Inside Daznak’s Pit: The newest photos featuring Emilia Clarke and more!


Game of Thrones filming in Osuna, Spain is in full swing, with the town’s bull ring playing the role of a fighting pit in the show’s fifth season. The Daily Mail has the latest pics of filming, offering up definite spoilers and confirmation of the show diverging from the books once again.

SPOILERS below the cut!

The photos feature Daenerys (Emilia Clarke), Hizdahr zo Loraq (Joel Fry), Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel), Daario Naharis (Michiel Huisman), and Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) looking on as Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen) steps into the pit to take on several fighters.

In a surprising twist, Tyrion stands on the dais by Hizdahr, in similar colors.

Daenerys sits on Hizdahr’s other side, dressed in white. Given that blue is Dany’s signature color, can we take the new white gown as a hint that we’re seeing the celebration of Daenerys and Hizdahr’s marriage?

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  1. Great stuff! I wonder if Tyrion will have revealed who he is at this point. It kind of seems like he might have.

  2. Where’s Tyrion’s scar? They made it seem that more time has passed in the show than it has in the books with some comments made in Season 4.. Is it supposed to be flesh colored now?

    By time I mean that it’s been more than two years from Season 1-Season 4. Where in the books AGoT-ASoS is 298-300

  3. Now, this is rather curious. As we all know, Jorah didn’t fight in Daznak’s pit, in fact, he hasn’t seen Dany again ever since he was expelled from Mereen. So…where’s the show going with this?

  4. Well I don’t get this mess…
    I mean I’m sure it’s gonna turn out great, but Tyrion is supposed to be a slave at this point so why would he have a seat on the same level as Hizdahr and Dany ?
    If he revealed is true identity to Dany she would have him crucified for what the Lannisters did to her family…
    Gosh they are playing with my nerves !

  5. These are fantastic! Daario looks yummy. What’s Dany going to do when she sees Jorah fighting in the pit?

  6. My mouth is literally agape, I have no words,

    Stunning pictures, absolutely stunning, Visually this season, as usual, will top last years brilliance.

    The storyline implications in this is worrying however, its frightening how this adaption is diverging this season, and it seems Tyrion will be front and centre again. TBH my initial rush of thoughts is that im not super thrilled with this, I feel trepidation and excitement for the new season, its unsettling.

  7. Morgoth,

    He could be fighting because he wants… to gain Danys favor and even to make a point at the same time, I can see him really disapointed with her decision to re-open the fighting pits. He doesn’t even look like he has been slaved to be honest.

  8. We’re all Unsullied here. If the show can figure out a way to have them meet now without it messing up anything big planned for the story down the line, I don’t blame them for doing it. The final leg of ADWD was climax denial after climax denial, Dany/Tyrion among them.

  9. So… Hizdahr has Tyrion there as his slave-pet to watch while Jorah struts his stuff. Dany is sad seeing her bear brought low, perhaps only just surviving, then Hizdahr turns to little Lannister – “You’re fighting tomorrow.”

  10. Greenjones,

    I wouldn’t rule out 300 for this! Lots of fantastic photos, and actually spmething of substance to discuss.

    I have to say this scene is shaping up nicely, and I think it will be absolutely breathtaking, and one of things we will see over and over again in the future as an example of amazing TV.

    Tyrion with Daenerys is slightly surprising, but I’m not shocked that they are bringing them together at the first possible opportunity. I think George slipped up not doing so himself.

    Undoubtedly there will be critics in this comment section, but I for one greatly anticipate this scene.

  11. Morgoth,

    It looks to me like the show wants to reunite Jorah and Dany sooner rather than later, and just skip her whole detour to the Dothraki sea. So they’re setting it up for Dany to be in conference with Jorah and Tyrion to convince her that it’s time to start sailing to Westeros which I think is what she’ll spend most of Season Six doing. (And making preparations for travel as well, though she might have to stop in Braavos for supplies or what not.)

    And I for one am all for it!

  12. Winnie,

    Who knows but I highly doubt they’re going to cut out the part where Drogon swoops in burning shit and Dany flies away on his back. That’s an obvious candidate for final scene of the season.

    Maybe after that, having Tyrion already in counsel with the Meereenese leaders when she’s gone will help avoid the awkwardness of suddenly having a bunch of scenes focused on Barristan (though I did enjoy his POV in the book).

  13. This makes sense if they are doing away with the second sons double double cross. They will also need someone for Barristan to conspire with or even someone to influence him the way the Shavepate does in the books. I don’t know how to spoiler tag so I am trying to be vague.

  14. Only just realised that Barristan and Grey Worm are not in these pictures.

    I have a feeling that both of them, or just Grey Worm will die. I think Grey Worm is the sort of character you could dispense with if you wanted to (probably so it creates a bit of drama for Missandei) and not lose much. Barristan would be more surprising, and I think he offers a lot , lot more After all he has barely done anything so far in the show.
    show me the dragon!!!! (yes i know CGI blah blah)

    You know this is gonna be a complex scene. I imagine that Emilia has about week’s worth of work on a sound stage green screening to do
    later (if she has not already done it) to meld this location work with the CGI work.

  16. After debates on whether the Ides of March would be this season (or in the show at all) a few weeks back, now, let’s roll with “will Drogon show up in the pit ?”

    I wouldnt be surprised if the Ides were cut from the show (depending on how it’s resolved in the books) and I really dont think they’ll cut Dany’s fly, but who knows if they want to condense things.

    The Ides and the Pit are two redefining moments for the Ice and Fire characters, maybe they’ll come across differently in the show…

  17. I wonder how much of the CGI budget is gonna be used up from this scene. I’m sure it’ll be worth it haha.

  18. Presumably we’ve fast forwarded past a lot of the ADWD padding to TWOW where, presumably

    Jorah does deliver Tyrion to Dany and then just having that happen a bit sooner. I don’t see why Tyrion’s reveal to Dany necessarily has to go badly for him – Dany ought to know she needs allies in the great houses if she is to rule Westeros and Tyrion offing Tywin should see him in good stead. And of course it’s also possible that one of the dragons could have sniffed out Tyrion’s Targ blood
  19. Arkash,

    Yes, they are going to completely delete the climaxes from Season 5. Because that makes sense… If anything, the show tends to make up climaxes or move things around in the timeline to have certain events as the end of the season. GoT has considerably more climaxes than the books. So, no, they’re not going to just have Jon and Dany end the season without their big moments.

  20. Jeb,

    As long as I get to see Barristan action before that happens. Its past time we see why he is such a famed swordsman.


  22. I always thought they weren’t going to stick to the book on that part but that they will make Tyrion face the lions (it almost happens in the book) – angry Dany (“That’s not funny!”) – Drogo arrives – watchers are scared for Tyrion’s life, Dany jumps into the arena slash Drogo, flies, saves the day (and Tyrion’s ass) – and end of season 5! 🙁
    They are gonna kill all the tension of a possible connexion between Dany and Tyrion!

  23. You should have mentioned “HUGE SPOILERS” instead of “SPOILERS”…..
    Arrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhh I’m a bit pissed.


  24. Lidechsi,

    I honestly think he will not die,


    will probably arrive to save the day. Every show-only watcher will think there is no way he is going to survive this… and then…

  25. WHERE is my Ser Barristan?!?!? #SilverFox

    Although I’ve been counting the seasons until we get to the pit scene (my favorite in all of the books), if we lose Selmy and his fabulous ADWD storyline I will forever renounce my faith in the Church of D&D. Praise the Seven!

