WotW Awards: Best Guest Actress Preliminary Round


Today’s poll for the Watchers on the Wall Awards should be a lot easier than the last category voted on, when our readers here were asked to narrow down a list of 31 “Funniest Scene” nominees to just five.

Then again, maybe it won’t be. We have nine very talented nominees today for Best Guest Actress of Game of Thrones season 4, and room for only five on the ballot in the final round.

You might notice one name missing from the list. I’ll have to go back on something I’ve been saying- that I won’t reveal any poll top five winners until a few weeks from now. Out of necessity, I’m letting everyone know now that Carice van Houten has won one of the slots for Best Supporting Actress, and so she won’t be on the ballots for Best Guest Actress, naturally. Congrats, Carice!

Now, with that out of the way…onto what we need you to do: we’re asking that each of you select up to FIVE nominees from this poll. You can choose fewer, but you can’t choose more.

At the end of 72 hours (Thursday 8/28/14 at 12PM Eastern Time), whichever five actresses have the most votes will continue on to the finals. (Note: in the final rounds, you will only have one vote to cast in each category!)


The results of the poll will be revealed when it’s time to choose the final winner of Best Guest Actress in a few weeks. In the meantime, feel free to debate and campaign for your favorites.

Happy voting!

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    1. Can someone remind me in which scenes Shireen appeared in in season 4? She was one of my favourites in season 3, but I can’t recall any speaking scene in season 4.

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    2. Johan Sporre,

      Shireen was in a scene with Melisandre in 4×02 (I think–can’t exactly remember the ep number), where she sasses Melisandre about whether R’hllor exists or not (after the burning of the Florent and the awkward Stannis/Selyse/Melisandre dinner party). She also has a reading scene later with Davos, where Davos gets the idea to apply to the Iron Bank for funds.

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    3. Johan Sporre,

      The scenes that come to mind are: Shireen and Melisandre talking after they burned the non-believers (post-awkward family dinner), and Shireen working Davos on reading and then he gets the idea to write to the Iron Bank.

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    4. Mole’s Town whore wins, hands down, no competition. That sexy, burpy, voice… That brown mole that looks like a goat shat on her face… Those pouted lips… And she had the swagger- no one can say she had no swagger.

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    5. Surprisingly weak category from top-to-bottom. Normally I max out my check-boxes halfway down and have to get nitpicky. I didn’t even use them all for this one.

      Kate Dickie all the way. Would have voted for Indira as well, but not on the list. I suppose I have no one to blame for that but myself. Didn’t pay much attention in the nomination stages. Whoops!

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    6. I had to nominate Anya Waynwood cause I loved her take as the first woman at the head of a House we met in the show, and she had some great dignity, stature and voice.

      But in the end, it will be between Kate, Tara and Kerry for me.

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    7. Johan Sporre,

      She has scenes with Melisandre and Davos (in the latter case, inspiring him to contact the Iron Bank).

      Kate Dickie is the clear choice for this category, in my opinion. As soon as she showed up in episode 5 I began to regret that she wouldn’t be around much longer; I’d much rather have more scenes with her acting opposite Sophie.

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    8. Dickie? Dick me. Yes she was good but no offense she is typecast at playing psycho bitches.

      Hannah is sexy as fuck. And she raped Sylnt with a turkey leg.

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    9. Slim pickings so I think Kate Dickie should walk it. Gemma Whelan tried her damnedest with the little they gave her though!

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    10. Kate, Hanna and Gemma. While I think that Gemma’s Yara storyline was poorly written , she did a good job with what she got. Her and Alfie exchange was the best thing about the Dreadfort rescue failure.

      Hanna killed it all around. And Kate was rather superb in her Petyr Belish marriage entrapment scene and definitely nailed the psycho with Sansa.

      That being said, NONE can hold a candle to my Mel!!!! I *heart* you Carice

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    11. Really only five legit nominees here as I can see:

      Kate Dickie – kind of obvious so I’ll let others talk about it.

      Tara Fitzgerald – real strong work from her, especially in the scene with Melisandre, where she regards her somewhat skeletal visage against Mel’s amazing body (and a scene where the nudity in particular was important and worked well).

      Hannah Murray – She’s great as Gilly, and did a lot with a little bit of activity this year. I give D&D credit for not overusing certain performers this year, as it left me wanting more of her.

      Kerry Ingram – I found her scene with Mel also terrific, and she’s got such great rapport with Liam Cunningham.

      Gemma Whelan — Sure, Yara gives up a bit too quickly (it needed another 20 seconds of that realization sinking in), but she’s still seriously awesome and I hope we get more of her.

