The 2017 Game of Thrones Holiday Gift Guide!

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It’s that most wondrous time of the year- when Game of Thrones nerds bask in all the glorious new toys and merch the show and the fandom have to offer! But shopping can be overwhelming during the holidays, so we’re here to make the process easier and more fun for you with our annual comprehensive guide to the best holiday gifts the Game of Thrones world has to offer.

HBO’s new Sigil Snowflake Collection (shown above) offers several pretty choices for fans.  The cleverly created designs embed the sigils of Game of Thrones‘ Great Houses into snowflakes on Stemless Wine Glasses ($9.99), cozy mugs in bright red or storm grey ($14.99), women’s T-shirts ($24.95), and hoodies ($49.99) They’re a good choice for fans who like to be a bit subtle about showing off their love for the show.

stark cake panIf you love using your oven, or just want to experience the novelty of eating a direwolf, snap up the Stark Sigil Silicone Cake Pan! For $15.99, you’ll be able to create and consume one of your own direwolves. It’s great for a weekly watch party, or any party if you’re that hardcore. And if you’re here, you probably are. 

Speaking of House Stark, it’s not too late to get a special stocking for this Christmas featuring the favorite house of the North. has officially licensed Game of Thrones stockings on sale at the moment for $9.99 featuring House Stark, House Lannister, and House Targaryen. The fleece-lined stockings feature the house names and sigils, and come with a handy loop for hanging. Thrones fans love a good hanging.

If you’re still in decorating mode, or are shopping for a fan who loves the season, Etsy is packed with gorgeous and unique ornaments for sale. Place words from A Game of Thrones itself on your tree in bulb form, with the Book Page Ornament ($5.00+). We also love these rustic wooden house sigil ornaments (Set of 6, $22.00) and handmade A Song of Ice and Fire Mini-Book Ornaments ($18.00).

Be a DragonIf you’re shopping for a season 7-themed shirt this holiday, we’re a fan of Jordandené’s Be A Dragon Scoop Neck Tee, featuring Olenna Tyrell’s encouragement to Daenerys in “Stormborn.” ($35.00) I own a few shirts from Jordandené and can vouch for their softness and fit- it’s a great brand for geeks and makes a lovely gift.

A unique new product that debuted just recently is the Game of Thrones Paper Art Collection from Lovepop. (Check out our post on them here!) The cards unfold to pop up into designs displaying scenes from the show featuring Daenerys atop Drogon, Euron’s ship The Silence, a beautiful red-leafed weirwood tree, and more. ($15/each, $50 for a pack of 5)

A fun gift this year is the Winter is Here Gift Set from Brewery Ommegang, including the new brew “Winter is Here” and the returning favorite “Fire and Blood.” In her review, Watchers’ Bex judges this to be the “perfect present for beer lovers and Game of Thrones fans you know, and a great White Elephant present if you like your coworkers. Or one could just buy it and drink it by themselves, no judgment here.” The gift set duo is presented with a commemorative beer glass adorned with a golden Game of Thrones logo. Try Ommegang’s Beer Finder to locate their brews in a store near you! ($25.00)

Culture Fly Premium Box

An option for the major Thrones fans in your life is CultureFly‘s Game of Thrones Subscription Boxnow open for pre-orders, with the first box set for delivery this month, just in time for the holidays! The subscription box is a quarterly gift to your favorite GoT fan (or yourself), delivered four times a year. It’s packed with officially licensed, limited-edition collectibles for $49.99 a quarter + shipping. The special items in the Game of Thrones boxes can’t be found anywhere else.

Game of Thrones Dark Horse magnetsLooking for stocking stuffers and affordable options? Dark Horse has some great ones for you. They’ve released their third set of Game of Thrones Character Magnets this year, a steal at $8.99. The new set includes Cersei, Melisandre, Tyrion, Jon, and Daenerys, and comes with a Game of Thrones logo magnet.

Also new this year are their latest set of Game of Thrones Magnetic Bookmarks for $6.99. The third edition features color portraits of Daenerys, Tyrion, Jon Snow, and the Night King on quality bookmarks. Since so many Thrones fans are also big readers, it’s fun and functional.

