Shooting of the Walk begins in Dubrovnik

Meryn Trant

We have some new pics and the latest filming news from the set of Game of Thrones today.

According to our sources, Natalie Dormer, Lena Headey, Ian Beattie and Diana Rigg were on the Game of Thrones set in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and filmed several scenes. The actors continued filming Tywin’s elaborate funeral procession, and then shot the start of a major scene from the show’s fifth season.

SPOILERS below the cut!

The show filmed again on the Jesuit steps in Dubrovnik, with the Faith Militant characters armed among the peasants. Our sources report it was planned at the filming Cersei would walk from the Jesuit steps, which is standing in for Fleabottom in King’s Landing.

The funeral procession was filmed in the same area as the planned beginning of the Walk but filled with less hay and peasants.

We also have a couple photos submitted by the source, below, of Ian Beattie (Meryn Trant) on the set:



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    1. He certainly looks very disheveled. Is this because it’s casual day or

      he is both somehow Mercy-ed in Braavos and implicated in Cersei’s trial? Or just that they were filming a scene with him in it as the same time as the start of the walk, and he just happened to look like Mal from Firefly?

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    2. Hmm, Meryn Trant looks like he just got out of a brothel or has a drinking problem. Maybe he was supposed to be guarding Tywin’s quarters? And as punishment he’s sent off to accompany Mace Tyrell to Braavos?

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    3. If Trant is there for the walk, there’s no way

      kills him in Braavos.

      But it’s definitely possible Ian Beatie was there just to shoot for the funeral.

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    4. Oh god cersei is going to sleep with trant isn’t she ugh ugh ugh I want to throw up. Except it seems like the high sparrow isn’t going to torture him??? Maybe d&d trying to show more of the unfairness of the WOS??

      I wish there were some lena or Natalie pictures

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    5. Morgan,

      Aurane Waters,

      This picutre is quite confusing in light of those Arya pics.

      Maybe what we assume will happen with Arya this season (“Mercy”) won’t. Instead, perhaps Trant drops off Mace in Braavos early in the season and then plays the role of a Kettleblack. Then, Arya encounters him next season?

      I don’t know if that makes sense, but if not, it seems like he somehow gets off a bit easier than his Kettleblack counterpart (well, at least until he meets Arya).

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    6. Aurane Waters,

      Trant is sweaty and without his armor, that’s all we know. Also, the scenes at Braavos we saw (Tycho receiving Mace and Trant in the port and taking them to the bank, and Arya noticing Trant) were from the last couple of episodes, if I remember correctly. There’s plenty of time for Meryn in King’s Landing, to fulfill whatever role D&D wish; but, at the same time, his story will probably end in Braavos, taking the place of Raff the Sweetling from the TWOW “Mercy” chapter. To jump from the snippers of information in this news article to “Trant will take the place of the Kettleblacks and he will sleep with Cersei” is… much more than a stretch.

      My boring but more grounded guess? That’s just Ian Beattie out of Trant’s armor. Nothing in those photos screams anything remotely fascinating to me. Certainly not “He’ll bone Cersei!”

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    7. Luka Nieto,

      It’s not jumping to conclusions, it’s me trying to make sense of things. Trant is the main KG besides jaime on the show and he’s at the walk and looks a little beat so I don’t see how me thinking he’s taking the role of osney is jumping to conclusions

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    8. Aurane Waters,

      He’s not at the walk… where did you get that from? Read the article again. They were shooting multiple scenes today.

      Aurane Waters,

      I’m pretty sure that’s not right. I remember the slate but, if I’m not mistaken, other information contradicted it (maybe the director was spotted? Not sure.) Anyway, they couldn’t possible get Mace and Meryn out of the city and into Braavos (let alone Arya in her role of Cat of the Canals and doing the “Mercy” scene) by episode 2 of next season. Wouldn’t that be ridiculous? I’ll check previous articles to confirm.

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    9. Aurane Waters,

      Who said those pics were from the Walk? Because I don’t think they are. They’re most likely from after shooting the funeral scene wrapped up, since Trant was spotted there escorting Cersei.