      But never mind all that. Dickie’s going to take this in a landslide.

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    12. niuchacz47:
      So you did consider Hannah Murray as a guest actress even though she is in a main cast.

      The rules were pretty clear: If they appeared in 3 episodes or less they were considered guests, but when I did the vote-counting, I allowed for whatever readers were suggesting too. There were a number of votes for Carice for Supporting Actress in the prelim round, and an absolute ton of votes for Alfie Allen for Supporting Actor, even though those 2 only appeared in 3 episodes. There wasn’t any similar support for Hannah Murray in that respect.

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    13. Greatjon of Slumber: The rules were pretty clear: If they appeared in 3 episodes or less they were considered guests, but when I did the vote-counting, I allowed for whatever readers were suggesting too. There were a number of votes for Carice for Supporting Actress in the prelim round, and an absolute ton of votes for Alfie Allen for Supporting Actor, even though those 2 only appeared in 3 episodes. There wasn’t any similar support for Hannah Murray in that respect.

      I was of the opinion that it would be weird and not really right to nominate Alfie as guest star, since he has been a regular since season 1 and will continue to be a regular. So, I support this decision…
      However, this also means that the Best Supporting Actor will be really competitive this year and that I won’t be sure who to choose… Unless some of the actors who had big storylines this year are moved to the Lead category, which I’m really wondering about, since I can’t think of more than 2-3 male cast members who would definitely be considered leading actors this year and that nobody has been nominating for supporting actor category instead.

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    14. We’ve had some very tough categories thus far. But while all the actresses here did good work based on the material that they were given, I found this one fairly easy to narrow down to a final five.

      Kate Dickie – This is pretty self-explanatory. In just two appearances this season, Lysa Arryn covered an extraordinary range as a character. She was tragic, a consequence of her love and devotion to a man who encouraged her to commit terrible acts, but who never loved her in return. She was villainous, as she terrorized her innocent niece and ultimately attempted to kill her for a perceived crime. And she was comedic, by the virtue of being (in the most affectionate sense of the term) utterly bat-shit insane. Normally I would try not to give away my pick to win this category in the preliminary stages of the competition, but in this case, the choice is clear. Kate Dickie should win this category, because more than any other character in this field, Lysa Arryn had a massive impact on the direction of this story, and in bring her to life, Kate left a major impression that won’t soon be forgotten.

      And also because if she doesn’t ultimately win this category, I’m fairly certain that Oz, our fearless and beloved Unsullied leader, will cry. 😉

      Hannah Murray – Despite appearing in only three episodes, Gilly actually had a pretty nice little arc this season. Hers is the kind of role that in the hands of a lesser performer would be easy to lose amidst the shuffle of big events and character moments happening up North, or to simply be branded as “Sam’s love interest”. But the way that Murray plays her, I find it easy to appreciate that Gilly is tough, savvy, and more than capable of handling herself. I remember being surprised that Hannah Murray was promoted to the main cast for Season 4, but now that she has been, I look forward to seeing her get more to do.

      Kerry Ingram – Kerry Ingram is all kinds of awesome. Shireen’s best moment this season probably came when Melisandre attempted to persuade Shireen than the burning of her uncle and other non-believers was welcome and necessary. “Women scream when they give birth,” Melisandre told the Princess matter-of-factly, “Afterwards, they are filled with joy.” But Shireen was not impressed with such logic. Instead, the little girl with steel in her spine stared down the powerful Red Priestess and called bullshit. “Afterwards they aren’t ash and bone.” Lest we needed more examples of Shireen’s wit and fortitude, she followed that up by rebuking Davos for his tardiness to his reading lessons and sassing him for his inability to get overcome his instincts in when and when not to pronounce a hard “g”. I love the teasing but ultimately warm relationship that those two characters share.

      Looking forward to Season 5, I’d love to see Shireen get scenes with fellow reading enthusiasts Sam and Aemon, as well as fellow wayward child Olly. And Jon Snow. Hell, just give Kerry Ingram scenes with every character who currently resides at the Wall, whether they advance the plot or not. It’s in the best interest of everyone involved

      Paola Dionisotti – For this season, at least, Lady Waynwood was a one-off role, although she could certainly return next year. But in addition to capably embodying one of the few women who we’ve seen ruling their House in her own right, Dionisotti left an impression when she was listening to Sansa explain that Lysa never loved Jon Arryn, but married him anyway because “She did her duty, as so many of us have.” Immediately after Sansa said that, Dionisotti closed her eyes and dipped her head very slightly, as if she were acknowledging and remembering a similar fate that her character may have endured years before. A subtle moment, but a very commendable one.