  26. Ser Barristan Badass,

    If the pit happens in episode 9, do you expect Barristan’s whole material to be in a single episode, the last of the season? My guess is it will not be scrapped, but most of it will be in season 6.

  27. For all the information we have about this season filming I think they are going to invest a lot in Jorah’s character just to make this scene even more entertaining for the audience.

  28. LJA:
    Question… How do you do a spoiler tag so that text appears beneath a block of gray?Many thanks.

    Insert the text you want obscured between [s p o i l e r] and [/s p o i l e r], except without any spaces. Also, there are directions at the top of the comments section on any article.


    Getting another “A” put in his name.

    In truth, we don’t know where he’s at. Which could mean anything from ill tidings for the old KG to something as simple’s as the actor’s having a pee.

  30. wherez barristan 🙁

    Something else must be happening in the show arc at this point w/ grey worm and barristan. Maybe they’re the hostages instead of Daario? Maybe they’re at war? Dead? Damn i really liked Barristan’s chapters from dragons 🙁

  31. So,

    Tyrion is bought by Hizdahr? Tyrion is wearing the same colour as him, which could be deliberate. Perhaps Jorah was also purchased but sent into the arena. Also as a few people have spotted, there’s no Barristan or Grey Worm. It is possible one of the Unsullied there is Grey Worm, but if he isn’t, I can’t help but think of the supposed scene that Barristan and Grey Worm are meant to have next season in a tavern of sorts? Perhaps something happens there that gets the whole Sons of the Harpy storyline moving. Or, of course, Barristan and Grey Worm could simply be elsewhere in the arena. All speculation.
  32. Dany and Missandei – so hot…i am suddenly more interested in Mereen storyline then i was before.

    Count me amongs those who think Dany will not know Tyrion identity. His position and clothes suggest he belong/ “is employed” by Hizdar. And Barristan who could identify him is conveniently missing. Not to mention it is very unlikely Dany would accept him so fast.

  33. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jorah is doomed. Prepare your tears.

    Drogon is going to spoil the party soon! In ADwD, Jorah mopes around like he is already dead anyway…I bet in TWoW he gets fried by R or V. Drogon may do the honors in the show.
  34. GaiusB,

    Fast? We don’t know when they arrive at Meereen. In fact, there is evidence that they may arrive pretty quickly: we do know Jorah takes Tyrion in episode 3, not even a third into his journey for the season, which is much earlier than in ADWD, in which Jorah takes him at the end of Tyrion’s sixth chapter out of the twelve he has —that is, halfway through his story in the book. I’m all for scenes of bonding between these two characters along the way, but I don’t think they’ll spend episodes 4-to-8 traveling to Meereen. My point is there is plenty of time for her meeting with Daenerys not to feel rushed, maybe a whole episode before Daznak’s pit.

  35. Nathalie Emmanuel is such a knockout (incidentally, if she was grieving for Grey Worm, I doubt she’d be dressed like that, so I doubt he’s dead).

    If Tyrion is in disguise, which seems likely to me, that could explain Barristan’s absence, if the writers want to avoid having him recognize Tyrion. Granted, Grey Worm is also absent and he wouldn’t know Tyrion from Adam, but he could be off giving Barristan someone to talk to.

  36. My guesses as to the show’s version of events in Meereen:

    No Shavepate, so no poisoned locusts or attempt on Dany’s life. Also, no Barristan overthrowing Hizdahr after being manipulated by the Shavepate. I think they will still have the Sons Of The Harpy, but there will be peace once Dany agrees to marry Hizdahr, and without Shavepate, there will be no one to try and break it. Dany will just become disillusioned with giving in to Hizdahr and allowing the slave trade and fighting pits to return, and after flying away on Drogon, will come to the same realization that she does at the end of ADWD.

    As far as Tyrion and Jorah, my best guess is Tyrion is purchased by Hizdahr and Dany doesn’t yet know his true identity. Barristan is sent away for some reason before seeing Tyrion. The first time Dany sees Jorah is when he is sent into the fighting pits. Jorah will be in the pit when Drogon arrives, possibly being roasted(doubtful) or being saved by Dany(likely).

  37. Wow , well if Tyrion is there where the heck is Varys? Wasn’t he heading away from Kings landing with Tyrion last time we saw him in series four? or maybe he could have ditched Tyrion and gone to find Illyrio Mopatis?

  38. I’m getting a Gladiator vibe here, with Dany recognizing Jorah as he is introduced to fight, much like Lucilla & Commodus recognized Maximus when he removed his helmet after a fight at the coliseum.

    Hey….no helmet?

  39. chuckbuckethead,

    Those are from late July, I think. Or early August. It’s Sansa for sure (LF’s there too) but I don’t know if it’s actually Sophie or a riding double though.

  40. Oh wow this quite the surprise. Wonder what GRRM would think of this! I also imagine Barristan and Grey Worm perhaps somehow getting involved in the release of the other dragons (or them trying to stop it) during the Daznak Pit scene . So we’d be getting chaos allover in Meereen. But with this news everything is changed, really. Anything can happen. That makes me feel very uncomfortably Unsullied.

    btw: advising to add this to title of this post: MAJOR SPOILERS!!

  41. chuckbuckethead,

    The hairline doesn’t really match. And those armors don’t look familiar at all.
    But I do see some blue and white on the banners, so it could be Arryn men.

    Dutch maester:
    Oh wow this quite the surprise. Wonder what GRRM would think of this

    I honestly don’t even think GRRM cares anymore. He’s come off as so disconnected and cold towards the show lately that it’s clear he’s over it. I think it’s finally set in for him that the beast he created is about to do him in.

  42. Barristan had so much potential… I’m hoping D&D didn’t just throw it away for more Daario crap. No offense to Michel Huisman, the character is just extremely annoying.

  43. Cami,

    I really really really hope he survives. He’s my favourite character and Iain Glen is too good to leave GoT. But Thank you, this makes me feel better. so he could survive right?

  44. jentario,

    Barristan was such a great vehicle for the show to reveal info on the past. It’d be a shame if he doesn’t have a conversation where he reveals the truth about Aerys to Dany, and perhaps some more revealing info on Rhaegar. If not for that, then what’s his purpose?

    He doesn’t fight on the show and he’s not a player in the game of thrones. It seems possible that the siege of Meereen will be scrapped. Without a Shavepate to manipulate him into believing Hizdahr tried to kill Dany, there is no reason for him to overthrow and arrest him. In a show with a limited budget for actors, I wish they’d use every one of the recurring main cast wisely. Thus far, Barristan has been a waste.
  45. There are quite a few chapters between Daznak and Dany’s last chapter. I’m not sure exactly how that translates into time, but iirc her last chapter occurs some time after the events at Daznaks. So it makes sense to me to end with Daznak’s pit and set up Barristan material for S6.

