New photos of Game of Thrones filming in Osuna’s bullring


Game of Thrones season five filming has moved to Osuna, Spain, now with production largely centered about the town’s bull ring. It is generally accepted that the ring will stand in for Daznak’s Pit, the setting for a major scene in A Dance with Dragons.

France’s MetroNews has several new photos of the location shooting occurring over the last couple days, which we’ll tuck beneath a cut for spoiler reasons!

Shooting at the moment appears to be focused mostly on scenes using doubles. As we can see in the photo below, the stand-in for Tyrion Lannister (wearing a new outfit for the character) was present for filming. With Peter Dinklage already in town, we can expect to see the man himself on the set any day now. The production will be in Osuna until the end of the month.






Shooting in Osuna, however, has run into a snag: the east winds, according to a tweet from this morning:

Filming may now be delayed until the green screen is fixed.

Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of


  1. Seeing khaleesi in jeans (even if that’s the stunt double) finds my dragon, if you know what I mean.

  2. This scene is shaping up to be amazing, hope they fix the green screen quickly and with little expense. Tyrion’s costume is pretty decent for a


    isn’t it? I was expecting him to look a little worse for wear.

    Obligatory testosterone filled remark incoming, Dany’s double in dem jeans = Hnnnnngggg!

  3. Has Gwendoline Christie been seen filming yet? I mean there isn’t really a reason for her to be in season 5

  4. Mormont,

    Yes, Christie was seen filming months ago. Also, there is this official post. There were rumors that she will have a scuffle with Knights of the Vale and maybe encounter and be rebuffed by Sansa —but I don’t remember if that was based on pure speculation or if something was glimpsed during filming. Anyway, what do you mean there is no reason for Brienne to be in Season 5?

    There’s some material left for her from the “A Feast for Crows”, if D&D have decided to go the route of the ‘Brotherhood without Banners’ for her Season 5 climax, no matter if Lady Stoneheart is included or not. However, even if there wasn’t any more available source material, they wouldn’t just not include a main cast character. They will give her something to do, don’t worry.
  5. I dont think these will be Tyrion’s everyday slave clothes. More likely it’s the ones he’s given for his appearance in the pit and it suits well.

    And hell yeah, even if we dont see her face, Dany’s double is dragon-hot in those pants ! =D

  6. Nick_Scryer,

    What have you seen that shows you this is shaping up to be an amazing scene? All I’ve seen are photos of some actors and extras on a set. I have not seen a script, special effects, cinematography, directing, editing or heard a musical score.

  7. I’m sooo looking forward to the pit scene. I think it will be fantastic. I was also wondering about Brienne. Really curious how they’re going to handle her and Pod’s story and quite frankly it’s killing me not knowing what’s going to happen.

  8. H. Stark,

    She’s the right age and looks like she could fit the part, but it’s worth noting that Mark Mylod is listed as the director for her episode(s). It’s been reported that the flashback is likely to serve as the cold open for Season 5, in which case Michael Slovis should be the director.

    Since her character’s name isn’t listed and we don’t know where she’s filming, she could appear in pretty much any storyline. My guess would be that she’ll be shooting in Northern Ireland, because she doesn’t really have a Meereenese look. But who knows?

  9. Could Stella McCusker be the old woman who’s reported to be “helping Brienne in dangerous territory” (or something like that)?

  10. Carne,

    Thanks! And nice work finding these three actors, by the way!

    If Ms. McCusker is based in NI, my best guess would be that she’s playing a wildling. Maybe she’ll be featured in the scene where

    Jon allows the wildlings to pass through the Wall.

    Alternatively, Messy Justin Massey‘s idea that she could be the woman from Brienne’s storyline sounds quite plausible as well.

  11. H. Stark,

    James Hibberd said that the flashback in the season would be in the first episode (and that it would actually open the season). That means Maggy will be in a Michael Slovis episode rather than Mark Mylod one.

    Messy Justin Massey,

    I’m pretty sure the old woman that helps Brienne has more than one or two appearances…Maybe Sue the Fury could confirm based on the casting call that she saw.

  12. jentario,

    I too would be quite pleased if it turned out that she was actually playing Lady Dustin. Not only because I think that she’s a great minor character, but because it would mean that casting for the Winterfell part of the Northern storyline was underway (so far I think that Emma Maguire’s “Winterfell worker” is the only definitive addition), and we might theoretically start hearing about other roles that people have been quite eager to have confirmed.

    However, I have to concede that McCusker playing the woman from Brienne’s storyline is the simpler and more logical explanation.

  13. Makes sense if she’s the woman from Brienne’s storyline. Gwen is finishing up Star Wars so the core of the Brienne story will probably be shot in November/December

    (which incidentally is also after Michelle Fairley finishes shooting Resurrection).
  14. Jared,

    My old comment went into moderation because of a link I edited into it, but I’d said that I’m pretty sure that the old woman who helps Brienne appears in more than one or two episodes. Folks who saw the casting call could say for sure but I remember hearing something of the sort.

  15. Jared,

    Agreed, she’s a very fascinating minor character and I love her scenes with Theon and Roose, I’d be super happy about ANY Barbrey Dustin (whoever would play her)… Sigh, and my beloved Lord Too-Fat-To-Sit-A-Horse…

  16. The spam filter needs to be tweaked somehow, imo. I posted the showreels of the actors Carne found (only 3 links) and the comment is awaiting moderation…

  17. Abyss,

    There’s nothing wrong with the spam filter, it’s doing its job. You posted several links in one post, which reads as spam-like. You posted the reels six minutes ago so it wasn’t very long to wait for someone to approve the post.
    And considering that we get about 2000 pieces of spam a day, I think having a spam filter is a pretty good thing. A rare inconvenience is worth it.

  18. Wow if that Emilia’s double they really found a ringer.
    Odd because even from the side and back that does look like a Huisman double.
    That ‘Danny’ is wearing the right boots , do does the costume go over the top of that?

  19. Sue the Fury,

    I wasn’t complaining about the spam filter per se, I agree that it is needed, but wouldn’t it be enough to up the number of links reading as spam to let’s say five?
    – Anyway, I also agree that usually posts get fished out of the spam filter very fast here, so it isn’t a big deal. No hard feelings. 🙂

  20. Messy Justin Massey,

    Liam Cunningham and Carice van Houten usually tweet about commuting over to Westeros when they go in for filming, so I don’t think they’re there right now as neither have mentioned it.

