Game of Thrones 2017 Halloween Guide!

Night King at Hardhome

With Halloween just around the corner (Winter is Coming after all) your friendly neighbourhood Watchers have a handy guide to all things spooky and Game of Thrones related!

Wun WunIf you fancy making an impressive statement as everyone’s favourite giant, the Official HBO Shop has just added a brand new item in time for Halloween.  This fantastic Wun Wun replica mask is based on hundreds of on and off-screen images and was personally approved by the producers at HBO.  Order by the 25th of October to receive your mask in time for the festivities. ($59.99)

If you’re stuck for time and need a ready-made costume there are some brilliant unlicensed versions to choose from (ah, Renaissance Prince and Dark Northern King, my two favourite characters) at

Going the DIY route can be fun and inexpensive.  If dressing as one of the Night’s Watch sounds like your style, you can go for true authenticity with a fabulous Ikea sheepskin rug, available hereIkea have even provided handy instructions on how to assemble the rug into a Vinter Skuldervarmer so you can brood as warmly as Jon Snow!

Those of you who enjoy messing around with face paint and liquid latex are in luck as there are some amazing YouTube make-up tutorials out there. From earlier this year, here’s one of my favourites, a five-minute video with a Night King transformation! There’s an unedited version in the video description if anyone fancies giving it a go themselves!

No Halloween party is complete without some spooky tasty treats! These Ned Stark cake pops are just the thing, and who hasn’t dreamed of one day consuming Sean Bean’s decapitated head on a spike (or is that just me?).


Alternatively, you could vent your Season 7 feelings by consuming a House Sigil in delicious cookie form, make up for a lack of Ghost appearances this year by baking yourself a tasty direwolf cake or simply let the Night King melt into your cocktail, with these fabulous Night King Ice Cubes from the HBO Official Shop.

Culture FlyIf you’re more a treat-yo-self kind of celebrator this year, CultureFly’s new Game of Thrones subscription box is the way to go. The boxes come packed with GoT collectibles, apparel and special merch for fans looking for something unique this year. ($49.99 per box, quarterly/$44.99 per box, annual)

Finally, if you’re in need of some costume inspiration, check out our previous year’s costume and pumpkin compilations here, here and here!  Happy Hallowe’en!

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