Game of Owns: News for the Kings

Episode 289 – News for the Kings
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Chapters and letters for this official welcome to the on season, it’s back to the books and a Storm fit for Kings.

Discussion Topics
On we go
Announcing David J. Peterson!
Burnt pease
Tywin’s grand plan
Winning Robert’s favor
News reaches Stannis
To burn, or not to burn
The true Dragonstone
A chanced reading lesson
Owns of the Chapters

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    1. Aryamad:
      That picture of Joffrey makes me miss Jack Gleeson’s presence on screen.

      LOL i came to write the same thing …

      He was such a gentleman to Sansa, warrior in Blackwater battle, son to Robert, king to the people of Westeros … he is missed. 🙁

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