Game of Thrones set to film in Trujillo Castle in November



Today’s update in Game of Thrones location filming comes to us courtesy of Hoy. The publication reports that the show will be shooting scenes for season 7 in the castle located in Trujillo, Cáceres province, Spain. The filming will take place on just one day, November 18th.

The castle in Trujillo was built between the 9th and 12th centuries, constructed over the remains of a Muslim fortress. The castle has seventeen square defense towers around it, and has preserved four of its gates.

Hoy reports that shooting will be focused on a courtyard in the castle. It appears that members of production visited the site in late July. They’re potentially looking at other locations as well in the area but those are not confirmed yet, according to Hoy.



The report further says that Cáceres is being referred to as the headquarters for filming in the area and that there will be a large number of people involved in the production there.

The new series Still Star-Crossed is being filmed in Cáceres as well, but their filming is happening at the moment, and hopefully will be finished by November. Still, be aware of any confusing filming reports and rumors that aren’t clearly about GoT– there is another production going on in the area!

And what story will be shot in the castle? That’s not known yet. In past years, we’d see a location like this and jump right to Meereen or somewhere similar in Essos, but has Game of Thrones truly left Essos behind with Dany’s departure? The yards and the walkable walls surrounding the castle also bring to mind some of the King’s Landing scenes from earlier seasons, originally filmed on Dubrovnik’s city walls. The look is not quite the same, though, so it’s unclear what we’re looking at here.

Thanks to Javi of Los Siete Reinos for help with the translation!

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    1. Jenny:
      As always no idea but these are really beautiful to look at.

      Lol so true! We really have no idea about anything that could happen next season, with regards to both casting and locations.

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    2. I would love to see Summerhall, but I doubt they will spend time on that. It’s not important for the present story.

      A prequel with Dunk & Egg would be nice and let it end in Summerhall with the birth of Rhaegar.

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    3. Probably for the war in Dorne/Reach.

      Also, we’ve seen Harrenhall, haven’t we? And it’s completely different. Wetter, for one thing. So why do some people keep claiming the Spain locations for it? I sincerely don’t understand.

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    4. The Red Woman:
      Please oh please oh please be the tourney at Harrenhal!

      Harrenhal is a dark, grim place and its stones are grey. This is way too sunny place for Harrenhal.

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    5. Interesting to know that the city of Cáceres –Unesco patrimony since 1980– is been filmed many times before (Hollywood too), as in Ridley Scott’s ‘Kingdom of Heaven’. It has a medieval old centre very wel protected and walking through there is, really, going back 700 years in time…
      The town of Trujillo is the birthplace of Francisco Pizarro, explorer, ‘conquistador’ of Peru en discoverer of the Inca Empire.
      The now in the making tv-series ‘Still Star-Crossed’ is also partially been filmed there as is in the nearby beautiful medieval city of Plasencia.

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    6. Sue the Fury,

      Sorry about that, Sue. But, as you can see (even in the link I provided) the date of the paper is August the 21st; one day after you wrote your info. Therefore I supposed it was more recent…

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    7. It has to be the tourney at Harrenhall with Rhaegar and Lyanna being presented the blue roses… This flashback is going to be very important to tell us about their relationship and if Jon is a bastard or not. I don’t see how they will explain it all without a flashback of this information. Of course it’s not going to be grey and gloomy in a flashback as some people have commented above… I firmly believe the history of Jon snows father, Rhaegar will be a big part of season 7.

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