    Also, delaying that chunk would help streamline the set up of the

    big battle to come


  46. they want to change from the books ? thats fine but like this ?!!! I feel like they just want Tyrion to be sitting next to her no matter what !! we all know how much its hard to cross from westeros and to reach Mereen !! especially for someone like tyrion ! they’r gonna make it look so easy going straightforward whitout finding any trouble and it looks unreal ! so no almost getting killed in the ship with the stonemen and no getting slaved and no trying to get in the second sons and no fighting in the pit !! just stop a taxi the moment you reach essos and say “hi sir I would like to go to Mereen quickly in time for the queen`s wedding ”
  47. Lady Nym,


    Tyrion and Jorah will likely encounter the stone men, and they will be captured by slavers. Daznak’s pit is in episode 9 or 10. Tyrion is probably purchased by Hizdahr in episode 7 or 8.
  48. Lady Nym,

    Barristan just stands there and does nothing(what could he do?) in this scene. It isn’t until later when he overthrows Hizdahr, after being manipulated by the Shavepate, and this is all likely cut from the show.
  49. Tyrion Pimpslap,

    I don’t see why the Shavepate is neccessary for the coup. I think the show could rearrange who the actual poisoner is (possibly Hizdahr or Yezzan or the Harpy- whoever that is in the show). Missandei gets poisoned, Grey Worm who loves her starts pointing fingers and convinces Barry that Hizdahr must have been behind it. Then they do the coup.

    It was too great a moment to just cut, and if we really aren’t getting the battle of Meereen in the show (which seems very likely at this point) then that could serve as good a climax to the Meereen plot as any- especially if they make a bigger set piece out of it (with some more fighting, and possibly the dragons getting freed- perhaps Hizdahr wants them killed after the Drogon business).

    Meereen won’t just be waiting for Dany after she flies off. With Tyrion there, shit is bound to go down (and if he really is Hizdahr’s servant then that places him in the exact right spot to meet Barristan- who would instantly recognize him).

  50. Lady Nym,

    I’m pretty sure the Sorrows and the slavers are in, and will mess up Tyrion. 99% sure, given the Luther and Yezzan castings and the ominous scene they shot in the river. Then there’s him getting in a scuffle with Jorah.

    Yes, I’m a bit disappointed that they deprives him of the chance to fight side-by-side with Jorah in the Pit, but maybe with him being so close to Dany it’ll actually be worth it.

  51. jentario,

    Where is this idea that there will be no battle of Meereen coming from?

    Does anyone actually think D&D will pass up an opportunity for such an explosive event? It feels like made for TV! Yes, Vic is gone, so what? That’s what the surviving Meereenese fleet is for. And Dany wasn’t informed about Cleon at Astapor and the Masters regaining Yunkai for nothing. Come on, Dany even sent Daario and Hizdahr to Yunkai to give them an ultimatum; the conflict between the Yellow City and Meereen has already been set up.

    I expect much of the post-Pit Meereenese plot to happen in Season 6, as well as the battle, but I don’t know how anyone could suggest these things won’t happen.

  52. I’m surprised that someone was able to take any pictures – let alone such high-quality ones – of this scene. With the Plaza de Toros being an enclosed space and numerous main cast members filming together (including Tyrion and Daenerys in one place – a fairly major development), I thought that the production team would have the area on complete lockdown. But then again, ever since the production arrived in Spain, we’ve been treated to an abundance of rich filming news. I never would have expected to us to get pictures of filming inside the Alcazar de Seville either, and yet we got numerous high-quality shots of interior filming featuring several notable characters. Hell, we even got a short video.

    I can only assume that the Spanish film commission (whatever it’s called) is trying to take full advantage of having Game of Thrones shooting in their country by allowing as many media outlets to cover it as possible. Trust me when I say that I’m not complaining – the past week has been awesome for those of us here on the Wall. Keep it coming! 🙂

    As for the content of the scene, I’m quite intrigued by Tyrion’s presence on the dais. I know that some have speculated that Peter Dinklage might simply be hanging out with Emilia Clarke and company while the crew focuses on filming the action in the arena, and I suppose that’s possible. But while I long suspected that Jorah would be forced to fight in the pit, I thought that Tyrion would be right there alongside him, and it certainly doesn’t look like that will be the case. If the Meereen storyline from late in ADWD and early in TWOW is being significantly streamlined and the whole sellsword double-cross has been dropped (and Daario’s presence on the dais suggests that’s likely, since his Second Sons are the only company that we’ve met so far), then it would make sense to have Tyrion and Daenerys start interacting as soon as possible. There’s no way to definitively tell if she knows who he is from these photos, but I must say that I’m very eager to learn more.

    Also, it must be noted that Emilia Clarke and Nathalie Emmanuel are looking every bit stunning as always. With some assistance from the talented costuming department, of course.

  53. Luka Nieto,

    Well, there’s no sign of Yunkai in season 5 from what we know of filming. All the castings are Meereen-centric, and the Pit has no Yunkaii guests (unless they’re sitting with the common folk). I think the battle of Meereen in the show will essentially be Unsullued vs Sons of the Harpy in the city (hopefully with the dragons roaming free and burning shit along the way). It’s more of a civil power struggle than a battle, really.

  54. Jared,

    I think probably the photographer took advantage of the Green screen falling yesterday because of the wind… there is no way HBO wanted this images to leak.

  55. I actually like the tyrion change simply because

    I know that daenerys and tyrion meet in the winds of winter so I’m sure it won’t be too stupid

    .. However I’m starting to worry that the showrunners might kill off jorah mormont.. I’m sure he’ll die at meereen in the books anyway. This season seems spectacular apart from those stupid sand snakes and stupid Jaime. If they had never even mentioned them I would’ve been happy. Also I think that Jaime and bronn in dorne would be cool if it was a plot by cersei to have Jaime assassinate bronn in dorne where no one would notice but then Jaime learns that the dornish are cooler than lannisters and changes (as he did with brienne). Arianne martell does make dorne enjoyable so I hope that tyene sand takes on arriannes characteristics so that we get the same feeling as we did in books dorne. Kevan lannister is all I need to make this season satisfactory

  56. jentario,

    So they set that up in the end of Season 4 for nothing? Gotcha.

    We’ll have to wait and see, but I’m pretty sure that speculation is wildly off-base. Yunkai was a thing of the past by mid-Season 4 and they explicitly brought it back to the forefront of the plot.

    And of course nothing in Yunkai’s been filmed. They’re not going back to Morocco just for that, are they? If Yunkai is going to be shown at all, it’ll be CGI, as it mostly was in Season 3 anyway, and interior sets. At any rate, I didn’t expect Yunkai to physically appear; only the Yunkish army has to.

    Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, especially considering the filming isn’t close to being done. Anyone know what quarry did they film the gates of Meereen in season 4? Maybe they’ll go back there, that’d be a dead giveaway. Or maybe they won’t and it will be all CGI and interior sets.

  57. Luka Nieto,

    They’ve finished shooting in Croatia, so if they went back to that quarry (which they probably did for Meereen exteriors) they’d be finished with those already.

    I don’t know if we can say categorically that the battle of Meereen is cut but they are playing up the counterinsurgency/civil war aspect of things.

  58. jentario,

    Yes, but

    Hizdahr has everything he wants once he marries Dany. He and the Sons of the Harpy would be foolish to try and kill her with all of her Unsullied in the city. The whole poisoning happens because Hizdahr got what he wanted and Dany was content with the peace deal. The Shavepate is anti-Hizdahr/Sons of the Harpy, and wanted no peace with him/them, which is why he is the likely poisoner. I just don’t see a point to the poisoning or coup without ShavePate or the Brazen Beasts.
  59. Luka Nieto,

    I never said they’d film scenes in Yunkai. I said that all of the cast slavers are Meereenese and there’s no hint that Yunkai is being brought into the plot. What they did with Yunkai at the end of season 4 was suggest peace, because Dany decided to take Jorah’s advice (at first she was stubbornly wanting them killed, but Jorah stopped that).

    I think it may well be a scene more focused on developing Dany than setting anything up- in fact, it undoes potential set up by having Dany say no to war with Yunkai.