      Tara Fitzgerald – Wait, the crazy lady who keeps her stillborn sons in giant jars and keeps her daughter locked away in a tower might possess some depth and be worthy of sympathy? You don’t say! Selyse Baratheon isn’t going to be winning awards for tolerance or Mother of the Year anytime soon, but from Fitzgerald’s performance, you can certainly understand why this woman is so profoundly unhappy, and why she might take comfort in such extreme faith. In Selyse’s conversations with her husband over dinner or with Melisandre in her chambers, Fitzgerald continuously allows Selyse to betray just an ounce of hope that Stannis might still think of her with affection or regard, only for that hope to be swiftly and brutally extinguished. At that point, she retreats back to her platitudes with a certain level of resignation. With such small grace notes, Fitzgerald helps a character who would otherwise be regarded as villainous begins to adopt an aura of tragedy.

      Well, at least until the next time Selyse threatens to beat her daughter. Any fool who dares to lay a hand on Princess Shireen will lose that hand sooner or later. That’s just common knowledge.

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    15. Tara Fitzgerald doesnt get nearly enough love for her performance on GoT, everytime she is on screen she is always fantastic as that R’hllor fanatic.

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    16. Kate Dickie will win this one it seems. Therefore, to give the vote for my other favourite more weight, I solely went with Shireen.

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    17. Dickie all the way.
      I was kind of underwhelmed by Gemma this year, although I’m aware it’s basically the material that she as been given ans the weird execution of it all. Like showing Ramsay and Myranda banging while she delivers her monologue, WTF moment if there ever was one.

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    18. Incest & Wargin’,

      The avatars work with the Gravatar system. You must’ve registered one at some point and then forgot? That avatar will appear anywhere you use the email address you are using. You can log into the Gravatar website to change it.

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    19. The only serious contenders are Lysa Arryn, Shireen Baratheon, and Gilly.

      And while I really like Shireen, and she had about as much to do as she did last year, and Gilly was great too, Kate Dickie was just incredible as Lysa this season….and that’s not even including the sympathy vote that she’s leaving the show.

      I mean she was just *evil*, and moreover had “range”, flipping between fake-nice and outright manic hysterical.

      I usually vote for actors who show a wide “range”, though sometimes also someone who is only “tragic” but emotes so well and is so note-perfect that it compensates for lack of range (which is just a function of the script; someone whose child died isn’t going to be comical).

      So I’m calling it now that Lysa should win.

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    20. We shouldn’t have nominated Mole’s Town whore, but Marei, who at least had some pleasant scenes with the Martells; I wouldn’t have voted for either of them, though.

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    21. Ingram is compelling in her scenes, but I am going to have to go with Dickie on this one. I mean seriously, she plays crazy better than anyone.

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    22. Katie Dickie – Do I really need to explain?

      Hannah Murray – The character could have been really annoying, but I really liked her scenes with Sam this season.

      Tara Fitzgerald – She was great in that awkward dinner scene, and I actually felt really bad for her as she was trying not to compare herself with the naked, beautiful woman who seduced her husband.

      Kerry Ingram – I almost forgot about her sassy scene with Melisandre, which made me love Shireen even more.

      Gemma Wheelan – Decided to go with her even though she barely did anything, and was part of the worst executed scene of the season, but her reading Ramsay’s letter was really well done. And honestly I had a hard time remembering who some of the other people were, and certainly didn’t remember their acting making an impression on me.

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    23. Ryoko Masaki: I am going to have to go with Dickie on this one. I mean seriously, she plays crazy better than anyone.

      In this season, absolutely, but my all time favourite in the crazy department is still Harry Lloyd…

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    24. Kate Dickie and Kerry Ingram. I almost skipped Kate b/c I want Kerry to win, but I’m sure they’ll both be on the final ballot, and she earned it.

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    25. As that guy said at the end of that movie…(“Horrible Bosses”) to the sexual deviant dentist played by Jennifer Aniston, “You craaaaazzzyyyy bitch!”

      And yes, Lysa Arryn…was like that…and Kate Dickie was, is and will be…my choice!

      She was awesome and took her final flight out the Moon Door with such gusto and grace!

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    26. Princess Shireen’s school of literacy is always a good time, so Kerry Ingram

      Gemma Whalen, who did a wonderful job with a shittily cut scene

      Hannah Murray makes Gilly sassy and strong but damaged and fragile

      Tara Fitzgerald, who lent complexity and pathos to Selyse

      But ultimately, Kate dickey, bc my god, the switch flipping from sweet to psycho!

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