Dubrovnik shooting schedule for Game of Thrones season 5


Filming for Game of Thrones season 5 will soon begin in Dubrovnik, with the Croatian city once more representing King’s Landing.

Sources have revealed the Game of Thrones production team’s schedule for filming in the city. Some of these locations are new, and some have been used previously. Note that these are just the locations to be used in the Old City; it is expected that locations in greater Dubrovnik will also be used.

9/24 – Pile Gate (Entrance to Old City)

Pile Gate

Image courtesy of diu.hr

9/25 – Ulica od Kaštela, Ulica Svete Marije (Streets in elevated portion of Southern City)

9/26 – Ulica Ilije Sarake, Ulica od Margarite, Ulica uz Jezuite (Streets around Church of St. Ignatius)

St Ignatius Church

9/27 – Ulica od Rupa, Jezuite skale (Jesuit staircase)

9/28-10/1 – Ulica od Margarite, Gundulićeva poljana, Jezuite skale (Jesuit staircase and green market plaza)

Scalatina des Jésuites

10/2 – Ulica od Margarite, Uz Jezuite, Rabljaninova ulica, Ranjinina ulica (Streets in the southern part of the Old City, below the Church of St. Ignatius)

10/3 – Ulaz od Ploča, od Trga Oružja cijelom dužinom Ulice Sv. Dominika (St. Dominic Street)

St Dominic Street

Cian: The exterior King’s Landing scenes always feel very real in the show, due largely to the stunning city of Dubrovnik. All signs point to us getting a lot more of King’s Landing in season 5.

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    1. I wonder if some of these will also portray Meereen, or if Split will be enough. I hope it’s all for King’s Landing, as I really want the characters to walk around the city, instead of being confined in the Red Keep. Season 2 was great for that, with a number of location shots all around Dubrovnik, usually with Tyrion, but we have gotten less and less of that kind of scene in the last few seasons.


      There is no reason to turn the Green Grace into a young woman, and anyway she would probably dress at least a bit differently from the average Great Master; Rayann is wearing the standard Meereenese noblewoman attire. Honestly, people should stop attributing the roles of Arianne, the Gryejoys and, yes, even less crucial characters such as the Green Grace to actors that are probably nothing more than featured extras —at best.

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    2. Luka Nieto,

      She is wearing a big pink coat over it, honestly you can only be sure it is green and dress-like, everything else is pure speculation (e.g. master’s clothing). At least I cannot see any chain-like or ring-like stuff on the costume. I was doubtfull about the green grace speculation, but now I’m starting to think it is at least a green-grace type of role, because those clothes do not look fitting for pit-fighting as some people suspected.

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    3. RandomSand,

      You might be right after all. About the dress, anyway. I still doubt that’s the Green Grace, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I don’t see any reason that would lead anyone to think Rayann is more than an uncredited extra or, at most, a featured extra —that is, a credited extra with a few lines.

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    4. Luka Nieto,

      There could be a reason… A pair of reasons, actually- if they want to go that way. Otherwise I agree. Probably a new minor character in the show for Dany’s storyline. We do know she appears in episodes (plural) and that she filmed across two countries, so it has to be a bigger role than a simple featured extra. Maybe she’s someone’s wife. Yezzan’s wife, perhaps?

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    5. We will see rather many streets in season 5 wich I guess makes alot of sense.

      I really miss Croatia when I look at those pictures.

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    6. jentario,

      Maybe not the Green Grace herself, but just a priestess, who convinces Dany to marry Hizdar and nothing more. I doubt they go deep into the whole Harpy conspiracy thing (only a bit), so the character that Meena is playing can just chat with Dany a few times and be gone.

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    7. Luka Nieto,

      Yep, I mean, even if it is a Green-Grace-ish type of role I’m sure she will have like one major scene (that conversation with Dany, if I recall correctly) and that’s it (mabye a couple of other scenes, but just one “Big” one), wich would fit into the featured extra thing. Season 5 speculation is proving to be very interesting, since we have nearly no idea of what they are keeping from the books, what they are inventing and what they are getting from future books.

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    8. It’s possible that Meena has one big scene in an internal and them was an extra at

      the Dany-Hizdahr wedding


      When was that picture taken, do we know?

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    9. I am very happy they confirmed the locations in Dubrovnik. As previously reported, Ulice Sv. Dominika (St. Dominic Street) will be part of the walk of shame. Next week I will meet again with my friends, hope to have some new info, it’s been a while…

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    10. Patchface,

      Tyrion is certainly not going to Bravoos lol… I don’t know whats wrong with those guys at WiC seriously.
      Anyway that picture already showed up in here, and I believe it’s legit. but he is probably in Volantis

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    11. Patchface,

      Those two sets of pictures weren’t taken in the same place. Apparently, there’s some confusion over the Dinklage picture… it was either taken on a soundstage/set in Ireland, or in Spain somewhere. But it is not showing

      Tyrion in Braavos. I think the consensus was it was taken on a soundstage in Ireland, and shows Tyrion outside the Selhorys brothel, or whatever the equivalent will be for that location.

