HBO confirms: Neil Nitin Mukesh not cast

NeilThere was a bit of excitement this week as rumors emerged that Indian star Neil Nitin Mukesh was being offered a part in Game of Thrones season 6.

Initial reports claimed the actor would be playing a royal though later he acknowledged, “Nothing is confirmed so far. All I can do is keep my fingers crossed,” when it came to nabbing a role on the show.

HBO has now confirmed that the actor is not part of the cast, nor is he being offered a role in Game of Thrones.

The cast for season 6 is already overflowing, so it’s just as well! If they keep adding characters, they’ll hardly have time to creatively kill them all off.

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    1. Sounds more like someone desperate to get onto the show, by any means. It’s backfired on people before, so it has again with this guy. Maybe he’s just found the remake for India isn’t going to use him either. Double-backfire!

      Blaggin ain’t gonna get no one nowhere but into lad of disappointment.

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    2. Debunking casting rumours isn’t nearly as exciting as confirming them.

      I’m not surprised though, and I think that was the sentiments of most of the original article/comments. Nothing about it made sense at all.

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    3. lollerblades. what was the point of that nonesense anyway? was it him or his agent or whatever trying to bumrush the GoT producers into giving him a role? wanker.

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    4. Will we get a casting video like they’ve done in the past? Or are they now trying to copy J.J Abrams and start being all secretive?

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    5. Chump Force 1,

      I just want to know who will Negan kill in the show, considering it may not be the same as in the comics.

      About the article… he was hot 🙁 but oh well at least we have hella fine dothrakis.

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    6. This happens a lot with Indian stars … I grew up there living in the heart of Bollywood so I pretty much got used to it … U guys wud be surprised the crazy rumours that spread there . Here’s what’s definitely happened- this hottie has a new movie releasing this month and to gain publicity his agent spreads a rumour he’s been offered a role on 1 of the biggest shows abroad which gets people talking about him which gets them to go watch whatever crappy movie he’s starring in … The only Bollywood stars that have really made it big in Hollywood are Imran Khan (Jurassic world ) Aishwarya Rai (pink panther 2) and Priyanka Chopra (Quantico and 2 music video collabs)
      I remember when mission impossible 4 was releasing and some Indian douche was in it they made such a big deal about it and then the movie releases and he’s in it for like 5 minutes where he gets beaten up that’s all ….

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    7. Sansa’s Knight:

      Anil Kapoor (the MI4 actor) is hardly a douche – he’s one of India’s most revered actors. I don’t get why you are judging him so harshly if he’s not even the one generating the publicity. He’s a big deal in the country, so of course any role he’s in is going to get a lot of coverage.

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    8. bristolcity,

      Have u lived in India …. I lived in Juhu in Bombay … I’ve met these people at openings and premieres and fashion shows … Take it from me he is a douche

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    9. Sansa’s Knight,

      If you actually knew him, you would have used his name like you did for others. He has worked in Slumdog Millionaire and eighth season of 24. For Slumdog Millionaire, he shared SAG award for Best Cast. He is one of the most recognised Indian actors globally. Seeing your lack of information, I hardly think you’re right about him being a douche.

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    10. I guess he should have kept his mouth shut?

      If I’m waiting in line for a GoT extras casting call, can I tweet that, “I’m currently being considered for a role on Game of Thrones”?

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