Maisie Williams arriving in Girona today; plus, new photos of sets and Ballintoy rumors!

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El Punt Avui reports that Maisie Williams will be arriving in Girona today. The newspaper’s sources have confirmed to them that actress is expected at a certain hotel, with a room registered to her already.

Though reputable sources have stated that Girona is partly Braavos for some time now, the impending arrival of the star confirms this. Filming is expected to begin in a couple days.

New set photos and light spoilers below!

Sets have been under construction in the city for the past week, with a marketplace and a stage area taking shape. It’s popularly believed that the stage area may be a part of Arya’s storyline, as this correlates to info from ASOIAF. The marketplace has roughly stitched-together tent coverings in one section that look almost Dothraki  or more southern Essos, which presents an interesting puzzle. Are they building sets for different storylines very close together? It wouldn’t be the first time. With Maisie’s presence, Braavos is still the strongest possibility for the area.

A new batch of photos have been posted at Reddit by MrBlackMaze. Here are a few:



Arab Baths

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market 2

market 4




Yesterday was an odd and confusing day for Game of Thrones filming-spotting. The filming of Lost City of Z around Ballintoy was probably responsible for most of the sightings, but there are still pink GOT signs around Ballintoy Harbour. In addition to the ones we posted yesterday, there was also this sighting:

The wee pink cards ???????? #GOT #gameofthrones #filming #season6 #ballintoy

A photo posted by vicky henry (@vickyh83) on

And then today, Causeway Tours mentioned more filming in the area for GoT:

I asked them a followup question and they replied:

(UPDATE:  Causeway spotted Game of Thrones filming men with banners today near where the show previously filmed Renly’s camp.

They also learned that GOT will be filming up there until September 5th.)

There are no photos yet, however, of this potential new shooting in Ballintoy Harbour today. The mention of the rope bridge is very exciting though!

The confusion actually is a little funny. It reminds me of a couple years ago, when Dracula Untold was filming around Northern Ireland, causing similar confusion with shooting and sets. Fans will have to look for GOT signage and make no assumptions!

To add: I posted this yesterday in comments but it’s worth adding here:

Alfie Allen posted this photo on Instagram yesterday, along with the comment, “Not a bad view from my room this week!”

Based on the room and the view, it appears to be in Port Ballintrae, Northern Ireland, which is about 20 minutes from Ballintoy Harbour. It’s also not far from other beaches the show has used like Downhill and Portstewart. So all week, he’s staying in the area close to Ballintoy.

Alfie Allen

Sue the Fury
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  1. What is hype may never die!We are the hype!I am the hype my lord.The first hype,and the last!Words are wind, and the only good wind is that which fills our hype!There is no hype so sweet as the hype taken from a foe!

  2. Is room registration information private in Spain ?
    I would think so.
    Maybe it’s being sold to the press?
    Would think that is illegal.

  3. There’s only one rope bridge in ASOIAF if memory serves me right, and that’s at Pyke. Gemma Whelan? Is she spotted? Feels as if we’re homing in on Euron though! 😀

  4. Ser Oromis Locke:
    There’s only one rope bridge in ASOIAF if memory serves me right, and that’s at Pyke. Gemma Whelan? Is she spotted? Feels as if we’re homing in on Euron though!

    Gemma was , at least , spotted in Belfast , some while back.
    But Gemma has been one of the more invisible ,off set, cast members in season 3 and season 4. So may be hard to spot her.

  5. Balerion The Cat,

    That’s the Carrick a Rede rope bridge, not built by GOT. It’s sort of famous. When they mentioned a bridge, I assumed it was the Carrick a Rede bridge but until we have proof…

  6. Excuse me…
    Oh will you excuse me…
    I’m just trying to find the bridge.
    Has anybody seen the bridge?


    Have you seen the bridge?

    I ain’t seen the bridge.

    Where’s that confounded bridge.


  7. Ser Gerold Dayne:
    What is hype may never die!We are the hype!I am the hype my lord.The first hype,and the last!Words are wind, and the only good wind is that which fills our hype!There is no hype so sweet as the hype taken from a foe!

