Game of Thrones cast tours Seville & Season six character to appear in finale


Game of Thrones filming is almost done in Seville, and while we may not get as much information from the set as we did in the Basque Country, there is no doubt that the comings and goings of the cast have never been so studiously photographed by fans.

Cast and crew alike appear delighted to have found such a fervent fandom in Seville, and they have been sighted making the rounds all across town, including at a soccer match between the local club and Barcelona. To say that the cast didn’t go unnoticed would be quite an understatement. With dozens of the cast’s heavy-hitters present in the city, a minor recurring cast member from season six may have gone unnoticed… But that wasn’t the case! We bring you that piece of spoiler-light news at the end of the article.

First, Emilia Clarke shared this beautiful picture of a gal’s night out with Lena Headey and Game of Thrones hair supervisor Candice Banks. Considering Cersei’s and Dany’s elaborate wigs, it’s no wonder Clarke and Headey became close friends with Banks!

Then, Hafþór Björnsson shared a group photo of the cast enjoying dinner last night:

As you can see, no fewer than ten cast members were present: Iain Glen, Liam Cunningham, Hafþór Björnsson himself, Peter Dinklage, Conleth Hill, Gwendoline Christie, Kit Harington, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Pilou Asbæk and Anton Lesser. There is also an unknown person to the far right. We appreciate any help from the community in figuring out who he is. He may be a new addition to the cast… or perhaps part of the crew… or most likely just the owner of the place having his photo taken with the cast.

Today, Emilia Clarke, Alfie Allen and showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss joined in with yesterday’s diners-out to enjoy an association football match between Sevilla and Barcelona. As one might expect, as guests of the city the cast kind of had to support the local club, and they did so avidly… Though, sadly and rather awkwardly, Sevilla lost 1-2.

La Liga‘s official Twitter account didn’t let the occasion slip for a pretty clever pun on a popular saying: “If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain.” So, what if the Mountain does come? Well, here you go:

Pilou and Nikolaj, both well known fans of the sport, seemed particularly enthralled, while others… well, let’s just chalk it up to Dinklage always having that look on his face —You know, like the one Tyrion had when he caught Shae in Tywin’s bed. Take a look:


Screen capture by AnJarBo




UPDATE: Clarke shared a photo from the match with Hill and a rare smiling Dinklage, along with a loving message to Spain and the welcome it has given them:

To top the night off, as a nice surprise they were all were presented with personalized Sevilla shirts. They seem quite excited, despite the numerous misspellings:

Win or lose, the cast had a fun time at the match. Thankfully, the game of soccer is not as deadly as the game of thrones. Though it’d be far more interesting that way!

Now, on to the spoilers for today: A minor recurring cast member from season six has been sighted and photographed with Game of Thrones fans in Seville, near the hotel used by the cast. A few weeks ago, we revealed this character would reappear in season seven, and now we know she is involved in the Seville shoot. See for yourselves:


The woman in the middle with a Targaryen shirt is none other than Annette Hannah. She plays one of the little birds who took center-stage last season, in particular the one who moaned to Qyburn that she missed the previous Master of Whisperers, Lord Varys. In “The Winds of Winter”, though, she still joined the other children in following Qyburn’s instructions and stabbing Pycelle to death. The character, credited as Frances in the actress’ CV though her name was never uttered, will reappear in season seven and we can in fact go a bit further than that: Her involvement in Seville points to the little bird appearing in the finale, and we can independently confirm that’s the case.

Will Annette Hannah's little bird become the next queen? Okay, probably not.

Will Hannah’s little bird become the next Queen of the Seven Kingdoms? Okay, probably not.

Does Frances remain loyal to her original Spymaster, as may be suggested by her few lines in “Oathbreaker” and Annette’s Targaryen shirt? Or will she merely reappear in the role of one of Qyburn’s faithful little helpers? Discuss in the comments! Still, considering this is a largely spoiler-free report, please tag your spoilers accordingly.

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    1. Awesome, the cast looks to be having a bloody blast.
      cool to know that the little birds will be in the finali for season 7, looking forward to the show.

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    2. They look like they had so much fun at the match. And I love how Kit is always right next to Emilia ! Ugh beautiful babies ❤️

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    3. There is a stocky bald guy in these pictures (not Conlith Hill) who reminds me of the jailer from the Eyrie in season one. Morg, I believe his name was. The one who Tryion bribed to get an audience with Lysa.
      Does anyone else agree?

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    4. I don’t recall ever seeing the cast and crew of GoT having this much fun during one of their location filming in past seasons! 🙂 They are being treated royally and they seem to be all in a wonderful mood and having a great time!

      As for the little bird, I suspect her allegiance is going to be to Varys, if their comes a choice for her between Varys and Qyburn.

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    5. That’s quite a group, I wonder if Nathalie Emmanuel , Rory McCann and Jerome Flynn are still about? Could be and just doing something else. Lena may have had to make a trip back to London.

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    6. Hey that’s my screen capture of the game! The one with Nikolaj and Pilou, I was watching the game on the Directv app on my phone and I snapped it and uploaded it to Reddit. So cool to see it here! Keep up the awesome work you guys!


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    7. Noticing Alfie always stays in the background and never wear any Seville Club shirt/ attributes. whether it’s because no one gave it to him (poor guy) or it’s because he’s a hardcore fans of Arsenal.

