Game of Thrones takes Tormund to the Wintry North & Kit Harington and Maisie Williams return to film in Belfast


Today, we bring you a spoiler-free report on the comings and goings of three cast members, including Kristofer Hivju, who shared a behind the scenes glimpse at the set.

Our lovable redhead is not the only cast member spotted in Northern Ireland. Before Kristofer even arrived, Maisie Williams was sighted at Belfast City Airport, presumably leaving, as she had already been photographed in the city earlier on the day:

On a day we need some #GirlPower, I bump into this kick a$$ beauty @Maisie_Williams @GameOfThrones

Una foto publicada por Gemma Godfrey (@gcgodfrey) el

Watchers on the Wall reader Iolair shared with us an encounter with Kristofer Hivju, who arrived yesterday to his hotel in Belfast. Today, on his Instagram, Hivju showed he is already hard at work in this behind the scenes look at… —Well, mainly at his beard:

WINTER IS HERE! #behindthescenes

Una foto publicada por Kristofer Hivju (@khivju) el

Could he be filming with Kit Harington, now that he’s left Seville and returned to HQ? Could Kristofer’s mystery shoot in Northern Ireland be connected to Wolf Hill Quarry? The site, rumored to be a season seven location, is now busy with green screens and fake snow, not unlike the white glaze in Kristofer’s mighty beard shown in the photo. It should be clarified these connections are merely speculative. Nonetheless, whether Krisofter is working at Wolf Hill Quarry or not, and whether Jon Snow is involved or not, Game of Thrones is undoubtedly filming a scene starring Tormund in the wintry North.


  1. And that wildling fellow with the beard!!…

    I love the job that the actor does with this character!! I too have very good control over my eyebrows…maybe it’s a ginger thing lol!

  2. Oh, that’s snow in Kristofer’s beard. I just assumed it was beer foam, specifically Ommegang Valar Dohaeris Triple Ale.

  3. Mi,

    We have some actual Jorah spoilers, but those will be saved for another day. There’s some exciting stuff happening in Spain over the next couple days so we’re focused on that. 🙂

  4. Mi,

    Who knows at this point. Note that the child being Ramsay’s is just Wiki’s speculation because of s6. Their spoiler is only that she give birth, not who the father is too. It could be someone else’s if there’s any truth to it
  5. Lol, a lot of work goes into that beard.

    I wonder if Sophie came over with Masie since they usually travel and stay together

  6. Let’s not pretend every spoiler we read is right. Don’t forget Lady Stonehead leading army from last year. Sometimes sites that get the location or a couple of photos post fake spoilers..

    A birth is an inside shooting, so you have either to read the script ot have really inside info.

    If she has a child it can only be LF, since she never meets Ramsay or anyone else in the book. A baby is important for the end if it is born, but the leaks would have mention this if it is true.

  7. Oh my…here we go again!

    I have no idea, but those leaks keep shocking me. I was 100% sure Sansa was not pregger with Ramsay…
    I am torn here, because I assumed season 7 time span would be of tops 4 months…But, on a second though, all those Jon Snow travelling from North, to South, to North, to South etc, maybe it is possible that Sansa actually has time to give birth.
    Sansa and Cersei work as parallels showing what could happen to young, naive girls raised with romantic notions about knights and marriage when faced with the game of thrones. That season 7 might actually end with both Sansa and Cersei dealing with pregnancies is a very real possibility.
    Hopefully, this is just a rumor
  8. aeris,

    There is only one season left, I hardly think they’d throw something as pointless as that in at this point. There would be no point to it. Those so called spoilers are not very realistic at all.

  9. Tormund staying north & The Brotherhood heading that way? Theres potential for some seriously epic banter from Tormund, Thoros, Beric & Sandor 😀

  10. When people latch onto a *theory they really don’t let go huh? I highly doubt those spoilers are true, why are people so obsessed with this happening? It’s gross and would serve absolutely no purpose aside from torturing Sansa’s character further. No thank you!!