    I like it!!! In a weird sort of way…

  8. Having crossed that rope bridge before, I’d be very interested to see the logistics of getting a film crew and equipment in and around that location. Still, its basically perfect for the Balon scene so I hope it happens.

  9. If you’ve read the books, you know exactly what’s going to happen on a bridge… and it HAS TO happen this season. There is no reason to hold it back any more.

  10. I believe I read somewhere that Massie will be doing her first sex scene in this upcoming season! It doesn’t turn me on whatsoever but for all u Massie stans out there get your jergens ready! I wonder if it’ll be in that brothel I guess we’re just gonna have to wait and see!

  11. Uh…I didn’t hear anything about Maisie doing a sex scene and fucking hell, I hope she doesn’t. No Arya sex scenes, please. No.

    Balon getting trippy on the bridge sounds great though.

  12. If they are about to film the show’s Kingsmoot then I’ll say it’s a matter of days until we find out who’s playing Euron.We’re almost there.But not quite there yet.

  13. My fault, after looking into it, it appears that it’s for another movie she’s doing. Should’ve checked b4 hand, my bad, at least I’m following back up with the correction

  14. Oh, and we should probably let go of famous fancastings of Euron- WinterPhil and I were talking on Twitter today and Hibberd added:

    @JamesHibberd 1h1 hour ago
    @p_Red @WatchersOTWall McShane and von Sydow are the only ‘big’ new names I hear…

    So I think we can’t guess who Euron is going to be. Kind of exciting.

  15. Boojam,

    Gemma definitely has been in Belfast. Remember when jax son got kidnapped? She was supposed to turn herself in for that murder charge but didn’t and went to Belfast anyway. Oh wait that was SoA whoops

  16. Euron and Victarion are equally necessary, imho, and without knowing more about the screaming iron hinge its hard to say if a strong dose of piety in Vic cold make a decent composite of the two. Aeron has a great back story as well though, one that I would miss. A composite of the three brothers would be a GoT abomination, but even an abomination can be done well I suppose. I think maybe Asha will absorb someone else’s material as well, who though….. It’s going to be really interesting to see how they pull the iron islands off as they have been royally shafted insofar. Exciting times if we were to get all of the brothers.

    @Kingsmoot possible composite

    1. Euron/Aeron/Vic vs. Yara
    2. Vic/Aeron vs. Euron vs. Yara
    3. Yara/Aeron vs. Vic/Euron
    4. Yara/Vic vs. Euron
    So many possibilities

    @flora linden
    Imagine the bragging rights should you prove yourself correct over time.

  17. Boojam,

    That caught my attention as well. I would find that horribly intrusive. Even if it is legal there’s some things that shouldn’t be done. Best case scenario, u have ppl lined up ouside waiting game for an autograph/picture. Worst case scenario you’ve just given potential stalkers a map to finding the ones they’re after. Like that one guy that’s been hoverin in the towns hunting down all the actors and snapping up pics with them. U all know the guy in talking about. Dudes a straight creep

  18. Boojam:
    Is room registration information private in Spain ?
    I would think so.
    Maybe it’s being sold to the press?
    Would think that is illegal.

    It’s illegal, but if someone at the hotel read the register, and then tell to someone, who tell to someone, who write on twitter or facebook what had been told… Technically it’s not “sold to press”. Some press believe everything on Internet and publishes it without do a proper research. It is known.

  19. Can anyone explain to me all the hate towards I’m relatively new to these fan sites even tho I’ve been ASOIAF for years now. It seems as if the majority is biased towards the site and I’m curious as to why. Ty!

  20. So…..What is Theon doing in the Iron Islands? How could he reach them? Would be the same in the books?….I really can’t imagine who will bring him there except Asha, but that would mean a Stannis defeat. My mind is gonna blow, i’m mixing show/book!

