EXCLUSIVE Wolf Hill Quarry set picture with main character & New Cáceres details

King's Landing Great Sept 6x10 (1)

The shoot in Cáceres City has been a bit of a mystery. The look of the old town gave us a good idea of what the shoot may entail, and yesterday’s report reinforced our notions. Today, we finally have details on the scenes to be filmed there in a few weeks’ time.

Los Siete Reinos learned the women extras who were cast will shoot in the city. Women extras are a rare sight this year —Every single Spanish location required only men, as they were all soldiers of some kind or another. In the world of Westeros, women being present means the smallfolk of the Seven Kingdoms will walk the streets of Cáceres. And they will be accompanied by Lannister guards! However, not even these extras have received military training, so there will be no fighting. Alongside a lack of Unsullied, these clues point to our previous suspicions being correct: Cáceres is King’s Landing.

Below the cut, we have L7R‘s clearer version of a certain fiery attack, and an exclusive picture of ours from inside the Wolf Hill Quarry set, revealing a primary character’s involvement in one of the season’s biggest climactic sequences. Spoilers ahead!

L7R shared this cleaner version of the incendiary attack shot in Malpartida:

If my ears don’t fail me, after the explosion the man rolling on the floor to put out the fire (or someone off-screen) shouts something at Daenerys, calling her by her Dothraki title of “khaleesi”, which Jorah alone does in the Common Tongue. Then, if I’m not mistaken, the man asks “what sort of witchcraft is this.” We are not aware of Jorah being involved in this sequence, or even whether this attack is dragonfire or something else. Whatever the case may be, the filming at Los Barruecos in Malpartida continues delivering, and this only adds fuel to the fire (sorry.) If the almost one-month long shoot wasn’t a dead giveaway, the number and sheer variety of scenes that make up this sequence make clear this battle is one of season seven’s largest setpieces.

Meanwhile, in Northern Ireland, Game of Thrones is already filming at Wolf Hill Quarry. Previously our sources told us filming would take place starting this week —And for the next three weeks. Yesterday’s drone footage corroborated they were already hard at work in the large snowy set, which has been the subject of much speculation.

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We believed this ice lake set to be the focal point of a major action sequence for next season, involving Jon Snow and many other characters. Today a source shared the following photo, confirming our suspicions: That’s Kit Harington on Wolf Hill.

JS Wolf Hill

As you may guess, the photograph was taken furtively, so the quality leaves something to be desired, but our sources saw Harington on the scene and we’re confident it’s him.


  1. It’s great to be back from vacation! I was in London for a week with my beautiful girlfriend and it was wonderful, but I still missed writing for WOTW and reading you guys. So, once you’ve visited the new “Westworld Watchers” sister site and commented there, please come back here and speculate! 🙂

  2. Yay, finally we get a picture of the filming at Quary Hill! That guy looks like a Wildling to me but if you guys say it’s Kit/Jon then I believe you. He definitely looks like he’s changed out of his Stark outfit and is wearing something warmer and more Wildling-like. If there’s still a few weeks of filming there left, I hope we get a glimpse of the other actors that will take part in the expedition. Thanks for the info, WotW!

  3. I definitely feel you got the verbiage correct and it does sound like just some rando shouting it from off camera, to be looped in later by the real actor. The stuntman kind of looks like Thoros to me but that doesn’t make much sense. I don’t think Jorah would ever say “what kind of witchcraft is this?” because he’s seen all this before.

  4. His outfit looks very interesting, but I am surprised to see him alone. Maybe he’s there just for a field test ? If there was any actual shooting involved, I’d imagine more characters would have to be present. Also, he just looks like he’s chilling. Was anyone doing any shooting today besides Kit ?

    Any wight extras at the location ? Where are Rory and Joe and Iain ? Maybe they’re not even shooting yet.

    Emilia is supposedly still in Belfast as well but I imagine she’s doing most of her work indoors so she’s out of the question but no one else is there right now, it’s weird.