    But I hope we’re missing something and that Yunkai is in (so whatever happens with Daario and Hizdahr in Yunkai, they end up with war on their hands rather than peace). Leaked filming info seems to imply that the focus will be on internal Meereen politics, though.

  60. Greenjones,

    “Playing up?” Why? Because we saw them filming a couple Harpy-related scenes and heard about a few others? That’s from the books, and there’s plenty more where that came from. So I don’t see how you can say that they are “playing it up.” Based on what, exactly?


    Of course we are missing something. We are missing plenty. These are all rumors and leaked material. We aren’t supposed to get a full picture, so I don’t see how anyone can assume a whole major and eventful Battle is cut. Consider this: if there was no books on which this was based and you still assumed as much as you are doing here, what would you assume about King’s Landing, Dorne, and everything else? We are getting snapshots of the fifth season, basically. Interesting, and they give us information, but they don’t tell us what’s *not* being included.

  61. arden,

    Aye and Missandei in that blue one. They’re lovely.

    Let’s see if we can top two hundred comments for this article. We’re over a hundred now, let’s keep it going!

  62. Tyrion Pimpslap,

    With Dany dead, Hizdahr can slowly resurrect the slave trade… Or something! They can find a workaround, it won’t be perfect but it’d be much better than Meereen twiddling thumbs while Dany roams about with Drogon

  63. Luka Nieto,

    Because most of the shooting info to do with Meereen was focused on the Sons, including invented scenes involving them. I’m not complaining btw. I’d be glad to see Dany’s ADWD stuff streamlined significantly.

  64. Luka Nieto:
    Does anyone actually think D&D will pass up an opportunity for such an explosive event? It feels like made for TV! Yes, Vic is gone, so what? That’s what the surviving Meereenese fleet is for. And Dany wasn’t informed about Cleon at Astapor and the Masters regaining Yunkai for nothing.

    The naval battle is just gone, even if we do get the battle. It would be insanely expensive to film (there’s a reason you don’t see it much even in actual movies).

    And yes, I do think they would pass on it, because the show only has so much money per season, and there are going to be other setpieces in the climax of TWOW, one imagines. A civil war in Meereen would be sufficient.

  65. Sean C.,

    So… why did Daario save the fleet then? I don’t expect the naval battle to be a focus, but I imagine it will be included in some way.

    Anyway, it’s useless speculating based on what we have. By the end of Season 5, we’ll have a clear picture of whether a Battle of Meeren is coming or not. Unless we magically get something that points to it, I don’t expect to know the answer until May or June 2015.

  66. Sean C.,

    Exactly, with all the exciting things that I hope will happen in the next two books, and the probably immense battles they will have I think not doing the Meereen one would be reasonable and even good for the show.

  67. I am intrigued by Tyrion’s presence here… I’m assuming he’ll be sold/attached to Hizdar as a slave/pet. He is very droll, after all. But that his identity will be kept quiet at least as far as Dany is concerned. I can’t see him being left as a slave/pet of Hizdar, wearing that outfit, if it was known who he was.

    I really hope there’s a good reason for Barristan not being there, other than him being dead. He’s just too good a character to kill off, and too important… someone has to educate Dany on what happened before and during Robert’s Rebellion. And, iirc, he does have a minor bad ass moment in the Pit, jumping down and trying to put himself between Dany and Drogon. I can see them shifting him off somewhere, so he doesn’t recognise Tyrion, and then bring him back after D and D fly away.

    I also hope Grey Worm isn’t (as I speculated last season) being used as the Stalwart Shield or Mossador characters… bringing him close to Missandei, then offing him. Wasn’t there a casting for a Stalwart like character? If so, I reckon they can get the Sons of the Harpy across with only one big Unsullied murder, which would be him, and Grey Worm is safe, somewhere.

    I’m sure we’re all reading far too much into their absence from these few pictures though, by thinking they’re dead. Although, it could be how they’re trying to get us Sullied types… breaking our hearts by killing characters we think should be alive.

    Putting all that fevered speculation aside… Who do we think the mystery spearman saving Jorah’s life is? At least 6 fighters in the pit, and he’s the only one with a helmet that obscures his identity… pacing round Jorah and the other guy, as they fight… stepping in to save Jorah when he’s on the ground. Of course, he could have just been waiting for an opportunity to kill them both.

    His armour is pretty Eastern/Ghiscari to me… at first I thought it was elaborate Unsullied armour, with the central spike/ridge on the front of the helm. But looking back, I’d say it looks more like the Meereenese Champion’s armour from “Breaker of Chains”… So, is he a local Meereenese fighter, or something more? Is it Benjen? Euron? Daario’s double?

  68. Glad they’re being safe and only drinking bottled water, who knows what’s in the mereneese drinking water

  69. Sean C.,

    And they’ll play no part in the battle whatsoever? I’m not saying we’ll get much more of the naval side than the little we got in Blackwater, but I expect some recognition of the fleet existing during the battle.

  70. A Man Grown:
    We’re all Unsullied here. If the show can figure out a way to have them meet now without it messing up anything big planned for the story down the line, I don’t blame them for doing it. The final leg of ADWD was climax denial after climax denial, Dany/Tyrion among them.

    Climax Denial sounds like my specialty 🙁

  71. I dont know guys ): maybe you are right after all ! maybe seeing Dany and tyrion together for the first time shocked me ): but Hazdar would letting his slave -servant sit next to him like this :/ ! so I guess there will no be a second sons betrayal ?

    Tyrion Pimpslap:
    Lady Nym,

    what I meant is that in the book when dany jump into the pit ,later Barristan jump in the pit too and go to drogon and starts screaming to him to distract him from Dany .
  72. Man. Was really hoping to see a Strong Belwas cameo for the pit fights since he came from Daznaks Pit. Makes me a sad panda.


    My first thoughts: I like how they’re having Tyrion interacting with Dany. Jorah fighting in front of her. This will give some great opportunities for character interactions. After reading Dance with Dragons I honestly felt very frustrated that Tyrion did not interact with Dany. But the bigger implications and how they will justify these changes??? I don’t know. Although I was a little disheartened by story changes in Season 4 (Tyrion/Jaime, Tysha, etc.), I’m actually excited that D&D have the confidence to make some big changes for the show moving forward. I don’t think they do this willy nilly.

    Also I guess this means that the Tyroshi is taking Belwas’ role.

  74. Cian,

    Ha. 😉 The furor over that particular incident was pretty insane, even for the Internet. I was glad to see that the cast was able to respond to it with such good humor.

  75. Luka Nieto,

    No, I was just worried that maybe we LOST Big Bad Barristan before this scene was filmed. You never know with D&D.

    Season 6 will be great opportunity for them to play up his story arc.

  76. Tyrion Pimpslap:
    My guesses as to the show’s version of events in Meereen:

    Ugh, no Barristan overthrow? For the sake of the Silver Fox, I certainly hope you are wrong. That is by far one of my favorite parts of ADWD.

  77. The Hound: You should have mentioned “HUGE SPOILERS” instead of “SPOILERS”…..
    Arrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhh I’m a bit pissed.

    “definite spoilers and confirmation of the show diverging from the books once again.” plus the bolded spoiler warning. At some point, people need to use their own sense and reading.

  78. Cami:
    For all the information we have about this season filming I think they are going to invest a lot in Jorah’s character just to make this scene even more entertaining for the audience.

