The Game of Thrones Halloween 2015 Guide

Halloween is coming

Game of Thrones has had a natural relationship with Halloween since the show debuted. The Emmy-winning costumes provide a great variety of attractive and delightfully gruesome concepts to choose from. Every year, fans top themselves with creative takes on the season’s biggest scenes- revisit last year’s Halloween parade of Game of Thrones costumes for examples and ideas.

Have you made up your mind yet whether this year you’ll be Jaime or Melisandre or Jon? A book character that never made it to the show? A walking-dead Karsi or still-on-the-stake Shireen? (Don’t groan, I’ve seen that last one before. It was pretty amazing, actually.) Let’s see what our options are this year!

The Starks are still a favorite when it comes to Halloween. The Northern King costume is ideal for those looking to bring Robb or Ned back to life. Post-Red Wedding Robbs are always good, too. Add a bloodied-up wolf mask and you’re set.


The Queendom Come costume from is an excellent choice if you want to go as the khaleesi this year- or you can add more strategically placed cut-outs, and go as the Daenerys-admiring whore from Volantis.


HBO’s official store has some beautiful replicas available if you’re looking for long-lasting cosplaying items. The Cape of the North is the shop’s pricey version of Jon Snow’s luxurious cape, with a faux fur-lined neck and leather straps.

The HBO Shop also offers the black Jon Snow Peascod, worn by men in the Night’s Watch, and the Jon Snow gambeson. The authentic Jon look isn’t cheap, but it is warm and well-made.

The good thing about Melisandre costumes is that they leave a lot of room for creativity and flexibility in the budget. Essentially, drape yourself in any red gown and a red wig, and stare at people for uncomfortable lengths of time, and people know who you are. (The Dutch/Asshai accent is a little harder to master and not necessary.) The right Melisandre jewelry with your Halloween costume can make it stand out- there are pieces for sale on websites like Etsy to accessorize your red priestess.

This next one’s a DIY, courtesy of– the Walk of Shame costume. If you have a flesh-toned body suit, a shameless affection for your brother, and a relentless friend to follow you around, you can pull this off. (King’s Landing flashers not supplied.)


Shame Costume

The Dothraki are making a big comeback in season 6, and constructing a costume for a man or a woman in the Dothraki style is a DIY option this year. The rough-cut woven fabric used in the costuming is simple to replicate and instructions abound on the internet. Example of making Dany’s Dothraki costume found here.  Throw in an arakh if you’re feeling feisty.

Of course, it’s Halloween, so it’s time for jack-o’-lanterns. The Game of Thrones fandom usually turns it out in this area as well. If you’re not artistically inclined, pick up the Game of Thrones Pumpkin Pattern Package, which includes 9 Game of Thrones stencil patterns.


Tweet a photo of you in your Halloween costume at @WatchersOTWall this year, over the next few weeks, and we may include you in our 2015 Halloween parade!

Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of


  1. That direwolf pumpkin is da bomb. I was just thinking if I went ahead and tried doing one and how it would look nothing like it

  2. Darquemode:
    OH that Walk of Shame costume is just wrong! XD
    Seriously…. Shame!

    I agree, but it is original. It was the only costume that got my attention.

    I don’t dress up for Halloween. I turn out the lights, put a jack-o-lantern filled with candy outside the door and call it good watching last season of GoT’s.

  3. Two years ago, our family went to Disneyland for their Halloween bash, and I figured it was a good excuse to go all out for a costume, which I usually disdain. We were coming off of Season three, where Jaime spent a lot of time with a gross hand hanging from his neck, and his arm in a sling.

    I decided that to combine those two things (Disney and GOT), I would dress as if I were Mickey, dressing as Jaime for Halloween. I got some mouse ears with “Jaime Lannister” embroidered on them (they refused to write “Kingslayer”, which was clearly better), and a pair of those oversized, white “Mickey” hands. I wore one of them on my left hand, bloodied the other one at the “stump”, and hung it from my neck. I then got a black shirt and stuffed the right arm so that it could “hang” from a sling, and kept my right arm behind me under my cloak ($10 grey fuzzy blanket from Ross:) as much as I could. It was by no means perfect, but I got some great looks, and more than a few knowing nods or “OMG, Amazing!” type comments from those in the know.