  5. Will Melisandre appear in season 6? I know Carice van Houten had her baby a couple months ago and was unavailable, but it seems like she should be back by now. Anyone know?

  6. Irina Stark: Also, he just looks like he’s chilling.

    He probably was just chilling between takes, yes. That’s my interpretation too.

    Ryan Neuner,

    She appeared in season six and yes, she will also appear in season seven.

  7. Is it really Kit? But gonna trust you Luka. 😉

    Wonder where is the rest of the cast? Jon is not the only one going to catch a wight.
  8. Help! I wanna get to the bottom of the ” what kind of witchcraft is this?” line!!! My brain is jumping. What witchcraft? Jorah The Explorer has seen someone burnt B4. It’s not witchcraft! What the F’ing F?!!!!!!?? LETS SPECULATE!!! FEED MY EVER GROWING CURIOSITY AND NEED!!!!!!!! I love this site!!! PEACE! —Lord Quenton of Baltimore Lord

  9. I hear “Don’t hurt me!” or “Don’t burn me”, actually, and then clearly the “what sort of witchcraft is this”.

  10. err doesn’t look like Kit at all

    but yay

    it’s looking more and more like the parade that was promised.
  11. Irina Stark,

    Very weird indeed. Iain was spotted in Belfast but other than that only Kristofer. Maybe it’s just some part of it and only Kit is required.

  12. Definitely not Jorah. As for the whole ‘what manner of man are you who can summon fire without flint or tinder?!?!?!’…..er, I mean ‘what kind of witchcraft…’ line, methinks that unfortunately (LEAKS)

    this is a reanimated Viserion, and there’s gonna be some blue added to those flames.
  13. Poor Jon – he hasn’t yet been able to warm up, which was his first wish after leaving the NW. What’s the weather supposed to be on Dragonstone? Certainly not too much warmer than the north. Then he has to go back and sit on ice. I hope his ultimate ending entails a scene on a beach running free somewhere in the south, but his fate seems to be tied to the north for all time.

    Smallfolk women accompanied by Lannister guards? Seems a bit off-kilter. Does that mean that rape and pillage is so rampant now in KL that women can only travel the city in guarded groups? And would Cersei actually care enough about the women, any women, to allow Lannister guards to spend time walking them through the city? If so, that means she is trying to make nice, trying to show her people that she cares about them and wants them to be safe. Or did I read that wrong, and the Lannister guards are going about their Lannister business, while the women go about theirs? Either way, very interesting.

    Oh, I DID go over to the Westworld site. YAYYY!!! I’m going back as soon as I finish here. Thank you so much. I’ve been wanting you amazing WotW mods to start a conversation site since the end of the first episode. Having one will offer so much more depth to the experience of watching Westworld, and make it easier and much more fun to follow the story. Great work, to you all, and thanks again!!

  14. Quenton Gilliam,

    It can’t be Jorah, he’ll be in a completely different location.

    The leaks said that he and Dany reunite at Dragonstone in ep 5, she supposedly already returned from her battles and then in 6 there’s the wight hunt carbunkle and he leaves with Jon.

    The only people who call her Khaleesi are Jorah and her dothrakis so it could be Staz Nair or some Westerosi man who joins her cause later on. It’s sooo darn confusing.

  15. It’s not only the clothing – the face / hairline of the guy in the picture does not at all look like Kit Harington.
    Nevertheless, I’m sure your information that he’s on set is correct though!

  16. To me, that voice sounds a lot like Daario. Not that the voice is anything to go by, I guess they’ll voiceover stuff and maybe that was just someone saying it for reference purposes? I also hear the witchcraft bit, but I hear it as “What foul witchcraft is this?” Not sure what Daario would be doing there or why he would be on fire, but maybe he betrays her after being spurned and she exacts revenge?

    I think Jon would look good in those wildling furs 🙂

  17. Che,

    I did think about this too but Michiel is Amsterdam right now according to a fan on Twitter who met him a few hours ago.

