How to Write Your Dragon… in a Dance of the Dragons Prequel – A Video Essay


The recent news that we might be getting a Game of Thrones spinoff featuring the Dance of the Dragons in the not-too-utterly-distant future inspired me to explore how dragons might be portrayed in such a story.

What do you think? Are you excited for the (potential) Targaryen prequel? And what’s your take on dragons? Tell us below.

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    1. Everything is better with dragons, so I’d welcome the prequel, no matter what story they will be part of!
      Hodor! Do we still hodor?
      Oh, and sweet essay, Petra!

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    2. Nicely done Petra! 👏🏻
      I’m so excited by the possibilities and I’m thankful for this site that keeps us in the know. 🙏🏻

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    3. A dragon is not a slave is used frequently throughout the main series. They will be portrayed as war criminals to some, pets by others, slaves weapons, and loyal. Depends whose perspective you will take.

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