New Game of Thrones Merchandise Headed to SDCC; First Look at Mother of Dragons Building Set


San Diego Comic Con kicks off this week and with it, Game of Thrones has launched several new items of merchandise, with sneak peeks in person only available at convention booths!

CJbu0ZSUcAATLbCFirst up is an mini-replica of Robert Baratheon’s stag crown.

Lucky for Baratheon fans (I’m looking at you, Sue the Fury!), the crown is also available for pre-order at the HBO shop.

Next up are some Dark Horse figures including Oberyn Martell, Ygritte, Grey Worm, Sansa Stark, Jorah Mormont, Margaery Tyrell, The Hound, Brienne of Tarth, Bran Stark & HODOR! and even the Titan of Braavos statue!

The figurines are available at Booth #2615!


Next up, we have some dragon merchandise for our Targaryen fans including dragon egg book ends and a statuette of Dany and Drogon also available at Booth #2615!


For our friends in the North, pick up an adorable Direwolf plush set to keep you warm featuring Grey Wind, Ghost, and Lady! Along with a Winterfell Desktop sculpture, you can turn your work space into your own personal fortress! Stop by Booth #2647 for more!


There’s plenty more to see over at the official Game of Thrones Twitter where they’ll be tweeting exclusive merchandise and opportunities to Experience the Realm! If you’re at Comic Con this week, follow the links for more details!

Watchers will be posting throughout the week to bring you up to date coverage if you (like this writer) are unable to attend but still want to stay informed! You can also purchase the above items online for pre-order! Shipping begins in August.

Finally, we have a first look at the Mother of Dragons building set from McFarlane Toys, which includes breaker-of-chains Daenerys, her dragons, and her Unsullied!


It will debut just in time for Season 6 in Spring of 2016 and will retail at $19.99. You can purchase other members of the Unsullied to grow your army through other sets and blind bags.

Head on over to Yahoo! for the full scoop!

What will you be picking up at Comic-Con? Or online when shipping starts! I’m looking at the dragon egg bookends, myself! Let us know in the comments below!


  1. I’m holding out for the Game of Thrones coloring book. I think it’s coming in October (Winter, ha!)according to the preorder on Amazon anyways…

  2. Oh man, I love the Baratheon crown…but a little steep for me at $60. Maybe next year.

  3. Cool but the shit is really going to go down tomorrow when the season 6 castings are announced! (bows head) Rhollor willing…….

  4. Direwolf plushies! Always so adorable. 🙂

    The dragon egg bookends are cool, and the Dark Horse figures are terrific, especially Oberyn.

    Reavers Wrath,

    Fingers crossed for casting announcements tomorrow.

  5. Arthur,

    I have seen my fair share and the best are behind and still I feel the same way. I would have one of each. I do have to say that I played Risk as a youth and it would be great fun to have a Risk GoT’s version, just because.

  6. The crown is described as “mini.” So is it safe to assume it cannot be worn by an adult?

  7. Damn that building set is awesome, especially for that price. And I don’t even like Dany.

  8. Wonder if we’ll ever get any Team Dragonstone merchandise. I’m guessing not–alas. Although probably better for my wallet.

  9. Dear Santa,
    All I want for Christmas is The Titan of Braavos…
    and the Winterfell set …
    and the Mother of Dragons set …
    and all of the figurines …
    and Needle…
    and all of the Direwolves …

    Hmmm, I don’t know if I can be *that* good.

  10. Oberyn and the Mother of Dragons set for me, please. It’s a little late considering the last episode, but a Night’s Watch set would be great!

  11. davy,

    holy crap 2:30 in the morning! damn i guess il see it tommorow morning 🙁

    thank you for the quick answer

  12. Oh this Christmas is going to be expensive… for hubby hahahahaha I want lots of this and the Risk game

  13. Darkstar:
    Does WotW have somebody who will be onsite at ComicCon to live tweet?

    Cannot wait!!

    I hope so.. At worst that other site might have someone to live tweet.. normally I do not go there, but if WOTW has no alternative that’s a good option.

  14. davy,

    That’s really unnecessary. The whole point of twitter (and the internet in general) is that everybody knows everything pretty much at the same time. If one site knows something new from ComicCon all the others will as well, unless of course it is an exclusiv, but afaik ComicCon doesn’t do that.

  15. Mihnea,

    Actually 2:30 pm PDT is 11:30 pm CEST (Central European Summer Time) so it’s not tooooo late.

    The hashtag for the SDCC Game of Thrones panel is #GoTSDCC. We will be covering both the #GameOfThrones and the panel hashtag.

  16. I haven’t been this excited since the Season 5 finale. They have to do those casting announcements for Euron and Randyll (aka James Purefoy and Graham McTavish).

    My body is ready.

  17. Well, my Christmas list just got longer. I want the GOT Monopoly and Risk game. The Direwolf pups are so cute. I want them now.

  18. Mihnea:
    holy crap 2:30 in the morning! damn i guess il see it tommorow morning
    thank you for the quick answer

    Where are you based? That timezone would correspond to somewhere in between of Oman, Armenia, Georgia, Sochi and the UAE..

    Either way, 5:18h remaining!

    Was going to make a cheeky remark about the Margaery “action figure”, if there was going to be a blow-up version – until I read a comment in the twitterfeed about milking a prostate.. yuch..

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