    May the seven hear you my friend!!!
    As another character said before, Jorah is my faverorite character from the show and I want great things happen to him this coming season. He is certainly due some character development (so is Dany)

  79. Sue the Fury,

    Tyrion sitting next to Dany (albeit zoomed out) has been on the front page all day. If I wasn’t someone who loves/lives for spoilers, I’d be majorly pissed.

    You should consider changing that. Then again, every picture but the crew bloodying the guy on the ground is a massive spoiler, and I did have to look close to notice in the front page picture. That’s not saying much though, as my eyesight isn’t the greatest.

    Still, awesome to see Tyrion with Dany!!!

    And I will live in idiotic denial about the Griff’s until Season 5 airs, though it does kinda follow with the cutting of Arienne.

    Why the hell did they mention the Golden Company so much last season anyway? They gotta make some use out of it for all those mentions!!!


    Dany & Tyrion together!

    Yay! I’m very happily Unsullied and excited to see all of the changes. I think that

    those that think that there will not be a battle of Meereen are correct. Yes, they mentioned Yunkai last season, but that could just be to help illustrate Dany’s dilemma over liberation and rule. If D&D can streamline things enough to get Dany et al out of Meereen quickly with all of the necessary elements in place (sellswords, ships, Tyrion, Jorah, Daario, maybe some Dothraki if they are actually important) but without the unnecessary side trips and subplots from ADwD, I’ll be very happy indeed.

    I say move forward! The books can take as long as GRRM wants while we enjoy a good story and some great tv.

  81. Very excited by the news, either its a change for the better from the books, or accelerating something from the books, which surely was needed.

    Dany <3 O_O

    Surprised they let Dinklage have his beard be that dark though considering Tyrion's supposed to be blonde. I get they've done it with Dany and her eyebrows, and Tyrion and Jaime have tended to appear less blonde than they are in the books, but this seems really over the top to me.

    My faith in Aegon appearing is next to nothing now though. 🙁
  82. Oh… oh wow!! Go Jorah, slay them all!! Maybe they are giving him a trial of sorts to prove himself? Or punish him? I was really kinda hoping Tyrion and Jorah would be back to back fighting against the odds together but this could be very interesting as well. Is Tyrion now Hizdahr’s man servant I wonder…?

    I can see it now:

    Jorah runs through the dust cloud and tries to reach out dramatically to save Dany from Drogon as she flies off into the sky on the dragons back. Cut back to Jorah’s usual sad/shocked/distraught face. Boom, end episode.
  83. Does Jorah subsume Barriston’s plot points?

    And get the ultimate beta-male treatment by getting roasted by a dragon in the arena?

    Or does he alpha-up and kill Hizdahr and sail with Dany at the head of her forces?

    Where is Varys? Is it clear that he is in Dorne? That may imply that Aegon will be revealed at the end of Season 5, or will the Dornish substitute for Aegon?

    At the end of 5 we will see Dany triumphant at the battle of Meereen, the Lannisters/Tyrells decomposing in Kings Landing, Stannis/Jon in the North busting up the Greyjoys and the Boltons, and Aegon/Varys/Dorne in the south with Littlefinger doing his utmost to sow more chaos.

    All with winter bearing down and the white walkers becoming a true threat, rather than just a band of child kidnappers. This gets us to Season Six Ep 1 somewhere in the early Winds of Winter, with Season 7 being as much Dreams of Spring as they want to reveal before the publication of the book / major motion picture finale.

  84. Furthermore, we can speculate that Winds chapters were released because they were going to be “spoiled” by the show before the book came out.

  85. After the news that Jorah might be with Tyrion in the Sorrows, we were a couple of people to speculate that Jorah would get greyscale instead of Jon Con. In those pictures, it doen’t seem like Jorah has it, both of his hands look quite alright…

  86. Perhaps Yezzan gives Jorah and Tyrion to Hizdahr and Dany as a wedding gift. Hizdahr realises who Jorah is and sends Jorah to the pit, thinking that watching him die will please Dany or as an alternative, tries to use sacrificing Jorah ashis way of showing Dany he can do whatever he likes. I’m hoping the helmeted spear guy is actually Grey Worm in disguise who saves a wounded Jorah, while Ser Barristan steps in to skewers Hizdahr.

  87. I’m flabbergasted! In a good way!

    You can count me as one of the people who was disappointed that Tyrion and Dany didn’t meet in the book. I’m so glad they’re changing it in the show. It felt like a waste of two character arcs for the inevitable meeting not to come to fruition.

    I’m enjoying being sort of unsullied. It’s making the wait harder though.

  88. Where is the Whitebeard?? It looks like B-Stan and Greyworm have been sent somewhere.

    Since D&D killed characters such as Jeyne, Pyp, Glenn, Jojen etc I fear some Jorah might get the BBQ treatment. Wouldn’t mind Daario getting that…
  89. Well, this is… different! I can’t wait to see it onscreen! Emilia and Nathalie look amazing btw 🙂

  90. Any ideas who the dude with helmet and spear might be? Greyworm? Barristan? Random dude? Greyjoy Uncle? I say that because of the navy blue and he doesn’t appear to be just another fighter as it kinda looks like he saves Jorah. Could just be a free-for-all though.

  91. OT: I just got told by a friend that GRRM is under contract to release TWOW by mid next year. I am assuming this is total and utter BS, but just in case… Did I miss this bit of news here?

  92. No no no! It’s all wrong D&D! You are rushing! Tyrion and Dany will meet in TWOW. And why the fuck is Daario in the wedding day?

  93. Ollie Holt,

    I mentioned in my post above, there might be something more to him… being the only 1 of 6 fighters with a helmet, obscuring his face. Could just be he’s a Meereenese Champion, because the helmet and armour match those of the Champion Daario killed in “Breaker of Chains”. Also, I don’t think it’s Greyworm, despite the spear, too light skinned from what little we can see of him. Also, he might be bearded, or that might just be the helmet… can’t really tell.

    I dunno, maybe he is just another fighter, one that might be bigged up as Meereen’s best or something, and he and Jorah go toe to toe at the end. It just seems a touch odd that his face is hidden, while everyone else has no helmet.

  94. Tyrion Pimpslap:
    Mine is the Furry,

    I bet he has a furry penis, at least in the books. D and D probably changed it in the show, though.

    Another great change by those boys then. Shaved or neatly trim is the way to go. Seriously, you think I’m gonna take grooming tips from GRRM? No fucking way. Now if I want to learn how to properly pedo or have non consensual sex, well then, he’s my huckleberry.

  95. OH MY GOD, I picked the WORST four days to not check WotW!

    I’ve been saying this since I first started commenting on The Site Who Must Not Be Named under the same handle: To me, the show “Game of Thrones” and the literary series “A Song of Ice and Fire” are two different animals. I love them both in different ways, but equally.

    I trust D&D made the changes they seem to have made in the best interest of the television show. I am so frigging excited for early January around my birthday when they usually release the first trailer!

  96. Of the Night:
    OT: I just got told by a friend that GRRM is under contract to release TWOW by mid next year. I am assuming this is total and utter BS, but just in case… Did I miss this bit of news here?

    Oh sweet summer child

  97. So now that

    Drogon’s landing

    might happen during Dany’s wedding, what color wedding will we be calling this one?

  98. Stylax,

    Those two sure are something. Would it be too swinish to say I envy that water bottle?


    Aye, this confirms that the blacksmith set that someone posted imgur photos of in the summer was for a Vale scene.