  21. Greenjones,

    That’s true (I’m btw “The Onion Sleight” from ;-), I hope, they’re going to tweet again about their filming and when they go to the set… And maybe Carice posts even more than pictures of her red boots and Baratheon-soldier-shields (I love the pic of her and Kerry in furs ^_^)

  22. Messy Justin Massey,

    Pleased to re-meet you! Hopefully they do sound off on twitter soon, hopefully even later today! (While I’m a beggar choosing, I might as well get ambitious). It would be great for Carice to give us another s5 tidbit too…

  23. Although it’s unlikely she’s playing


    (unless the wrong director is listed on her CV), this cracked me up when I looked for pictures of her: This picture, accompanied with the description: “Stella McCusker plays The Fortune Teller whose curse causes a group of teens some major problems in Road Kill.”

  24. Greenjones,

    Thanks =) Yeah, that would be great, fortunately, Carice’s usually quite communicative and open about such (spoiler-y) things, I’m looking forward to hear news from her or Liam (hopefully) soon.

  25. bon,

    Wasn’t it reported that Elizabeth Webster (Fat Walda’s actress) is filming in October? So, does this mean the Winterfell crew is now/soon busy?… And hopefully some other Northern lords/ladies, too?

  26. I’m looking forward to seeing that Pit’s scene. It was like my favorite scene of the whole book, so I’m pretty excited about it.

    By the way, there has been news about Sam? Because I really want to know what are they doing with Sam in the show… I wanna see the scene that Arya and Sam meet…
    So, do you guys know if it is going to happen in the show?

  27. Interesting bits of casting just because it’s not necessarily stuff to do with Mereen.

    Lead Kingsguard could just mean an extra in Kingsguard uniform or if they’re going to cast him as a named KG then the only ones that really fit his profile are Swann or Oakheart who both should really be in Dorne this season…unless they’re bringing in the Kettlebacks which would seem a bit daft.
    Lady Dustin would be great but if they’re casting her surely there’s the need to cast Wymen too. Could possibly be Lady Glover if they’re going to have Asha/Yara, Stannis and Deepwood Motte featured?

  28. Sue the Fury:

    There’s nothing wrong with the spam filter, it’s doing its job. You posted several links in one post, which reads as spam-like. You posted the reels six minutes ago so it wasn’t very long to wait for someone to approve the post.
    And considering that we get about 2000 pieces of spam a day, I think having a spam filter is a pretty good thing. A rare inconvenience is worth it.

    Could you at least loosen the reins a bit to allow the Thomas Sabo posts through? Christmas is coming and I am all out of gift ideas for my main squeeze. Nothing says “I didn’t know she was your sister” like a Pandora charm bracelet.

  29. Yep. I recon so. I’ll also point out that Elboneno is of course one noble spelt backwards.


    Elboneno is probably the second master (“Eaton”‘s friend) who is described in this wotw post from August. The guy playing Eaton/eaten is also appearing in a Podeswa episode and Silverleaf fits the plump description of the second master who suffers “a trauma”.

    Yep. And just to add in that Elboneno is one noble spelled backwards.


    Elboneno is probably the second master (“Eaton”‘s friend) who is described in this wotw post from August. The guy playing Eaton/eaten is also appearing in a Podeswa episode and Silverleaf fits the plump description of the second master who suffers “a trauma”.

  30. Even though it’s not that likely, there is the possibility that he’s a member of Stannis’ “Kingsuard”. Justin Massey perhaps?

  31. I have to say that this new lead kingsguard is very attractive. kettleblack maybe? plus he kinds of looks like Jaime/Nikolaj imo and I could see D&D wanting show!Kettleblack to look like jaime.

  32. H. Stark,

    If she is Maggy, the common theory (which I think may have been confirmed?) of her appearing in the cold open of the premiere as Cersei’s dream/flashback must be discarded, because the actress is directed by Mylod, who is in charge of episodes 3 and 4.

    The Lead Kingsguard thing is interesting. I guess we’ll finally have a face and an actor to match to Arys Oakheart or one of the others who had only been played by extras.

  33. Thank you everyone for all these spoilers!

    So could Allon Sylvain =

    Arya’s first kill?

    I don’t really know if they have time for that scene, or if they’ll just skip to a certain Kingsguard… but something about his face makes me feel like he’s… enigmatic. Like it would be difficult for her to project good/evil into his personality, and therefore hard for her to justify…

  34. Middlefinger,

    Oh, I’m all for having Justin Massey on the show 😉
    (But only if he’s there still looking like some “Boy band-knight” with his long hair falling across one eye all the time, and he’s always pushing it back while talking to Stannis!)

  35. Greenjones,

    Yeah, I forgot about that. Basically confirms the theory of Cersei’s Maggy dream/flashback being the cold open. Then, is she the old lady Brienne meets for a couple episodes, I guess?

  36. Do we know who Elboneno is?

    Lady Dustin would be superb for that lady, but I don’t know if she’d appear in only 2 episodes.

  37. Luka Nieto,

    It may be her. But her role would be smaller than we expected, like what the farmer or that dying man was to Arya’s storyline this season.

  38. Sue the Fury,

    Thank you, I thought we had heard about the month, but so I guess “autumn” could mean anything around October/November/maybe even middle December.

  39. This is the original WotW report when we first heard of the old lady: “Intriguingly, WatchersOnTheWall sources also tell us that Brienne will encounter an elderly serving woman who becomes her ally in dangerous territory. The character will appear in a few episodes, though the role is small.”

    “A few episodes” could well mean two (and no more than 3 or 4). This makes some sense IMO. We know Brienne will encounter Vale knights, and that could happen around episode 1 or 2. Then in episodes 3-4 (the Mark Mylod episodes), Brienne could return to the Riverlands where she is sheltered by the old woman.

  40. aurane waters,

    Hmmm.. I’ve spent a lot of time looking at Jaime/Nikolaj and I’m going to say that while he appears to be attractive Lead Kingsguard doesn’t look much like him. 😉
    I’m all for Justin Massey! I think Arys is a lost cause seeing as Arianne is cut and Jaime and Bronn are going to Dorne. I’m guessing either a new KG member/guy in armor, or someone associated with King Stannis. A Kettleblackish KG who could come up in Cersei’s trial as someone she had relations with is also possible, this guy looks like her type, you know, like Lancel, and Osmund Kettleblack and Moon Boy 😉

  41. Tbh as far as the actors resume is concerned, I think it would make sense if the director of the episode that they have the most screen time in would be the only director listed. No?

    anyways I totally think the new kingsguard is going to be a kettleblack or play a similar role. I doubt he’s oakheart because the whole dorne storyline is just completely different on the show.

