New prop images from the House of Black and White, actors on set in Split, and more

duilovoset1Reddit user PunchPatrol has shared two images of props under construction in Belfast’s Titanic Studios, to be used in Game of Thrones season 5.

The props in question are statues, representing different gods/goddesses, that will occupy a room in the House of Black and White. From what we can see, the statues appear to be extremely faithful to their descriptions in A Feast for Crows.

Spoilers after the cut.

The Weeping Woman is described as a 12 feet tall marble statue, with real tears trickling from her eyes and filling the bowl she cradles.


The Lion of Night is an ebony statue of a man with the head of a lion, seated on a throne.


Cast members Ian McElhinney and Jacob Anderson have been spotted on set in Split, Croatia. Judging by the scaffolding, they may be present on the new tavern set.

Also spotted in Split were some prop bodies, which appear to be charred.

Lastly, Extras NI has put out a casting call for featured extras of age 18 and upwards. It is open to all genders and ethnicities. Applicants must have a 26″ or less waist. Filming will take place over four days at most, between October 20th and 31st.

Cian: Thanks to reader Felt Pelt for the heads up on the statues!


  1. Hodor!
    and also that doesnt look like ebony for the lion statue.

    Edit: dammit for beaten to the Hodor punch

  2. Lady Mychelle,
    They probably haven’t added any paint to them yet. These appear carved from styrofoam so they’ll need to make the woman look like real marble (and marble comes in all kinds of colors) and the lion to look like ebony.

  3. Wow! The sculptors do a great job with those props. This is getting me really excited for Arya’s storyline.

    And, as always, hoping for more Barristan. Maybe some Barristan the Badass this time.

    Charred bodies! Charred bodies!

    Thanks for the images, gang!





    THE MERLING KING?!?!?!?!!?!?




  5. Who else would like to see the Lord Commander of the Queensguard actually have armor? That’s not to say he would be wearing it in this scene, but Barristan’s attire needs an update.

  6. My first thoughts seeing them was like Lady Mara and Sekhmet but I guess I got something mixed up here…. 🙂

    Hey and I just spotted the little standing statue next to Lady Mara the Weeping Woman so hopefully there will be more statues

  7. jentario,

    Do you mean the drawing in the far back, behind the beat up block of what I presume is styrofoam? That is the drawing the sculptor was working from. Note how it has a grid- like thing on it? That helps them keep their carving scaled properly.

  8. I think that the burnt bodies may be left behind in the fighting pit after Drogon rescues Dany. Not sure if they will be pit fighters, slavers, random unlucky servants, but I am looking forward to Drogon bring the fire and blood!!

  9. Patchy Face:
    Tell me who the extras are playing – they will be a
    thin lot.What do y’all think?

    Perhaps slaves in the slaver’s camps Jorah & Tyrion come across.

  10. Patchy Face,

    The extras can be of different ethnicities, so i i suppose they are not the HardHome gang…

    The sparrows? coming from everywhere in the realm to King’s Landing, like the groupe that Circée see near the statue of Baelor in AFFC?

    the sparrows would be a skinny and eccletic group…

  11. Dame Pasty:

    Do you mean the drawing in the far back, behind the beat up block of what I presume is styrofoam?That is the drawing the sculptor was working from. Note how it has a grid- like thing on it?That helps them keep their carving scaled properly.

    Maybe referring to the “smaller” statue in the left middle of the pic? Appears to be in the corner in the background. Probably why it appears smaller. It’s not Lion of Night so it appears there is at least a third statue.

  12. Those statues are amazing. SO EXCITE! I have a feeling Arya’s storyline will be a major highlight of s5. Also can we just get a scene with Barristan actually fighting already?? He’s played up as the most amazing fighter ever and I don’t doubt this but it still hasn’t been shown. I think he deserves a badass fighting scene of his own to show us how it’s done! Can I get an amen??

  13. Damn it inches again, when will they learn to use the metric system!

    Tyrion Pimpslap:
    Who else would like to see the Lord Commander of the Queensguard actually have armor? That’s not to say he would be wearing it in this scene, but Barristan’s attire needs an update.



    Fun fact: Bakkalon the Pale Child is an original GRRM creation, only not from ASOIAF. The deity first appeared in his 1975 short story “And Seven Times Never Kill Man!” Definitely check this one out (it’s in Dreamsongs: part I IIRC), it’s an excellent short (one of many by Martin’s hand).

    Oh, and this might interest people: “And Seven Times Never Kill Man!” is the story from which George Lucas and Ralph McQuarrie stole Chewbacca from.

  14. The weeping woman looks so Archaic, and the lion is very Sekhmet to me, too. I’m so psyched to see the new sets

  15. Can’t wait to see these finished.
    I thought I couldn’t get more excited about the Braavos storyline than I already was.
    I was wrong.

    I’m very glad they seem to be making Braavos a major part of Season 5..

  16. Love the detail on the statues, can’t wait to see the finished product on the screen, kudos to prop dept.

    OT: D&D may want to film some previously planned outdoor scenes tonight, instead of later, N. Ireland might be on the receiving end of a very impressive Aurora Borealis display (if they have clear skies) a good director add libs if such a weather event occurs, taking advantage of the coolness factor.

  17. In the books, I was not very interested in Aryas arc after she left Westeros. However, like many other arcs I think it will benefit from the visuals. That door alone has got me excited!

  18. Patchy Face,

    A sick, hungry looking group of people maybe. Could be slaves, could be men in the Riverlands or Sparrows coming to King’s Landing, could be wights as someone said

  19. Aryamad,

    AMEN, SISTER! : P (Jent is so male oriented!!! You could totally be a woman)

    I loved Ser Grandpa’s chapters in ADwD and I hope we get a fighting scene for him.

    Huzzah for HoB&W. It looks like it will be a big and well made (at least by we see so far from sets) storyline.

  20. jentario,

    Pfft, those are fighting words! No one talks about Jent that way.

    (I wanted to say Rygar oriented tbh, but I’m waiting to see if it makes the Lexicon first lol)

  21. Greenjones:

    No, just Hodor. And cut isn’t really the right word.

    I agree, it is not the right word. As I reported earlier, they have some scenes they filmed last year that will be used in season 5. So even assuming Hodor is not filming this year (although I said before I think he was just joking) it does not mean Hodor will not appear in season 5.

    BTW, Patchy Face is a different person, an old timer as well…cheers to both of you!

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