  18. Luka Nieto,

    Thank you for the improved version of the shot: that’s why it’s so good to have you back from vacations!

    So, now it’s more clarity regarding “what kind of witchcraft is this.” From what I see, the stuntman is handed a torch and there is some box in front of him. Most probably, he wants to check the contents of the box and that’s why he needs a torch: it’s dark and that may imply, so the scene might be happening after the ambush battle: I guess one of the Dany’s men is simply checking the spoils of victory… and when he leans to the box with the torch in his hand, it explodes. This version lines up with the question “What kind of witchcraft is this?” which apparently comes from Dany’s side (and maybe there will be some further development after that explosion which won’t be in Dany’s favor, but I expect it to be mostly CGI).
    Another version is that the man throws the torch into the box consciously (again with a purpose of some kind of a wildfire diversion), but that’s less likely.

    As for the KITN back in a Wildling garb, I assume it’s kind of a standard Wall climbing costume: as far as I can see, there are some ropes around, so I guess Jon and his team have just climbed down the Wall or some cliff which makes and integral part of the Wall defense line.

  19. Thronetender: Smallfolk women accompanied by Lannister guards? Seems a bit off-kilter. Does that mean that rape and pillage is so rampant now in KL that women can only travel the city in guarded groups?

    I didn’t mean it literally. I just meant the civilian extras would appear alongside Lannister guard extras.

  20. Irina Stark,

    In fact, it wouldn’t be completely impossible for Jorah to meet Dany right before the ambush battle. According to Luca, the ambush battle will happen near Highgarden, and that’s not that far from the Old Town where Jorah is supposed to spend the first episodes of the season. So, if he learns that his Khaleesi is coming, he may go to meet her on the road.

    The leaks may be correct, but they are clearly missing some pieces of information, and the filmed scene we assumed as the Jorah’s arrival to Dragonstone can have different interpretation: Jorah may be parted with Dany during/after the battle, if there’s indeed some kind of “foul witchcraft” and make it to Dragontone on his own; or the man on the boat was not supposed to be Jorah at all (his costume was more like of the Unsullied IMO)
  21. Damn, when I first looked at the picture of whom you say is Jon I thought it was a giant and that was a man standing to the right of his left leg, the size of his shin. Of course that sort of special fx wouldn’t be visible in a site photo, but still. 🙂

    The video still isn’t making any sense. If it’s part of one particular ‘event’ then Jorah shouldn’t be there, nor do the words fit with what he would say, other than Khaleesi. This is starting to feel like a plant to throw people off. The footage or ‘stunt test’ could be real enough but the random guy yelling stuff… eh. Tell me this, where are the camera men? There isn’t any of that or other equipment around that we see in typical filming photos. If they were filming this I’d think they’d have camera men moving into position to get shots. To me this is just some bs to be ignored.

  22. Agree about the Wildling furs–probably north of the Wall is colder than it used to be and extra warm garb is needed. It doesn’t look like Kit to me, but Luka’s got the goods. “What foul witchcraft is this” certainly echoes Shakespeare, but I checked the concordance and it’s not a direct quote. This scene is very intriguing.

  23. Geralt of Rivia,

    Iain was last seen there on the 22nd of November and Kristofer on the 20th. Liam also left on the 22nd, he was in Abu Dhabi on the 26th. That’s almost two weeks ago and it’s precisely when Emilia got in with her brother. They all left at the same time, plus or minus one-two days. There’s no way this can be a coincidence. She and Kit must have been filming alone scenes all through last week.
    Now it looks like he’s moving to Wolf Hill I’m looking forward to more photos from the quarry shoot.

  24. Can’t be dragonfire as it’s not ‘witchcraft’ Everyone knows dragons breathe fire, and most will witness it themselves at the ambush anyway. It’s something those at the scene don’t expect and are confused about. Besides dragonfire is made by a flamethrower, this is an explosion.

