Game of Thrones searching for soldier extras and more in Spain


We have new details today concerning the season 7 casting for Game of Thrones extras in Spain. ModExpor International has finally posted on their Facebook the first complete casting call for extras this year, providing details as to what they’re searching for in performers in the Cáceres region. The call also gives us more of an idea of how long Game of Thrones is planning to film in the area: approximately November 14th to December 15th.

The posting also indicates that ModExpor will be sharing info soon about the extras castings in Córdoba (for the Almodóvar del Río location) and in Seville.

For extras in Cáceres province, the casting is based in Malpartida, taking place on September 13th and 14th, from 9:00am to 2:00pm in the municipal sports hall.

According to ModExpor, they’re looking for adults in the 18-50 age range (no minors) and people of all races.

Characteristics they’re particularly looking for and give preference to include:

– Thin people
– Men in good physical conditions- for soldiers. They mentioned that they “will value those with military experience.”
– Men with short/medium/long hair and women with long hair.
– People with very modern hairstyles will be removed from the casting. Hair color has to be uniform, without streaks, and has to be natural hues- they don’t accept colors such as green, blue, pink, etc.
– Men should be prepared to be grow or cut their facial hair, if needed.
– They prefer locals, and generally people who will actually be living in the Cáceres area during filming.
– Extras can have no visible tattoos.

Extras will have to be available for shooting in Cáceres, Trujillo (also found in Cáceres province) or Malpartida from November 14th to December 15th.

Not all who show up will get to be on Game of Thrones. After the thorough screening of applicants, ModExpor will be inviting only 2400 men and 600 women to take part in the second day of casting. Invitations to casting on the 14th will be given only on the morning of September 13th. The number of extras who will make the final cut is unknown.

With the wide range of extras sought in the Cáceres province, it may be tough to narrow things down in speculation. But based on the locations involved, we still believe that the city of Cáceres and its well-preserved Old Town will serve as the base for shooting King’s Landing and other possible city scenes, such as Westeros’ Oldtown.

Trujillo Castle and Malpartida filming in Los Barruecos may have more particular requirements in extras, but they can be extracted from the large general pool of applicants who will be turning up at the call. The call for soldier-like men, ones with military experience, makes the Unsullied a good possibility. There have been rumors of Los Barruecos being part of a battle scene on/near the water, so soldiers would certainly be needed for that.

What are your thoughts, readers?

Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of


  1. BTW, can anyone explain about the visible tatoos? Does that mean tatoos on chest/arms/sholders? If yes, I assume that the soldiers will be barely dressed which means that Dany has forgot to equip her army with winter clothing. Shame! Shame! Shame!

  2. Inga,

    It says that about tattoos on every casting call they post. They just don’t want to deal with people have tattoos all over their arms and hands and faces where they have to worry about getting them covered.

  3. An interesting thing that they are casting 600 women. Where do they go? I remember how D&D talked about some 4 people in the throneroom scene which was replaced with some sort of extravagance in the streets with numerous extras. I have the guest that it will be Euron’s triumph. It could have been arranged in the throneroom with Cersey, Euron, Qyburn and the Mountain (or Jamie), or it could have been turned into a parade through the streets and for that they might need a lot of women extras (along with men, who may play both victorious soldiers and their captives and KL citicens too). What do you think.

  4. Very cool that these companies are casting extras locally. Question: does anyone know if there are ever any opportunities for wannabe extras who are not residents of Northern Ireland and Spain? If one is able to commit to traveling to a filming location and staying for the full filming duration, are there any casting companies for residents from other parts of the world?

  5. “Hair color has to be uniform, without streaks, and has to be natural hues- they don’t accept colors such as green, blue, pink, etc.”

    No Tyroshi, then. 😉

  6. Thin people must surely be unsullied right..

    I just hope the women soldiers Belong to dothraki…
    We need to see women soldiers fighting for dany.

  7. dragonbringer:
    Thin people must surely be unsullied right..

    I just hope the women soldiers Belong to dothraki…
    We need to see women soldiers fighting for dany.

    How would this happen? There is no ‘shieldmaiden’ tradition in Dothraki culture, no opportunity for women to be trained to fight. It’s a society where gender roles are extremely rigid – not at all like the Free Folk.

    As for the call for thin people, I thought not of soldiers but of the populace of cities cut off from the flow of food provisions by war.