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    8. The cast are clearly having a great time in Spain! I think we may have seen more pictures of them out on the town than we’ve gotten during any previous production cycle. Of course, we already knew that the GOT cast is a crew that rolls deep – they all like each other and they like to party. But this is far more than the standard gathering at the local pub – they’re living the high life at the best restaurants, museums, and now, top-flight football games. And always together.

      I honestly couldn’t have envisioned such an adoring scene, even as recently as two or three years ago. Maybe it’s a function of the show’s tremendous success and still-growing popularity. Maybe it’s the unprecedented concentration of so many longtime cast members in one location at the same time. Maybe it’s the intense enthusiasm that the local residents obviously have for the show. Probably a combination of all three. Whatever the case, Spain has rolled out the red carpet, and the cast has embraced it. They’re taking full advantage of the perks that come with filming in such a beautiful place, and the fact that everywhere they go, they’re being treated like rock stars. As well they should. Who knows when they’ll get the chance to do something quite like this again?

      It’s genuinely great to see. I’m glad that they’re taking full advantage of the experience. They deserve it for all of the hard work they’ve put in amidst the rain and the mud, the heat and the cold, the long hours and the many, many grueling days they put themselves through to get shots that sometimes pass by us in an instant. And, of course, for the incredible story they’ve consistently delivered to us for the past seven years. Here’s to many more happy returns … well, one more, anyway. 🙂

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    9. I’m staying clear of the site ’cause I wanna go into the season totally spoiler free but I just had to comment on this one ’cause my avatar has never been more relevant 😛

      PS: For those who don’t know (i.e. all except Luka I’d say) it’s the Barcelona colors (and house tully!l

      PPS: We won 1-2 btw!!! It was a fantastic game, Messi is a beast!! Best ever

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    10. WoW just saw Luka is doing articles for WotW!!! Congratulations/Felicidades/Zorionak
      man, well deserved!!!

      I think I’ll tune in more often now, toe check your posts at least 😉

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    11. H.Stark,

      Peter is even smiling. That’s a rare thing. Arsenalfc you’re up next is one of her hashtags? There is international break, probably after it. Alfie is a Arsenal fan, lives in London if I remember.

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    12. Pau:
      WoW just saw Luka is doing articles for WotW!!! Congratulations/Felicidades/Zorionakman, well deserved!!!

      I think I’ll tune in more often now, toe check your posts at least ?

      Thank you so much 🙂

      I miss some of you spoilerphobes these days 😛


      Added to the article 🙂

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    13. Luka Nieto: Thank you so much

      I miss some of you spoilerphobes these days


      Added to the article

      Yeah I miss the site too, but tbh last season is the one I least enjoyed and I think it was due to all the info I had beforehand . Even if I avoided all the spoiler posts there was a lot of spoilery stuff in the comments, specially that leaked info that ended up being true, so I’ll try going totally blind this time. I’ll check Oz’s posts once the season is ongoing, though, and all the posts onceis done 😉

      Until then take care guys!

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    14. kathy:
      Irina Stark,

      He has a girlfriend already, one that actually ‘can’ act and is intelligent and articulate. Let’s not start confusing fantasy with reality.

      While I agree people shouldn’t confuse the actors personal lives with their character, this comment is unreasonably petty and shows you clearly can’t make the distinction either.

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    15. Kargaryen,

      It’s funny how she(i doubt it’s even a she though,probably some sore loser who got banned)talks about someone else’s intelligence when she doesn’t seem to have much of it herself .

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    16. That selfie of Emilia,Peter and Varys is the best one yet.She looks stunning and Peter is kinda smiling.They looked so happy to be at the game.

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    17. Do you guys think that there will be some conflict with varys, the birds, and qyburn? Possibly the birds turning on varys because of his hiatus and having new loyalty?

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    18. Who is the man that is handing out shirts? Also, Benioff is a big dude. He is the only one near the size of the mountain.

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    19. Nymeria Stark:
      Do you guys think that there will be some conflict with varys, the birds, and qyburn? Possibly the birds turning on varys because of his hiatus and having new loyalty?

      Definitely, and I suspect that Varys is, as usual, a few steps ahead in the game as far as that storyline goes. And if I were a betting man, I’d wager that entire subplot is an elaborate scheme by Varys to get his hands on Qyburn”s Candy Corner. 😉

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    20. Iain Glen is simply divine!

      I was at the exact same game in Sevilla last year when they bet Barcelona…..shame it wasn’t this year when the cast was there *sigh*

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    21. Ace of Mace:
      Who is the man that is handing out shirts?

      That’s Jose Castro, the president and co-owner of Sevilla Football Club, which I believe is the oldest FC in Spain. Olé, olé, olé!

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    22. Nymeria Stark,

      Yes, I think so too. Little birds were turned into murderous little monsters, and their betrayal or rather new loyalty to Qyburn and Cersei may become one of the causes of Dany’s misfortunes. On the other hand, some may recover their loyalty to Varys by the end of S7 or later. We’ll see. But in general those who sell information for sweets should not be trusted.

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    23. anyone know where they are filming this coming weekend?

      im in Barcelona and wouldn’t be against taking a trip to a filming location… I doubt the cast will pull through Barca one their way out of Spain so I’ll have to go and stalk them instead!

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    24. Ser Matt the Sullen,

      See here!

      Next weekend they’ll be at Almodóvar del Río castle, in Córdoba. But you probably won’t be able to see anything. And we don’t know who in the cast will be involved. Certainly not as many as in Seville.

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