  25. I doubt KITN would feel like donning wildling rags all of a sudden. He kept his NW clothes when he went to Hardhome. His northern clothing is suitable enough for this.

  26. Geralt of Rivia,


    According to Lads, Jon carries on fighting long after the others retreat and is half-dead by the time Benjen rescues him, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Kit has a couple of days filming on his own with the extras.


    I’m a bit suspicious myself. All of the set pics point towards this ambush happening in broad daylight, the quoted line is bizarre af (I’m with those who aren’t hearing “Khaleesi” here at all), and set security is nonexistent. L7R already mistakenly attributed a water stunt being filmed in Malpartida for a different project to the ambush, so I’m not convinced that this video is even Thrones-related yet.

  27. seeing kit in something other then black is throwing me off..lol . Those furs obviously have to come from Wildings (WF or CB wouldnt have anything like that) but where are these wildings at? Since we dont have any spoilers about Jon going back to WF is he sailing straight to EastWatch and north through the Wall there? if so the show may be taking a cue from books where Jon sent some of the wildings to other posts along the wall..maybe Ed is going to do that in the show? would make sense..maybe Turmond is in command there and thats how he and Jon meet up again?

    as for that video.. I am not even convinced that is GOT…but if it is.. its nothing but stunt footage and I would take any “dialogue” with a grain of salt…”what sort of witchcraft is this” is just not something i think we would hear on GOT … “magic”, “sorcery”..THOSE are GOT words

  28. Irina Stark,

    I don’t think it will take them that much of a time. They shoot some scenes but maybe they get out of NI without people noticing it. Kit got obviously this sequence to film as hes a key part of it and they said it’s being prepared few weeks ago for a a three weeks of filming, which is what they’ve been doing now or will


    I thought about this. Only option really because otherwise others would be needed. I wish we had more photos PAPY4u or how is name is can manage to get there and get some photos.

  29. I’ve listened to that video so many times that I’ve lost count, but I can’t for the life of me hear “witchcraft” anywhere in there. What I hear clearly is:

    “Run, Khaleesi! Withdraw and wait for (our?) assistance.”

    Also the fire seems too explody to be dragonfire, and we can’t know for sure whether the person being burned is the one speaking.

  30. If “what is this witchcraft” is truly said then to me that is a Dothraki, I remember from S1 that is how they refer to magic calling it bloodmagic and witchcraft. While Jorah just simply causes it magic and I imagine people from Westeros probably call it magic too.

    If that is Kit he must be feeling lucky, getting a bigger variety of clothes per season. I remember when he was basically wearing the same outfit every year.

    I imagine there have needed to be lot’s of inside Dragonstone scenes needing to be filmed not just Jon and Dany but all of Dany’s gang. Probably the most filmed scenes along with inside of King’s landing.

  31. Could he be saying ‘oh/no curse me’, instead of no/go Khaleesi?

    Yesterday I thought it was Khaleesi. Now I hear ‘curse me’.

  32. moiaf,

    Definitely the explosion is generated by a box right in from of a stuntman who is approaching with a torch in his had. So, either there is some highly flammable vapors emitted from that box which ignite from the torch causing the explosion or there is some other mechanism provoking the explosion and the guy with a torch is just trying to check it out, but one way or another it looks like Jaime is using sort of “mines” (probably masked as boxes with food supplies) and that Dany may be getting into serious trouble right at the moment, when she is rewarding her army with some spoils of victory. As a result of these troubles, she will have to go back to Dragonstone, and Tyrion will have to go on a suicide mission to KL, and so on and so forth up to whatever is to happen at the Dragonpit and afterwards.

  33. To my ears the guy yells “Don’t hurt me! What foul witchcraft is this?”. Not too sure about the first part (could also be “Oh mercy”, but definitively not “Khaleesi”), very sure about the second.

