Game of Thrones Halloween Costume Compilation


Welcome to the Watchers on the Walloween’s compilation of (mostly) outstanding attempts at GoT costume replication.

While taking in my weekly dose of American College Football and letting my blood sugar get back under control after raiding the Ozling’s buckets, a man perused the internet and compiled your costume submissions into a one-stop shop for GoT cosplay ideas.

Read on if you dare…

The following collection has been culled from your submissions, the WotW Tumblr, the Official GoT Tumblr, and good ol’ twitter itself.

Let’s get it started with this one.A6kyiIfCIAAIeo0


Lil’ Jon Snow?

B1S_poXIcAA7qhy B1Sf8VfIEAEw7Ya B1Sg5jxCcAAavLI

The great thing about dressing as Cersei is that wine is an intricate part of the costume.


So, he IS still alive…B1UFwxrCEAA6V3l  B1UybtgCUAAc76D

WTF?B1YdNllIUAAF_GB BX7vtjQCUAAD8h0 BXsh4BuCUAAYqX6 tumblr_ndyuqfcO2R1qeewyro1_500 tumblr_ne9pocUwAB1rsg038o1_400 tumblr_ne9udqRCg21rsg038o1_400 tumblr_neacv5uYwD1rsg038o1_400 tumblr_neap9u38fI1qmk3c6o1_500

Potentially, the most painful costume.tumblr_neazvaHsP71rsg038o1_400

Not sure this was a Halloween event, but this guy deserved to be included (and possibly considered for casting) regardless.

tumblr_nebc74wzmp1rsg038o1_400  tumblr_nebe3siRW31rsg038o1_400

Game of Phones (and produce)


Game of Bones?

tumblr_nebh1ze2Sb1rwnp75o1_500 tumblr_nebhciBaSP1rsg038o1_400



tumblr_nebmyxvysN1te91lso1_500 tumblr_nebudkVJ8b1qgro8uo1_500 tumblr_nebvd47NY71rfmmmdo1_500

Lots of weird shit going on in this one…


tumblr_nec2mmSUIa1r230zoo1_500 tumblr_nec3iwWVOO1qel2g9o2_250 tumblr_nec3uepwxB1qzomm7o3_250



tumblr_nec6s9CJnL1sn46zzo3_500 tumblr_nec17aQEqa1qdltdlo1_500 tumblr_nec233ffYc1rd7m7lo1_500

Would two of Jon Snow know more than one?


Let it go.  Let it go.




There is something just wrong about this.


But the North will rise again.


At least this guy is not chained.






And these are some damn good costumes…


Happy Halloween from Watchers on the Wall, and may there always be peace in your realm.  -Oz

“Unbowed. Unbent. Unsullied.”


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    1. Great costumes! The one thing I don’t get though is that some people spend so much time and effort to make them and then take a photo with there smart phones against a mirror… Get someone with a real camera to take a picture of you! Not only is the picture quality of phones usually shit, there also are no smart phones in Westeros, dammit! 😀

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    2. That last photo looks quite fun! I bet Mel knows some pretty good party tricks to entertain those feisty Night’s Watch folk.

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    3. “The great thing about dressing as Cersei is that wine is an intricate part of the costume.”

      Surely you’ve mistaken the word “intricate” for the word “integral…”

      Anyhow, great round-up! I really enjoyed lookin’ through ’em.

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    4. Hodor’s Bastard:
      That last photo looks quite fun! I bet Mel knows some pretty good party tricks to entertain those feisty Night’s Watch folk.

      Maybe, but if I were in the Watch, I’d be remembering that Mel’s lady parts are dark, and full of terrors.

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    5. So many wonderful costumes, that must have been much fun!

      Regarding the last pic: After celebrating it already so much on, it’s good to see it now also here; I envy these waiters and waitresses so much!
      And Stephen Dillane looks wonderful scruffy

      as if he’s having a hard time reaching Winterfell and marching through blizzards.

      I can’t wait for it!

      Grey Wind,

      That’s even the second picture with Liam not hanging around with the Wall+Dragonstone crew… Mhm… Hopefully that means something good (*fingers crossed for a good sign for the Northern storyline*)…
      … Or maybe he’s just the one who makes the photo :-/ (Isn’t there a jacket on the chair besides Owen Teale and a glass besides him on the table?)
      Or maybe Liam Cunningham just couldn’t have time for the GoT-Halloween party, but he’s definitely also filming atm/very soon (’cause he tweeted this week “Dublin Westeros, that is all”, which means he traveled to Belfast).

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    6. These are brilliant! Thanks Oz!

      I completely thought the caption “Lil’ Jon Snow?” was referring to Melisandre’s new shadowbaby. Shame on my mind.

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    7. Hey Oz,

      I think you meant to say wine is an “integral” part of the costume, not “intricate.”

      Some of these are great. Love the Melisandre/ shadow baby one.

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