  42. Jaime’s girl,
    aurane waters,

    Jaime doesn’t take the place of Arys Oakheart. If anything, he takes the place of Balon Swann —they’re both Kingsguards sent by Cersei after Tywin’s death with the mission of checking up on Doran’s intentions and most crucially saving Myrcella and taking her back to King’s Landing. Arys had already been sent years ago alongside Myrcella to protect her, and there’s already a show analogue for that —we may not know his name, but we saw a Kingsguard played by an extra who accompanied Myrcella on the boat to Dorne. So, when Jaime arrives at the Water Gardens on the show, it is reasonable that he would want to talk with this Kingsguard about what’s been happening, and why not call him Arys Oakheart?

    There is no reason for him to be dead as in the books, so this actor may be playing Oakheart after all. That is, unless D&D want to make a similar point as the books about Myrcella’s only protector having died or been killed somehow: just as Arys’s death in the books prompted Cersei to send Balon, in the show this Kingsguard’s death might be part of the trigger that makes Cersei send Jaime. If this is true, the overall structure of the Dornish plot wouldn’t be so wildly different from the source material, especially from the perspective of King’s Landing.

  43. Luka Nieto,

    Oops, sorry! Spoiler tags! Also, I must correct something:

    I remembered that wrong. In the books Cersei doesn’t yet know about Arys’s death when she sends Balon Swann with Gregor’s supposed head, so it couldn’t have been a trigger for Cersei to send Balon to check things out and take her daughter back to the capital. This means the structure certainly wouldn’t be as similar to the books as I thought it could have been. However, it’s still reasonable for the show. Or maybe Arys’s analogue is alive and well and being played by this or other actor. Well, it’s all silly speculation anyway.
  44. Luka Nieto,

    It’s too early to say of course but since the dornish storyline just seems so different in the show than the books I doubt they’ll be keeping arys oakheart especially since arianne is cut. On the other hand I don’t see how cersei’s story works without a kettleblack type character so I think this new kingsguard is more likely to play that role than oakheart as of right now

  45. aurane waters,

    It’s not about “keeping Arys Oakheart” as the character we know. I’m not saying he’ll fulfill his role from the books. I’m just saying, it was already established in the show that Myrcella was sent with a Kingsguard. So I expect his existence to be acknowledged in some way, even if he isn’t more than an extra in the background. They could call him Arys explicitly or not, but he’d still be Arys’s analogue, in the limited sense of “the Kingsguard who was sent with Myrcella.”

    Now, I’m not saying this actor has to be Myrcella’s Kingsguard. I’m just saying, he’s a possibility, and the lack of Arianne doesn’t change anything because Myrcella’s Kingsguard was already established.

  46. It would be nice to have a KG with a few lines who wasn’t Trent.

    The only others who spoke were the one who pod killed, Jamie and Barristan.

  47. ctid,

    And the Hound.

    And soon, the other Clegane as well.

    I’m all for giving a few lines to other kingsguards, but I hope Meryn Trant has a lot to do this season, before Arya kills him disguised as Cat of the Canals in Braavos (taking the place of Raff the Sweetling being killed by Arya disguised as Mercy from the TWOW “Mercy” chapter.) I want people to remember the shitty things Trant has done (killing Syrio, hitting and disrobing Sansa), and maybe even have him do completely new shitty things (kill the High Septon for Cersei?), so that Arya killing Trant has the most impact possible, especially for people who don’t pay much attention and won’t remember who this guy is. D&D were clever enough to remind us last season, with a whole conversation between Arya and the Hound about how “Meryn fucking Trant” killed Syrio, but I think something more direct will be needed so that everyone catches on.

  48. Luka Nieto,

    I hope they give more to Meryn Trent too. He’s a pretty good actor with what limited time he’s had, they did really well getting him in a minor role to be honest.

    And yeah, I forgot the Hound, I suppose I never really associated him with the Kingsguard.

  49. Wow, some people here still believe Brienne and her Riverland adventures will take place after all the evidence to the contrary. Even if the show goes 8 seasons, the creators don’t have the luxury to take Brienne’s story backward. There are two BIG books left to film, I’m sure one will be out by late next year. Obviously D&D know from conversations with GRRM that Brienne was going to the Vale in Winds, therefore they cut out the Riverlands to push her to that point in the story,
    As for Jaime, I believe D&D are totally creating a new adaption arc for him that will keep him close to the south, the casual fans (vast majority of viewers) love him and his arc with Cersei and will keep him close, geographically speaking.
    This is why Aegon is gone and Dany takes his place in the invasion. It was lame of GRRM to introduce a new character to steal Dany’s spotlight and the invasion of Westeros, after readers had invested so much in her story and wanting to see her go all dragon warrior bitch on KL, see link below. D&D further realize that the casual viewers have also fallen in love with show Dany and are adapting the story to address this grevious error, while attempting to stay close to the books at least when it comes to the end game.

  50. ctid,

    I have high hopes for the character of Meryn being more prominent this season. In the first season he was only there at the end of the season, basically to face Syrio and slap Sansa. By the fourth season, he was a witness at Tyrion’s trial, which was a pretty prominent scene. I hope the escalation continues.

    As for the Hound, I don’t blame you. He only wore the golden armor and white cloak once, right after being admitted into the Kingsguard, in the tenth episode of the first season, “Fire and Blood”, in the scene in which Joffrey made Sansa watch Ned’s head on a spike. Then for the whole of Season 2, Sandor went back to his good ol’ black armor.

  51. tyjon,

    Actually there are multiple elements speaking of a future Riverlands storyline in the show: (i) various scenes in several storylines of characters (both major and minor) speaking of the ungodliness of the Frey actions, (ii) Brynden Tully conveniently surviving the Red Wedding, (iii) Catelyn Stark being mentioned several times in every single episode of season 4 (barring ep.9) to keep her relevant in the audience’s minds, (iv) David Bradley confirming a future return (possibly in season 6), v) Brienne stating Walder is now Lord of Riverrun, which neatly puts the pieces into place, vi) Hot Pie and Arya making clear references to the Brotherhood without Banners in season 4.

