Exclusive new pictures from Game of Thrones filming in Dubrovnik


After a steady block of continuous filming in Dubrovnik, the Game of Thrones cast and crew are taking a well-deserved break today.

Over the past five days, different King’s Landing scenes have been shot in the Croatian city. One of our sources recently took a trip to Dubrovnik to see the sights firsthand, and has kindly given us a collection of his own images to share with the fans.

Spoilers/speculation below the cut.

Here we can see gatherings of the large number of extras who have been filming over the last few days. Those we’ve seen so far include Flea Bottom peasants, members of the Faith Militant, Kingsguard, gold cloaks, Lannister men-at-arms, and two Tyrell litter-bearers.









Update: It turns out that the following two extras are likely Margaery’s litter-bearers.


Here’s a close-up of the mockingbird sigil that marks the entrance to Littlefinger’s brothel. Its presence is interesting, to say the least, as we know that Littlefinger is currently in the Vale.


Here, we have images of the various sets and props that have been used so far in Dubrovnik. An incredible amount of work goes into designing and integrating these into the city each year.







The image below is quite insightful. In the distance we can see a contingent of gold cloaks and members of the Kingsguard lining the steps, with the royal litters in the foreground. As we know from yesterday, it is during this scene that the crowd can be heard screaming and jeering.




Update: 3 more images from our reader Jake, including one with Cersei:


  1. The image on the steps, when looking closer, has two different banners. One is Tommen’s Stag & Lion, the other looks to be either

    Tyrell Roses

    or maybe

    The Faith of the Seven (seven circles / symbols) however that doesn’t match any description that I can remember
  2. Something about seeing the Faith Militant, Kingsguard, Gold Cloaks and Flea Bottom residents lounging around together and checking cell phone msgs makes me chuckle.

  3. My first thought looking at the unfamiliar costumes was highgarden, I can’t recall, have we seen any Tyrell guards/army on screen before?

  4. Ser-Hodor,

    These are Tyrell roses.

    We’ve seen those same banners in more details on other pictures.

    I hope the gold rose on black field is done exceptionally for the funerals and really hope it’s not the permanent Tyrell sigil (I dont remember having seen their gold and green sigil so far on the show).
  5. Accalia:
    My first thought looking at the unfamiliar costumes was highgarden, I can’t recall, have we seen any Tyrell guards/army on screen before?

    As I noted in my previous comment they look a lot like the ones carrying Margaery in episode 301.

  6. Dragonslayer: As I noted in my previous comment they look a lot like the ones carrying Margaery in episode 301.

    They even look exactly the same, actually, so yeah, these guys are probably Tyrell household.

  7. Arkash:

    These are Tyrell roses.

    We’ve seen those same banners in more details on other pictures.

    You can see the green-and-gold Tyrell sigil during the tourney of the hand (S01E04). But it seems to me that they have almost changed the Tyrell colours to blue and gold now, which is a shame.

  8. Sunfyre: You can see the green-and-gold Tyrell sigil during the tourney of the hand (S01E04). But it seems to me that they have almost changed the Tyrell colours to blue and gold now, which is a shame.

    Actually, the lack of proper Tyrell banners is weird in the show. It’s one of the only major Houses whose sigil has not been properly shown so far.

  9. It looks like Loras is seized at Littlefinger’s brothel, which seems to rule out the “he’s only detained while Margaery is arrested” theory… I’m liking this less and less.

  10. I am sure the Faith Militants will storm in Littlefinger’s brothels…

    Maybe he will have to leave the Vale for the capitale to plead for his business and let Sansa alone with sweetrobin for some time…

  11. Ser Patrek,

    yep. I really do think the faith militant walk on him while he’s having sex or something. the only question is whether cersei snitched or not. considering that it seems like the faith militant will be literally going all around KL to get ride of the “dirt”, i’m not 100% convinced that cersei snitched on loras.

  12. jentario,

    it’s always possible that Loras ran from them or that the Faith wanted to get him in a more secluded spot. but since mark mylod was seen with him, it was definitely a scene for either ep 3 or 4….way too early for margaery’s arrest.

