Girona locations for Game of Thrones season 6 announced

Monestir de Sant Pere de Galligants

Monestir de Sant Pere de Galligants

The city of Girona, Spain has publicly released the information regarding which areas will be restricted during the filming of Game of Thrones, along with a map, and thus confirmed several locations for season 6.

The helpful pamphlet (conveyed to us by JuegoDeTronosTM) points out in dark yellow which Girona sites will be entirely restricted during shooting, and indicates with a dotted line the general area that may be affected by filming.

Girona filming map

Girona filming map [click to enlarge]

Last week we learned from Los Siete Reinos‘s sources that Girona would be Oldtown and Braavos (with perhaps a dash of King’s Landing). Initial reports said filming would take place from September 3rd through the 18th, but this new info from the city of Girona states that filming starts on August 24th, in “various places in the Old Town of Girona.” It’s possible that negotiations have led to an extended stay, or that the city is simply including production prep time in their dates.

As we can see from the map, the beautiful Monestir de Sant Pere de Galligants is now confirmed as a location for season 6. The thousand-year-old Benedictine monastery is entirely blocked off, hinting that filming will take place inside. The courtyard, tower and stony details of the old abbey will make a fantastic setting.

Carrer de Sant Llorenç

Carrer de Sant Llorenç

Other locations include:

  • Plaça dels Jurats (a plaza, or square near Sant Pere de Galligants)
  • Carrer de Ferran el Catolic, the street between Plaça dels Jurats and the Basilica de Sant Feliu
  • Plaça de la Catedral between the Girona Cathedral and the Casa Pastors
  • C. del Bisbe Cartañà
  • C. de la Claveria
  • C. de Sant Llorenç 
  • An area near Pda. de Sant Domenec and Pda. de Sant Marti

The locations appear to be filled with character and potential for season 6 filming.

Stay tuned for more news this afternoon, as we check in with Northern Ireland filming!

Update: Thanks to Los Siete Reinos for the heads up on another specific location in Girona that has been confirmed today

banys arabs

According to Los Siete Reinos, a public notice has been placed announcing that the Banys Arabs in Girona will be closed from September 5th through the 12th for Game of Thrones filming.

The historical baths could be redressed in any number of manner but have a certain mysterious air about them. We’ll keep you posted if any more new locations surface!

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    1. I’m just starting to image search some of these specific locations and all I can say is wow! Oldtown is going to have a great “look.”

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    2. Excited for filming in Spain to start and maybe get our first look at the actors. I hope the locals are GoT fans 😀

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    3. Does anyone else think that because Oldtown and Braavos are being filmed in the same place

      Arya and Sam will meet?

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    4. If only I could live in Oldtown….I’d like to be someone with a reasonable amount of money of course. Maybe I should move to Spain or Croatia – so beautiful and historic. Have been to Italy and Greece, but Spain looks amazing…

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    5. I’m wondering where are they doing Iron Islands.N Ireland?Shouldn’t allready happen then,or it’s later for that?Sure,if attack on Oldtown is this season some shots should be made in Spain.I’m just really eager to find out who’s doing Euron.But if he is set up to be an enemy to Dany I hope they will not ruin him just to make us really dislike him.Sure,many things to dislike about someone like that but he has a certain charisma and badass vibe in the books.For the show I have doubts,hope I’m wrong with this one.

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    6. The Citadel in Oldtown will be spectacular! Can’t wait to see Oldtown. One of the best things about GoT is the visual appeal of the world.

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    7. “Pda.” means “Pujada”, which is Catalan for “Subida”, which… I don’t know how to translate to English, really? An upwards street. Like… instead of saying Baker Street you’d say… Baker Ascent? Or something. I don’t know if there’s an English equivalent.

      Also, I looked it up, and the “area near Pda. de Sant Domenec and Pda. de Sant Marti” is still part of the Sant Domenec Pujada. The street just bends a lot (which is why the name in the map is bent; to indicate that it also takes the next street, even though they aren’t properly aligned.)

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    8. Luka Nieto,

      All I had to go on was looking at a map, so that was just me describing what I see on a map. 🙂 Kinda hoping the Girona locals can tell us a lot more about what’s really there on those streets.

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    9. Sean C.,

      The show sometimes adapts scenes out of order from how they happened in the books. I wouldn’t be surprised if the

      Arya/Sam encounter

      happens in Oldtown.

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    10. Aahhh! The Citadel! That narrow street looks amazing! Will a young Pate meet a stranger there? Ian McShane for Marwyn!! 😉

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    11. caliopesnow,

      First filming pictures. Exciting!


      Notice that, according to the map, only the exterior of the Arab Baths may be used, as the only restricted locations will be the surrounding streets, not the Baths themselves.

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    12. Deepwood Motte confirmed. Get Hype!

      On a serious note, between Hornhill and the Citadel, it looks like Sam will have a beeffy storyline……………unless, they’re relocating his family to Oldtown. I can already hear the outrage of a 1000 purists.

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    13. Luka Nieto,

      In my hometown there is a “Mill Bank” and a “Radford Bank” which are both roads going up an incline. There is also an “Avon Rise” which goes up a hill. Occasionally you might get a road ending Hill after the hill it ascends.

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    14. Sword of the Morning,

      That would require Arya to be in Oldtown, which doesn’t seem especially likely.

      Arya and Sam’s meeting in the books is not actually important. It’s a little cameo. The part that was significant in the book was killing Dareon, which is obviously not happening.

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    15. Euron,

      I can see that… It does have a look that would fit the TOJ interior..
      I think there was mention that the interior scenes will be filmed in a studio though. It would definitely be easier to keep things under wraps if filmed in a studio..

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    16. Having Oldtown and Braavos right next to each other might make it easy for the producers to have

      Arya and Jaqen go on a mission to Oldtown, and that way Sam runs into both, the way he does in the books? We already know Jaqen is headed to Oldtown

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    17. KrakenDaughter: because Oldtown and Braavos are being filmed in the same place
      Arya and Sam will meet?

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      Why? Such minor shifts to bring characters and settings together are perfectly normal parts of a book-to-film adaptation. It’s D&D’s utterly implausible and out-of-character plots that are the problem, not combining Horn Hill and Oldtown.

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