    Brienne goes to the Vale in the show because the showrunners are going to bring closure to something that never happens in the books: actually finding Arya and Sansa (only to be rejected by both). There’s no hint whatsoever that Brienne’s story will be merged with Sansa’s. On the contrary, everything points to a quick encounter that will likely take one or two episodes of season 5, and then the rest of her season can deal with laying the groundwork for the season 6 Riverlands plot.

  52. Peter,

    Keep the fire burning, my friend. There shall be revenge for the scouring of the land of House Tully.

    We should have a contest to guess where Blackfish will show up next (in the show or in TWoW).

  53. Peter,

    There is not enough time to play out all that still remains after Dances and fit them into 2 or 3 seasons. Going from what apparently takes place during season 5, we will have the following by season’s end.

    Sand Snakes move to KL, Jaime back in KL, Tyrion and Dany in Meereen, , Arya in Braavos, Sansa in the Vale, Jon at the Wall, Stannis, Bolton’s and Greyjoy’s at WF, Breinne? Cersei and Tyrell’s in KL, The Others.

    Now most or all have to move across the board by the midpoint of the final season for the climatic showdown and have their arcs be coherent and interesting.

    So do they all converge north to the Wall, south to KL or at some geographical mid point on the Westeros map. Will some arcs disappear before the climax because of the demise of major players. Concerning WF, one side will win, so that side still has to move across the board. The winning player in KL still has to move across the board and so forth. Concerning Dany,

    we won’t have a Meereen siege, I believe ep9 of season 6 will be her arrival in Westeros. My take is someone close to Dany is killed in the pit when the SotH strike, being that everyone important is present in one place. The pit will be a battle/uprising. Drogon arrives amidst the chaos, Dany is furious, she mounts Drogon and turns Meereen into ash. The book siege will be on the cutting floor.

    To back this up, there is no hint of even the beginnings of a siege with any of the location shooting for season 5.
    I, as you can read, am viewing all the arcs as playing pieces, and deciding where they need to be and how to get there. The north cannot stop the others by themselves at the Wall, so everyone south has to travel all the way there. This is why I believe the climax will be south, where all the forces can converge. Besides it would be redundant to have another Battle at the Wall. It will be somewhere advantageous for a desperate last stand by humans, and then Ms Deux Machima arrives. If the CotF and Bran play an important role then the God’s Eye and Isle of Faces is the best locale. Surrounded by water, the presence of Wierwoods neutralizes Other’s (this is where Bran comes in, he is able to tell everyone to head there), the armies of CR, Dorne, Reach, KL, and Vale can move to it fairly quickly, though the north has farther to go. Besides it would make interesting reading and viewing to have all the north flee south before the blitzkrieg horde of undead (this is when the Frey’s get their due), after all there needs to be a sense of despair, desperation and doom for the viewership in season 7 and readership in DoS. If the climax is at the Wall, then the Wall really does stop them and that would be very anti-climatic and very unGRRM.

    The point of all this, is there is not enough time for even half of the book material in Winds and Dream to make it into season 6, 7 or a 7.1 and 7.2.

  54. tyjon,

    Let a man dream, please! No need to go all “Orson and his beetles” on him…. 🙂
    Damn realist, but well stated.

  55. Peter,

    This. The old lady helping Brienne out could well be Masha Heddle (who is still alive in show canon). Brienne has reason to seek out the BWB given what Hot Pie told her in 407. It wouldn’t even take much screentime to cover the BWB/LSH material in the books and potentially even wrap it up by mid-s6. I really don’t think it will be as difficult to include as
    tyjon suggests.

    They’ve still bothered to include a Brienne storyline next year and giving her the tail-end of her AFFC material wouldn’t take up much more time than whatever s5 material people are saying they’ll make up for her.

  56. my friend just told me ” what if they cast that actor and gave hin the name (Malko) just to cover up about his real character and because if they said that he’s Moqooro people will know that the Greyjoys are include it” so I replayed ” then how come they cast it Moqooro without casting Victarion?”” She said ” not casting him confirms one thing !! The Dario Naharis theory ” 🙂

  57. What if

    The Walk of Atonement, Daenery’s Flight, and the Daggers in the Dark are all happening on the Season Finale?

    OMG. is it possible?

  58. ^
    Its possible!!

    More exited to see the Unsullied reaction for pit scene than the scene its self 🙂 especially when

    ” Drogon breath flam on their beloved khaleesi 🙂
  59. Laurd:
    What if

    OMG. is it possible?

    No, I wouldnt like that, personally.

    Between the Pit, the Walk, the Daggers in the Dark and the Battle of Ice, there’s enough to cover the last two episodes and make them epic as hell !

  60. Peter,

    Won’t some of this speculation (at least the details) depend on if/when/how Walder Frey gets killed in the end? Maybe D&D take it totally off book (or into TWOW) and after Brienne is rejected by both Stark girls, with nothing to do, she gets revenge on the late Lord Frey on behalf of Catelyn? 😉 (alone or with BWB or Blackfish) I know in GRRM’s world the bad people often profit and survive while the honorable die, but I hope that guy gets a horrific death in the end!

    Also, since it hasn’t been stated in this thread yet that I remember, can we get some Frey Pies please??? I desperately want Northern casting leaks!

    EDIT: I realize Walder/David Bradley is not returning til next S6 so this would not be next season of course.

  61. Laurd,

    if it were up to me I would put the walk in episode 8, the pit in episode 9, and daggers in the dark in episode 10. The other episodes will suffer if you leave all the best parts for last. Remember in season 4 we had Lysa’s death in episode 7, Oberyn vs The Mountain in episode 8, castle black battle in episode 9, and Tywin death in episode 10

  62. Has there been news about Sam? Because I really want to know what are they doing with Sam in the show… I wanna see the scene that Arya and Sam meet…
    So, do you guys know if it is going to happen in the show?

  63. DaenerysTyrion,

    He was filming some Night’s Watch stuff early on, but he wasn’t seen

    filming in Braavos. It’s still possible people just didn’t see him and that he was there, but I don’t think he was. So probably no Arya-Sam meeting in season 5. Does that mean Oldtown is entirely cut or delayed or that just the Braavos part was cut? No idea
  64. jentario,

    I’d be surprised about that. In a show which has its characters spread all around the world, D&D rarely pass on an opportunity to have them meet if they are close to each other, whether it’s in the books or not. A novel has the benefit of narration —whole existing relationships can be recalled in thought and be just as satisfying as an ongoing relationship. The Starks are a good example —since we can’t expect the characters to recall warm family events out-loud, we got a couple of invented scenes before everything turned to shit. Brienne and the Hound may be the most explosive example of characters meeting each other when they don’t in the books, but there are others.