  13. aurane waters,

    It was also implied he had a scene with Tommen, and Tommen didn’t seem to be present during the arrest so… The Mylod Loras scene could have been the one between him and Tommen while Loras’s arrest could be in a later episode. But yeah, it’s possible it happens really early I guess. Seems a bit weird, but maybe.
  14. Does anyone else think it’s likely that Loras may be executed by the Faith? I mean, he’s just

    waiting for death on Dragonstone at the moment in the books, and I can’t see D&D including the siege…
  15. The presence of Little Finger’s brothel to me, implicates Olyvar. He seemed to have taken charge of Little Finger’s brothel last season. Also, he’s been used to seduce and get information from Loras once before (in Season 3). He may be working with Cersei to set up Loras for arrest.

  16. jentario,

    If Loras is going to get arrested by the faith because of his sexuality, then I really don’t expect it to be a long arrest, only temporary. Just a subplot by d&d to show the harshness if the faith and give Finn some screen time more than anything else

  17. Ser Patrek:
    Does anyone else think it’s likely that Loras may be executed by the Faith?

    Since Loras is now a consolidated stand-in for all three Tyrell brothers, his fate would depend on whether the show has anything important for him to do in later seasons based on those roles (GRRM, at least, claims Willas and Garlan will be roles to play, but we have no idea whether that will make it into the show).

  18. In photos, we’ve only seen a few King’s Landing characters for S5 thus far – Cersei, Tommen, Loras, and Margaery (by way of her litter.) Obviously Mace will be around, but he appears to leave King’s Landing in previous set photos. We know the High Sparrow will appear, and Olyvar. We’ve heard rumor of Olenna returning. But we’ve seen no Pycelle, no Kevan, no Lancel, etc. Surely at least some these characters have to return, otherwise who will Cersei interact with?

  19. Kyle,

    Obviously only characters that have exterior scenes will film in Croatia. So that may not count for Kevan and/or Lancel.

  20. Dutch maester,

    That’s very true. Where was it rumored that Cersei’s walk would be filmed? I would at least expect to see some of the characters I mentioned present for that scene, though the security may be so amped up that we may get absolutely no set/spy photos from it.

  21. Kyle,

    I heard they will film the start and end of it in another location (in Dubrovnik), so we’ll have to wait and see. I’m still holding on the Patchface’s claim that we’ll see Kevan and Lancel again. Also, someone needs to act as Hand, and since Mace will be out of town and Pycelle or Qyburn obviously don’t qualify, who else but Kevan could fill that spot?

  22. So.. at this point.. is it safe to assume there’s not gonna be a Taena Merryweather?

    In the books she was a key character because you really felt she was feeding Cersei’s fire and paranoia. Not to mention she was the only one Cersei sort of trusted besides Qyburn. And if she does end up being revealed as a Tyrell double-agent later down the books, the show’s gonna be missing out.
  23. Renly’s Peach,

    I really don’t think she’ll be in. And I’d say she didn’t really influence Cersei, rather serve as a character she got to share her plans with. So not really an essential character.

  24. Kyle,

    Pycelle, Qyburn and Merryn Trant are also in, then there’s the High Sparrow and Septa Unella. Cersei has plenty to interact with even without Lancel and Kevan (though I hope that they’ll get worked into the story).

  25. Dutch maester,

    I too am putting my trust in the words of Patchface. Speaking of which, I haven’t actually seen any words of Patchface recently. Anyone know what’s happened to him? I’m assuming it’s a him based on the book character being a him, apologies Patchface if you’re actually a her.

  26. Renly’s Peach,

    The cheapest decision would have been cast Aurane Waters, and merge him with Taena Merryweather, the Blue Bard and Osney Kettleblack. I know that the denomination “Waters” only apply to the bastards of King’s Landing area, but Aurane could have a mother from Reach, who took him away from King’s Landing about the time of the Robert’s Rebellion (if he actually has Targaryen’s blood). Then introduce him along with Loras and Margaery at Tywin’s funeral… At Tommen’s wedding, he could inform to Cersei about Margaery’s secrets. Later, when Cersei corroborates the truth, she could send him to kill the High Septon… and as a reward, Cersei could appoint him the Master of Ships, then ask him to try to seduce Margaery, and make him confess to the High Sparrow that he bed the king’s wife. Consequently, he would be tortured by The Faith, in order to know all the true… after all that, he would have enough reasons to flee again, this time with the Crown’s Navy.