    As sebaciel said before, it does not at all look like a dragon burning someone, but like an explosion. And “witchcraft” doesn’t sound logical when talking about dragons either, so I’m quite sure the scene has nothing at all to do with dragons…

    Furthermore, as some commenters stated, “witchcraft” is not a common word in GoT – in fact it was never ever used before. The only references made to “witches” up so far were by Cersei (about Maggy), the Dothraki (about Mirri Maz Duur and blue-eyed women) and people talking about Melisandre… so it’s hard to figure out who might be talking here (if it’s an actual line of text at all).

  34. Can I ask question…? Doesn’t GoT use the same film and set crews no matter where they are and are they not primarily English speaking (on set)?

  35. Luka Nieto: I didn’t mean it literally. I just meant the civilian extras would appear alongside Lannister guard extras

    Oh, ok. Still, I keep wondering what the general feeling will be in KL now that Cersei is queen and the Sept has blown. Will there be looting and mayhem? Will she blame the entire disaster, including Tommen’s death, on someone else? Wouldn’t it be funny if she turns out to be a half-way decent ruler now that she has absolute power? There was some kind of season 7 film loop that was released by HBO that showed some amazing new costumes for her and her guards. She wouldn’t be worried about new uniforms for guards if there was complete disorder in KL.

  36. Bran’s built-in White Walker GPS,

    Everyone hears it differently. My headphones were broken, so I only managed to listen to the soundtrack now. What I hear sounds like: “No, Cersei! What foul (?) witchcraft is this?” I can imagine something like that to be said by Jaime, if Cercei is demonstrating him some new “mine” which exlodes in the proximity of fire using her own men for testing purposes. One way or another I guess this mine is based on wildfire: we haven’t seen wildfire producing combustible vapors (in fact we saw quite the oposite), but if Qyburn could make wildfire to evaporate somehow, such mines/bombs would look rather natural for GOT.

  37. moiaf,

    Yeah, nice find, I knew there was a video showing how they shot dragon fire. Here’s another angle of that same shot
    https://youtu.be/jqus7BEcyTI?t=1m30s (at 1:30)

    And another shot of dragon fire in that same video at 4:02

    I’m pretty sure there is a BTS video of the Dracarys scene in 3×04 where there is a flamethrower as well but I couldn’t find it. Here’s an article explaining how they shot it though

    Though Dany’s dragons are purely digital creations, the producers chose to use a practical effect to accomplish a key shot where the villainous slaver Kraznys is blasted with dragon fire. “They shot this [stuntman] full in the face with a flame-thrower that was up on a pole; it was a shockingly powerful thing to watch, even as a stunt,” Weiss said.

    So I’m with you, I think this “explosion” isn’t dragon fire unless they decided to switch things up for some reason

  38. Irina Stark,

    The leak

    might not be entirely legit with every spoiler. Like it’s highly possible. W already know of several things that are missing from it, some inconsistencies and contradictions. Jorah just randomly waltzing into Dragonstone for his reunion with Khaleesi would feel jarring, better have them reunite elsewhere.
  39. Having been on movie sets, I agree with the poster yesterday (forgive me for not recalling their moniker and being too lazy to look it up) who opined that the voices heard on the video were the crew, since the audio on most action sequences is done senza suono, and sounds are dubbed in later by actors and foley artists.

    Anywho, the important thing really is Ser Jorah Lives!!! ʘ‿ʘ

  40. It is my theory that If Dany is not burnt by fire then may be John may also be not burn by blue flames. May be John half Targarian and half Wolf is immune to blue fire

  41. Not so much a theory as a question after reading everyone else’s theories – what if, as a result of his resurrection or of his bloodline….Jon is immune not so much to fire as dragonfire?

    I’m not sure if it is something that could happen, or even if I believe it could, but reading everyone else’s theories has got some thoughts going in my head……

  42. Luka Nieto,

    London is one of my favorite cities! I hope you enjoyed your time away. Thank you for the heads up regarding the WestWorld site. What a great show! It is keeping my mind busy while we wait for GoT S7! 🙂

  43. Now this is a North and North of the Wall setting, and they film up until some Christmas break I guess. Then two more months of filming Jan. and Feb. ? In Iceland and Scandinavia too? Ever get that straight? Seems like a lot for 7 episodes, I guess?

