Con of Thrones Returns in 2018!


Just in time for the season finale of Game of Thrones, Watchers on the Wall and Mischief Management are proud to officially announce Con Of Thrones 2018!

Con of Thrones was one of the most successful first-year fan conventions ever and is the only con dedicated entirely to Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire. And now, WotW and Mischief have entered into a new programming partnership to bring you the next great chapter of CoT!

Con of Thrones 2018 will take place at the beautiful Hyatt Dallas Regency from May 25th through May 27th in Dallas, Texas, and promises to be bigger and better.

More details, including ticket dates, under the cut!

What is Con of Thrones, you might ask? At Con of Thrones, fans gather to join some of the biggest fans, actors, and creators in the ASOIAF and GoT world to take part in panels, interviews, discussions, workshops, and much more, an epic three-day weekend that you won’t soon forget.

Tickets to the second annual Con of Thrones will go on sale to the public on Monday, September 25th, 2017 at 11 AM EST. If you attended Con of Thrones 2017, however, you’ll be able to take part in the special pre-sale, with ticket access starting Saturday, September 23rd at 11 AM EST.

Con of Thrones will offer three ticket types for 2018: a single day pass for $69, the full-weekend General Pass for $159, and a limited number of the Valyrian Pass for $349, which includes exclusive perks like premium seating in MainStage programming and limited edition merchandise. Full details on the different ticket types can be found at

Photo: Hyatt Regency Dallas

Photo: Hyatt Regency Dallas

“We are so excited to bring Con of Thrones back for year two,” says Melissa Anelli, CEO of Mischief Management. “The energy and passion from the community of fans and creators at Con of Thrones was electric and we can’t wait for everyone to come together again.”

Watchers on the Wall is incredibly excited to be a part of Con of Thrones once again. Working with Mischief, we feel confident that the convention will be created by and for the fandom, maintaining the exuberant spirit that we all witnessed and loved this summer in Nashville.

Learn more about the con, sign up to receive ravens, and follow Con of Thrones for updates at their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and of course the official Con of Thrones 2018 website!

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    2. Azor Ahype,

      YES. That’s the kind of hype I live for. I’m so excited to see y’all again. I mean I was excited to meet people the first time, but now that I’ve met so many of you, it’s like- I just wanted to hang out with all my new friends again. You know, loiter in hallways arguing about nerdy things. Good times.

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    3. Sue the Fury,

      YES! Ugh I literally would go back in Time if I could to this one Event. I’ve never been so happy and full of joy. I’m starting my planning already and I’m totally going to Dallas for at least a week. 4 days felt rushed to me.

      I think a bunch of us should be there early on doing cool things enjoying each others company. But I do have very very big plans for the VLOG this time now that I have invested a sizeable chunk of money into good equipment!

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    4. This is fantastic. We live in Texas. in fact, we live in Dallas and Houston, although I would gladly go back to Tennessee for another one. The first one was so much fun!

      perfect time for the announcement! We will need something to look forward to !

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    5. Damn. Saw ‘… of Thrones Returns In 2018’ and assumed we were talking about the show.

      Good to see the Con continuing, though.

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    6. Year 2, here I come! Long way from the North but I will make it again. If you did not go to the first one, please consider going to this one. The panels, the photo ops, the Cosplay, it’s just fantastic. For me, however, it was that we are all fans, the one thing we have in common. Can’t wait!

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    7. Hope y’all have lots of fun! 😀
      If only I could I’d send tacos from Mexico, but they’d arrive cold. (But nothing a bit of dragon fire can’t fix, no? )

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    8. Beyond thrilled that Dallas will be the next location! Non-stop flight! Relatives nearby! I had such a great time last year, and some of my biggest thrills were meeting Sue in the elevator and Oz in the stairwell and Hogan at his panel! Thanks for making this happen!🗡🛡🏹🔨⚛🐉

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    9. AWWE yeah!! In my hometown baby! I wonder what stars will come out?? It would be a pleasure to see Liam or Carice, even Iwan again!

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    10. OMG!! I can go without having to take time off from work! I wanted to go, but already had a vacation scheduled for June 14-21, so I thought it would be impossible, but you’re having it in my hometown! I can at least do the weekend stuff. Wonderful news!!

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    11. Roocat:
      Woo hoo – welcome to Dallas, y’all :-).And I can go without travel expenses.

      That’s what I was going to say, too! LOL

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    12. Heh! this is exciting 🙂 I’ve never been to a con but after seeing the Con of Thrones 2017 content I’m thinking there’s a first time for everything. I should be living in the US in 2018 so.. sign me up! 🙂

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