  8. Firannion,

    You are right but I was speaking about many khaleesi leading dothraki or dany interacting with them.. We really havent seen them that much ..
    I remember last year there was casting information about warrior women being cast ..they ended up as dothraki but we rarely saw them…
    That’s why I am speaking about dothraki ..

    You may be right about thin people but this call is for soldiers right so i think its about unsullied..

  9. I’m thinking more Dorne and the Dorne army than the Unsullied or King’s Landing. People have been complaining that we haven’t really seen Dorne, and I think this is the last chance for the show to show us that.

  10. Dunno, not sure people have been complaining about lack of Dorne, I think many would like to not see it at all. But it will more than likely come to play in this season so the casting could be for that.

  11. Breaker of Chains,

    For this casting they insist that you have a DNI and Social Security number, for which you need to establish legal residency in Spain. That shouldn’t be hard to do if you’re an EU citizen, or your spouse or someone in your family is an EU citizen. It’s probably not much different in other locations.

  12. Asking for thin people could mean wights, but in Spain? Is it colder in that part of Spain in December? Could it be standing in for KL as the wights overrun the city? Exciting!

  13. Inga: Thanks for clarification. Then I can hope that Dany has not forgot to make furcoats for her army.

    Maybe neither she nor Tyrion would think that they had to. The official word that Winter Is Here only just went out, and Varys, who would usually keep abreast of such things, has been busy traveling the high seas back and forth between Dorne and Meereen. Tyrion has been out of the loop for years – even though he’s been to the Wall, he might not know just how bad the weather is becoming.

    Maybe this will be like other historical examples both in GoT and real history, where an army was defeated by the cold weather, and a dreadful lack of insight or preparation on the part of their commanders.

    To be honest, the fact that Tyrion was so clueless in Meereen bothered me the whole season. Granted, he had to deal with the mental weight of having killed his father and his beloved Shae, and that his father wanted to see him dead or diminished to the point of nothing. Yet, as Hand of the King in Kings Landing, he was on top of everything, he was in his element, rooting out info, determining the possible moves of his enemies, taking action in a number of ways. I hope that Season 7 will show something of the old, capable Tyrion coming back, making the right decisions and taking the right action.

    sorry for being off topic with the Tyrion stuff. To be more on-topic, I have a question. Does anyone remember if the casting calls that ended up being the crowd scenes for Cersei’s walk of shame were in any way similar to these calls? With the kind of mix they are looking for, especially the part about being thin, it sounds like they are looking for some townspeople who are near starvation, and some military types. Maybe there is a street scene where someone’s army is marching through, though whether to boos or hoorahs I have no idea.

  14. Thronetender,

    I don’t know anything about the previous casting calls for extras, but I also have a feeling that these will be for the scene where the army marches through the city and the crowd greets it. Several months ago D&D told about some scene they were wrighting at that moment: initially they planned to make it with 4 characters in the throneroom, but later it turned into a massive “extravagance” in the streets with hundreds of extras etc. My guess they had in mind Euron’s triumph: they could have had it in the throneroom with Cersey, Qyburn, Frankenmountain, and Euron hiself, but eventually they have decided to make him parade through the streets. It all fits IMO, though I would be happy to hear other possible alternatives as well.

  15. Rick,
    I am an EU citizen and it certainly is not easy to flit over to Ireland and establish residency, and I suspected that on the Continent, where bureacracy and ID are much more oppressive, it’d be even worse. To establish Spanish residency:

    Documents needed by all applicants (EU and non-EU-citizens):

    Current passport and one photocopy
    2 recent passport style photos with your name clearly written on the back
    A completed EX18 form, plus 3 photocopies of it
    Form 790 which is filled in and signed by your bank. It confirms your Spanish bank account and the money you have in there. You can get this form at your local Comisaria de Policia (police station) and costs 10.60€ (as of 2016).
    A padrón certificate that was issued less than three months ago. You can obtain this document at your local town hall, and is a way for the government to know how many people are living in a certain area. Normally you only need to bring your passport and one copy, but some town halls have other rules and ask you to bring a rental contract as well. The best thing to do is to ask them what they expect you to bring.

    Applying for the padrón certificate and a Spanish bank account both require proof of address. You are quite wrong when you say that it’s easy to get residency documents as an EU citizen.

