Game of Owns: The IMAX and the Trailer


Episode 258 – The IMAX and the Trailer
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From the steps of Universal Orlando’s great IMAX experience, to the shores of the Game of Owns studio — East, West, sullied, and unsullied discussion of the Season 5 trailer unite.

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  1. Um guys, that’s not Cersei saying “nothing’s more hateful than failing to protect the one you love,” it’s Brienne.

  2. John M W:
    Wow Kate, you really need to reread the later books.

    It is known.

    There were about a dozen times during the show I thought “What the hell that’s totally not what happened Kate!”

  3. Micah and Kate, about YG:

    Like you said, among the fandom there is a lot of doubt if Aegon is actually Aegon. Many think that he actually is a descendant of the Blackfyre line (see Dunk & Egg and other references throughout the books). Nobody knows for sure, but it makes his story more interesting rather than less (especially with Rhaegar’s ‘admirer’ Jon Connington being his mentor). It follows that fAegon is not really ‘a fake’, even if he is not the son of Rhaegar. There were numerous civil wars over the Blackfyre claims, he has the blood of the dragon, and, most of all, he has been molded by Varys and Illyrio to be the King of the People. What does the truth matter, when a little white lie could save millions? Especially when the truth is only relevant in backward medieval thinking (inheritance rights). Would Aegon really be a worse king than Jon or Dany, with the former often being unable to make the correct tough choices and the latter showing an increasing love for ‘Fire and Blood’?
    I think it’s really a shame they (probably) chose to omit him, as it’s a crucial step towards a ‘darker Danny’ and the cornerstone of Varys’s motives. I’m glad you both agree. Still putting my hopes in Euron. Fuck the Kingsmoot, but I want my Crow’s Eye.
    “I am the storm, my lord. The first storm, and the last.”
  4. Hate to say but I think this is the last episode of the podcast I’ll listen too. I understand speculation and all but the ones who have even read the books made it blatantly clear they don’t really recall or understand the material. It’s pretty painful to get through a lot of what is said. Kate has absolutely no clue what she is talking about.

  5. Aegon Dayne,

    I’m still a fan and I’ll certainly keep watching (and supporting them on Patreon), but I must grudgingly admit that I had to switch off this episode halfway through. Not remembering the books is fine; it’s not even a spoiler episode. But would it be so difficult to watch the trailer a few times before commenting on it? Just to make sure you’ve absorbed it and not misunderstood anything. I mean… How can one confuse Brienne with Cersei? It gets even weirder later on —Melisandre in Dragonstone? Come on, Kate, you don’t even have to have read the books recently for that —you saw her at the Wall in Season 4! A lot of awkward moments like that, to the point that I asked myself “Why am I hearing this?”, so I just quit the episode.

    As I said, still a big fan, to the point of financially support them. But this episode was just bad, especially the trailer analysis with Kate & Micah. I almost want them to have another crack at it. They’d have more interesting things to say if they saw the trailer more than once.

  6. I mean, Kate forgot that Stannis and co. were even at the wall. It was just frustrating to listen too. I mean, I watch podcasts /shows based on things I like because I like to hear other people’s insights who care about something as much as I do. But idk to me it just became blatantly clear here that the four people doing this show are just four casual fans who really don’t understand grasp anything that’s under the surface of the writing.

  7. Aegon Dayne,

    The Mel thing was a weird brainfart, wasn’t it?

    But yeah… a bit painful. I really hate to say this. I love them and I love the podcast, but… jeez.

  8. To me, there is so much under the surface and that’s getting set up in the next 2 books. The fact that Kate stops her rereads after book 3, makes me almost completely uninterested in her opinion on what happens/is going to happen in this world. And I hate saying it too. It’s definitely the most well put together GoT podcast out there. I just wish it had at least ONE knowledgeable person that could reel everyone in/correct someone when they say something so blatantly wrong.

