Wall Nuts: Watching people watching Game of Thrones, kids who reenact it and GoT retro gaming style

Some funny videos for you today. College Humor has often found inspiration in Game of Thrones in the past years. This is their latest attempt:

And from the mom.me channel comes – Kids Reenact Emmy-Nominated TV Shows. Game of Thrones is the lead piece, and the rest are just as adorable, in my opinion.

Last but not least, a video from Ozzy Man (no connection to our Oz!), coupling scenes from S4 with a retro gaming sound design.

Hope you liked this edition of Wall Nuts. Tastes differ, especially with things such a humour … and nuts.

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    1. Those are exquisitely hilarious. LMFOA. I have to admit to sometimes being the one who asks a question about the future of a character and then doesn’t want to know.

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    2. OT: We had a lot GoT theme covers over the years, but i don’t we had a country/western one yet. In other news: The HBO GoT channel on youtube has over 1 million subscribers now. By far the most out of every HBO youtube channel.

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    3. Dear god, even College Humor tacitly assumed that Jaime was raping Cersei….because that’s how the scene was portrayed. I as a book reader didn’t even realize this (your mind glances over stuff you already know) but rewatching it, non-book readers would have EVERY REASON to think that Jaime is raping Cersei.

      The writers said he wasn’t so that was terrible camera editing instead of a drastic character change, but it was still dumb as hell. I can only hope the MASSIVE and WIDESPREAD response to this will get Benioff and Weiss to ease up on shit (dear god, even YahooNews ran a story on this, it was as widespread as it gets).

      What’s even worse is how much Benioff and the others bungled the response; if people ask “hey was that rape?” you categorically respond “no”…there’s no such thing as “maybe” when it comes to rape! The fools.

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    4. zod:

      *Crossing finger, toes, eyes, whatever it is I have that can be crossed!!!*

      I can’t watch the show with my friends who haven’t read the books, anymore, just because I realize that by watching for their reactions, I may inadvertently give something away…or at least give away the fact something big is about to happen. It is fun watching reactions, though. Thanks for the videos.

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    5. The Dragon Demands,

      Well the thing is, in their “Inside Game of Thrones” video for that episode Benioff said “He essentially rapes her” but that video was taken down, surely because of the controversy. The thing is, responses of the people involved in it differed a lot and they eventually piled on top of “It was supposed to be consensual” excuse while it was most likely shock-value bs that required a lot more thinking and if a female writer was involved a lot in the production I doubt it would have passed through.

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    6. The Dragon Demands,

      I still think he basically raped her in the book, too. He didn’t listen to her “no” before it turned into a “yes”. Why do we think he would have stopped if that didn’t happen?

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    7. Ah, it’s good to see these posts again HMR! Some people might be alergic to Wall Nuts, but I’m definitely not one of them.


      These are also good, thanks for posting.

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