    It always takes the costume industry so long to get caught up to these trends, it’s almost always better to just DIY it.

  4. I’m looking forward to any White Walkers around the neighborhood this year. Extra treats for them! Red priests/priestesses would be cool as well. I’ll be tempting the guardians of these youthful denizens to try my bowl of brown.

  5. Lana Cat of the Canals’ outfit would be awesome for Halloween! I don’t think it would be difficult to find something similiar to the singular pieces, on the internet…
    Mandatory the “OYSTERS, CLAMS AND COCKLES!” shouted the whole time, aww (:

  6. Actually, I would give a significant door prize for anyone dressed as a convincing “Walter White Walker” BB/GoT mashup.

  7. Last year some of my fellow uni students and I dresses up as various charas and went for a ride (horses were dressed up too!) hopefully we will manage to pull it off again this year 🙂 It quite frightnened the kids as we rode through the streets…..
    I mean a WW (on a grey with red wounds painted on), a version of Coldhands ( w/blue eyes and horse wore moose antlers), Robb (including a Husky ehm Direwolf 😉 ) A Joff (purple faced) and a rather bloody Oberyn on his sand steed

    it was awesome. if we do it again I will be sure to take pics. we forgot last year….

  8. First time poster, long time lurker here. You’ve finally coaxed me out of the shadows. Hi guys and gals!

    Hodor’s Bastard,

    All you really need is Heisenberg’s hat and glasses on a WW costume, if you ask me… Same as my avatar 🙂

    Edit: Kinda makes ’em look a bit Amish, I just noticed. Take from that what ye will.

  9. I tried to buy a Walter White/White Walker/Walking Dead T-shirt combo but failed (it needed 50 people to order it-I should have just screenshot the pic and got it printed myself).

    Has this costume thing always been popular in the U.S.? Here in the UK kids only started trick-or-treating recently. When I was a kid we’d dress up as a black cat, witch, skeleton or ghost if going to a party. We’d bob apples and eat toffee apples and that was about it.

    Guy Fawkes (bonfire night) always seemed a bigger occasion.

  10. I was thinking of doing the Sister Unella thing with a friend doing a version of Mylie Cyrus post Hannah Montana. Yelling “For Shame” the whole evening could be a lot of fun.


    I thought the green dress in this pattern had a bit of a Dany vibe. Hallowe’en isn’t quite as much of a celebration in the UK as the USA. I’ve sometimes seen some small witches, skeletons and ghosts out on the night (sometimes with a parent in tow if they’re very young) although I didn’t think skeletons and ghosts ate. When I worked in London some teenage lads ‘trick or treating’ told the lady at the local launderette (laundromat) “We don’t want sweets, we want money”. She told ’em not to take the p***!

    To be fair the walk of shame costume may not be the most professional costume but it does show ingenuity – and who wants to spends 100s on a costume for just one night of the year.

  12. Full disclosure: I didn’t create that meme, just snagged it from a site (can’t remember which now) because it was just too good. The realization that Walter White and White Walker are only a mere 1 letter different from each other was quite the epiphany, too!

    On the plus side, it made choosing a username for commenting on this site super easy, as otherwise I would’ve been back and forth about what to choose.

    EDIT: Just for laughs, has anyone seen the default name under the People search on They might wanna rename themselves WhiteWalkerPages if they keep it saying “e.g. Jon Snow.” Add the fact that their W tab logo looks almost identical to this site’s, and you’ll understand why I wound up back on here tonight. Hahaha.

  13. If you can link me to an Oberyn Martell costume I’ll shave my facial hair to look like Pedro Pascal’s

  14. Where does one get a wildling costume to do Tormund Giantsbane? I have the same hair and beard but haven’t found something I could cook up that looks as slick as his grey outfit.

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