  99. This is the first time I post here so I don’t know if I should use spoiler tags (or if i’m using them correctly) because well the entire post is spoilery anyways…

    What if the season ends with Daenerys leaving and Barristan, and Grey Worm left with the dragons mess or whatever, and you know like maybe season 6 can be focused on the Meereen war, and Tyrion helping or something. And meanwhile the Greyjoys may be introduced with “Asha” and they show us the Victarion journey and by the end or the middle of the season the big fight of Meereen takes place and BAM plot twist, Vic arrives and kicks ass.

    Is it too much? This one still has faith this character and his brother will appear anytime…

  100. Oooooooooor what about this:

    What if at the end of season five there is a discussion in King’s Landing about some ships arriving at Dragonstone with Targaryen flags on them and every Unsullied may be left thinking it was Daenerys but NO it is OTHHER “Targaryen” and that’s how they are introduced (YG & JC). Considering he will not meet Tyrion at all as it seems…

    I’m a sweet summer child sorry and English is not my mother tongue..

  101. BlackRaven,

    Most likely we’ll just get the scene where Varys kills Kevan (with some plot exposition, hopefully). And maybe a shot of JC & YG landing in the Stormlands, if we’re lucky. The rest we can expect to be handled in S06.
  102. Ser Florian,

    It is intriguing. What struck me was the way he’s killing one of the men as he stands over Jorah presumably about to make a killing blow. Why save Jorah? I suspect Jorah is the better of the fighters on the evidence of the pictures, so if it is a free-for-all saving him would be counter productive. I think you’re right in saying it’s unlikely to be greyworm. Barristan might be a better shout but he uses a sword. We may be looking into this too much but he did strike me as something more than your average pit fighter. In any case I can’t wait to find out.

  103. What if…

    Jorah is burned instead Quentin???

    I don’t really like to see Tyrion with Dany, I think it is just too soon for that.

  104. Ollie Holt,

    Could be he’s just making his move when Jorah, the biggest threat, is down and he could kill them both, but Jorah grabs his sword up or what have you. There’s no casting or characters that I can think of that’d fit for him, though I haven’t studied them extensively and might have missed some. And we can’t really tell what’s happening in the fight from these stills… It’s just the helmet, when no one else has one, makes me think he’s covered up for a reason.

  105. I recon they are all pit fighters from all over the show to add spectacle, should be one for the choreographers with different styles.

    Jorah – Westerosi knight.
    Guy Dueling Jorah – Small rapier style my guess is Braavosi
    Guy Jorah Kills – Dressed like a sailor but with a massive polearm so no clue
    Dead Guy With Shield – Looks Like a barbarian type, wearing furs
    Guy in 1st pic with sword – Can’t get a good look, even at the sword
    Spear Guy – Must be the local champion, not Selmy as too tall and looks to be white so can’t be Grey Worm unless it’s a double and they do no face shots, I first thought it was Daario from the shape but he’s watching so no clue.

  106. Nymeria Warrior Queen: Insert the text you want obscured between [s p o i l e r] and [/s p o i l e r], except without any spaces.Also, there are directions at the top of the comments section on any article.

    Thanks, Nymeria and Jeb (and anyone I missed)!

  107. I’m already envisaging this scene in my head…

    Almost all of the fighters are dead… It’s down to Jorah and one other guy…
    Dany watches the whole thing with growing worry.
    Jorah seems weak and exhausted – It’s not looking good for him…
    At that moment, a loud roar is heard.
    Everyone looks up to see Drogon swooping down on them!
    Drogon lands, roars again, and roasts Jorah’s opponent, as well as several others.
    Drogon turns his eyes to Jorah. Will he attack him too?
    At that moment, Dany calls to Drogon. Drogon turns to her.
    Dany slowly approaches Drogon and, manages to calm him down.
    Suddenly, arrows start pelting Drogon.
    Drogon covers Dany with his wings to protect her…
    Drogon flies away from the storm of arrows, with Dany in his arms/on his back.
    Jorah, Tyrion and Hizdahr stare speechlessly up at the sky.
    Credits play.

    Yeah, half of that probably won’t happen. It’s just what I imagine in my head. 😛

  108. Big Mac,

    As long as

    Drogon doesn’t roast Jorah I’m ok with it, seriously Drogon.. DO NOT ROAST JORAH. C’mon he was the second human face you ever saw, he is almost family!
  109. Either we have jumped into book 7 or this season is going to abandon the book’s direction and go on its own path.

    Which I’m fine with.

  110. GeekFurious,

    Not really, they are just going to jump the story forward a bit and cut out the Battle of Fire, and no Dany vision quest either.

    Season 5 Dany/Tyrion arc at the end of the season will be at the same place in TWOW when Dany returns to Mereen after the Battle of Fire. There is no Victarion, no Quentyn, no Siege of Mereen. Just a coup/assassination attempt by the slavers/Hizdar that culminate at the fighting pits.

  111. King DBC:
    That white dress will make for some spectacular imagery,

    I can’t imagine how will she jump on his back naked :/ maybe some cloth will be still hanging in :/ >I always hoped the dress will be red ! when will she wear her house color !!
  112. King DBC,

    Indeed she is! Nathalie Emmanuel is the number one girl on the show, hands down. Then Carice followed by an Emilia-Sophie tie. Especially here with her belly-and-arm-revealing combo, Missandei is REALLY stealing her boss’s thunder!

  113. I think it’s possible that [SPOILER]Drogon arrives just when Jorah killed/is about to kill the last one. Jorah is about to become BBQ but Dany throws herself into the pit and tames Drogon. It’s a bit more dramatic than Dany doing that for some random fighters. Tyrion has to be in the pit as well, because Dinklage has a double and you don’t need a double just for scenes with sitting beside Hizdahr. Or Maybe at the last moment Tyrion is sent at the pit to fight Jorah and some other guys when Drogon arrives. [/SPOILER]

  114. Gravemaster,

    Dany, Missandei, Hizdahr and Daario all have doubles in Osuna too; it wasn’t their actual actors in yesterday’s set pics for instance, it was their doubles. Doubles aren’t just for stunts or nudity, they’re also because actors don’t want have to sit or stand around all day. Especially in crowd shots where no one would be able to tell them from their doubles anyways.

  115. I’m not sure it’s that they don’t want to it’s probably more that it would cost the production a stupid amount of money to have them do that.

  116. why would Tyrion be inside the pit when drogon comes ? I liked the idea of dany

    jumping when drogon is about to roast Jorah then they can give Barristan’s bad ass moment to Jorah when he tries to distract drogon from her…. as long as they don’t give this moment to the tyroshi sellsword
  117. Greenjones,

    All right, I hope they had to write him out of the Daznak Pit because of the play. But wouldn’t they just base their schedule around him? You’d think they would have told him to lock down certain dates

  118. Carne,

    “Extra” is an exaggeration. Yes, he only had one scene of serious dialogue. The way he was built up in season 3, you’d expect D&D to have something planned for him down the road. Season 5 is his chance now that Jorah is gone (and Daario and Hizdahr are at Yunkai early on). I expect to see much more of Barristan in season 5 than 4, whether he dies or not.

  119. Looks like this scene will be very different from the book.

    Last night when I saw this I was raging but today I can see why they made Tyrion meet Daenerys so early.
    I’m looking forward to seeing how big they make Drogon.

    Nathalie looks drop dead beautiful in that outfit btw

  120. luis,

    Too soon? Two of the main and most popular characters meeting 49 hours into a 70 or 80 hour story is “too soon”? Nobody would’ve said that if it had already happened in the book, which is what most people wanted to happen —and it was about to happen, but things went —rather anticlimactically— another way at the slave camp and everything went haywire at Daznak’s pit.