  11. Yippee!!!! I love Tormund scenes – always good value, and any interactions with Jon, Davos and Brienne are amazing. I would love to see more development of the understanding he and Davos were entering into in 609 regarding Jon and his leadership through the Long Night. And anything Tormund/Brienne related is just automatically fabulous – something I never knew I needed until I had it!! 2016 is a year I am sooooo ready to be rid of, but I will always have fond memories of Brienne/Tormund scenes!! Even without dialogue, they were simply perfect.

    I felt that in season six the emphasis moved from King’s Landing to the North (and Beyond the Wall) and so to hear of new scenes been filmed there is fabulous. As was the case with last season, it is the Northern arcs I am really looking forward to in season seven.

  12. MI that spoiler about Sansa is 100 % FAKE.

    that was not included in the original leaks.So no it’s not real.

  13. Dee Stark: But the title talks about Kit returning to Belfast but the article doesn’t mention him returning? Or a fan sighting or anything?

    It does:

    “Could he be filming with Kit Harington, now that he’s left Seville and returned to HQ?” The show’s Headquarters are in Belfast 😉

  14. Do we have any reasonable confirmation as yet of a scene with both Jon and Arya this season? The Jon/Bran ‘near miss’ at Craster’s Keep just seemed annoyingly superfluous to me, and I really hope they don’t pull that kind of gimmick again in S7 just to yank our chains.

  15. Sansa / ramsay will never happen in books so she should not have a child bolton, I think if that spoiler is true the father should be LF or Jon …

  16. mario,

    I don’t believe the spoiler. She would have ditched the kid asap once she found she was pregnant being as it was the product of rape, torture and mutilation. The only reason to stop her would be Jon knowing about his past and convincing her not to revisit the sins of the father onto the child. I can’t see Jon finding out early though. Bran forestalling her actions is another possibility.

  17. Simon,

    Agreed and why would they bother with a pregnancy when in the books she doesn’t even marry Ramsey therefore a spawn of his wouldn’t be ‘end-game’. I expect after what he did to her, she won’t be letting any man touch her for a long time.

  18. Kathy,

    But a child may serve some purpose for the shows tragectory. I hope not though and there should have been more of an indication by now that there was a bun in the oven. Ramsey’s “I’m I part of you” line is metaphor l hope.

  19. Maisie looks thrilled to be constantly stopped for selfies.

    Simon: She would have ditched the kid asap once she found she was pregnant being as it was the product of rape, torture and mutilation. The only reason to stop her would be Jon knowing about his past and convincing her not to revisit the sins of the father onto the child.

    Plenty of women keep their babies that resulted from rape and they didn’t need a heroic man to talk them into it. I doubt the rumor is true, but HBO Sansa may want a child to love and further the family lines and inherit the Dreadfort. Ramsay’s actions are not the baby’s fault.


    People take the pregnancy “spoilers” seriously. Oh c’mon. This is the third season in running people expect Sansa to be pregnant. It’s almost as repetitive as the Lady Stoneheart watch. Never gonna happen, guys.

  21. Stark Raven' Rad,

    Guys this is supposed to be spoiler-free. Now everyone has been informed about this possible leak. If you absolutely need to talk about stuff like that in a supposed spoiler-free post, please cover it up.

  22. Rygritte,

    Agreed and that’s why I suggested there were arguments for her not to act however it is Sansa who said your house and family will be obliterated from memory just before she let the dogs tear Ramsey apart. Yes the child could provideSansa with a path to redemption and self healing but I don’t think the show runners would let that through. Having Cersei drinking moon tea is one thing, having Sansa doing it another.

    The only reason they might go down this path is if the child is significant. A child for Sansa might replace Little Sam’s roll in the books. In print little Sam is still at the wall with Mance’s child taken south to protect it. I have the funny feeling little Sam straddles two worlds just as Jon does. In this instance he is not of fire and ice but rather of human and non human, as he was promised to the Others but has not yet been give over yet. Perhaps he still has a roll to play. Like wise Sansa’s child to Ramsey might also represent a similar duality being Human/Stark and Other/Bolton.

  23. Rygritte,

    Given how many months have elapsed on the show since Sansa was last with Ramsay, that clearly is not happening. Indeed, if she had not yet given birth, then she would be heavily, heavily gravid!

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