  16. You’re all overthinking the thin requirement, I believe!

    A quarter of Spaniards are obese. This wouldn’t fit at all with the world of Westeros and Essos. They just want to weed the obese people, and those on the higher end of overweight, out.

    It doesn’t mean they’re looking for wights or starved peasantry.

  17. Eleanor,

    Very interesting! Well, I have all that stuff – A Spanish residencia (now called an NIE since Spain joined the EU), but I’m too bloody old to apply as an extra and not particularly thin either, but certainly not obese LOL 😀

    I thought a while ago they were going to film some scenes in the Canary Islands as that is where I live, but seems now that all the Spanish filming will be done in the mainland.

    Best of luck Luka and hope you manage to become an extra when they film in the north of Spain.

  18. Inga: PS. Regarding the weather, it may be not that bad in the south even in winter and I assume they are not planning to go much further north yet

    Im going to look up Old Nan’s story to Bran about when the last Winter came – was that when she said there were ice spiders as big as hounds or am I getting the stories mixed up? I’m trying to remember if she said anything about how far down south the cold weather got. Did the books say anything about how far down Winter went? Would the coming of the Night King make things even colder?

  19. Thronetender,

    Old Nanny’s tale about White Walkers riding spiders big as hounds was about the long winter. They have shorter ones too: Tyrion saw three of them. However, we haven’t had much hints in the show about how bad the weather can get. In the books, I think, it was established that only Dorne remains snow-free in winter, but the long winter may affect it too. And of cause, the Night’s King can make things worse. So, let’s hope that Dany and her allied prepared a decent amount of sheepskins.

  20. Thronetender,

    I’d be interested to know this too. I don’t know why anyone starving and freezing in their castle wouldn’t pack up and move south, rather than have to smother their babies.

    I haven’t heard the Dornish, for example, speak of the long night. It could be that no one living remembers it. Was Nan speaking of her own experience or was she relating stories passed down. I seem to recall the last hard winter being something like a thousand years ago…but I’m not sure about that number.

  21. …as for whether Dany Co. know that the weather is turning, I imagine Varys is receiving intelligence from that part of the world. In addition, he sailed to Dorne well ahead of Winter being declared. He could have sent back a Raven about that. If Olenna & the Martells know winter has arrived – And I’m sure they do – Then Varys knows. And if Varys knows, he almost certainly will let Dany and team know.

    Anyway, Dany and company would be piss poor commanders if they didn’t consider weather…long summers notwithstanding.

  22. Anon,

    One way or another, I don’t see winter becoming a major factor in Dany’s story, if she lands successfully according to the plan. There should be still rather warm in Dorne and the Reach, when she comes. However, if she suffers a major defeat in the naval battle and is forced to land in the North, sheepskins will be a big issue.

  23. By the way, here are my tinfoil predictions for S7, if someone is interested.

    King’s Landing. Let’s start from obvious: Jamie will confront Cersey as soon as he has a chance. He will go mad, lose control, attack her (like in S4), and then the Mountain will switch him off. Next time Jamie will wake up in a cell and listen to Unella’s screams. Meanwhile, Cersey will team up with Euron: either he will sneak into the Red Keep, or she will send him an alliance/marriage proposal herself.
    Dany will be sailing. She may stop at Volantis to meet Kinvara, or Kinvara will join her on board – one way or another red priest will join Dany’s team or at least try to influence her agenda (instruct her to go North) by giving her some prophesy (Tyrion and Varys will be irritated).
    Jon will be counting his limited human and food recourses knowing that they won’t be enough. Then Bran will arrive with the plan to rally Dany and her dragons to the common cause using Jon’s family relations. Jon will be shocked and confused by the reveal of his parentage, but Littlefinger will confirm everything including R+L marriage and try to convince Jon to claim the Iron Throne himself. Jon will refuse, but alliance with Dany will look reasonable; so, he will send Davos to meat Daeny (he would be the most appropriate for obvious reasons).
    Riverlands: there will be a lot of meetings, as well as a major turmoil caused by the decimation of the Freys. Edmure and Roslyn Frey-Tully will come into play.
    Oldtown: Sam will start his studies.