    Anyway, it’s not such a big change. GRRM has confirmed Tyrion will meet Dany in TWOW, though not early on —that is, after she comes back to Meereen. Meanwhile, in the show, it seems they meet before or at Daznak’s Pit, and then Drogon appears and Dany flies away. The only thing that has been brought forward is their introduction, and that’s the case only if Tyrion reveals his identity (which I assume he will, but many people here think otherwise.)

    The only reason people think of Tyrion meeting Dany as such a big change is that the meeting hasn’t happened yet in the books, but in the show characters often meet each other before or after they did in the books: there’s the Reeds and the Tullies appearing late; Hidzahr and Ramsay and many others appearing early, etc. The only difference between those cases and this one is that book readers now feel “unsullied” about this whole thing, because they don’t know what’s gonna happen. But D&D know what’s gonna happen in TWOW and beyond. For them, moving things around a bit is just par for the course.

  121. Gravemaster,

    She doesn’t jump in to save the fighters in the books. One of the fighters stabs drogon with a spear and so she jumps in to save drogon or at least to tell them to stop

  122. azurecobalt,

    To be fair 200 was easy, 300 is more of a challenge.

    Edit: Just been over to Wic to see how many comments they had for (pretty much) the same article: 22 (Twenty Two). Wow. And, it is one of their highest commented articles.

    Also, the newest article has this title:”Sophie Turner and Gwendoline Christie filming in N. Ireland” This information came from the Making of Game of Thrones post.

    As King Tommen pointed out in the comments the Making of Game of Thrones stuff is delayed by about 2-3 months, and it said Day 19. How on earth those amateurs thought it was recent is beyond me.

  123. Too many possibilities!

    After thinking about this based on ideas in yesterday’s thread and now this, I think I have a least gotten over the shock of the (gorgeous) photos!

    I am personally ok with bringing Tyrion and Dany’s meeting forward (since GRRM confirm they will meet), and bringing Jorah, a character the audience is invested in, back on screen. We know Yezzan is cast, we know Jorah and Tyrion shot scenes together, it seems safe to assume they meet, Jorah captures Tyrion, they both get sold to Yezzan, and Yezzan gets them to Meereen. Somehow, Jorah ends up in the pit and Tyrion on the dias (wedding gift to Hizdahr? as himself or as translator/pet?). All totally cool with me. Ser Barristan’s absence is a bigger issue (but I’m fine with Daario being there)- god only knows where they put Ser B but clearly he’s not just missing from the photos since others confirmed he is working elsewhere right now. It could be he has some great interior scenes this season (hopefully explaining some Targaryen backstory to Dany/ how cool Rhaegar was/ what an insane asshole her father was), and maybe some fighting (we can only hope, #SilverFox). But perhaps between Daario and Jorah they can take the place of Ser Barristan in the pit- Daario running after his queen/lover, and Jorah already there trying to distract Drogon. Seems likely the Second Sons double betrayal part is cut, and the Ironborn. But as others have pointed out, in season 4 they did bring up Yunkai a bit when they didn’t need to. I just think a lot of this will be cut (lack of Shavepate also, but as other have said someone can stand in for him for plot purposes). I think we’ll see Harpy escalation, Hizdahr and Daario returning from Yunkai and then Hizdahr proposing the marriage peace (either for Harpy or Yunkai purposes, or both could merge), Daario being his usual. Barristan helping Dany to rule in Jorah’s absence. Someone will die in the pit, not sure who, and somehow the other Dragons need to be released since Quentyn the frog is cut also. I think we’ll either end with the pit, or, depending on how important the Dothraki are for the end game, the pit will be episode 9 and in episode 10 Dany returns, with a Dothraki army, and dragons, quickly ties up loose ends, and prepares to move out of Meereen, without a major naval batter (too expensive). This could be the same episode that Daggers in the Dark occurs, to end on a cliffhanger. Meanwhile Varys goes to Dorne (but after Jaime leaves so they don’t meet), returns to KL in secret and murders the hopefully reintroduced Kevan
  124. Jaime’s girl:
    Too many possibilities!

    After thinking about this based on ideas in yesterday’s thread and now this….

    I think they’ll find a way to make Hizdahr take over the Sun’s Son’s role.

  125. I think I need to visit WiC and rally the troops to come over here. 22 people commenting over there is 21 too many. The one being KC who refuses to join us.

  126. Mine is the Furry,

    Yes, but many times out of 22, 5 answers are from the writer of the article. I just went browsing now after months and picked several random articles with more than 15 posts.

  127. Strider,

    Let’s get them here. Bansided can stick to American Football and tits. THIS site and are the only GoT sites worth visiting. Because that’s where you’ll find all the handsome people.

  128. Lady Nym,

    I find that dress quite intriguing as well.

    I do wonder how Dany and the dress will be treated once she jumps down into the pit with big D. There has to be some nasty back and forth between them before big D lets her ride. How much of that gorgeous dress will be left? I still want bald! 🙂

    On another note, will Dany actually save Jorah from big D as others have speculated? Hmmmmm.

  129. jentario,

    Shush you!!! I root for Ry chatting up Sue one day. I bet she can totally hold her own. It would be a pleasure to have her at fleabottom.

  130. King DBC,

    Also, is Missandei stealing Dany’s spotlight? Man, she is hot.

    I concur, Natalie is definitely stealing Emilia’s thunder, and Ms Clarke is gorgeous in that dress, but OMG! Emmanuel in that dress…reminds me of…another Royal wedding where the bride was upstaged, but that wedding was in real life, I’m sure you know what I’m speaking of.

    Also everyone thinks Tyrion is a servant, but a servant would never be permitted to sit with a queen. So if he is a servant, Peter is just resting between takes.

    I do not like the fact that the photographer released the picture of that mystery fighter saving Jorah, it spoils the scene big time, HBO should sue the person.

  131. Holy shit, this season might be really exciting! Good for them that they are daring to make such massive changes

  132. I really hope they don’t kill Jorah. On a side note, in that last picture of the royal party Joel Fry just looks amused as all hell. Must be fun to be a part of all that. Even when it’s not your turn on camera you get to just sit back and enjoy watching everyone else perform. 🙂

  133. Veltigar:
    Holy shit, this season might be really exciting! Good for them that they are daring to make such massive changes

    What do you mean “might be exciting”? Of course it will!!! I’m sure there will be plots that won’t work quite so well (looks like Sand Snakes at the moment), but if done right it could be up there with Season 1 (IMO the best season). It probably won’t be quite the best, but I’m hopeful that it will still be uo there amongst the best, and most of the filming information that has come out suggests it could. I just wish George had been as concise as D&D at this point, because one really good book is better than two drawn-out and average ones.

  134. MuchAndMore,

    Oh that would work so well! Hizdahr gets over confident and tries to do something he shouldn’t 😉 and gets killed for it! Problem solved!