    In the books Tyrion and Jorah got sold as slaves and they were going to entertain the masses at Daznak’s Pit, but things went another way. They were this close to Daenerys, but they never actually entered the city. Will the show do this? Dinklage has been seen filming at the bullring, so D&D will do exactly what we would expect. I’m not saying Tyrion will have a chat with Daenerys, but he’ll probably see her and not the other way around, and it’ll be a teasing near miss, similar to Bran and Jon (once in the books, twice in the show.)

    Because of these kinds of choices of adaptation, I think Sam will meet Arya. Granted, Jon is awfully devoid of friendly characters to interact with (without narration, he has to voice his concerns out loud to someone he trusts), so I imagine Sam’s time at the Wall will be maximized as much as possible, his travels will be excised and his time at Braavos will be brief —brief, but eventful.

    Honestly, I can see them cutting Oldtown before Braavos is cut. In the books Jon sends Sam to become a maester, but it’s not difficult to imagine how his mission could change for the show: in ADWD Tycho Nestoris comes to the Wall in search of Stannis, and Jon makes an agreement with him so that the Night’s Watch can survive the Winter; however, in the show Stannis and Tycho have already come to an agreement, so maybe Jon will send Sam and Aemon, the most cultured amongst the Night’s Watch, to make an agreement with the Bank for him. That’s just speculation, of course —I’m just saying it’s possible to consolidate these plots, and I don’t see D&D passing up an opportunity for main characters to meet, especially if it’s taken directly from the books.

  65. LukaNieto,

    I really hope that you are right, because I really want to see Sam meeting Arya. It would be really funny if Sam gets to meet Sansa in Winds Of Winter…she’s the last Stark he has never met yet.

  66. Turncloak,

    I think you’re right, they will probably keep the season 4 pattern with multiple big moments, it would be too big to put them all together.
    Although I am seriously wondering how far Jon’s arc will end this season. He still has to do a lot of stuff, including Stannis and the wildlings… The daggers in the dark would be a pretty awesome way to end the season but wouldn’t it force them to rush up things a bit ? It depends on how GRRM is planning to deal with the aftermath, but I could see it being postponed to season 6 to give viewers more time to get used to Jon’s new situation.

    DaenerysTyrion, I hope they keep it as well ! The “random beloved characters meet” thing is just seriously adorable…

  67. LukaNieto,

    I agree. I think Oldtown is in, but perhaps the whole thing is getting delayed to late season 5/early season 6.

    -What you said, that Arya-Sam meeting is too bloody good to pass up on. Camel cunts, for fuck’s sake!
    -It seems to me like D&D are going all in with the Sand Snakes. All 8 of them exist in show canon (when they could easily have cut them down to just three or four). I think Sarella will be in (and Elia).
    -Season 4 already set up Sam and Gilly going on a trip together when they vowed “wherever I go you go”. That’s essentially the workaround for why they’ll tag along with Sam, Aemon and possibly Dareon now that there’s no Mance baby.
    -Sam staying in Castle Black is inconveniant. He’s too well-developed a character to just live in Jon’s shadow, and having him be there during Jon’s stabbing would be very different from the books (where Jon has essentially no friends at Castle Black).
    -Unlike a few of the other AFFC/ADWD storylines (Quentyn, Victarion and possibly Aeron and Areo), I think Oldtown will be legitimately important to the story and much harder to cut.

    So Sam and Gilly and Aemon can leave near the end of the season, and they can be in Braavos right off the bat in season 6 and in Oldtown within the first half of the season.

  68. jentario,

    Oh, I agree with your reasoning completely. Once I couldn’t edit my post further, I realized the speculative part in the end of my post ignored the repercussions of Sam being in Oldtown, which we don’t know about but will probably be big. There are plenty of theories, but all of them are grand in their consequences. After all, Jaqen is there as Pete, and Sarella as Alleras, and there’s that whole newly reawakened magic stuff which will surely pay off.

    So, yeah, if Oldtown is as big as theorized, I also imagine it will be in. I’m still saying D&D may want to turn Sam’s travel “through” Braavos into a journey “to” Braavos —that is, the city not just being a stop along the way for them, but part of their mission, such as Sam and Aemon coming to an agreement with the Bank, just as Jon did in the books. It seems like an elegant solution to me.

    Anyway, I think Oldtown’s probably Season 6 material. My mental image of Sam’s climax this season is Aemon dying after hearing about Daenerys and making Sam promise to tell people about it at the Citadel, and then Sam and Gilly leaving Braavos to Oldtown. Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if I’m wrong and his last AFFC chapter is also adapted in Season 5. We’ll see.

  69. Abyss,

    They’re only filming in Osuna until the end of the month, right? That is, for ten more days. If locals don’t spot people from the production prepping stuff in the next couple days at the Colegiata, the University and all those other places that were scouted, I don’t see how it’s very likely that they’ll film there. But god, I hope so. It’s all so beautiful. The Coto de las Canteras (Quarry Reserve), especially. I don’t know what they should use it for, but they should use it.

  70. Abyss,

    The labels are very interesting. But they’re probably guesses, right? These people don’t really know these things, do they? In any case, it’s great to see all the potential locations

  71. LukaNieto,

    The way I took it was that this is more of a promotion video for the area. Yes, they say the clip contains spoilers, but at the same time they give probability percentages. – Which they most likely pulled (for the most part) out of the thin air. 😉

  72. Abyss,

    Wow, super cool video, thanks for sharing! This place looks gorgeous 🙂 I am mentally planning my next vacation to be in Spain 😉

  73. LukaNieto,

    Could be an old photo, could be that they didn’t fix it yet. In any case, that greenscreen is done for. I hope they have a couple more of those.

  74. tyjon,

    I’d be shocked if Dany and Drogon turn Meereen a whole city into ash, on a furious rage for the death on one single albeit loved person, and she flies straight to Westeros. She clearly stated in the previous season she stays the learn how to rule. If she cannot learn how to rule one city how could she rule the whole of Westeros (or something similar, not a direct quote).