    The North: Littlefinger will question Jon’s authority mocking his willingness to bow to dragons; his friend in the North may be revealed too. Sansa frustrated by the prospect of Jon marrying Dany and Tyrion willing to resume his marriage to her will also be Littlefinger’s target.
    Riverlands: Edmure will take control over Riverrun and declare to Jon relying on his support. The Brotherhood, Arya, and Brienne may come to the North – at least I hope for Brienne (I need her interacting with Tormund, but that won’t make life easier for Jon).
    Oldtown: Sam will discover that someone (Euron’s agents/faceless men?) are hunting for some dragon-relevant book/item, which he will steal himself. Jorah may also come into play.
    Dany will meet Davos, but will refuse to abandon her cause. In turn, Davos will be irritated by the red priests in her train.
    Meanwhile, Euron and the Lannister forces led by Bronn (foreshadowed last season) will attack Dorne and catch the Sand Snakes of guard. He will take whatever castle they will be in: Water Gardens/Sunspear or the Ghost Hill represented by the Turillio Castle (?) and capture Ellaria and Tyenne. One of other two Sand Snakes may be killed, the other might escape to some other castle represented by Almodovar de Rio – it looks like they are going to stage a decent siege there, but to say the truth I can’t tie this siege with my predictions yet). Ollena might be killed too, if she is still in Dorne at that point.
    Finally, Euron will sail into the Sea of Dorne and take the position by the Cape Wrath to prevent Dany’s landing; Lannister forces will concentrate in the Ghost Hill (see the map from In Production teaser). Ellaria and Tyenne might be used as a bait to lure Dany into a trap. Yara and Theon will accept the challenge but they will lose (I don’t know which of them will be taken captive, but I think it will be Theon, because he was filming; Yara may simply die). I also predict that Euron will sacrifice Tyenne in Ellaria’s eyes to stir up the storm of the century. Dany’s dragons (at least two of them) will be blown away by the wind; Drogon may be injured or otherwise incapacitated. Seeing that the battle goes ill, Dany will try to sail out into the Narrow Sea, but the Royal fleet will approach from the rear. Dany will have to sail into the Shipbreaker Bay and Davos may become very handy in such case, because he knows these waters (smuggled food into Storms End during Robert’s Rebellion and Mel during the War of the Five Kings). He will manage to save Dany and most of her fleet, but nonetheless Euron will return to King’s Landing triumphant and start preparing for the royal marriage. Dany’s dragons will be lured into the Dragonpit and locked there.

    Kings Landing. Cersey may be indeed marrying Euron – I can see her even having a crush on him, but on the other hand, what if Danys words about luring the nobles by marriage proposals was a foreshadowing for Cersey rather than Dany herself? If Cersey realises that such strategy works (based on her experience with Euron), she may be tempted to use it further to strengthen her position (a bit of poetic justice, because she was always so opposed to “being sold”). Besides that, Euron may be killed right after fulfilling his mission: for instance, by Theon whom he will capture and torture but who will only pretend to turn into Reek again. Cersey may also take him out after noticing that he is too dominant (in such case, Theon will be spared by D&D and Euron’s captive will be Yara).
    But back to Cersey – what other potential suitors could be there for her? Jon is out of question, but Dickon Tarly may be worth considering (Randyl Tarly may forsake Ollena, if he is offered an opportunity to put his son on the Iron Throne), and there is Littlefinger (SIC!). And there is pretty big possibility that he will alter his “beautiful picture” of him on the Iron Throne replacing Sansa with Cersey.
    One way or another, after defeating Dany, Cersey will turn her eyes on the North and its allies in the Riverlands and the Vale. I think she will send her armies there: Bronn will get a chance to show his climbing skills in Eyre (foreshadowed in S1). The lords of the Vale instigated by Littlefinher will demand Jon to haste to the rescue of their helpless lord and country; Sansa may insist on that too. Jon will have no other choice but to match or send his forces south. He will rely on Bran to keep an eye on the Night’s King. Bran will explore the origins of the wall and decide that the defence might hold.
    Dany will have several options what to do next after her defeat. Her landing in the Storms End or Dragonstone is worth considering – especially the later, because of its symbolic role and dragon-glass resources. Davos may become handy again: he knows both of the castles and he can help her to sneak in. However, landing at any of these castles in a stormy weather may be complicated and their food resources will hardly be enough for Dany’s army which will still be huge. Therefore, my wishful thinking is to see Dany landing in the White Harbour. After that her storyline will weave into the northern one making Jon’s confrontation with Cersey even more inevitable. Moreover, Varys may facilitate Littlefinger’s demise, and I would like to see one more verbal sparring between Varys and Littlefinger before Jon chops off his head.
    One way or another, Dany will find a safe place to recover from her loss and go to reclaim her dragons. Davos may smuggle her into King’s Landing. Varys could go there too (he knows all the tunnels and secret passages) and Arya and the Hound may also become handy on this mission too, as well as Sam and his knowledge. So, at the end of the season we will probably see all of these characters going to/meeting in King’s Landing.

