors with a repertoire as impressive as Miguel Sapochnik’s β€” he directed the low-key yet great “The Gift”, followed by the instant classics that were “Hardhome”, “Battle of the Bastards” and “The Winds of Winter”. He had great material to work with, of course, but that’s still an unbelievable track record. Well, it appears we’re in luck: a Game of Thrones cinematographer may have just revealed that, as so many us wished, Sapochnik is back for the eighth and final season.

In his Instagram account, cinematographer Fabian Wagner has shared a photo of himself, assistant Caroline Alderson, VFX supervisor Joe Bauer, VFX producer Steve Kullback and director Miguel Sapochnik during filming of the Battle of the Bastards. The photo isn’t new, but the text implies the same team has returned for the eighth season: “Back on Game of Thrones for prep of the final season and the team is back together.”

Wagner has worked as Sapochnik’s cinematographer for all his four Game of Thrones episodes, as well as those of Alik Sakharov. This may not be an official confirmation from HBO, but it’s as close as it gets otherwise. Let’s not get too excited in case this turns out to be a misunderstanding … but let’s get a little excited, at the very least, because Wagner’s comments appear to point to one conclusion: Miguel Sapochnik is back!


  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they just have a few for the final season, giving each a couple again. Getting him is (or would be) huge! πŸ™‚

  2. Great news. Hopefully he directs at least two – episode 5 and 6.

    When should we get the fill director list?

  3. I want to thank all the gods that are there lol.Season 7 had some amazing sequences but BoB remains the best battle ever filmed.

  4. Thank the old Gods and the new. This is such a wonderful present for all of us Throne fans.

    My director dream list is slowly coming true. At least we have a guarantee that one episode of the season will be INSANE. It’ll probably be a mid-episode large scale battle but we’ll see.

  5. mau,

    I think he will direct whichever episode has the final resolution to the white walkers. The last episode would mostly deal with the fallout of the wars and the final fate of the characters, it seems a bit different from what Miguel is usually given to work with.

  6. All the directors who have had to handle big action sequences on GoT have done a good job … sure is evident , to my eye, that Neil Marshall* and Miguel Sapochnik have better command for that kind of composition.
    My mind goes to the probability that there will be an action sequence for season 8 that trumps all others , maybe across two episodes, maybe more! Sure would be good to have Sapochnik for those.

    *Don’t see Marshall mentioned for GoT anymore , not sure why.

  7. Tyrion81:
    Give this man all the season!

    That’s impossible. Game of Thrones is shot at the same time across a number of countries. You’d need at least three directors for this season of six episodes.

  8. HELL YEAH!!! Best news a Monday morning can give! If only Hibberd would come out with an official list, or better yet a lineup specifying which episode(s) each director has…

    Just curious what Emmy Sapochnik is holding – it can’t be his since this is clearly from Battle of the Bastards filming.

  9. Yes yes yes!!

    Would have loved to have him for ep 5 or 6 this season, but that’s ok! Maybe he’ll do the series finale…! Dude can do bittersweet.

  10. And if I told you that today I was thinking about this will they, when will they announce and voila. I didn’t expect anything less

  11. I can’t fuc#%&g wait! Think about it. Six feature length episodes. (more or less 10 episodes normal season) and it’s THE thing. It makes it all to the end. Answers for question about Walkers, Jon, Dany, Kingdoms and the faith of everybody. In six weeks we have it all. Biggest thing on tv. And one of the biggest thing on entertainment business. Ever.

    Early 2019. And we have it all… It’s just amazing. This ride with this series. With the books too. One thing coming to end and you can’t wait for it. Also it’s sad… But so rewargind. You can’t get hype enough for this. You just can’t.

  12. This season’s wight battles lost the feeling of terror that Hardhome conjured. I dunno if that’s chiefly a director issue. I looked at the Wight walkers and thought..that’s a guy in a suit. Maybe Sapochnik can make me frightened again.

  13. This season was good but Hardhome & BoB were on another level. Miggy has to get 2 episodes next season. Probably deserves 3… He’s that damn good.

  14. James Hibberd on twitter has confirmed Miguel is back and potentially directing two episodes next season which is fantastic news as he did the best ever episodes in my eyes with Winds of Winter and Hardholme.

  15. Alvaricomg:
    I hope he directs the last episode of the series if not the big battle episode

    James Hibberd hinted D&D are likely to direct the last episode, I assume to ensure extra secrecy as they are also writing it.

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