    The burning of Meereen should happen by accident (as in dragons on the loose) IMO or as a result of an actual battle. It would defeat the purpose otherwise and Dany would have lost a character development opportunity as big as Essos.

    I also assume you meant Ep 9 Season 5 not 6. Daznak’s Pit happens in Ep 9 Season 5.

    Curious if your take will happen though. I’ve seen this type of scenario thinking before and was always intrigued by it. Will the show resolve the Meereen knot (which is a pretty big damn one) differently or not. And will they completely cut the Dothraki plot?

  75. Strider,

    No matter how it goes down, if they can manage to show it without internal monologue, I think they are wasting something if Daenerys does not get her formative moment, “fire and blood” and all that. I hope they manage to show that somehow even if they cut the rest.

  76. Strider,

    I really want to see the Dothraki plot, it would be a nice ending of the season if they put it, because that moment is when Daenerys realises that she has to grow up and be a Targaryen (Fire and Blood). So I really think that it could be a nice ending for season 5.

  77. DaenerysTyrion,

    The moment when she realizes she is a Targaryen is completely independent from the presence of the Dohtraki. If they want, they can delay that for next season or not have it at all, and still include her big moment of realization.

  78. Yeah, Dany’s moment of realization can occur in the Pit itself. The Dothraki plot isn’t really needed for that, and it unnecessarily extends an already overlong narrative.

  79. I dont think they r going to cut the dothraki entirely mainky because danny is going to spend most of the next book with them .so they may simplify the plot but will not cut them

    and also show is done the necessary foreshadowing back in season 3episode 1 where jirah and danny talk abt getting a true khalasar and we have seen dothraki with her during the match to meereen and in throne room so they will being them back

    another main reason I believe is because dothraki will be coming back with a bang in winds of winter according to grrm himself

  80. Carne,

    A little glimpse at the army at Hardhome, as expected. I’m thinking the season can end with a long, disturbing look at the White Walker army after Winter officially arrives. But not like in season 2, something much more meaty. I assume they’ll actually do something in season 6, so that would be a great way to set it up.
  81. dragonbringer,

    I’ve been rewatching previous seasons, and just watched the Valar Dohaeris episode. This line really leaped out at me: ” The Dothraki follow strength above all, khaleesi.
    You’ll have a true khalasar when you prove yourself strong. And not before.”

    It made me really hope to see it.

    Lollius Palicanus:

    Carice was in Belgium yesterday, so she’s not filming atm.

    Ohhh… “atm” = at the moment. Whew. For a moment there I was thinking of something else for which “atm” stood.

  82. Cami,

    What the fucking fuck!!

    Tyrion MEETS Daenerys! This is beyond my dreams! When we disovered Tyrion and Jorah would be at the pit, I assumed everything would go wrong with Drogon before they could meet Daenerys, although I expected them to see her in the distance. But this… this is even more different from the books, yet I still freaking love it! No more waiting for Tyrion to meet Daenerys!

    Oh, and Jorah seems to be in a bit of a pickle, but that I did expect.

  83. Yeah that was the line iam talking about and I still remember look on danny face when jorah says that its like she want the entire dothraki to follow her but dont know how to prove she is strong enough to lead them
    but that will change when she arrives in vaes dothrak with drogon and unites the khalasar as TSTWMW

    forgive me for my previous post where there had been lots of spelling mistakes Iam on my phone …i feel ashamed for not seeing that
    Nymeria Warrior Queen,

  84. Cami,


    Now to me that outfit on Tyrion still doesn’t scream “Dany knows I’m a Lannister and I’m a spoiled pet”. Has husband bought Tyrion to have his own slave/servant version of Messandei (cutting out extra characters) and Tyrion is afraid to reveal himself? If he never does and has too much screen time with Dany, that will seem a little silly…
  85. Cami,

    I know the pictures don’t depict Daenerys’s side of filming. But either Tyrion has his own seat or Dinklage is occupying the seat for someone else, and come on, he has that shiny new outfit. I’m pretty sure this is exactly what it seems.

    Also, Sophie was filming the same day and apparently in the same context as Christie, according to the Game of Thrones blog ( Brienne and Sansa meet as rumored?

  86. Cami,

    Yep, and the site even says under this picture:
    “Taking a break: The cast-members enjoy some down-time between takes of the hit show”

  87. LukaNieto,


    They do have water bottles, however Peter is also sitting in an actual prop chair, not just hanging around. I suppose someone else could be sitting there in the actual scene, like Barristan or Daario, but those two characters seem like the standing up & guarding type.

    Edit: Pfft yall have already covered this/I’m slow at typing I guess.

  88. Cami,

    I wonder who the man who appears to save Jorah is? Just a random fighter who goes for an easy kill or some named character?
  89. I agree with luke nieto

    he has his own seat if even the pictures are taken during a break others like danny hizdar,missandei and daario in their position during the break

    I expected tyrion to be chained with jorah in the pit and jorah fights with tyrion chained to him

    where is ser barristan I like to see him in full KG armor looking as white as danny

  90. LukaNieto,

    Yep. And if Tyrion and Dany won’t meet, you’d expect him to be down in the Pit with Jorah. It’s possible Dany decides that Jorah needs to prove himself if he wants to be part of her crew again. This makes me feel like he might die…

    This is a massive change! It’s possible that Tyrion and Jorah won’t be slaves at all and will reveal their identities to Luther Whatshisface.

  91. jentario,

    Jorah doesn’t seen beaten up, that’s for sure… and we know Iain Glen was filming in the Alcazars with Daario… seems that thing are going to be really different in the show.

    Maybe Dany doesn’t stop the fight because she can’t, or maybe Jorah is there as a volunteer fighter, so he can prove what he is capable of doing for her…

  92. jentario,

    Exactly. This means Tyrion will not only meet Daenerys but manage to be on good enough terms to be seated next to her. In “A Dance with Dragons”, Tyrion thought long and hard about how he would approach the moment, which probably will not happen until deep in “The Winds of Winter” if GGRM’s comments about the inevitable meeting are to be believed. He wanted to be an adviser for her. It seems Season 5 will bring this moment forward quite a bit.

    Also, notice Dany’s dress. It looks like a wedding dress, maybe? Also, one of the pictures* clearly shows some kind of… silver dragon broach on her, maybe?


    Also, I wonder where Barristan and Grey Worm may be.

  93. dragonbringer,

    I remember how excited I was when I was reading ADWD and

    the Khalasar showed up.