      Don’t want to get into any sort of pissing contest about sites, but WIC have been a little less than reliable recently… a batch of photos from the Braavos set, they posted and insisted showed King’s Landing. Similarly, that Dinklage picture has been going around for at least a week now, and doesn’t come from the same batch as the Braavos pictures.

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    12. Are the guys at WiC just losing their minds? First, they thought the Sibenik filming was supposed to be King’s Landing instead of Braavos, for some weird reason… I mean, all those hundreds of extras dress completely differently, you got those props at the entrance that are recycled from the Bank scene last season, then there are the characters present… come on! And now, they believe that the Tyrion photo was taken at the same place, even though it doesn’t look anything like it. What are they smoking, honestly?

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    13. Lord Hugh Ryvenholt,

      Ser Florian,

      Well, I was just reporting what WiC said without making any judgments… and to be fair they did say that it could be somewhere else, but I missed that part…my bad!
      Anyway, thanks for clarifying, though it is not outside the realm of possibilities for Tyrion to go to Braavos instead of Pentos…

      Luka Nieto,
      LukaNieto, don’t be so harsh!

      On an entirely different matter, I have confirmation that the beach battle filmed near Quintin Castle involved

      ironborns raiding

      . So they are not entirely cut from season 5.

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    14. hey patchface, besides lancel and kevan coming back, do you have any other leads about cersei’s storyline? what about jaime? and brienne?

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    15. Patchface,

      Sorry for being harsh, it’s just that a quick glance should have told the writer that the Sibenik photos weren’t supposed to be King’s Landing. The whole article read like an speculative rant instead of an actual report, but what’s worse is that the speculation was completely and obviously wrong; so much so that pretty much every comment points it out, and three days later the article has not been edited to correct the mistake. I don’t hold fansites to journalistic standards, but there’s a limit. WiC is just not for me anymore; I may visit every once in a while to see the alternative filming photos that they sometimes upload, but I’m afraid I will have to skip the text.


      It looks like Winterfell. So the Bolton storyline.

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    16. Gravemaster,

      Now that we are all positive she is in Meereen, the fact she is wearing green attire and has a bodyguard definitely points to a noble woman. A youngish Green Grace is not out of the question, especially since she has filmed in Belfast. Her character spans multiple episodes, and apparently involves a speaking role, Nina loves spotting new talent and giving them more exposure than allotted in the books.
      I enlarged that pic of her and her handler (sign of more importance?) talking and joking. He could be telling her that her wardrobe will send GoT fan sites around the globe hypothesizing over whether she is the GG and if not, who this mysterious lovely actress is playing.

      On another note…”WINTERFELL!”

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    17. Good to know that next season will feature the IB and the Bolton storylines both-they’re not kidding about wrapping this up in the next three seasons.

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    18. ash,

      Fairly sure it’s the Winterfell set, but with ruin and fire damage added. The 3rd pic is the gate I always remember Caetlyn walking through twice in the first season, flanked by two guards (I always think the 2nd time is the first shot repeated, because it has the same guards on either side and the same extras walking into frame at around the same time). In that 3rd picture though, you can make out a Bolton banner… it’s a bit folded up, but that’s the blue and red of the flayed man.

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    19. Carne,

      I just realized the second picture has a similarly Eastern window design to the window in the leaked Tyrion pic. It doesn’t look like exactly the same pattern. Or does it? Not sure. I may be wrong, that part may be for Winterfell, but, if I’m not completely wrong, they also have their Volantis/wherever set there, along with Winterfell.



      Not exactly the same after all, right? But similar. Anyone remembers those windows at Winterfell?

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    20. Patchface,

      That pic’s been kicking around for a week. It’s very likely not from an actual filming. Either from a photo shoot or just faked altogether. The caption of the tweet it originally came from said photo shoot. (yes that could be a GOT photo shoot.)

      And we already posted all the Braavos pics several days ago.

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    21. And the indications I’m getting from sources so far is that Rayann is not an important character. I doubt she’s a Green Grace or anything like that.

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    22. Sue the Fury,

      Sorry, I have not seen those pictures posted on this site. You are right of course, you posted them on September 18… My mistake! I got excited about ‘new’ material…lol

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    23. Patchface,

      Wow, I really did not notice that!