  9. Aegon Dayne,

    Hm, I think Micah knows his stuff. I mean, there are way more hardcore people out there of course, but he knows his stuff, and Kate usually does as well. Anyway, I have noticed nobody corrects anyone, ever, even when they obviously know the other person is wrong. They just move on (the Mel at Dragonstone thing being an exception; it was just too ludicrous.) It’s weird, because sometimes there is a window to do so politely and without offending anybody or fucking up the pace of the episode, yet still nobody speaks up. And I’m not talking about spoilers or anything like that; I’m talking about obviously fucking up about past events.

  10. Idk Luka, at the end they do a total spoiler discussion and Micah and Kate spend the whole time about how they know from the books that

    Varys has been a Targaryen loyalist the whole time. They’re not even aware of the possibility that he isn’t a Targ.
  11. Aegon Dayne,

    It does matter. You should put spoilers, especially because the lack of that character (which you still named in this second comment) hasn’t been 100% confirmed… even though he probably won’t be in it. It’s still a book spoiler.

  12. Someone made a factual mistake. Is there a reason y’all are carping on it and being nasty about it? It’s not necessary.

  13. Hey guys — I mentioned a few times during the show that I need to reread the later books, and diligently, you have hit that point home here. Rereading the later books has already begun, not to worry.

    In my sincere opinion, the books and show are going to be different enough that it’s not at all outrageous to speculate wildly about things that are happening in this trailer. It was a set of first impressions and so it was intended to be, by design. Sorry you felt you needed to turn off the episode, but nobody’s perfect, and nobody’s claiming to be.

  14. Sue the Fury,

    I’m sorry for coming off as a prick on this. I have to say, I still like the show and its casters quite a bit, and I know how harmful criticism can feel (having written a largely panned script for an otherwise very well-received videogame… jeez, that was hard), but I intended it to be constructive: as I said, I don’t care about the honest mistakes or about Kate not remembering the books (who can blame you for not remembering AFFC & ADWD?); I was only bothered by the strange lack of preparation. Why not watch the trailer a couple times before immediately commenting on it? Nobody’s perfect, indeed! That’s why, before doing a 30 minute analysis on a trailer, one probably should watch it a few times, just to make sure one’s not confusing Brienne’s voice with Cersei’s, and to ensure you get a lot more of the interesting, juicy details.

  15. Oh dear.
    I actually like that they do their comments after watching it one time. Gives some humanity to their reactions, rather than being smug dorks who watch a freakin’ trailer 25 times to make sure they have all their ‘facts’ straight and gloat about their knowledge in a podcast.
    The only thing I didn’t really agree to was that Kate did not think books 4 & 5 were that good, while she hasn’t re-read them. But she’s going to, for one because Micah pointed out that he enjoyed them much more in a re-read (BTW, I really suggest you use this reading order: It’s probably a bit annoying on a tablet, but it’s much better).
    All this being said, if you stop listening because you don’t agree 100% with the thoughts of the makers, you’re, quite frankly, a silly person. I loved the episode. Discussion on the fly, especially when it’s not edited, is prone to mistakes. That’s human. Robots can make their own podcast.

  16. Lollius Palicanus,

    I didn’t stop watching because I didn’t agree… and of course making mistakes is human. I don’t want them to bore us to death scrutinizing every frame like a robot; I just suggested that they could’ve watched the trailer a couple more times after the first reactions (off-air,) to avoid the most obvious mistakes (however human mistakes may be, best to avoid them) and to catch more details. Nothing more, nothing less :/

    I also recommend combining AFFC & ADWD into a single tome. It’s a MUCH better read. I listened to the audiobook in the “A Ball of Beasts” reading order and I found it to be a much more enjoyable experience. There’re lots of parallels between the journeys of certain characters that one doesn’t catch when you read them separately. Also, the “A Ball of Beasts” reading order (and the unsullied-friendly version of Boiled Leather’s FeastDance, too) preserves all the surprises by mixing up the order of certain chapters (the Quentyn reveal, Davos’s fate, etc.)