  21. I mean no ill intent truly. I do have a sense of humor that not everone will jump on board with, i do admit. As for the screen names I just get bored with them. I’m not trying to “hide my identity. Let’s see, I’ve had this name, little fingers desire inventor, GoTstan, and maybe another one? And I think I did ask the WiC question once before, I just can’t recall which post it was on so I reposted. The site seems legit that’s why I’m asking. Im not sure what it is that you’re referring to so I just gave this long explanation

  22. This news makes me happy!
    I’ve been wondering how much of Balon’s death we will see…. If rumors are true we will be seeing it occur! Huzzah!

    I live in the US far away from all this action, but something about reading that it looks like there might be Greyjoys on the coast strikes a little fear into me! XD

  23. I’ve updated the post several times since I posted it, btw, so cruise on up to the post to see the added bit to the Ballintoy section!

  24. If they are indeed filming the Greyjoys right now, isn’t it possible that we learn learn who plays Euron in the following week or two? When filming for something specific approaches, don’t they often announce it beforehand, as they know it may leak anyway so this way at least they can control the message? It’s happened in the past, like Arya’s “Cat/Lana of the Canals” look, which was an Entertainment Weekly exclusive. Hopefully it will happen again!

    So… no teases from EW’s Hibberd, huh?

  25. Is Balon Watch finally coming to an end? I was starting to grow fond of it 🙁 Oh well, at least he (sort of) won the Wot5K.

  26. Isn’t it entirely possible that, despite what the producers and casting calls say to try to keep us guessing, that Euron is being played by Ian McShane?

    He is older than book Euron, but I could definitely see him as Balon’s brother, and he does command every scene he is in … I think he would be great!!

  27. mau,

    I am not that much of an optimist. But still… I think it could happen in the following days or weeks, if they’re indeed filming parts of the Greyjoy storyline on location. Maybe I am an optimist…


    Did she? I don’t remember that. That’s not to say I think McShane is Euron. I can’t imagine McShane as Euron, really. It’s not that he’d be different from the books’ Euron, but that the show‘s casting call went for a much younger actor.

    They’ll probably go for a relative unknown, like with Pedro Pascal.

  28. “Baño arabes” literally means “Arab Baths”, but figuratively it could mean Public Baths, Roman Baths, Turkish Baths or Bravoosi Baths. Could this mean that Jaqen’s infamous bath scene is coming?? Please let it be so. And please let his hair (wig) be longer and give him a better robe to wear or no robe at all 🙂

  29. This will be bigger than the books because Balon won the War of the Five Kings in the show.You will say I’m joking and partially I am but I’m serious too.In the books Stannis was still alive but not in the show,Balon is the big deal now.For a very short time obviously,there’s a storm coming.

  30. Chekhov’sOlly:
    I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s bothered by Balon winning The War of the Five Kings.

    He is not the winner, he is just lucky to be the last one to die on the show. But he did not conquer the Iron Throne. I guess the one who will win that and can also hold it, is the winner.
  31. Chekhov’sOlly,

    Does it *really* count as winning if he never sat on the iron throne, though? IMO, surviving isn’t enough. Joffrey sort of won too, because at least he managed to pass the throne on to his heir (and by he I mean Tywin lol, Joffrey deserves no credit for it).

  32. Chekhov’sOlly,

    That’s just a joke. A funny joke, but still just a joke.

    Though Joffrey did die, the Baratheon-Lannister claim remains secure, since they are the ones actually on the throne, so they are the winners in the stalled conflict until they are deposed. Balon doesn’t “win” the War until he either deposes the Lannisters or manages to conquer whatever he wants without repercussions from the Crown (which would never happen.)

    Balon is the only survivor from the original five kings that started the war, but he didn’t win the war. He survived the war. There’s a difference.

  33. Sue the Fury: Oh, and we should probably let go of famous fancastings of Euron

    I think that’s great news. Euron is an outlandish character. Cast him with a famous actor and I think you’d see a famous person dressed up like an outlandish pirate. Someone new / anonymous can own the role and make it more believable, in my opinion.