    Ep7 (finale)
    Jon will march or send his army south to the Riverlands and the Vale. He may fall into the trap, but at the last moment Bronn will decide that he is a knight and not a sellsword and pledge his allegiance to Tyrion/Jon.
    Dany will come to the Dragonpit (based on the WotW spoiler) and release her dragons with the help of Sam and Jorah.
    Arya, the Hound, and Varys will sneak into the dungeons and release the numerous prisoners including Jamie. They will storm the Red Keep from within. The Hound will kill the Mountain, Jamie will kill Cersey, and Theon will kill Euron (we will find out that this time the tortures did not break him and that he was only pretending to be Reek). But Bran will be caught by the Night’s King in his green-seeing reconnaissance mission and the Wall goes crashing down in the last shot.

    OR most of the abovementioned will go into S8.

  24. I would hazard a guess that we will have the following arcs:
    E1-E3 – Cersei will align with Euron who will win a big naval battle against Dany, capturing Yara, probably killing at least one sand snake. This feels extremely likely. As a result Cersei will agree to marry Euron. I feel Gendry will most likely pick up in the Riverlands with Brotherhood possibly who are heading North and I assume likely to bump into Mel. In the North Jon will face some betrayal by Sansa/Littlefinger or scheming at the very least. Bran will pass through the wall meeting Ed and what remains of the Nights watch who aid them with meeting Jon at Winterfell. I am guessing Jorah shows up at Old Town and meets Sam in search of a cure.
    E4-E6 – Euron and Cersei will marry, Dany will attack Kings Landing most likely in Episode 6, I guess Jamie will kill Cersei who will use wildfire and destroy most of the city. Dany will also suffer a lot of casualties but ultimately prevail. End result Cersei, Euron, Yara and possibly Jamie dead. Sam and Jorah will head to Kings landing, Sam will convince Jorah that Dany is needed in the North, they will meet Dany in episode 7. Bran will meet Jon and explain who his parents are and that he is the rightful air to the throne. Jon may then decide to step down as KitN in order to rule the seven kingdoms and Sansa may turn on littlefinger. This will result in Littlefinger dying for sure, but Sansa may also fall. Bran/Jon are still very safe.
    EP7 – The wall is going to fall I guess in this episode and Jon may need to retreat to the Riverlands. Dany will meet Jorah/Sam and or Mel and realise she needs to head North with what remains of her army and dragons. Tyrion and or Theon may be sent to make peace between Dany and Jon before the great war.

    I expect S7 to end with our main characters pretty desperate so the above fits in.

    Overall deaths:
    Yara, Euron, Cersei, Qyburn, The Mountain, Jamie, Sansa, Littlefinger, Sandsnakes, Dolorus Edd, potentially the brotherhood too.

  25. Inga,

    Why would Dany wind up so far north though? It would be maybe a thousand miles off course for her…at least equal distance as Mereen is from Westeros.

  26. Anon:

    Why would Dany wind up so far north though?

    Because of the storm. If Euron prevents her landing in the Sea of Dorne (where she is heading IMO) and stirs up the storm in the Narrow Sea, Dany might gave no other option but to sail all the way to the North which will be the only one able to offer her safe landing both in climatic and political terms. And we have to remember that gods/red priests would want her North too.
    Of cause, I don’t rule out Dragonstone or Storms End too. But neither of these castles looks like a good option. Storms End is located in the Shipbreaker Bay which has got its name for a reason. Landing there in the storm sounds like a bad idea; besides that, the castle hardly has enough provision to sustain the army as big as Dany’s and can be easily besieged. Same with Dragonstone: with Euron having an upper hand in the sea, Dany would be trapped there too. So the North looks like the best option for deploying her forces, if the coast of the Sea of Dorne becomes unavailable.

  27. Inga,

    This is encumbent on Euron’s storm, huh? Dany doesn’t travel with an army that big without providing for their provisions.

    Umhm…the North with it’s frozen seas is a better option than potentially besieged castles and even a sea storm. Right.


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