Game of Owns: Night Gathers

Episode 287 – Night Gathers
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One long walk is due, for this final stride into the end season 5. Mother has shown no mercy, a podcast must attempt to lift, handle, and arrange the pieces which remain.

Discussion Topics
Don’t stop believing
Feeling the feels
Dany’s prophecy
Democracy in Meereen
Baelish and Rickon
Leap of faith
The mystery of Black and White
The Walk
Listener email discussion
Listener Owns
Owns of the Season approach

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    1. Of course Rickon will return.He is a male heir of the Stark line. With Bran’s story taking a turn to the supernatural, it will fall on Rickon to continue the Stark blood line and name.

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    2. Mormont,

      Yeah he’s not dumb. And people tell him plenty.

      My favorite example of that is from when, at NYCC, Darth Rachel had Kit sign her copy of ADWD on the page where Jon gets it-

      Even though she tried to cover the passage with a post-it, the director of Silent Hill was yelling at Kit, “THAT’S THE PAGE WHERE YOU DIE.”

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    3. I imagined when Sansa and Theon stood on Winterfell’s walls they probably were thinking back to the winter 13 years or so ago. I bet Robb, Jon and Theon jumped from those very walls back then, daring each other, and 4-year old Sansa covered her eyes, too scared to watch. But that look between them during the episode might have been saying, “I’m ready to jump this time.”

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