Second week of shooting in Dubrovnik, a glimpse of Cersei and Magisters of Pentos

*Updated with additional photos and minor spoilers* Take a look at the costume details after the cut.

Shooting continues around the Jesuit staircase today, and as has become habit, we have a whole lot of new photos for you.  The Seek New Travel blog has provided an update, with the following sneaky photo of Lena Headey in costume during her scene.

Mild spoilers after the cut.

The report from the set is that this was a scene of Cersei walking the stairs, in mourning garb, escorted by a Kingsguard knight. Noblemen line the stairs, while a crowd stands at the base of the stairs controled by Gold Cloaks and Lannister soldiers.

It is pretty amazing how much gets photographed and put online, despite the reportedly strict security. The blog also posted a whole lot of extras in costumes waiting on stand-by off the set, and more photos of the Dubrovnik streets set-decorated in detail.

Of particular interest is this photo, where three extras in orange are being photographed for reference by the crew. The discerning eyes of our readers will recognise the type of outfit as that worn by Magister Illyrio Mopatis of Pentos in season one! A nice surprise, though there has been no indication what role they will play in the overall picture.

Below are the updates as of 11:35 EST (Dame Pasty).

In this photo we a see couple of extras. In the forefront is an older man wearing some type of ceremonial pixane or gorget with a fantastic Lannister lion. There’s a red velvet cape over one shoulder, tooled leather belt and metal clasped tunic. Something about this tunic reminds me of some of the all black ensembles that Twyin used to wear. And the guy behind him, in black with what looks like a velvet cape–not sure if there’s any House details on his outfit.

In this photo we see a woman dressed in an outfit exactly like the ones Lady Olenna wore and behind her several brightly colored extras. There is at least one other older woman in the photo collection wearing a similar style dress with veil around the head and neck (a style made popular in our world by Eleanor of Aquitane in the latter part of the twelfth century).

And speaking of House Tyrell, here is an extra in what looks like the same dress that Margaery has worn in the past.

An interesting shot of the extras taking a break. Note the guy in the front with a tippet (aka a stole in the non-religious context) with the seven pointed star. Again we see a smattering of colors from both House Tyrell and House Lannister among the crowd.

This photo shows what appears to be a family in more somber colors–one would presume for Tywin’s funeral.

And of course, set work is never done. Here the crew seems to be working on a staircase, plastering or painting it to age it or perhaps to hide modern details.

There’s plenty more to see in the full set of photos over at the Seek New Travel blog.

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    1. aurane waters,

      He could be combined with Osney but if he is

      he would need to be present so the HS could beat the truth out of him about false accusations later in the season, but then how would he be with Mace in Bravos looking like he’ll become a CotC victim? Surely the HS wouldn’t just let him go?

      but who knows how DD will reroute things to come to their conclusion

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    2. MyDogDaemon,

      actually could that be margaery?? the sunlight hitting her head maybe making her look lighter in the photo, because that dress looks a little fancier than the extras’ dresses.

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    3. aurane waters,

      I don’t think it’s Margaery, Olenna or Mace as others have suggested. If you click on the link to the blog, you’ll see that some of the costumes the extras are wearing are extremely resembling to those worn by Marg, The Queen of Thornes and Mace on the show. I’d go as far as to say that their costumes are being “recycled.”

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    4. Ken,

      I can buy the “recycled dress” theory. That green dress and head covering is what Olenna wore when she meets Sansa for the first time if memory serves.

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    5. It’s Margery next to Mace next to Olenna. The only question I have about the picture is where is Loras?

      Was he taken by the sparrows before the funeral?

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    6. The “recycled” costumes are also a deliberate, yet subtle sign of how the Tyrells are affecting the fashion of the capital. The costume designers talked about that before.

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    7. you know considering that we have yet to see any confirmation of natalie dormer,charles dance and dianna rigg filming on set, it gives me a little hope that there are still some castings for KL that haven’t been announced yet. not much hope, only a little.

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    8. So the magisters have a uniform? That seems silly. Sure, a uniform while court is in session, but for walking about, I’d think they’d change into casual wear. Have they never heard of Casual Fridays??

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    9. aurane waters,

      She gets more adorable every time I see her!

      Any chance the characters who are dressed very similar to other people (Olenna, Margeary, etc) are their doubles? Maybe they need them for some long shots but rather than fly the actors out for such minor shots they use lookalikes and just have the actors film the close ups and indoor stuff abck in Belfast?

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    10. Could it be possible Kevan Lannister has been recast? Is the dude in the red velvet cape a known actor or have any known significance about him?

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    11. On the “recycled” costumes: At first I thought stand-ins… for minor shots, long shots etc. Save flying the actors out there for, say, 2 seconds at a distance outside the Sept, with the inside being shot in Ireland or what have you.

      But I’d go with what Hear Marko Roar says above… the Tyrell influence on fashions in the capital beginning to proliferate. It was something they did with Sansa’s hair through the season… from her original style in the North, she started wearing it in a “Southern style” after moving the King’s Landing, and then moved to a style more like the Tyrell/Reach ladies as her friendship with Margaery grew.

