Peter Dinklage to host Saturday Night Live on April 2!


NBC has announced that this April we can look forward to Peter Dinklage hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time! Tune in to NBC on April 2, at 11:30PM ET to see Dinklage make his debut as a host. Gwen Stefani will be the musical guest for the episode.

The announcement:

It’s his first time hosting, but not Dinklage’s first time appearing on SNL. The actor previously turned up in a Drunk Uncle sketch on Weekend Update.

It’s perfect timing for Dinklage to make his hosting debut, just ahead of the Game of Thrones season 6 premiere. I’m wondering if they’ll do any GoT sketches. They certainly have before.

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Good luck, Peter! We’ll be watching.

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    1. Looking forward to it. Maybe a sketch about a certain cock merchant is in order? I wonder if other GoT actors will make cameos as well? More Adam Friedberg, please.

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    2. Of course they’ll do GoT sketches – how could you waste that opportunity! πŸ˜‰ I will actually watch SNL this time!

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    3. I was elated when I was watching last night and they put the little promo on the screen that showed he was going to be hosting. I always wondered why he hadn’t hosted up until this point especially after his hilarious drunk uncle cameo. I guess he tries to squeeze in some projects during the GoT offseason and never has time?

      I wouldn’t doubt there will be some GoT references in the monologue, and then one entire sketch dedicated to GoT. It will be similar to when Adam Driver hosted after Star Wars had just come out. I wonder if like Adam Driver, Dinklage will appear in character as Tyrion in a sketch?

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    4. Ah, but will he top William Shatner? (That is, in the minds of the rest of us: if you are William Shatner, then obviously not.)

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    5. Rygritte,

      People were making the joke about “remember when Saturday Night Live was Funny?” 20 years ago: and yet it is still here. (That written, it had some really good runs in the 1980’s and early 1990’s: but I have not watched the show since then.)

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    6. Pablo Escobar,

      I do know a lot of people who feel that it should have been cancelled 15 years ago! Every now and then when I watch it, I wonder “what the hell happened?” But, of course, for how long could they make that sort of stuff funny? However, it still gets decent ratings, particularly relative to what it costs to make, so it’s not surprising that it still is going.

      Still, for it’s first 10 years or so, it was truly funny: and nothing will ever alter that. Moreover, how many TV shows were good for that long?

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    7. Jack Bauer 24, This also confirms the Red Carpet premiere is April 10th!

      It does? I wonder what happened to having the red carpet premiere in Spain to thank them for their hospitality. I assume they’ll do another red carpet livestream.

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    8. Aryamad: I really miss the Chris Farley era.

      I still remember his little” talk show” skit in which the guest star or the musical act would be the interviewee, and in which he’d usually say “Do you remember X? [pause] That was awesome.” In particular, I remember when he had on Paul McCartney and asked: “Do you remember the Beatles? [pause] That was awesome….” and Sir Paul replied: “Yeah, yeah it was” with just a perfect trace of wistfullness.

      Another one I remember from that general era was the guy who did his “I’m good enough” self-improvement, self-affirmation routine. (I am blanking on the actor.) In particular, I remember when he had Michael Jordan (a basketball god of the late 1980’s and early 1990s) on the show and got rebuffed when saying that Michael must often feel like he wouldn’t score the basket: “No, I never feel like that”: but he got Jordan to do the “I’m good enough” schtick at the end.

      Wow, I’m going to pull a frontal lobe trying to dredge up these memories….

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    9. Rygritte: It does? I wonder what happened to having the red carpet premiere in Spain to thank them for their hospitality. I assume they’ll do another red carpet livestream.

      Yeah if you scroll to the bottom it says April 10th. Also, George said on his blog that HBO is only doing the one Red Carpet in LA this year. They got rid of all the regional premieres

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    10. It’s most definitely been a while since I’ve tuned into SNL, but I’ll be tuning in on April 2nd!

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    11. Wimsey,

      Hit & miss for me, but their GoT scenes have been great!
      DEFINATELY check out the snl, jaime & leslie jones GoT skit- cracked me uup!

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    12. Aryamad,

      Yes! farley was a hoot with Patrick Swayze!
      And sadly, i still quote this, “you’ll end up livin in van, down by the river.” Lmao!

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    13. Omygosh, i can’t leave out Murphy- won’t you be my neighbor? Bwhaahahaaa! !

      Jim Belushi, Gilda, Jane curtain, Dan Akroyd, chevy chase, bill murray, steve martin… can’t forget who started the snl frenzy

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    14. Wimsey:
      Ah! Has SNL been any good lately?

      Yes, SNL is still as irreverent and timely as it has always been. It has always been hit or miss during its entire run but the weekend update and game show bits have had me consistently rolling for 30 years. Darrel Hammond’s Sean Connery selecting “Therapists” for 200 on Jeopardy set the silliness bar very high and the silliness continues. The original music video spoofs are always fun and the current political farce in this nation has continually provided great material.

      This past week’s “Riblet” interruption of the news broadcast was very well done…mocking the mockers. πŸ™‚

      Usually the criticisms of SNL come from folks who have gotten older and jaded. If you have the time, give it a chance. It is still as lively and in tune as ever. I think the current cast and writers are perfect for Dinklage’s self-deprecating humor. It should be great fun as we wind up for S6.

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    15. Hodors Bastard,

      Yep, when I was watching the Chris Farley / Dana Carvey era, I was always hearing from my parents “how can you watch this crap? It hasn’t been good since Steve Martin / Dan Akroyd!” And now people in my generation (30’s) are saying the same thing, only now the “golden age” is what they watched when they were 15. Same old “get off my lawn!” stuff as ever… πŸ™‚

      I don’t watch the entire show regularly anymore, but mostly that’s because I just don’t watch traditional TV very much. I catch clips of the best sketches on youtube though so I know it’s still good when it’s good… I’ll try to catch this episode though…

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    16. I think the last SNL episode I watched had John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd dressed up in bandoliers, sombreros and black-and-yellow-striped fuzzy bloomers playing the Mexican Killer Bees. But I too will make a point of tuning in this Saturday!

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