      Maybe Penny? Who knows…

      Sue the Fury,

      As I said before, It’s really hard to speculate on most season 5 storylines since we have no idea what they are keeping and changing, but I suppose she is at least a featured extra as she has a speaking role and is appearing in more than one episode, and that featured extra may be the show’s equivalent of green grace, but again, pure speculation based on scarce evidence so who knows.

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    24. Sue the Fury,

      I think it is from actual filming, just from their shooting in Belfast with the Brothel Guard etc. I don’t know how it got so gravely mislabelled of course but Tyrion’s costume matches up with the one we’ve seen from the Antrim set pics, his goatee matches up and the set has similar visual motifs to the Essos sets Deborah Riley designed last year.

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    25. Sean C.,

      Get ready for some steamy romance this season between sexy Galazza Galare and Greyworm. Which leads into a love triangle with a very upset Missandei.

      Will Greyworm be able to stay true to his English teacher and scribe??? I can hardly wait.

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    26. Shame if Meena Rayann is just another extra/noblewoman. Barsena Blackhair/the pit fighter would have been a nice change of pace for minor female characters.
      Have to agree it would be massively pointless to age down the GG. She’s not needed at all so I think I’m inclined to agree with the thought that she’s just another extra.

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    27. TheTouchOfFrost:
      She’s not needed at all so I think I’m inclined to agree with the thought that she’s just another extra.

      Well, that all depends on which school of theories you subscribe to. I personally think they should add the Green Grace — especially if they want to do this whole Harpy stuff. I think they should add a bunch more Meereenese people, to be honest, instead of just making it the Dany/Jorah/Daario power hour. This is their city and their world; this storyline needs to expand beyond just being centered entirely around Dany.

      I thought the GG was a really cool and mysterious character and we need more cryptic old wise women in the show. Especially now that Olenna is gone.
      But eh, whatever. I’m sure they know what’s best.

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    28. Renly’s Peach,

      If they’re trying to streamline then the GG is easily cuttable. I would love a more complete world too ( still finding it hard to let go of my Greyjoys and Griffs) but I honestly don’t think the GG would add a great deal. To be honest, If MissandGrey is anything to go by then I’d rather they not expand characters around her except Selmy because Selmy is the shit! Although I did find Dany dull after the first book and season and I think they realised they needed to do something hence shipping out other characters for her to interact with.
      If she is going to be the GG (which I highly doubt) then she wouldn’t be a wise old woman. She’d just be another pretty face devoid of uniqueness.

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    29. Given that she arrived in Croatia on the 8th and a Meereen tavern set was constructed and filmed in at around that time at Diocletian’s Palace and that she filmed with Slavko Sobin who is apparently playing an Unsullied AND that the Sons of the Harpy were spotted shooting on the 9th (this link again http://watchersonthewall.com/images-game-thrones-set-diocletians-palace/)….I think all evidence points to Meena playing the prostitute who entertains Stalwart Shield.

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    30. Greenjones,

      But would she appear in multiple episodes? And would it be necessary to ship her off to Croatia? The scene itself will probably happen in a brothel and on a bed, otherwise they can’t portray the actual cuddling… I guess they could have Stalwart pick her up outside and then cuddle inside and she could have a scene in a later episode where she tells Dany what happened.

      Also, if he’s Unsullied… What’s up with the clothes? That’s not the Unsullied uniform we’ve seen in the past two seasons. And IIRC Gray Worm was still wearing it in that set picture of him. Also, extras were wearing that uniform in the slaver camp set where T&J were spotted, and that doesn’t make sense. Plus, that dress is too rich for a whore.

      My two cents: she is a Meereenese noble woman. Slavko is her guard, and his costume will be the standard slaver-guard costume in season 5.

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    31. “But all connoisseurs and admirers of the series ” Game of Thrones” already by Slavko costume might conclude that he got the role of one of the slaves from among the innocence who are faithful Khaleesi , Queen of dragons. She even plays one of the biggest stars of the series, the pretty woman , Emilia Clarke .”

      It doesn’t actually say he’s an Unsullied. The writer assumes he is a slave, saying “any GoT fan can see he is a slave” but that’s actually not necessarily true since it’s a new costume. And the actor repeatedly says he can’t talk about his role, so there’s that.

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    32. jentario,

      They shipped Sarine Sofair off to Croatia too, so they are willing to pay for the flights of the actresses they hire for… that particular type of scene. Also while they could have just filmed the interiors in Belfast, at around this time THEY HAD set up an interior set for a tavern in Diocletian’s Palace. I’m sure her Belfast shooting was a different interior there.

      I do hope I’m wrong though because, given her fighting training etc., there are much better roles for her than one like that.

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    33. Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series stars House Forrester. They appeared in George R. R. Martin’s novel A Dance with Dragons but haven’t been seen in the TV show yet.

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