Game of Owns: The Kings Beyond the Wall


Episode 302 – The Kings Beyond the Wall
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Jon is sent to parlay with Mance Rayder, Jon is sent to his death. Arya and the Hound visit an inn.

Discussion Topics
Different points in story, and time
Stannis rides into the North
Sealing Jon’s fate
Back inside Mance’s tent
The inncident
What she’s grown into
Wounds that won’t clean
Owns of the Chapters

Game of Owns pumpkin? You lot are the best!

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    1. You guys always brighten my week. Not to minimise the dreadful events in Paris, but this new episode and Missy Elliott’s mic-dropping return have definitely lightened my dim mood. Heading over to sign up to support you via patreon as I listen to WTF on repeat.

      Edit: I’m cracking up at the contrast in these first two comments!

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    2. in this chapter, we see what a powerfull warg (varamyr 6 skins) can do.

      if he is capable of to control at same time 1 eagle, 1 shadowcat and 3 wolves, bran when become a true greenseer will be able to control much more than that. “1000 eyes, 100 skins, knowledge more deep that the roots of the trees.” a greenseer.

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