  44. sebaciel:
    I doubt KITN would feel like donning wildling rags all of a sudden. He kept his NW clothes when he went to Hardhome. His northern clothing is suitable enough for this.

    No it’s not. Winter has arrived. He’s gonna need clothing like that, not a leather jerkin and fur trimmed cloak. His previous experience beyond the Wall will dictate what he wears, not the latest fashion of Westeros.

  45. moiaf,

    The person sounded surprised so, yes, it is somebody from Dany´s team seeing something for the first time.


    -Qyburn came up with a new use for wildfire or invented gunpowder

    -Dany is punishing some Dothraki for raping and pillaging in Westeros

    -Drogon was hit by anti-dragon machinery, Dany falls and a Dothraki screams the line, while Drogon starts randomly torching.

    -Dragonbinder magically appears and works

    –my favorite guess, the Children of the Forest is now Team Cersei and is part of their handgrenades squad.

  46. Boojam:
    Seems like a lot for 7 episodes, I guess?

    It better be a lot. HBO takes up a wee bit of my salary every month. 😉

  47. Thronetender,

    She wouldn’t be worried about new uniforms for guards if there was complete disorder in KL.

    This is Cersei, come on, this is a typical Cerseirian move! As long as there is wine, she does not care.

  48. I have listened to that video probably 10 times and at first I thought he said Khaleesi, but now I am hearing Cersi, what foul witchcraft is this?

  49. Luka Nieto:
    It’s great to be back from vacation! I was in London for a week with my beautiful girlfriend and it was wonderful, but I still missed writing for WOTW and reading you guys. So, once you’ve visited the new “Westworld Watchers” sister site and commented there, please come back here and speculate! ?

    So how did you find London Luka? Probably not the grim and dirty place I was brought up in the 1950/60’s. I was glad to move out of the inner city and into the countryside of Kent in 1970. Was better still was when I left the UK in 1986 and moved to the Spanish Canary Islands. The weather is lot better here 🙂

  50. Listening again to the clearer version from L7R, I reckon what I said yesterday is not ‘Run Khaleesi’ but “No Cersci – what foul witchcraft if this” ? If so, that puts a different prospective on things?

  51. No matter how many times I listen to that video, I don’t hear “Khaleesi,” and I’m wondering if other people would be hearing it if that first video hadn’t been subtitled with that word. I think all this Jorah speculation may be wildly off base.

  52. Am I the only one who hears “No Cersei, What kind of witchcraft is this?”

    Didnt’ Qyburn invent a creepy machine that could fight against the Dragons? perhaps it’s that one, I’m running put of ideas.

  53. Elizabeth – yep, I didn’t listen to the first video – but they are definitely saying Cersei in this one

  54. sebaciel:
    I doubt KITN would feel like donning wildling rags all of a sudden. He kept his NW clothes when he went to Hardhome. His northern clothing is suitable enough for this.

    I posted before that I 100% share your view, and I don’t recognize Jon at all in that pic.
    But right now I saw that DocMantisTobogan has confirmed it’s Kit. So I’ll just accept it as a fact and blame the fault to the combination of my bad eyes and the quality of the picture 😉 .

  55. Jay Targ,

    I like that. It could be that Jaime and Bronn send the Tarly’s with a decoy that turns out to be these bomb in the chests. When captured and trying to open them they explode? Meanwhile, Jaime and Bronn are on another route with the real goods? ?

  56. Priscila,

    The dragonbinder!! Euron is supposed to have it. If he is with Cersei, then the line that some hear in the clip about Cersei instead of Khaleesi would make sense. The shot of the flame can always be altered in editing to look like it’s shot from a dragon or from an explosion.
    We can only speculate for now. Good thought about the dragonbinder ?

