New pictures from three Game of Thrones season 5 Split sets


Goran Leš has shared some of his own brand new pictures from the Game of Thrones sets at Diocletian’s Palace in Split, Croatia.

These new images, combined with those we shared earlier, give us a clearer look at the progress on three certain Meereenese sets; the tavern, the dragon vault, and the “dragon door back”.









Plenty more of Goran’s recent images are hosted on

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    1. I always try to keep my speculation low as it pertains to set photos, but this stuff has me pretty intrigued by the Mereen storyline

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    2. I’m glad we’re getting much more Meereen this time around.

      I’m part of the 00.2% that actually likes Meereen and its plotline. And the glimpses we saw of it in S4 were great.

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    3. Dragon back door? A way for the dragons to exit their prison? I mean, if by season 5 they have grown with the same rate as before, they won’t be able to get out through the same door they did before. I may be understanding “dragon back door” incorrectly.

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    4. Luka Nieto,

      Yes, I think you are. I believe there were words written on the back of the door that said “Back of Dragon Door”. You can look at original photo in previous post to confirm. So not “back door”, “back of door”….Clear as mud?

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    5. Renly’s Peach,

      I really appreciated the intricacies of Meereen on rereads of the chapters. I think a lot of the hate boils down to the fact that we’re initially bombarded with ridiculously convoluted names, and are seeing the majority of the plotline and characters through Dany’s relatively naive eyes. The real meat of the chapters only becomes clear upon further study.

      The politicking behind the scenes in Meereen is fascinating, though, and the Shavepate is one of my favourite characters in ADWD.

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    6. Renly’s Peach,

      I really liked the political half of the Mereen material, and disliked the Daario-focused half. I was impressed with how they handled the political challenges in Seasin 4 and am looking forward to seeing more of thag next season.

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    7. I, too, didn’t really have any appreciation of Meereen until after a reread or two. I would be surprised if they somehow merged

      the Brazen beasts and Sons of the Harpy

      for streamlining’s sake.

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