    But let’s face the truth… I think that we won’t get neither Taena nor Blue Bard, neither Osney nor Aurane. Such a pity.

  27. Dutch maester,

    Are you kidding? She was a huge influence for Cersei throughout AFFC. She was the one who assured Cersei that Margaery was plotting against her, and basically played Cersei like a fiddle while planting little seeds of doubt and hostility between them. In hindsight, it’s almost a dead giveaway that Taena was secretly in cahoots with the Tyrells from the beginning, which makes her a really interesting piece. She’s Cersei’s equivalent of Shae with Tyrion, right down to her possibly testifying against Cersei in her future trial.

    And all of that aside, bringing in Taena for this season would have been a smart narrative device. King’s Landing loses a lot of major characters from here on out, and Cersei desperately needs fresh people to interact with. How else is she going to reveal her past? We don’t do flashbacks, so how is that gonna come out? Who is she gonna reveal her insecurities and plots to?
    I thought this show had outgrown the clunky and awkward narrative gimmick of two characters casually sitting across from one another rambling about their pasts – which we saw all too often in S2 and 3.

  28. Anyone ever wondered what a Tyrell soldier looks like?

    I know there are distinct styles for Stark(any real difference for Bolton soldiers?) /Tully/Vale/Baratheon/Lannister armies. But I’d look forward to seeing the Dornish and Reach style

  29. Renly’s Peach:
    Dutch maester,
    How else is she going to reveal her past? We don’t do flashbacks, so how is that gonna come out? Who is she gonna reveal her insecurities and plots to?

    Well, we know Maggy the Frog is being cast, so they probably will break their no-flashback rule in this case (and hopefully future cases).

  30. Big Mac,

    I’ll doubt they’ll break their no flashback rule. At least not strictly speaking. I’m guessing, and I’m not the only one, that Cersei will dream about that memory. My personal guess is that will be the pre-intro sequence in ep1.

  31. Renly’s Peach: Uh, do we? Cause I thought that was just a rumor from a while back.

    It’s not just a rumor. I saw the entire casting call including Maggy. She was included for one episode.

  32. Renly’s Peach,

    Wow, that’s a bit of a stretch. So the main reason for her to exist is to plant seeds of hostility and distrust between them, right? That’s already been accomplished very well in seasons 3 and 4, so we don’t need her to do that anymore. Don’t see any other purpose for her. And the Myrish swamp is not a purpose 😛 !

  33. Dutch maester,

    +1 for dutifully exploring the Myrish swamp. I hope the writers have a field day with it. Could be next year’s funniest quote contender if done right.

  34. Dutch maester,

    That still doesn’t negate the fact she needs more people to interact with. And if they’re not gonna bring Kevan in, or the Kettleblacks, or Taena.. then she literally only has Tommen to talk to for an entire season. Maybe Qyburn.

    Sue the Fury,

    I see.
    Then dream sequence it is. Gonna see how they manage to incorporate her into an actual coherent narrative.

  35. Will be very disappointed if Taena Merryweather is excluded entirely from the show, although with each passing day the odds of her appearing appear to be get more and more bleak. Cersei needs someone to interact with in terms of all her plans, she’s not going to do it with Pycelle given her animosity towards him, Meryn Trant (who I figured was a shoo in for the Kettleblacks role) appears to be heading to Braavos instead, and she surely wouldn’t be discussing such things with Tommen. If she is axed my best guess would be Cersei does her scheming with Qyburn.

    On the bright side, casting news outside of the High Septon hasn’t been announced, and one could hope that her role is exclusively interior scenes or scenes that haven’t been shot yet.

  36. Kyle,

    The casting breakdowns are for new characters that are being cast. This has been covered here and on wicnet (before the fall, that is).