  57. To me – that looks nothing like Kit. I was certain that was the actor who plays Benjen before I read the line underneath. Doesn’t the guy in the photo have straight hair in a ponytail?

  58. Ser Bergh,

    If Jon is going beyond the Wall for some kind of a stealth mission, it makes sense that he changes his official KITN garb into some Wildling rugs: he doesn’t want the Night King to recognize him right away, does he? And those Wildling rugs may be just more convenient for climbing.

    Black Raven,

    I also hear “No, Cersei! What foul witchcraft is this?” (or “Oh Cersei! What kind of witchcraft is this?”). Your can also see that the only source of fire is a torch in the stuntman’s hand (it’s absolutely clear in this improved quality video), and that the stuntman is standing in a close proximity of some kind of a box (maybe later they will make it look like he is approaching that box with a torch in his his hand to see what’s in there: that would make most of sense). But anyway: the source of fire is the torch, the source of explosion is the box, and we don’t see any direct contact between the torch and the box.
    So, the most reasonable guess would be that the box contains some substance emitting some highly flammable vapor. The most flammable substance we have seen on GOT has been wildfire, and Cersei has been closely related to that, but so far we haven’t seen wildfire emitting flammable vapor (in fact we saw exactly the opposite in 610 or 209: wildfire had to be ignited directly (with candles or a burning arrow). However, Qyburn has a creative mindset, so he can probably find a way to provoke wildfire evaporation and even make this process controllable. This would produce a wildfire bomb exploding in the proximity of fire source but without a direct contact with that, which would be seen as “witchcraft”. And it’s quite possible that Cersei is demonstrating this new invention to her generals including Jaime (he would be the only one calling her by name) and that she is using her own men (or just random dudes) for field tests (to which Jaime obviously screams “No!”). Hence, I assume it’s a field test of some wildfire vapor bomb (most probably invented by Qyburn), and it may be happening anywhere: near KL for instance, if Cersei is supposed to be involved.

    (and the scene is filmed from the left).

  59. Inga,

    Very in depth analysis of the footage, you could be right! Anyway, nothing will make me desconsider the Children of the Forest hand grenades…

  60. Priscila,

    Whatever CotF had (I would rather call that CotF cocktails), that wasn’t used in this scene: no-one threw anything. So, ignition of some flammable emissions is still the best guess, though the showrunners may insert a scene where the man actually opens the box (or chest) and then it all explodes. I am not an expert on filming and even less on special effects, but I see what I see. BTW, the scene was filmed from the left, so we will see the actual picture from the profile, not from the rear like in this leaked footage, and some details – namely, the actual explosion process – should be better visible from that angle (especially in slow motion, similarly as in the Sept incineration scene).

  61. I wonder perhaps if this could be something to do with Melisandre? The ‘Witchcraft’ line set me speculating… And in the books we know she has some form of fire magic, she set Orell’s eagle on fire with magic and I’ve been hoping the show would utilise Mel’s powers ever since they introduced her?

    I’m probably just being a hopeful thinker but I’d love to see Mel involved in a conflict and getting to show off her powers! It would be cool to see her in the White Walker war in season 8 should she survive that long, blasting wights with fire magic! THAT would be awesome!! ^.^

  62. Priscila,
    Stick to your dreams, Priscilla! I am still hanging on for giant killer penguins and I will be even if somehow they haven’t appeared by the very last episode 😉

    I said this in another thread where someone posted a cleaned up audio only version and to me (and several others) the first bit sounds like “Don’t hurt me” or “Don’t burn me”. I don’t hear any name or title in there at all so it could be anyone.

  63. Before seeing the clip, I was hopeful it would be Jorah being cured of his greyscale, but its def not him. The mind boggles really

  64. Apollo: His previous experience beyond the Wall will dictate what he wears, not the latest fashion of Westeros.

    Mance mocked Stannis’ Dragonstone outfit in the North.

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