      Also, there’s one lady in Tyrion’s trial scene I always think is an Olenna stand-in, but it’s just an old lady in the Tyrell group with a very similar outfit to those worn by Olenna, but not as elaborate… not as much embroidery and the like. So they have done it previously, with the Tyrell style being echoed by others. It’s the same with these outfits, to me, same style and cut etc., but not as many of the details and embellishments as those worn by the Tyrells themselves.

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    12. Jordan,

      My guess is he’s a Croatian extra who is supposed to be a Lannister cousin or uncle. I can’t recall an instance of an actor allowing their photo to be taken so blatantly in costume though (I imagine they get warned about that sort of thing), so I doubt he’ll have any lines or anything.

      As for the Pentoshi-garbed extras, they’ve been in KL set pics before. I know there were one or two in last years Trial by Combat set photos for instance.

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    13. its very obvious that they`r shooting

      Tywin`s funeral

      and that old guy in the lannister custom made me think if he is Kevan lannister recast

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    14. So, there’s Pentos, most likely! Now the only question is whether it will feature in the opening credits. They should break the mold and start using 7 models per opening instead of 6 IMO. Otherwise, we’ll get similar glaring ommissions as the Eyrie last season.

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    15. Fjordgazer,

      This doesn’t indicate that there will be Pentos, though I think there probably will be given how many times they’ve namedropped it in the show’s past seasons. There have been extras in Pentoshi garb in KL since s1 actually (I’ve just learned by looking through a ton of old show photos) and these guys are supposed to be in KL too.

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    16. Wonder why all the light security? Simple, it’s called misdirection, notice how there are no spy pics of the Sand Snakes or Dornish story line. D&D are so deviously diabolical.

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    17. tyjon,

      Or… you know, maybe it’s nothing so absurdly Machiavellian, maybe D&D are not planning their busy and expensive production schedule around the very few thousands of fans who pay attention to leaked filming photos.

      Honestly, the real reason is rather plain, in that it is both obvious and boring. These parts of the King’s Landing storyline are filmed in the public streets of a small but densely populated tourist town. Meanwhile, the Dornish storyline has been filmed, as of now, in an isolated Irish beach; just as with the other natural filming locations, a beach gives the production the possibility of enclosing an enormous amount of space to avoid intruders (and we still got tons and tons of pictures of Jaime, Bronn arriving by boat and in land, and of Dornish raiders). In a couple weeks, the Dornish storyline will be filmed at a private Spanish palace, so we’ll probably get absolutely nothing out of it.

      That’s the real reason that we’ve seen plenty of Arya and the Iron Bank in Bravoos (shot in Split, a city) and Cersei in King’s Landing (shot in Dubrovnik, a city), while we only have shoddy photos of characters whose scenes take place in fields, mountains or beaches; and no photos at all of characters whose scenes mostly take place in sets built for the show. As simple as that.

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    18. I don’t know if anyone saw, but Patchface said he would have an update with some exciting news soon. He posted it in the early morning today on the Murlough Bay article. I’m pumped! 🙂

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    19. LukaNieto,

      Why so serious? Of course the reason is that Dubrovnik is a public arena and there is like zero chance of keeping anything secret whilst filming is there. I agree with Greenjones, they do need really tight security for one certain scene though, because the media will pounce on that for sure if any spy pics leak, can we say naked Lena body double.

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    20. And its very difficult for fans to capture pictures of all the greyjoy ships marauding since they film those scenes so far out at sea with their enormous mechanical Krakken. Winter is coming, so are the greyjoys…….We Do Not Sow

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    21. TheTouchOfFrost,

      In my case, by now I have resigned myself to tentatively accept Patchface’s reports. I don’t take them as established facts, but I do take them into account. If I remember correctly, some of what he has said in the past has later been confirmed, and not all of it was obvious speculation (although not impossible to make up.) I personally don’t find him as suspicious as I did in the past. Still, of course, it’d be swell if more of what he said could be corroborated.

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    22. Carne:
      They could be body doubles.

      That’s what I thought. Body doubles for Olenna and Margaery…

      maybe a bit of running from/struggle with Sparrows might be in the works?

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    23. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Magisters of Pentos.

      Back during the Arya pics we got on Braavos, I noticed a couple of Pentos outfits in the crowd of extras, too. My guess is they’re going to gradually scatter them around the world, so as to not make Illyrio seem so alone and out of place.

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    24. LukaNieto,

      Think it’s the nature of the beast. I’m ok with him as it is. A nice mid point between speculation and confirmation. Plus the moniker is glorious for book readers! 😛

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    25. Will do,

      Any source for this?

      I wonder if a doll will be used for Tywin’s corpse during the procession, with Charles Dance only reserved for close-ups, or if it will be him all along.