    Oh and the ratio of level of excitement to time-still-to-wait is the highest ever…

  34. Ser Gerold Dayne,

    How did he win it? He didn’t do anything. He didn’t sack KL, didn’t win the Iron Throne. Tommen’s the King. Just because other pretenders died it didn’t make Balon an automatic winner of anything. He will simply die as the last one.

  35. Chekhov’sOlly:

    So basically Tommen would be the winner of The War of the Five Kings, even though he did not take part in it.

    Tommen will not be able to hold the Iron Throne. And he could even die before Balon on the show.
  36. Ross,

    It worked out great with Pascal. Oberyn’s much better in the show, and people seem to think so despite having had such high expectations. Don’t get me wrong, I like Oberyn in the books well enough, but D&D’s scripts and Pascal brought the role to another level. Hopefully that can be replicated with Euron… especially because in the whole series he has like a single conversation followed by a single monologue. They’d better improve on what’s on the page —Yes, people are enamored with Euron as a kind of shadowy figure, but you can’t really portray a presence or a reputation in a visual medium as well as you can on the page —especially in a time-constrained TV show with the largest ensemble cast ever. They’d better give him something to do and say, and it’d better be flashy, because I’m sure he won’t have much screen-time.

  37. Chekhov’sOlly:
    Esso’s #1 cock merchant,

    Are you an actual cock merchant though, or is that a lie too?

    Well, I am certain that he definitely is not Essos’ # 1 cock merchant. 😀 So that part is definitely a lie.

    red viper: And I thought that Luke Evans would be a great Euron:

    He would make a fabulous Euron. But perhaps he is too big for series TV now, after the success of his films.

  38. Chekhov’sOlly,

    Why of course I am! For example, hodors bastard did business with me just but a few days ago. And that fellow on here, one of rooses twenty good leeches, who do u think supplied those leeches?

  39. Luka Nieto,

    Addendum: that was my problem with Doran last year. I understand the relative lack of screentime, since he’s quite a passive character in a minor subplot… but not giving him his only memorable moment (well, his two monologues) is the strangest decision they ever made. Actors with such little screentime need something to flex their acting muscles with. And it was a pretty good twist. Hopefully it will happen in season six?

  40. Lordy Reed,

    There’s any number of ways I can imagine him getting away (including some sort of further intervention by Bran). I have a harder time figuring how he gets to Pyke in the show.

  41. Luka Nieto: but not giving him his only memorable moment (well, his two monologues) is the strangest decision they ever made

    I must admit that I enjoyed our pre-season speculation on the Fire and Blood subject much more than the actual sequence of events onscreen. 🙂 I hope there is some payoff next season as well.

  42. Ross: I think that’s great news.Euron is an outlandish character.Cast him with a famous actor and I think you’d see a famous person dressed up like an outlandish pirate.Someone new / anonymous can own the role and make it more believable, in my opinion.

    I agree. I can’t believe it when people actually suggest actors like Chris Hemsworth or Michael Fassbender for a role in GoT. Like, really? It wouldn’t work for me at all, regardless of how good they are. It would totally take me out of the story as I’d only be able to see the actor and not the character.

  43. I love Roy Dotrice’s voice for Euron in the audiobooks. Haha, he nails the smugness. Hope whomever they get, nails that aspect. Purefoy would have, no doubt.

    Luka Nieto:

    Yeah, Euron has 2 verbal setpieces in the books (so far) that I can totally imagine being used/reworked/ expanded on in the show. I mean, they are standout moments. He is pretty “larger than life” and flashy in them.

    The big speech at the Kingsmoot. And the stuff at Lord Hewett’s Town

    But the character is just as defined as Oberyn ever was. The background is all there. So there’s alot for the writers to work from. And who knows what Euron stuff is coming in “Winds Of Winter” that I’m guessing they have been privy to.

  44. Redstar,

    Yes,I know that.It’s just a joke that started after Stannis died before him in the show.Of course he didn’t win anything.

  45. Shane snow,

    It didn’t, not exactly. We’re in the middle of a server change. Like we’ve been mentioning on Twitter and stuff. My response to your last post is missing too. When we restored the Euron post, the last comments were lost.

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