  37. Greenjones:

    The casting breakdowns are for new characters that are being cast. This has been covered here and on wicnet (before the fall, that is).

    Ahh, I see. I haven’t followed things closely enough to catch that. Thanks.

  38. Quiddity,

    “Meryn Trant appears to be going to Braavos.” Yes, he’s going on a long Holiday 😛 The scenes we saw of Mace Tyrell and Meryn Trant arriving at the docks and at the bank (only to be seen by a certain cat of the canals) were from episode 9 or 10 if I remember correctly (as per the director), so both Mace and Meryn be available for Cersei to interact with for most of the season. Also, Jaime will he there for the first couple of episodes. There’s plenty of people, in the end (especially if Kevan and/or Lancel come back), although it’s true the only people who are “on her side” are Meryn, Pycelle, Qyburn, Tommen (who is older and hence can be more of an actual character) and, to an extent, Jaime. Then again, I may be forgetting someone.

  39. Dutch maester,

    Wasn’t it indicated somewhere that Teena is in league with Dorne? It is Doran who wants to plan seeds of hostility between Lannisters and Tyrells and dismantle their alliance from within.

  40. jentario,

    That seems highly unlikely, but who knows. We must consider that we don’t know Sansa’s storyline this coming season, since we already reached the end of her published material in Season 4. What awaits for her and Littlefinger is a mystery, no matter if it comes from TWOW or directly from the minds of D&D.

    I don’t mean to say Littlefinger will travel to King’s Landing —I very much doubt it. However, last we saw them, Robin was going to tour his lands in order to appease Yohn Royce, Anya Waynwood and the other Lords of the Vale. They could visit Royce’s very own Runestone, although I don’t see why that would require filming in Croatia. But it could be a town or the Vale’s sole city, Gulltown: the North, Vale and Riverlands have been filmed in Ireland and Iceland because we’ve only seen mountains, fields and castles; they’ll probably look elsewhere if a medieval town is required, not only for this storyline but also for Davos in White Harbor, if they are including that subplot. They’re already filming in Croatia, and the budget of the show is not infinite, so maybe a heavily disguised Dubrovnik would have to suffice.

    But that’s wildly speculative, of course, and it assumes the veracity of that report. Still, I’m really, really curious. I’m sure that some book fans will criticize the show for whatever we discover about their storyline, although we know literally nothing about how it will go about in the books. Oh well.

  41. LukaNieto,

    It’s possible that Littlefinger goes to either the wedding or the funeral to keep up appearances with the Lannisters while he plots behind their backs. That would mean he leaves Sansa alone at some point, which is the perfect opportunity for a run in with Brienne…

    Since we already saw pictures of Littlefinger, Sansa and some Vale knights riding, it can’t be the funeral. So IF Littlefinger visits King’s Landing it’d be somewhere around the midseason.

    And I don’t see them using Dubrovnik for another city, let alone one as unnecessary as Gulltown.

  42. Ser Patrek,

    I suppose it’s possible that Loras could be arrested after kicking up a rumpus about what happens regarding Maegery (sorry still haven’t mastered spoilers so am trying to phrase things so as not to spoil next season for Unsullied).

  43. LukaNieto,

    she wore black during tommen’s wedding in the books to show margaery that even if she’s over joffrey, her mother will never will be over him lol. its her internal way of getting back at the tyrells, its not for tywin, its for joffrey.

  44. jentario,

    Yes, i saw a french tweet this morning about seing Aiden Gillen in Dubrovnik

    I think it is logical, King’s Landing after Tywin’s death and the apparition of the Faith Militants is chaos and Little finger is attract by chaos and the opportunites it give….

    Plus, there is a big bunch of others reasons :
    – the faith militants storming in his brothels and arresting peolple—) bad for his business
    -Cercei might summon him to answer for his master of coins duties
    -He has been an ally of the tyrels (his new reasonnable friends) and they will be facing some problems
    -He might try to break Sansa’s weeding contract

    I hope Sansa will make good use of that opportunity in the Vale

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