  17. Luka Nieto,

    I was mainly replying to The Buck and Aegon Dayne, your criticisms were somewhat more reasonable, although I did not agree. It wasn’t a bad episode, their way of tackling it is just a little bit different. And a lot of people did not recognize Brienne, for instance.
    And I do think they sometimes correct one another.

  18. Lollius Palicanus,

    They do, they do. I was unfair on that criticism, I must apologize. It’s just prickly old me getting bothered the times they do not correct each other, whenever they happen. In other words, it’s just confirmation bias playing its tricks.

  19. ah interesting observations, other people have commented on the innacuracies

    Interesting that Jaimie was walking in alone and in he behind the scenes vid he is talking alone to Ellaria, Prince Doran, Areo Hotah and Myrcella/Trystane

    Point is I wonder if Bronn is going to get killed off in Dorne. If so and it is completely speculative this could be a precursor to Ser Ilyn becoming his companion in S6 when he returns to KL

    Also of interest is the lack of Ser Barristan in any of the Dany scenes revealed so far. As a Barristan fan it’s dissapointing but hopefully he gets his moment to shine, he has been talked up a fair bit

  20. Sorry Kate but you really don’t remember much about books 4 and 5 lol. If you are re reading please use Sean T Collins feast dance reread . It combines both book on one timeline and believe me you will enjoy it much more. But as for your thought on Jons time line I think your wrong. Log they are going to cut

    iron islands, Faegon, river lands, Quentin.[/spoilers]Among many others that’s half the content from the two books. Plus we very clearly see the fighting pits in Mereen which is where [spoiler] danys story line basically concludes, it’s only natural to think Jons will end with his death
  21. Thanks for the suggestions, all. Constructive criticism I can totally appreciate. 🙂 Already started the Boiled Leather chapter reconstruction and will check out the Blot!

  22. Preston Jacobs without doubt has the most knowledge and is far and away the best person at making connections in the text in the world. There is no debating that. He has one far fetched theory and may extrapolate a little too much from one theory or two but he is without a doubt way closer to piecing things together than anyone else who has ever tried.

  23. @Kate, do you sincerely believe that Varys’ loyalties change day-to-day, hour-to-hour? Because it’s my belief, one I share with most of the fandom, that Varys may actually be playing the longest game of them all.

    Btw, Preston Jacobs is doing a Reddit today. It started a couple hours ago, he seems to be still answering questions. He’s an interesting guy, I just love his analyses of things!

  24. guyz can anyone tell me the song used in the podcasts intro and outro
    it is groovy and i want to have it
    so plz name the remix

  25. Wow, some people have really taken Micah’s and Kate’s “Tell us we’re stupid!” request a bit too seriously. 😉

    A lot of people could beat Jaime up now that he’s missing his right hand, I don’t think there’s anything particularly cool about it. Then again, judging by many reactions to the Brienne/Hound fight and the season 3 Brienne/Jaime fight, a lot of people – including possibly the showrunners – seem to think that a female fighter beating a top male fighter who is somehow incapacitated is the height of female empowerment and feminist fiction, so what do I now.

    Robert’s bastards – several of whom are dead now, murdered in King’s Landing by Cersei’s orders – don’t have any kind of a claim on the throne, because bastards are not in the line of succession at all; unless they’re legitimized by a monarch. But I can’t see who would do that: Stannis? Nah. I could only see that perhaps happening if Shireen were to die, and then after her death Stannis is himself on the deathbed.

    Regarding the character discussed most extensively in the Sullied section, two words:

    “mummer’s dragon”.
  26. this was the only time kate was lacking in knowledge about the 4th and 5th books probably bcz she hadnt read them for a long while so lets give her some space but i have to say u got to improve if u are gonna do a podcast on upcoming things and catch up on the 4th and 5th book asap

    btw i figured the song in the podcast is by whitenoise lab it is really cool and nobody helped me over it i had to listen to a lot of remixes before i came upon what i was looking for

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