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    10. Luka Nieto,

      David Nutter was spotted filming the Mercy scenes, so that’s either episode 9 or 10

      EDIT: Yes, it also said episode 2 next to where it said David Nutter (which IS contradicting info) but since David Nutter himself was seen in the set pics, it’s safe to say that the 2 was wrong. Which makes complete sense, since there’s no way that stuff happens so early.

      And on how Trant looks… That’s just the actor. He took off the armor once he was done filming in the heat, so he’s a bit tired and sweaty. I doubt that Trant is supposed to be tired and sweaty as well.

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    11. jentario,

      I just assumed that while David Nutter was mostly filming the Mercy stuff for his own end of season episodes, he also shot one brief scene for episode 2 that happened to be in the same location etc instead of bringing in the other director when he had to be there anyway for his own scenes.

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    12. aurane waters,

      Hm, because the director line-up was officially announced not so long ago, basically just before filming started? Because that has never, ever happened before? Because it would be nonsensical and a nightmare for the production team, especially for the directors, who were preparing for their specific episodes?

      Let me see your line of thinking. For you, it’s least likely that the “EP2”-labelled slate was a mistake or a short scene from that episode that Nutter directed for convenience; and it is instead more likely that directors have been changed around at the last minute, that Mace will leave KL in the premiere and that Arya will arrive at Braavos, go to the House of Black and White, meet the faceless men, begin training, become Cat of the Canals and arrive at material from *the sixth book*… after a single episode. Did I get that right?

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    13. okay i feel more relieved now, i hope you guys are right that meryn trant’s hideous old ass won’t be touching/sexing cersei

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    14. The theories made from the vague set pictures make me laugh sometimes! It’s like tossing a french fry to a flock of seagulls… look at them go!

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    15. I love reading these debates. I have missed it. I must admit that I was worried too when I saw that Meryn pic. Once again the cool headed jentario clears things right up and ends the panic. Now if Hodors Bastard can chime in with a witty one liner right about now. It will be classic.

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    16. maybe it’s Jaquen/The Kindly Man in Meryn’s face and he’s off to kill Balon and mess around Oldtown whilst liaising with Missandei. Or maybe it’s just Trant for the funeral.

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    17. Morgan,

      It’s possible. It would be tight, but it could be done. Walk could be in E9, Mace & Trant go to Braavos in E10. Longer journeys than that happened in single episodes quite frequently in seasons 1 & 2, to the extent that people joked about Littlefinger & Catelyn having jet packs in season 2.

      I don’t think there’s any reason for them to devote any screen time to the journey, just have one scene of them being ordered to go to Braavos to deal with the Iron Bank (E9, or early E10), and then arrive in Braavos mid to late E10. I’m not really expecting Trant to be in Braavos for very long. They managed to keep Stannis’s visit to Braavos quite short, and I think they’ll do the same with Trant (not sure whether Mace will hang around there for S6 or not).

      Also, since Mace & Trant seem to be filling Harys & Raff’s roles, it would actually be more consistent for them to leave for Braavos shortly after the walk.

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    18. Casso,

      S5ep10 is looking more interesting with each post.

      Arya culminating her training with a major strike against Westeros rule while shortening her mental hitlist. Trant’s death will be epic. I hope he utters “Mercy” before he perishes. Also, Daznak’s Pit should be in ep10, Jon will face some unfriendly daggers, maybe a Dorne surprise, and maybe Brienne runs into a few old friends.

      I’m excited already.

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    19. Hodor’s Bastard,

      Brienne and old friend (friends?)…

      I pray day and night for this becomes true… neither Euron nor Jon Connington would make me more happy than

      the return of Catelyn Tully


      Nevermind, I think that Arya

      won’t kill Trant in 5×10 but 5×09… and as punishment, she will become blind after confessing to JH/KM in 5×10.

