Game of Owns: The Kings of Ruddy Hall


Episode 238 – The Kings of Ruddy Hall
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Today, an outstanding chapter, as the storming of swords rages on. Ghost and Jon Snow, ushered along by an unholy escort, enter the mobile kingdom of Mance Rayder.

Discussion Topics
The men are happy
Into the camp
Mirth and discipline
A listener calls
Those in the great tent
Owns of the Chapter
Community greetings


  1. Deathdreams,

    Had to look up who that was. There’s too many damn characters in ADWD (and I like that book)

    Anyway, one of my favorite chapters, shame it was so truncated on the show. I hope we’ll at least get the Dornishman’s Wife some day

  2. Evan really set the bar high for any future spontaneous guests!

    The adaptation of this chapter is very demonstrative of what I imagine was a creative decision by the showrunners to make a lot of the more lighthearted characters and story elements take on a more serious tone on the show. While it definitely works in some cases (Daario’s appearance, for instance), this one is an example that I found disappointing. I don’t know if the casting of Ciaran Hinds was also a factor, but I think they did the wildlings somewhat of a disservice by taking away their jolliness, for lack of a better word.

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