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    26. LukaNieto,

      Just curious but how much do you suppose an actor of Charles Dance’s caliber would earn for lying down for hours, possibly days, to play a stinky rotting corpse? Any guess

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    27. Will do,

      would really appreciate it if you could send to admin. don’t think you would get in trouble for posting them btw…people have been posting pics all week lol

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    28. Will do,

      you can post the pictures in the comments here. and they’ll see them. after they see them, they’ll post them… i don’t think you’ll get in trouble at all because there have been like 200 pictures of filming this entire week. they’re everywhere. if they couldn’t stop you while taking the pics then they can’t do anything now.

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    29. Will do,

      you can just post the pictures that don’t reveal too much information??? it would be nice to have a confirmation of margaery being on set. but there have been soooo many paparazzi and instagram pics the entire week, i don’t think it would matter much anyways.

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    30. StandOzone:
      If not a recast Kevan, I think he’s a body double.

      If anything, I’d say body double. The actors are generally pretty protected from the “paparazzi” during filming.

      I also wouldn’t be surprised if some of these extras we seeing are, indeed, body doubles, to prevent having to send the actors to Dubrovnik for one scene outside. I find it odd that at the top of the stairs of the Sept of Baelor we’d have extras that look and dress like Margaery, Queen of Thorns, etc, but are not meant to be those characters. Time will tell!

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    31. The Magisters seem to be part of the funeral crew. Could the costume have been repurposed? What would Pentos men be doing in Tywin’s funeral?

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    32. Will do,

      Also Will, can you tell us about the funeral procession and the penance walk? Were the extras directed to treat Tywin’s corpse or Cersei in any particular way? Were there characters from past seasons in the crowd? (I realize that probably won’t be adapted, and probably wouldn’t be filmed with a large crowd anyway.)

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    33. davy,

      Guys, open the link, there are I think at least 2 or 3 other men with that lannister costume, they are just extras (wich is sad, because I want kevan back). Great to have new pics, and I’m excitedly waiting for Patchface’s new info as everyone else!

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    34. Hermann,

      He got a very specific detail right that he could barely guess without inside information (that the beginning of the Walk will be filmed on a set in Lorkum). Other than that, most of his info was either obvious to everyone or is still unconfirmed.

      I say, take his info with an open mind but don’t go as far as thinking it’s confirmed or definite until it really is.

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    35. Yeah, the Lannister gorgets are on a couple of people. I’m going with them just being extras… maybe doubles for long shots, or shots from the back. They’re certainly not recasts.

      It’s the funeral of the most powerful man in Westeros, so everyone who is anyone is going to be there… Hence the Pentosi/Magisters, the ones who live in KL as traders or diplomats. These Lannister extras will be extended family or similar, if it’s even mentioned. More likely they’ll just be there, in Lannister colours/clothing, for Cersei and the rest to walk past on their way into the Sept, or as they arrive.

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    36. StandOzone,

      He’s a white old man. That’s basically all the resemblance I see. Also he’s much older and probably a local extra, just like everyone around him, and not an actor.

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    37. Hermann,

      He said he has friends within the production crew and has claimed many things wich where later proven true by either official confirmation or other sources. His info is to detailed to be simple guessing and he was proven wrong so far.

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    38. StandOzone,

      That man is surrounded by extras, in a place open to the public as opposed to where the actual actors are. He also looks much, much older than Kevan, and still considerably older than Tywin, who is supposed to be the older brother. Considering all of that, but especially the first point; how is he not an extra? I’d bet a hundred bucks he’s is exactly that. Ten bucks that he doesn’t even have a line. Hells, I’d bet at least a couple dollars that we won’t even get a close-up of him. I know people want Kevan to show up, but does anyone want him so bad that they will assume a random person has been recast as the character just because he’s wearing similar clothes?

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    39. Aryamad,

      We know about it. It was published by a Spanish site, but didn’t belong to the same batch of set photos (from Croatia). No one confirmed it and it looked suspicious, we’re in touch with our sources. Dinklage not shooting in Spain (yet), either. So it’s either a promo shoot type of thing, or doctored somehow … Therefore nothing reliable to go by. We’ll see if we figure out what was going on later.

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    40. Ser Florian,

      The pentoshi magisters are there likely because of Tyrion escaping to their city. Perhaps they came to appease Cersei, or to give her info on Tyrion. It doesn’t make sense that now all of a sudden they are going to introduce pentoshi magisters just to attend Tywin’s wedding.

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    41. Abyss,

      It’s not fake. I’ve said this a couple of times here but that costume is the same one Peter Dinklage was photographed in in August when he filmed scenes in a blue boat in Antrim. Also he will have a beard in s5 which we know since he currently has one and is shooting. Also the windows of the building he’s at in the pic are the same as the only non-Wintefell building from the Moneyglass set pics last month.

      It’s true that that photo isn’t from Spain like the person who posted it said but it came out at around the same time when we got news about the Brothel Guard’s casting and Dinklage and Conleth Hill having shot a scene with him in N.I. My guess is they shot at that particular Moneyglass set and someone took that set pic.

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