    If I don’t get to see it, I won’t freak out, but it I do get to see it, it will make me very, very happy.

    Not only are phones very difficult to type on, at least for me, auto-correct has a mind of its own.

  94. Cami,

    Thanks for the link!

    Messy Justin Massey,

    HAHAHAHAH I think the water bottle and the captioning will be automatically overruled by fans who expect Dany and Tyrion to meet. It’s understandable. He’s wearing a new outfit and he sits in the chair next to Hizdar!

  95. Nymeria Warrior Queen,

    yeah I agree on both the accounts on dothraki and auto corrects

    I think danny tried to stop the fight when jorah is on the ground and loses the sword
    that guy who stab the fighter seems like a soldier and not a slave in the pit
    I maube wrong abt him though

  96. Hmmmmm

    If Dany knows and willingly lets Jorah into the fighting pits especially with her hatred of slavery and the pits in general (she only allows it to bring some sort of peace) then it smashes her character into tiny pieces. Tyrion meeting Dany wouldn’t be that bad if done correctly but, again, I question why some things are being changed when there isn’t really a great need for it? If Dany isn’t aware and she tries to get Jorah out of the pit as the plot to poison/kill her gets underway and then they whole thing is interrupted by Drogon….argh it’s getting messy again!
  97. TheTouchOfFrost,

    Not a need? Everyone reading the books was itching for Tyrion to meet Dany, and the major criticism of ADWD is that it ended many of its storylines, particularly Meereen and Winterfell, just before what would’ve been a proper climax.

  98. Cami,

    I wonder how

    Tyrion would come so far as to be up on the dais? If Hizdahr buys him as a slave, and his identity has yet to be revealed to Dany, that could be why Barristan isn’t seen. Perhaps for it to make sense on the show, Barristan was sent away on some mission? I don’t know what to make of the pictures.
  99. Cami,

    yeah but if she orders the soldier to save jorah he will jump into the pit and save him ..
    I only think like this this because his costume looks different from others that jorah is fighting

  100. Tyrion Pimpslap,

    I’m pretty sure he must have revealed his identity by then, and convinced her of his worth. A mere slave or servant wouldn’t be sited alongside the Queen and her husband under any circumstances I can think of.
  101. Strider,

    Yeah, I can see it now, it’s understandable.
    Well, at least I hope they’ll put away the plastic water bottles when they’re actually filming, if they don’t want to pull a Downton Abbey 😉

  102. Tyrion Pimpslap,

    Tyrion is colour-coded yellow to match Hizdahr and is sitting next to him rather than Dany. I’d say he becomes Hizdahr’s manservant and doesn’t get a chance to introduce himself to Dany before she flies away.
  103. Tyrion Pimpslap,

    She is the Queen’s translator, always at her side just as her bodyguards, Daario in this case. My point is that Tyrion in that scene is obviously not just any slave; he’s there as someone of note or great worth, so why not Tyrion? He might just invent a whole story that can somehow convince her of his worth, but why? The truth may suffice. Also, the show doesn’t usually do long-term hidden identities (e.g. Barristan). Honestly, when Dany meets Tyrion, I’m pretty sure people will expect for her to assume he is Tyrion Lannister, however reasonable that assumption may actually be. Characters in the show seem generally more aware of each other, compared to the books.

    More importantly: if D&D are having these characters meet despite the near miss from the book, why in the hell wouldn’t they go through with it and have Tyrion actually meet her as Tyrion? The books already present a kind of missed opportunity. Having them interacting with each other but without her knowing who Tyrion is would be… I don’t even know. The most missed of opportunities.

    Remember, by the end of ADWD and what has been released of the beginning of TWOW, Tyrion has flipped the Second Sons’ allegiance back to Daenerys and is fighting on her side. The lack of the Stormcrows / Second Sons distinction in the show may mean this whole thing is scrapped, and Tyrion will be on Dany’s side since the end of season 5.

  104. Yes Yes Yesssss…. I was looking forward to seeing Tyrion and Dany intercat…they are my favorite characters of the whole show.

    By the way, I think that Tyrion is going to be in the Pit too, just because a few days ago we saw his double in the same costume…so I think that he is doing something in the pit, because I don’t think Peter Dinklage needs a double just to seat next to Dany…

  105. DaenerysTyrion,

    Body doubles are not the same thing as stuntmen. In fact, the casting call called for a dwarf, with no mention of martial knowledge or stuntman experience. Doubles are a different thing alltogether: they are frequently used as stand-ins when we aren’t actually seeing the characters’ faces. Nothing to do with action sequences. The people who do that are professional stuntmen.

    By the way, although this seems like an enormous change, I hope people understand that it mostly feels like it because it involves the climax of the most recent book —that is, it feels like a big change because it will leave Tyrion in a very different place from where we left him last. However, in the long term, when all is said and done (or written and read), Tyrion meeting Daenerys before or after she flies off on Drogon will not be such a dramatic difference.
  106. LukaNieto,

    Not sure how that’s a criticism, it’s how the story works. Just because the fans want certain characters to meet doesn’t mean it’s necessary in the story they’re telling.

    a bloody great dragon swooping in and riding off with the Queen of the city is pretty climactic!

    Tyrion Pimpslap,

    They seem sat in pretty dramatic positions for a break! We shall see on that front.


    Speaking of

    Selmy. Seeing as he’s probably Dany’s most trusted advisor it seems strange he’s not by her side. Although if he was then he’d recognise Tyrion instantly. Would make sense for him to arrive to break up the assasination plot and him recognising Tyrion wouldn’t make much difference at that point as Dany would be flying off so Selmy could slap Tyrion (and Jorah for that matter) in the dungeons in her absence in order to find out what his game is. Shame though as I was enjoying Tyrion’s storyline being part of the Second Sons and the whole madness of the siege of Mereen with Barristan trying to hold the city, the mercenary companies being wooed and deciding which side to fight on, dragons flying around all over the place, Iron born storming the beaches. Hope it makes it to the show as would make excellent television. Be very annoying if something of actual interest and excitement in Mereen gets cut!
  107. Maybe Tyrion is the reason Ser Barristan is not there- if D&D have changed the story so that Tyrion and Dany meet and he is in diguise, having Ser Barristan around would blow Tyrion’s cover. But Dany, Hizdahr, Missandei, and Daario would not recognize Tyrion so they are in the royal box and that works fine. Maybe Daario and Ser Barristan switch places- Barristan goes as a hostage with Grey Worm and Daario stays?? Or maybe that whole piece is cut and Barristan is gone for a different reason?

