The North Remembers: June & July 2012

Raven LogoSummer. Three years ago. The second season wrapped up (to think we’re now discussing season six already!) as we were still reeling from the awesomeness of episode 209 “Blackwater”.

  • The finale aired at the beginning of June and broke the viewership record with 4.2 million, passing 4 million for the first time. Three years later, the number stands at twice that.
  • Casting for S3 was going strong. We got Kerry Ingram (as Shireen), got the first word of Tara Fitzgerald joining (as Selyse, as we learned later), while Clive Russell joined as Blackfish. We also got Charlotte Hope (as Myranda), Nathalie Emmanuel (as Missandei), Mackenzie Crook (later revealed to play Orell), and Philip McGinley (as Anguy). We also posted about the rumour that Diana Rigg was joining the cast (later confirmed to play Lady Olenna). We also figured out that Iwan Rheon was cast to play Ramsay (though he was initially only listed as “Boy”).

  • At San Diego Comic Con, we learned some more confirmed names in addition to the above: Paul Kaye (Thoros of Myr), Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Jojen Reed), Ellie Kendrick (Meera Reed), Richard Dormer (Beric Dondarrion), Kristofer Hivju (Tormund Giantsbane), Tobias Menzies (Edmure Tully), and Anton Lesser (Qyburn).
  • Speaking of Comic Con, there was of course a panel discussion (led by GRRM himself), the video of which you can watch – and relive the moments – right here.
  • The show was confirmed to return to Morocco (after some of the unaired pilot was shot there) and Dubrovnik, Croatia, and the list of directors for the season was revealed: Alex Graves, Michelle MacLaren, Dan Minahan, David Nutter, and Alik Sakharov, alongside David Benioff & D.B. Weiss, who were to try themselves in that role for the first time.
  • S3 filming started in the second week of July, and the season was slated to premiere on March 31, 2013.
  • On the more controversial side of things, it was revealed and officially acknowledged that one of the prosthetic heads on spikes bore the likeness of George W. Bush (after D&D mentioned that in the DVD commentary). HBO subsequently apologised and digitally altered the footage.
  • A full size replica of the iron throne was made available for purchuse – for a lowly price of $30,000 USD.

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    1. Stannis

      YES! I can’t believe that’s all been 3 years ago. Soon we’ll be looking back on the series as a whole.

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    2. Oh god, I remember finding the Game of Thrones credit on Rheon’s CV (I went looking after that photo of him at Lavery’s surfaced) and freaking the hell out. I was on vacation with my family, sitting in the dark and messaging from my phone which I could barely type on.

      Here’s one from my email archives…My message to Winter with Rheon’s GoT credit-

      “I cant post from my phone and I dont know that we should but holy cow I think he’s Ramsay. His CV just says Boy though….”

      Oh and “Im shaking with dork happy.”

      And then we discussed Myranda and how she must be one of Margaery’s cousins. Ha.

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    3. Ah.. When the show went into the sophomore-stretch.. (I consider the first two seasons as freshman year xD)..

      Sue the Fury:
      Sword of the Morning,

      Not really, but I’d heard unofficially that there would be very limited filming in Croatia this year.

      Something along the lines of “biting the hand that feeds”..

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    4. Another email from a couple years ago :

      “I have the feeling this actor named Joel Fry has also been cast, he’s been followed by Nathalie Emmanuel and another dude I know is a GoT extra on Twitter in the last couple days, and he’s in N. Ireland at the moment but there’s no real proof he’s on the show so I’m keeping an eye on him. His CV is accessible but there’s no GoT on it yet.”

      Never could confirm anything….and then EW announced he was Hizdahr a couple weeks later. Never occurred to me he could be Hizdahr. Fuuuuuck. And now hottie Hizdahr is dead. 🙁

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    5. I’m always impressed with the detective work you guys go to in order to confirm castings and rumors (like who started following someone’s twitter 🙂 ).

      These are always so much fun to read. Maybe I’m off base, but in the past has there been more casting information released from the powers that be at this point or is this pretty typical? Maybe I’m just still suffering withdrawl symptoms and expect too much too soon!

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