Lovers of George R.R. Martin’s stories can tell you that The Hedge Knight is the first of his Dunk and Egg tales, set in Westeros decades before the time of the show. But did you know you can enjoy the novella in a more visual form? The Hedge Knight graphic novel adapts the adventures of young Dunk and his squire at a life-changing tourney. It’s a wonderful adaptation with strong art, ideal if you’re looking for an introduction into Martin’s other tales of Westeros. ($9.94 on Amazon, available in stores everywhere)

Game of Thrones DVD Season 7 Season 1-7

HBO has changed the game when it comes to releasing the Game of Thrones DVD/Blu-ray! Instead of the home release dropping just before the new season, Game of Thrones: The Complete Seventh Season  arrives December 12th, in time for our holiday shopping. As expected, the set is loaded with bonus features such as audio commentaries, Histories and Lore, and behind-the-scenes featurettes. This year’s edition includes the animated feature Conquest & Rebellion: An Animated History of the Seven Kingdoms, a history with narration from many of the show’s stars. (Blu-ray, $39.99; DVD $34.99) Complete details on the set can be found here!

In addition to the Season 7 release, this holiday the Game of Thrones: Seasons 1-7 Box Set is also available. The set includes every season of the show, including all the bonus features and commentaries produced every year. The Seasons 1-7 Box Set is available on Blu-ray ($139.99) and DVD ($129.00) both, and can be pre-ordered now. This is a fantastic gift for the completist who needs to have it all in one great package.

Nan Lawson artIf your loved one isn’t as much into tech and apparel, consider purchasing art! The Game of Thrones fandom has inspired many to create their own takes on beloved characters from the show.

  • Nan Lawson‘s sharp-eyed rendition of “Little Bear” Lyanna Mormont is a special addition to any fan’s collection of Game of Thrones pieces. ($10, 5×7; $18, 8×10).
  • JenSnow‘s collection on RedBubble is a favorite of mine and absolutely should be checked out. “All Freys Must Pie!” is number one on my to-buy list at the moment.
  • Hilary Heffron creates fabulous and fun art. Visit her shop to grab a print of creatively tattooed Thrones characters and so much more.

Another option for the major fan in your life: tickets to Con of Thrones! Join us next May in Dallas to nerd out in the best way possible, for a weekend of fun, surrounded by people who love GoT and ASOIAF as much as you do. Weekend ($159) and day passes ($69) are still available, and make a perfect present this holiday.

Oathkeeper Foam SwordThese next ones may not be terribly useful but dammit, I can’t think of any Game of Thrones fan who wouldn’t love to play with them. The Oathkeeper Foam Sword has a 33-inch “blade” and is a nice alternative to the more pricey replica swords out there. This copy of Brienne of Tarth’s Valyrian steel sword is foam yet durable. ($34.99) Ned Stark’s greatsword Ice is also available, with a 38-inch long foam blade. ($90.00) Whether you bring a sword to conventions for cosplay, use it next Halloween, or just play around with it in your living room, it’ll be satisfying to pass the sentence and swing the sword.

Night King ice cube trayWhy fear the Night King when you can just pop him in your mouth and melt him, right? With the new Night King Ice Cube Tray, you can do just that. Or alternately, make a bunch of cool-looking ice cubes and throw a party! The purchase comes as a set of 3 trays, for $19.99, and provides your next watch party with a neat twist in a glass.

And finally- we love giving people puzzles for holiday gifts, don’t we? So let’s not buck that tradition when there are so many nice Thrones puzzles out there. This year, HBO produced ones based on their Beautiful Death series, the posters paying tribute to the many infamous deaths on Game of Thrones. My favorite of the series transferred to puzzle form is “Violence is a Disease,” featuring the Hound’s resurrection and turn back toward violence after the murder of Brother Ray. The 1000-piece creation is 19″ x 27″, and can be picked up for $19.99 at the HBOShop.

What are you hoping to find when you unwrap your presents this year? Have any special recommendations for Thrones-themed holiday gifts?

Happy holidays from us all at Watchers on the Wall!

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    2. “What are you hoping to find when you unwrap your presents this year? Have any special recommendations for Thrones-themed holiday gifts?”


      • A replica of Arya’s Valyrian steel dagger.

      • Littlefinger Pez dispenser

      • A Jaqen vial. *

      • Thick wool socks embroidered with the words “Winter is Here”

      * Get it? Holiday “Gift”?

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      Love ya Sue! Thanks for everything and have a great holiday season!

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    4. I think I’m going to get the Stark Sigil Silicon Bake Pan. The price isn’t unreasonable.

      But the bake pan should come with Instructions that tell you for best results, the secret is browning the butter before making the dough. Most people don’t do that because it takes up too much time.


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