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    20. StandOzone,

      Do you think Arya

      was punished by the KM as a result of her “personal” kills? Interesting. Was JH punished for his “adhoc” kills for Arya? I always thought that “Cat of the Canals” and “Blind Beth” were part of her training, not punishment in any way. I think by killing Trant, she effectively graduates. I’m so looking forward to the realization on Trant’s face and the look on Arya’s face as she truly becomes an FM. Classic ep10 moment!


      Praying for Cat’s nine lives over JonCon & the ironborn? Wow…that is passion indeed!

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    21. I’m pretty glad the faith militant is in the show. I found their plotline pretty interesting in the books and reckon they might have a big part to play later on.

      Might even take control of the throne once the Lannister/Tyrell alliance collapses.

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    22. Hodor’s Bastard,

      You are right… Actually that was not a properly punishment but as you said, part of her training. And, yes… I’m guilty… Cat over Greyjoys and Jon Connington… the Riverlands zombie story is very creepy… but I really want Euron Greyjoy on TV! Unless Mad Mikkelson portrays him, I have never thought that he is a good choice… Although I’d be happy if Jon Connington and fAegon made the cut, I can live without them.

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    23. Hodor’s Bastard,

      I didn’t see the blindness as a punishment either (at first it seemed like it might be, but once book 5 was published, it seemed quite clearly just part of the training). I’m thinking they might cut the blindness part entirely for the show, or if they include it at all it will be a brief part of the training sometime around episode 7-9, before Trant arrives.

      By all appearances, they’re trying to get through basically all of books 4 & 5 by the end of season 5, so ending Arya at the end of her book 4 storyline would put her way behind. Going by the assumption that they’re going to cram all of Arya’s book 4, 5 (and a bit of 6) into this season, I’d guess something like:
      Ep. 1-3: Arriving in Braavos, getting rid of possessions, early training.
      Ep. 4-5: Becoming Cat of the Canals, and learning about Braavos
      Ep. 6-7: Killing Dareon (or someone filling his role) without permission.
      Ep. 8-9: First sanctioned assassination (insurance salesman). Possibly preceded by blind-training if there’s time, otherwise immediate graduation after killing Dareon.
      Ep. 10: Killing Meryn Trant

      It seems to me that they need Dareon (or someone else in his place) for Arya to kill earlier in the season, because they need some kind of mid-season material for her.

      I’m assuming that they’re going to get to the end of Jon’s arc this season, which means they need to get the LC election done early and get Sam, Gilly, & Aemon out of Castle Black. There haven’t been any sightings that I know of related to Sam & Gilly’s storyline, but maybe they’re filming that primarily indoors where we can’t see it.

      It seems to me like cutting this storyline would create big mid-season voids for both Arya’s storyline and Sam & Gilly’s, which they would then need to fill with…something. I don’t see why they would invent a totally different storyline there when they have a perfectly good one that gives them a great opportunity to throw some established characters together rather than inventing new characters.

      Also, if rumors are true that Jaqen H’ghar is at the HoBaW, having Sam & Gilly stop at Braavos on their way to Oldtown would be a good opportunity for Jaqen to hitch a ride on their ship and end up in Oldtown as well (just a bit later than in the books).

      I know that a lot of people think Oldtown will be cut entirely from the series, but I still think it will show up in Season 6 (and we may even see it from a distance at the end of S5). If they cut Oldtown completely, they basically have to completely replace Sam, Gilly, & Aemon’s storylines for the rest of the series with something absolutely completely different.

      I don’t really know where the Oldtown storyline is going in the books, but putting Samwell, Jaqen, “Alleras”, and Marwyn together, and throwing in a magical Valyrian artifact makes me think that this storyline is going to have some significance that can’t just be dropped without seriously breaking the end game.

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    24. Hodor’s Bastard,

      I forgot the moment when Arya becomes the Ugly Little Girl… I must to confess, it is not one of my favorite chapters of Arya, although it could works for TV. If it is well done, the secret chamber will be grim enough, and will be an awesome scene. If LS appears, the best way to introduce her will be through Brienne at the end of S5. And then a cool opening for S6 where it is showed when Beric gives her the kiss, all this through a blind Arya’s dream (she doesn’t need to be blind for dreaming, but if she doesn’t have wolf dream before 5×10, I think this will be the best way to begin).

