Glacial Art creates iron throne replica in ice for Season 4 boxset launch

Remember the company that contributed ice sculptures for the set used in that episode 404 scene far beyond the Wall where Craster’s infant is taken to by a White Walker? They are called Glacial Art, and you may have read about their experience working on the show before (our Sue once wrote a post about that at our former address). Their relationship with Game of Thrones and HBO is still thriving!

As a promo stunt to go with the launch of the DVD/Blu-ray boxset (that contains the said episode, “Oathkeeper”), Glacial Art have created a life-size ice replica of the iron throne in central London, at Covent Garden East Piazza. As you see, two additional chunks of ice containing the boxsets are part of the installation as well. It took the team sixteen days to hand-carve this beauty. Follow the link to read more about the creating process straight from the horse’s mouth and see additional pictures. Here is an excerpt for you to taste:

We decided to cut and assemble all the blocks of ice on angles, which matched the flow of the swords and would become part of the design rather than be inconvenient ‘construction lines’. No one would really notice the huge effort this has taken other than other ice sculptors, but when you set out to do your absolute best- only the absolute best will do!

The location opened today in the morning and you can still get your chance to sit this icy, fur-lined, iron throne for a few more hours if you find yourself in the vicinity. Tag your photos with #TakeTheThrone so we can see you!

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    1. When I saw the “Glacial Art” caption I thought there’d be another comment about the pace of GRRM’s writing.

      Sorry Kit, I couldn’t resist a sitting bird!

      I wish it was wine, but I’ll take the water . . . and the mercy as well.

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    2. Do you guys think we’ll get another trailer soon? I wouldn’t mind an Artisan video either. It’s a bit strange that it’s mid february and we still don’t have one released.

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    3. Stuff like this just shows how much of a phenomenon this show is. You dont see other shows get stuff like this and rapper mixtapes etc

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    4. They’re all in that playlist. There’s some deep cuts, like Qyburn and Ellaria.

      I think we’re at the point where they should just have the actors read specific chapters from the books.

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    5. I’m really glad that HBO owns the rights to A Song of Ice and Fire instead of the trolls at Red Eagle Entertainment. Sneakily airing a shitty Wheel of Time pilot just to keep their rights. True scumbags

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    6. GoT season 4 is on sale at Best Buy right now if I pre-order. Does anyone know if the price is higher if I just chose to pick it up in store?

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