    And yeah, how did Tyrion get up in the royal box, but Jorah is fighting in the pits? Purchased for different purposes once they get to Meereen? We know Yezzan is cast, also this Luther person, perhaps since Tyrion becomes a translator since he is useless as a fighter?? OMG so confused!

    Wow Cami thank you for that post, my head is spinning!

  108. Aw, my hope was that we would get

    Tyrion being dropped into the pit with a lion, only to be saved from getting eaten by Drogon’s return. Having Jorah be the one in danger doesn’t seem quite as resonant as Tyrion. And why would Dany be ok with Hizdahr owning a slave dwarf? Wouldn’t that go against all their agreements?
  109. Jaime’s girl,

    I hope not. Daario is a prick in both show and book so was glad when he was taken away from the main story. Only thing that could redeem him is if the Euron theory is true but I can’t see how that would work in the show. If the siege of Mereen is to go ahead then Barristan has to be in charge, no one else would have a clue what they’re doing!
  110. Why are people assuming Tyrion hasn’t just revealed himself as Tyrion Lannister? I mean, in the books he intends to do that eventually, when he meets Daenerys. He thinks about it repeatedly in ADWD. So why not?

  111. If just when Jorah is about to beat the dust Drogon appear and save him I can see tv watchers totally thinking that Drogon came to save “daddy”. LOL
  112. Afeastfordances,

    To be fair she has Missandei as a servant (hypocrite alert!) and I imagine Tyrion would be employed/ bought for his linguistic skills and to help Hizdahr understand Dany’s Westerosi culture and tongue as he courts her.
  113. Maybe they could get Tina Turner to emcee the event? Then Tyrion could be like “Who runs Mereen”? And then Tina will say “Mother of Dragons runs Mereen”. Then Tyrion demands “Louder”. “MOTHER OF DRAGONS RUNS MEREEN”.

    Two men enter yada yada yada.

  114. Cami,

    Oh my god! They re-wrote e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

    I don’t know what to think of all those new characters they casted and all those changes…I just know that i hated the beetle speech…


  115. LukaNieto,

    I think Barristan not being there could be a sing…. I am inclined to think that Tyrion is going to be like Hizard “pet” here, and that he probably only interacts with Dany during this scene if he even does it…
  116. The main difference between doubles and stand-ins is as follows:

    Doubles, whether stunt or body, are actually filmed.
    Stand-ins are not filmed. They are used to establish camera angles, lighting, etc… so the actors don’t have to deal with those aspects.

  117. TheTouchOfFrost,

    Well, Daario is clearly there in the photos so he’s in Meereen. (I’m personally not opposed to this since I am selfishly all for Michiel Huisman screentime!) 😉
    I agree they cannot do the siege without Ser Barristan (and I am desperately hoping his duel is included in the show!!!), but who knows what’s going to happen at this point… All I was trying to say was that if D&D move Tyrion in (clearly they have) and he is in disguise (possible, we really have no idea), then they need to move Ser Barristan out because he and Tyrion know each other well. Maybe Daario will eat locusts and you can be rid of him 😉

  118. Cami,

    I am afraid of this as well… since the Ironborn are cut that takes a big chunk away from it… I agree with what someone said earlier, it seems like a character reversal to just have Dany take the dragons and burn Meereen down instead- that would be fire and blood indeed! Not sure how important the Dothraki will be (GRRM suggets very, but who knows), perhaps they will skip the battle based on how they change the results of Daznak’s… I would like to see Ser Barristan be BOLD though, at some point!

  119. mariamb,

    I think the locusts stay. As others have suggested, I think either

    Grey Worm or Missandei eat them. Whatever people may think of their “love-story,” I don’t think it was just for the sake of having it, or rounding out some of the characters of those surrounding Dany. I think it’s so when one of them dies from eating the locusts, it has more of an impact. My guess is Missandei will eat them. 🙁 I suppose Daario is another option, and that wouldn’t bum me out as much. It would continue the theme of every man Dany loves, in whatever way, either betraying her, or dying.
  120. All of these are interesting theories!

    Hodor’s Bastard,

    I’m choosing to think that since those pictures were snapped during a break, Ian McElhinney just had to pee. 🙂

  121. Cami,

    What if Drogon kills Jorah? I could see D&D taking the plot down that road. Drogon lands, snaps at Jorah, and Dany enters the arena to try to stop it.
  122. chuckbuckethead,

    I always thought Jorah would probably never make it back to Westeros…maybe he is the replacement for the “female champion” in the Pit that gets eaten by the big D before the other D scrambles to stop it? Then D&D fly off after a brief skirmish and re-acquaintance dance….
  123. Hodor’s Bastard,

    Maybe Jorah is the one who pierces Drogon with the spear while trying to defend himself. Although I see a guy with a spear in the pictures. Maybe he’s the one who gets torn to pieces.
  124. At this point I couldn’t give two shites if any of Dany’s crew (except Selmy) die as they’re all incredibly annoying. I can imagine Grey Worm or Missandei getting it which would be great as it’d kill the stupid romance dead. Shame as book Missandei was one of my fave minor characters but she just has nothing about her in the show.

    Personally I think they’ll cut the locusts. Dany’s entourage needs thinning a bit though, Be pissed if Selmy gets offed (deserves better after his legendary life), Jorah still has a part to play and unresolved issues, Daario won’t die as I’m not that lucky so the rather lifeless Missanei or Grey Worm are on the chopping block.

    Unless they just change everything which seems to be happening so who knows.

  125. TheTouchOfFrost,

    Thinning? Her court is empty, compared to King’s Landing. She needs more people for the season, not less. Still, by the end everything goes to hell, so by this scene it may be more acceptable to off someone.

  126. LukaNieto,

    What people are saying is that this is the first time they actually meet and share a scene, and Tyrion tries to reveal himself in the process. Not sure if this is it, though.

  127. Luka Nieto,

    Her court is also crap! None of them have any personality except Barristan! Ship out the deadwood and get Tyrion and Jorah back in the fold! It’s not as if she has any meaningful interaction with any of the current lot anywho.

  128. TheTouchOfFrost,

    Oh, I agree that getting Tyrion and Jorah back as soon as possible is a good idea, but I can’t blame them if they try to give the characters around Dany something more to do next season.

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