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    25. StandOzone,

      I’m hoping for Euron as well, though I could see them holding him back until S6.

      They could have Balon’s death in S5, with Euron’s ship in the distance, then have most of the book 4 Iron Islands content happen off screen. Yara hearing that Balon was dead and Euron seized the throne, Cersei hearing that the Shield Islands had been taken by Euron (and the Tyrells wanting to go home to defend their land).

      Then after that build-up, they could cast Euron in season 6, for whatever his end-game material is…possibly connected to the Oldtown plot with Samwell & Jaqen, since his reavers were in that area.

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    26. Casso,

      Maybe killing the insurance salesman may be a challenge to decide whether or not to accept Arya in the HoWaB, and then the “no-punishment” (make her blind) will be a late training. I think there’s no need for Daerion (although he was mentioned by Sam in S3).

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    27. im not gonna read all of this but wasnt “mercy” after the walk? from what we know of aryas new WOW chapter…its after the fact…yes its all too soon but there are so many jet packs in westeros/essos. as much as i love this site and everyone who contributes to it, it gives me so much anxiety! over a tv show (i know, there are bigger things to worry about)

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    28. Luka Nieto: My boring but more grounded guess? That’s just Ian Beattie out of Trant’s armor.

      That’s what it looks like to me too , it looks hot if not very warm there and Ian has just taken the King’s Guard armor off , that stuff would make anyone sweaty.
      Interesting Ian Beattie has been in every season , with a speaking role, tho only a very small one. Maybe he gets more this season.

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    29. Boojam,

      Considering it’s probably his last season, I imagine he will get more lines than ever before. We’ll probably revisit his “greatest hits” (killing Syrio Forel and beating Sansa) before Arya gives him the “Raff the Sweetling” treatment from TWOW’s “Mercy” chapter, as the photos from the filming at Split suggest.

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    30. Casso,

      The Braavos storyline has amazing possibilities for interaction of interesting characters.

      One thing of concern though is that Arya’s storyline does shed a lot of blood. Her transition into a FM is an incredible read (imho) but I wonder how it will be portrayed onscreen. It can’t be too subtle yet it shouldn’t make her into a cold-blooded killer either. I’m sure the showrunners will be tempted to go the latter route but I’m interested in her development of purpose, which will need to be developed faster on the show than in the books.

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    31. ATTN. Watchers on the Wall staff! 🙂

      Relevant info: the Osuna arena will feature extras dressed as slaves and Unsullied soldiers, which we basically already assumed. This is more interesting: Peter Dinklage will indeed be filming in Andalusia, presumably in Osuna; so it seems he’ll be at Daznak’s Pit after all. Also, aside from using the Alcazar’s gardens, they will film a dinner scene inside one of the rooms.

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    32. Didn’t realize until now how much Ian Bettie looks like a younger version of the bookseller at the beginning of the Neverending Story. This is not safe.

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    33. Mine is the Furry,

      Lol. Luck dragons look like big sleepy dogs not as intimidating as danys pet lizards.

      Btw. I saw a picture of the kid from 1st neverending story online recently…..looks like he probably has a couple bodies buried in his backyard

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    34. StandOzone:
      Hodor’s Bastard,

      I pray day and night for this becomes true… neither Euron nor Jon Connington would make me more happy than

      You’re not alone, friend. I’ll never stop bitching about her being cut. What a waste of great material.

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    35. There filming tomorrow in sheherezade villa in dubrovnik aswell as ploce gate and a back Street in old town. Any ideas why they would be filming at the villa?

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    36. Felt Pelt:
      He certainly looks very disheveled. Is this because it’s casual day or

      he is both somehow Mercy-ed in Braavos and implicated in Cersei’s trial? Or just that they were filming a scene with him in it as the same time as the start of the walk, and he just happened to look like Mal from Firefly

      Well, I wouldn’t have thought that, but if he does

      then Capt. Tight Pants lost the Serenity in a drunken poker game, is out of touch with Inara, and has gone seriously to seed.

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