  135. Strider,
    Mine is the Furry,

    Hey um, awkward question… I am new around here (didn’t discover WiC or WOTW until after the split). Is this like a strike, and it’s not cool to comment over there? I found the post by Oz explaining the split/betrayal situation so, duh, I’m team WOTW. But I have been checking out their awards posts and putting in my two cents, I figured since like no one comments over there it couldn’t hurt.. But I don’t want to offend. Their posts on casting and shooting have been frequently just totally wrong or full of mistakes and assumptions so I understand they’re useless. Also I think there are people who don’t know about the switch to WOTW.. every week someone seems to appear and comments like “oh, you’re all over here! I didn’t know!” Anyway I’m just clueless but very very happy I found this site where people don’t shoot down newbies, and are generally extremely awesome! 🙂

  136. Jaime’s girl,

    hmm, it is difficult one, I don’t think people here have a problem if people post on WiC, it is just that a lot of people resent Fansided for how they treated the original writers, and didn’t even give them a Curtain Call when they left. Fansided’s leadership then made several insulting remarks about these writers, and called them unprofessional, If Fansided had treated them better they would still be there. As you came after the split I think most people here would have no problem with you commnting there. I have been over there three or four times since, and posts are often almost facsimilies of posts here, aand there are a lot of mistakes. The only good thing that I have read there since are some of the new reviews for Season 1, but the rest is garbage. Every time I go I comment advertising this site, but it is always deleted.

    I think what I’m trying to say is make up your own mind. When Season 5 comes around I expect a lot of people will go there not realising so they might get some people back then, but it doesn’t seem like they are improving to me.

  137. Gregorio,

    Thanks, that’s useful information. Yeah I have not really gone over there much once I discovered WOTW just because a lot of the posts have mistakes etc and are mostly both later than and redundant to posted from here. Only recently did I learn about the fansided stuff and I’m sure the lack of respect goes even further than most of us know. I guess what I’m asking is- does it help fansided if WiC gets a few comments? I mean, they get so few… Isn’t it mostly based on traffic? I guess I should just ignore WiC entirely, then problem solved! I hope I did not offend anyone here! This site is amazing, the quality is outstanding and the community is nice and dynamic (and not just purists hating on any change from the books to the show, but instead discussing them), and it seems like they are very fair about comments, etc. I’m just tremendously impressed, especially after learning how they were treated by fansided. Who could possibly call them unprofessional?? I have only been around since late summer (just reading at first, before I was too scared to comment) but I am so glad to have found this!

  138. Jaime’s girl,

    This is my impression: I don’t think anyone here would say, “hey, you posted on Wicnet, so you’re not welcome here.” It’s just not that kind of place. One of the things I’ve always liked about the people who run this place (even when I was just a lurker and they were still at the old place) is the atmosphere they create where a wide variety of views, opinions, etc…all pretty peacefully coexist and interact. I’ve never gotten an Us or Them vibe. Plus, of course, the folks here get the scoops!

    Back to the guessing game: I like the idea someone had (can’t remember who it was, and I’m too lazy to read back through all the comments) that maybe Ser Barristan was sent to

    Dorne. That he’s the person who was spotted who we aren’t supposed to know is there. I don’t know how it would work out time-wise…what information would get to Meereen…nor from whom…to get him sent to Dorne early enough to have him there by episode 9 (if I’m not getting it confused with something else), but the thought is intriguing, at least to me.
  139. Nymeria Warrior Queen,

    Omg, genius.

    If Ser Barristan is in Dorne it’s like the Quentyn plotline backwards? He’s prestigious enough to act as a diplomat for Dany (unlike Daario), and this would allow Tyrion to arrive in disguise and not be immediately outed. But if he’s there in episode 9, Jaime is too, this might be a problem with the theory. And the question remains, where is Grey Worm?

    And thanks for your words of explanation as well. Seems like the community here is pretty cool and welcoming so thanks for the reassurance, I didn’t want to commit a faux pas so to speak! Now that I know better what happened I won’t bother to comment there anymore!

  140. Strider:

    Shush you!!! I root for Ry chatting up Sue one day. I bet she can totally hold her own. It would be a pleasure to have her at fleabottom.

    She hasn’t got the guts.

  141. Big Mac,

    Then your imagination is playing in my head too! Same! 😉

    I will miss Storytime with Uncle Barry if they off him before he gets to wander through Dany’s family tree with her. I really want to hear more about Rheagar and the Daynes. #SilverFox

    Can’t wait to see where this is going!

  142. Ashara D,

    You may get your wish regarding tales of Targs and Daynes next week with the release of TWoI&F. Hopefully, we get tons o’ nuggets of juicy stuff. I am hoping for a detailed exposition on Shitmouth.

    I need to see a shot of Selmy though! Hopefully soon. The debate over his possible demise honestly threw me for a loop. Don’t give up on the Selmy!

    He must be off preserving the realm or calming down R&V or hurling locusts or scouting out possible allies in Dorne (as others have mentioned). Real spoiler territory here though.

    Regardless of Selmy’s actual whereabouts, I need to hear him shout “Sound the attack!”….someday…

  143. Jaime’s girl,

    My apologies if I offended those that still post there. My point was not to make you or others there feel bad about doing so, but that I would rather selfishly steal you all over here.

    I enjoy your posts and you’re a welcome contributor here.

  144. ctid:
    I recon they are all pit fighters from all over the show to add spectacle, should be one for the choreographers with different styles.

    Jorah – Westerosi knight.
    Guy Dueling Jorah – Small rapier style my guess is Braavosi
    Guy Jorah Kills – Dressed like a sailor but with a massive polearm so no clue
    Dead Guy With Shield – Looks Like a barbarian type, wearing furs
    Guy in 1st pic with sword – Can’t get a good look, even at the sword
    Spear Guy – Must be the local champion, not Selmy as too tall and looks to be white so can’t be Grey Worm unless it’s a double and they do no face shots, I first thought it was Daario from the shape but he’s watching so no clue.

    The extra swordsman is a dothraki!

  145. I really hope they don’t kill Barristan, mainly ’cause… well, he hasn’t really had anything to do yet.

    I mean he had that big reveal at the start of season 3, and what has he done during the time since then that couldn’t have been done by… anyone else, really?

    If they’re going to kill him off, they’d better damn well justify his reputation, and make it the most badass, heroic death possible…

    Though, of course, there’s no real proof he IS going to die.

  146. Can’t have this talk of Natalie stealing Emilia’s thunder, they can have a 1st = both hot as hell(or drogonbreath)

  147. Ser Barristan Badass:
    WHERE is my Ser Barristan?!?!? #SilverFox

    Although I’ve been counting the seasons until we get to the pit scene (my favorite in all of the books), if we lose Selmy and his fabulous ADWD storyline I will forever renounce my faith in the Church of D&D. Praise the Seven!

    I thought about Barristan as well BUT Daario isn’t supposed to be there and he is and Grey Worm isn’t there soooo maybe they juggled who is going to be there.

    I think the show will play up the romance/affair with Daario/Dany more because its a show with lots of sex in it so let’s put them together and all that. (and I’m much more down with Daario/Dany in the show because Michiel Huisman isn’t as sleezy as book Daario seemed lol)

    This whole scene makes me think they’ve cut the Aegon and Jon Connington’s parts out and since we know they’ve cut out a lot of the scenes from those 2 books, I wonder if Season 5 won’t cover what’s left of the scenes they plan to use. If you cut out the ironborn and change all of Jaime’s tour the the Riverlands, cut out Stoneheart (and therefore, some of Brienne’s storyline), the parts of Theon’s story that were shown in S3-4, the parts of Sansa’s shown in S4, in addition to cutting Arriane’s part out as well – they’ve cut down a lot of AFFC & ADWD. We already know that Cersei’s AFFC storyline is going to be all shown in S5 since there wasn’t much after her walk of shame. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t plan on getting all of the books done before the end of this season and going on to season 6 with unpublished materials.

    I really hope they don’t end the season with dany flying off and that little rebellion @ the Wall that ends really badly for Jon Snow. -_-

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